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David Cody

  • Rank: Civilian
  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Human

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The Cody File - Closed

On stardate 237507.04, Deborah Turow discovered the bodies of Barnes and Barbara Cody in their home on Mars Colonies and immediately called in the civilian security sector along with the Starfleet Medical Examiner’s Office.

The estate was sealed until investigations reached their conclusions, resulting in a lack of evidence to suggest murder, but due to the nature of the positioning (both Barnes and his wife were found in their living room, seated, and dead), could not be ruled suicide either.

The Chief Medical Examiner of Starfleet Alanne Kenzellete ultimately ruled out both suicide as well as homicide, leaving the deaths of the Codys an utter mystery. Speculations among the populous ranged from enemies of Barbara Cody’s Jennet Trade Securities Corporation, to the Ferengi, up to SFI (stemming from clashes in the past to shut the corporation down).

After an intensive investigation both from civilian to Starfleet side, including aid from Starfleet Intelligence, suspects had been ruled out to verified independent information and the Cody File, as it came to be called, was ultimately ruled ‘suspicious death without cause’.

David Cody, upon his return in 2380, was unable to advance further due to lack of both evidence and leads, but suspicious of the lack of physical and trace evidence, ruled his parents’ death a murder.

In 2384, during a search and rescue mission for the USS Benjamin Franklin, a prototype ship designed by Barnes Cody was discovered outside the galaxy somewhere beyond what the crew of the USS Independence-A determined as the Odyssey Waystation. It was determined a cascade failure of the prototype’s engine, a space-fold drive, stranded Barnes and Barbara Cody on what appeared to be a course heading for the Andromeda Galaxy. However, how the bodies were removed and returned to Mars still remains a mystery. Whether it was accomplished by the sentient programs on Odyssey Station known as the Greeters, or by some unknown, is not yet determined.