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  1. 235203.24: Birthdate, born to Barnes Cody & Barbara Jennet
  2. 235509.01: Begins Primary Education, living on Mars
  3. 2355 – 2365: Traveling with his mother among various Federation planets while attending primary and secondary education, including Betazed. Gets to know the Turowen’dial family.
  4. 236505.25: Deborra Turowen’dial returns with Barbara and Dave to Mars.
  5. 236706.13: Dave removes Deborra to the caverns of Mars, they both return somewhat changed.
  6. 237006.20: Signs on as a trader/freighter hand aboard the Skiptrace, under the command of Mov’na.
  7. 237403.29: Gersh Nathan buys out the Skiptrace from Mov’na, David is working as a full trader
  8. 237804.07: While on Ferengar, meets the Ferengi Tvatec and is arrested by the Ferengi Government over a minor infraction against Ferengi Trade Law. Goes to work for Tvatec and the Ferengi.
  9. 237804.07 – 238010.06: Serves as a Specialist Retriever and trade securities investigator for the Ferengi.
  10. 238010.06: Buying out the bond, Dave returns to Mars, discovers his parents have passed on and begins to investigate the mystery surrounding their deaths, inherits ownership of the JTSC.
  11. 238010.31: Accepts an invitation to join Starfleet and moves back to Earth to attend San Francisco’s Starfleet Academy.
  12. 238302.17: Graduating, Ensign Cody is dispatched to Starbase 118 and the Fleet, joining the USS Independence as a Tactical Officer under Lt. Ben Walker
  13. 238304.19: Promoted to Lieutenant (JG).
  14. 238304.26: Transferred over to Security to serve as a ASOC under Lt. Jack Shepard
  15. 238307.07: Unable to stop a chain reaction, the USS Independence’s computer core was electronically bombed by the Gorn
  16. 238308.04: Promoted to Lieutenat and joined Ad. Anassasi’s team heading directly for Deep Space 17 to intercept the Gorn Fleet
  17. 238308.04 – 238309.26: As the Chief of Security for the Station, aided in the defense of and later on would reset DS17 back to its factory settings to avoid a takeover by the Gorn invasion forces.
  18. 238312.16: Then Commander Idril Mar recommissioned the USS Ronin, launching with some of the Independence crew.
  19. 238312.30: Ensign Hayase discovered a collared biomechanoid among the debris inside Eratis System, inadvertantly waking it. After siphoning off energy from the station, the biomechanoid hightailed it out of the system.
  20. 238401.05: Cody is reassigned back to Chief Tactical Officer.
  21. 238401.15: The USS Independence-A arrives at DS17, newly commissioned out of the Beta Andreas Shipyards. Once aboard, the crew chases after the biomechanoid.
  22. 238402.22: Allowed himself to be kidnapped in place of a civilian Betazoid child, B'Sara Cavann.
  23. 238404.28: Nearly killed in the explosion of a bio-mechanoid sphere exposed to space.
  24. 238406.18: Returned to service after a lengthy stay in Sickbay under the care of Dr. Vojana Satscher.
  25. 238406.18: Overseeing both Tactical and Security aboard the USS Independence-A
  26. 2384.0720: During the Independence’s fall through a hidden wormhole inside Bull's Run into Galactic Space, made the discovery of his father’s old forerunner shuttlecraft adrift, the prototype JTSC-3.
  27. 238408.04: Reassigned off ship briefly on Starbase 118 for a short training tenure in StarFleet Intelligence.
  28. 238409.17: Returned to the Independence-A as a Marine/Security Liaison, bringing aboard several marine units for transfer over to DS17.
  29. 238409.18: Meets Lt. Quinn Reynolds, sparking a romantic interest.
  30. 238410.14: Returned to Chief of Security while during the resurgence of the T’Lithians the Independence was redirected to investigate on their way back to the Ithassa Region.
  31. 238411.19: Promoted to Lt. Commander and the Independence-A’s Second Officer.
  32. 238411.22: Serving as an acting First Officer on the USS Phoenix-C with the Independence-A under repairs while LtCmdr Sidney Riley leads an away team to TE-IV on a medical relief mission.
  33. 238502.03: The USS Independence-A rendezvous with the USS Ursa Major and USS Ronin at Wheeler Colony, following an awards ceremony. While visiting the planet with Adm. Anassasi along with members from the other ships, a singularity claimed the ships in orbit, throwing them back past the Galactic Barrier.
  34. 238502.05: The members stranded on planet recall the Phoenix-C back to Wheeler while the ships get caught in the crossfire between the Blue/White and White/Blue Navies fighting over the Blue Alien, hiding out inside the Independence.
  35. 238503.12: Once back, crews part ways. The Independence returns to DS17 briefly before embarking out on a survey mission to the Igloo Cluster amidst rumors of Breen within the region along with recent Bung Kho Cartel activity.
  36. 238505:01: Following the retirement of Admiral Hollis, the Independence rendezvous with the Ursa Major.
  37. 238505.07: Commander Riley recommissions the USS Tiger, transferring some of the Independence and Ursa Major crew aboard the Tiger, sent to answer a distress call from a Constellationite planet called Snow-on-the-Hilltop
  38. 238505.10: Reassigned as the Independence-A's First Officer
  39. 238510.07: Returning the Independence to DS17, David is reassigned to SFI commanding the classified USS Daedalus to search and recover the stolen JTSC-X03 space-fold ship his father designed.
  40. 238512.18: David is ordered by StarFleet Command back to the Independence, serving as a Specialist while the crew investigates a weapons cache within the Igloo but engineered by the Bung Kho Cartel.
  41. 238601.05: Backdated promotion to Commander
  42. 238603.25: Following the wake of the bombing of DS17, Cody is given temporary command of the Independence to pursue the stolen USS Phoenix-C while the Grendellai begin consolidating under one leader.
  43. 238606.12: The Furies Furnace treaty is broken and the Ithassa Region is plunged into uncertainty as tensions between the FTU and StarFleet worsen.
  44. 238609.23: Leading a multi-taskforce penetration team, David intercepts the USS Phoenix-C and the Ixvapyan Warlord Hadrian aboard Odyssey Station and barely survived a hand-to-hand combat situation. He has been haunted with visions of the Warlord's past ever since.
  45. 238610.03: Assigned as the Independence's Commanding Officer.
  46. 238701.31: Rank promotion to Captain pending final approval by Starfleet Command.
  47. 238703.21: Went missing while the Independence was dispatched to a mining colony.
  48. 238812.27: The USS Kalipso finds David surviving on a planet at the extreme edge of the Milky Way near the Alpha/Delta Border. He's taken back to Starbase 118 to undergo physical and psychiatric evaluation.
  49. 238907.10: Starfleet clears David Cody to return to active duty, rank and assignment pending.
  50. 238907.12: He remains on Starbase 118 Ops and becomes its current Chief of Operations.
  51. 238909.15: Becomes the station's Second Officer (2XO).