Colonial Coalition Marshals Service

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The Shoals
No starships >2,000,000 metric tons Maximum speed limit of warp 5 Quantum slipstream inoperable

full travel advisory

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Colonial Coalition Marshals Service

The Colonial Coalition Marshals Service, commonly referred to as simply the Coalition Marshals is the local law enforcement agency of the Colonial Coalition tasked with patrolling the worlds and shipping lanes of the Coalition in the Shoals.



The CCMS is known to have several 'divisions' of Marshals active today.

Colony security

Every Coalition colony utilizing the CCMS has a planetary-based division of marshals, often acting as a law enforcement on a smaller scale for the colony. These marshals are also often deployed as security for newly founded settlements on colony worlds.

Border security

Territory patrol

Marshals on territory patrol regularly engage in simple operations, such as check vessels for safety concerns, or undergo drug raids or rescue ops, and other sorts of "roaming" operations. However, they generally operate only within their designated area of space (which is around the Coalition planet they've been assigned to).