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Barnes Cody




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Barnes Cody (231903.17 – 237507.04) was a civilian engineer and is the father of Lt. David Cody.


  • Full Name: Barnes Gregor Cody
  • Profession: Civilian Engineer
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 231903.17
  • Place of Birth: Isle of Skye, Scotland, Earth
  • Date of Death: 237507.04
  • Place of Death: Mars Colony, Mars, Sol System
  • Gender: M
  • Telepathic status: None


  • Height: 6’
  • Weight: 173lbs
  • Hair Color: Straw
  • Eye Color: Gray


  • Spouse: Barbara Jennet (b. 232111.01)
  • Children: David Scott Cody
  • Parents
    • Father: Nathanial Cody (Deceased)
    • Mother: Bessie McDowell (Deceased)
  • Siblings: Rachel Cody (b. 232105.17)

Personal History

Barnes Gregor Cody was born on March 17, 2319 on the Isle of Skye. Not much is known regarding his early childhood years, but it is recorded he worked on his father’s estates and before his primary school graduation, was a skilled chemist and physicist as Nathanial Cody was one of Scotland’s premiere distillers.

The Cody estates on the Isle are still standing, which includes the property house as well as the distillery labs, boasting also livestock as well as a castle restoration. The wine and liquor vaults of the Cody Estate are particularly well known. It is believed Barnes spent his first eighteen years growing up on the property.

At age 18 in 2337, Barnes applied to Engineering School and was accepted. In his four years, he would go on to consult with Starfleet and the Federation, although he never went into the service. He graduated with honors as a civilian engineer and promptly after, applied to and underwent an additional three years in the Engineering Corps of Starfleet. He finished his post graduate work with the construction of the small elite S01-X shuttle class in 2344 and promptly removed himself from Starfleet.

No records of Barnes Cody’s decision to remove himself are known, but several engineers within Starfleet have offered there was a difference of ‘opinion’ on the constructs of ship design. He returned briefly to the estates, under the care of his sister Rachel (Prewitt) Cody and her husband to oversee the continuation of the distillery operation.

By 2348, Barnes Cody’s engineering designs caught the attention of an engineering corp in Paris, and was offered a contract assignment to develop a ship line for civilian traders. It was during this contract where he met a feisty red-head, at the time, a lliason between the civilian trade businesses and Starfleet by the name of Barbara Jennet. They married on September 4, 2350, following the fulfillment of the contract.

Barnes and Barbara promptly relocated themselves to Mars and settled outside of the Colonies, where they began principle construction of their home and had it completed by 2351. By this time, on May 15, 2350, Barbara was successful in establishing the Jennet Trade Securities Corporation, a trade investigative and security service that quickly became a major competitor.

Their only son, David Scott Cody, was born in 2352.

For the next twenty-three years, Barnes and Barbara would become one of the major political powers of the Mars Colonies. He has served both as a consultant for the Beta Andreas Shipyards and several starship classes bare his subtle touch both in construction and design. Securing an old Runabout, he spent a great deal of years redeveloping the design and rebuilding it with the help of his son, David. He has also served as a city engineer in the maintanence and upkeep of the individual colonies, as well as promote the benefits and union regulations for the civilian population on Mars.

On July 11, 2375, Barnes was discovered in his home, along with Barbara, dead. Time of death was discovered to be July 4, 2375 by the Starfleet Medical Examiner, who by affidavid has not been able to determine a cause of death for either of them. Speculations have run wild, from disgruntled businessmen, to the Ferengi, to local chapters within the Colonies, to just up and up natural causes.

It is believed that Barnes Cody and his wife froze to death inside his prototype JTSC-X03, which was discovered outside of the Milky Way. It is unknown at this point how the bodies were moved back to their home on Mars.