Clik Zae'Li

“The bird dares to break the shell, then the shell breaks open and the bird can fly openly. This is the simplest principle of success. You dream, you dare and you fly.”

Israelmore Ayivor

Ensign Clik Zae'Li is assigned as a science officer aboard the USS Veritas.

USS Veritas
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Clik Zae'Li
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Aurelian
Gender Neutrois / Agender (they/them)
DOB 237104.27
Age 30
Birthplace Aurelia
Awards & Service Ribbons
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg

Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon


  • Full Name: Clik Zae'Li
  • Race: Aurelian
  • Date of birth (Age): 237104.27 (30)
  • Place of Birth: Aurelia
  • Gender: Neutrois, they also use Agender as a term sometimes. (they/them)
  • Orientation: Ace, and demi-romantic. They could feel something for anyone (of generally any species or gender) but it requires a distinct bond, and for them they've only felt that type of bond once so far. They also need an understanding from the potential Non-Aurelians that though they're more similar than appearances suggest in a lot of ways, there are still differences in how affection and love is shown between them because of the many differences that do exist.


  • Height: 6'9" (2.06m)
  • Weight: 102lbs (46kg)
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Feather Color: Mostly a faded yellow color, save for the wings which are a light brownish color.
  • Wingspan: 24ft (7m) And the height of the folded wings does make them appear taller than they are as the tops of the wings go a little above their head.
  • General Appearance: Think something very akin to a harpy eagle. But bigger and can work a tricorder.
  • Misc. Features: Coming-of-age tattoos on beak.

Despite their height, and their feathers making them appear heavier than they are, they are far slimmer and lighter than they appear at first glance. Their bones are similar to the birds on other planets in that their bones are hollow so they're able to glide in the air, or fly short distances, for short periods of time if necessary. (It is probably still awkward to try and pick them up, though, because of the general height differences.)

It's also good to note that they don't usually wear clothing. The feathers do a lot of that for them. They might be tall, but given the fact of them having lesser mass than they seem to under the feathers, regular clothes tend to weigh them down and overheat them. And not even just for flight. It can cause them to move slower, tire easier, and it can be a bit distracting in turn. They do wear it on duty, but it is always a much lighter, breathable material than maybe most starfleet officers wear to keep discomfort and distraction to a minimum and it doesn't restrict their range of motion or their wings. Though they can be known to sometimes wear the regular stuff on occasion if they're feeling a bit cold even with feathers. And off-duty they typically keep it equally light on the typical clothing if they wear it at all for whatever reason they might choose to.

They are however known to wear a shirt collar by itself on their neck to be able to show the pips, and more importantly their combadge. They sometimes switch that up with an over the shoulder sash or a vest to mix up the style on days they aren't going all out on the uniform.


Clik is a very curious individual, much like many Aurelians are known to be. They crave knowledge. They're very sweet, though they can be a little quiet and contemplative. Maybe a little mischievous on the sly. They enjoy people watching and picking up little things from the people they associate themself with. It's as much a part of gathering knowledge as any scientific endeavor is to them. They also find it helps to make people more comfortable with them as someone who appears so truly alien the way they do. And they are aware of it. It's hard not to notice. They have a dry sense of humor that comes out when it's appropriate to come out. And occasionally when it's not when they're not thinking about it. Or when they think it might help ease tension.

While they are quiet, they do prefer to be in groups that feel like they almost emulate the feeling of a close knit flock like they had back on Aurelia. And being alone for too long does bring a little anxiety. Nothing they can't (currently) handle. But they do take preference to being around people and getting to know them.

  • Positive Traits: Friendly, has a sense of humor, great memory, loyal, family and friend oriented, good in a group setting, caring, smart, helpful. Confident.
  • Negative Traits: Can be a little naive about things at times. They know quite a bit, but they certainly have a lot to learn before they understand as much as they could. Most notably, based on a lack of experience, they currently have a harder time understanding certain mental health concerns because of those issues being far less prevalent back on Aurelia. This leads them to not always understand how to properly react in regards to it all the time, though they'll try for their friends and family. Bit of a mischief maker. Sarcastic. Seeing as they weigh as much as a very petite human just naturally, they're not very physically strong. This does leave them a bit vulnerable in certain ways.

