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Cobra class

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Basic Class Stats

  • Category: Light Strike Fighter
  • Expected Duration: 5 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 1 week
  • Time Between Refit: 1 year


  • Crew: One - Pilot
  • Passenger: One (jumpseat)


  • Cruising Velocity: Impulse only
  • Maximum Velocity: Impulse only
  • Emergency Velocity: Impulse only


  • Length: 6 metres
  • Width: 4.5 metres
  • Height: 3.75 metres
  • Mass: 5 metric tonnes


  • Type U+ Micro-Pulse: 2
  • Type IV Phaser Array

Shielding Systems

  • Ablative Armor
  • Shielding System


The outbreak of the Valcarian Conflict in the Par'tha Expanse early in 2393 caused the newly forming Star League to reassess their defensive capabilities. After Admiral Krieger analyzed the large Valcarian Battle Cruisers, he determined that quick "hit-and-fade" tactics by small vessels would be able to penetrate the Valcarian defenses. The Cobra class vessel was the first joint Starfleet-Star League vessel produced in the Par'tha Expanse. While most of the components are Starfleet design, the fuselage design is based on ancient flying craft from the Naylar homeworld. Early in the prototype production, a young Starfleet engineer commented that the engine housing at the rear looked like the hood of a Terran Cobra. Thus the Cobra class starfighter was christened.

It is a one-person fighter, heavily armed for its size, fast and maneuverable. Pulse phaser cannons directed forward are designed to pack a punch, while the combination of ablative armor and deflector shielding should make it durable. The Cobra class does not have escape pods or a separation system, as those systems are commonly understood. However, its cockpit seats house emergency transporters, pre-programmed before launching to transport the pilot (and passenger if any) to a transporter room on the fighter's mother-ship or starbase of operations.

This article contains information exclusive to the StarBase 118 universe.

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