Misc. things

  • They lean into bird jokes a lot with their humor. Because in the academy they were possibly the only Aurelian that they knew there at the time. So they were a bit of a spectacle in a space that was primarily humanoid. People were nice, of course. And there were other people who were different as well. But there was always a level where people found them stranger than the usual level of strange. And they found involving humor about it helped ease people into realizing they weren't as different as appearance would suggest. And they still implement bird jokes now because they still live around primarily humanoids.
  • They have in the past used the bird humor to cause a bit of, quote on quote, trouble. It was mostly harmless, and more on par with a simple prank than actual genuine trouble. But it was certainly a form of minor chaotic energy that they found humorous. They enjoy the fact people tend to think it's not up their alley to have a little fun on the sly. They were similar back on aurelia, but it was exacerbated by humanoids who enjoyed that type of fun, as well as humanoids who had more than a little trouble completely accepting an avian race as someone who was on par with them as it was difficult to get past the whole 'bird' thing now and then. If a human or two now wholeheartedly believe that gibberish bird sounds are common phrases in the Aurelian language, who are they to argue, really?
  • Their gender identity has nothing to do with their biological sex. (Though there are definitely Aurelian chromosomal variations that exist naturally in smaller percentages.) They are who they are, and Aurelians are as diverse as humanoids in how they feel. But that is to say, they come from a matriarchal society (usually) led by the oldest living female in the flock. Even with their identity as it is, if they live long enough, and go back to Aurelia at the end, they have a chance of being the matron of their flock if they so want to be when and if that time hits. Because their identity didn't take that option away from them. Take that as you will about what that means biologically speaking.
  • Speaking of coming from a matriarchal society, they do find a strong sense of comfort in more feminine leaders due to the familiarity of it on Aurelia. That isn't to say they won't listen to others, or lack trust for them. In fact, they will listen just as much, trust just as much, and love just as much. It's just that there's a mental connection of feminine people being leaders that makes them feel more at ease with that concept over all.
  • They're very family oriented. Once they feel a strong enough bond of some sort to someone, that person immediately has a lot of their trust and they will show as much. They become quite open once that's in place. Because whether Aurelian, or humanoid, or something else entirely, if you're their family that's what counts.
  • While they aren't overtly romantic, and they don't usually go out of their way for it outside of rare circumstances, they have been known to be open to flirtation and general courting from people. This goes for Aurelians and Non-Aurelians alike though understandably they have a general preference for other Aurelians more often. They take well to most flirtation and can very confidently flirt back if they feel like it. Which has absolutely shocked a number of Non-Aurelians who weren't expecting them to be so suave about it for someone so quiet. What can they say? It's an ego boost.
  • They enjoy a little cliff jumping. They did it for the thrill back on Aurelia. The wings make it a good time to glide or fly a bit and occasionally try cool little air tricks.
  • The name "Clik" is actually a chosen name. Zae'Li is their given name from hatching. But once they sorted out their identity, they took a name in front of Zae'Li. They use Zae'Li as something akin to a surname now, though their flock doesn't particularly have surnames in general. They don't mind either being used at any given time. Both names are theirs and they wear them proudly. They simply find names to be a powerful thing, and decided as a form of new self identification, to give themselves another name. It is a flock name. The name of one of the Aurelians that was taken by the Orions and never made it back, unfortunately. That Aurelian had a story, and they found taking his name on themself honored their own feelings as well as the other Clik. (random fun things about the names: "Clik" is a more masculine name within their specific flock, and "Zae'Li" is more feminine. They find having one of each makes them feel comfortable as someone neutrally between and outside of those feelings.)

Spiritual beliefs

Despite their scientific background, they do also have a belief in the Mystic Fire Bird 'The Pho'nix.' They believe the two things coincide with one another and work in tandem in the creation of the universe and the science of that. Their flock, and some others here and there, is one that also believes in the idea of a rebirth. Reincarnation. They themself also believe in this idea, and it makes them unafraid of the concept of death in theory. Because as far as their beliefs are concerned, they'll never truly die. Just have a transformation into a new form elsewhere. (Not to say that they don't fear death at all. They of course don't want to die, and do have a survival mechanism to stay alive. Just that in theory they'd hope to be able to accept it as living on in other things as opposed to not existing anymore.)

Not related entirely to their flock's beliefs, while listening to, and learning from other flocks and some visitors on occasion, they found a strong belief in something all on their own. Which is to say, in a sense they have a form of belief in soulmates. Though not in the idea that fate will have one meeting them every life cycle. Just that some people are made from the same stars and things feel like they are aligned when those beings finally realize that together. They believe this can be with anyone of any race, and isn't an inherently romantic notion at all. They hope to one day feel that alignment with someone, or multiple someones.

In their quarters they have a small representation of something on Aurelia. Which is six small lights that never go out around a small A'urin Crystal.


  • Parents:
    • Mother: Rhikki
    • Father: Yakaal
  • Siblings:
    • Brother: Akki (same age, like a twin of a sort)
    • Sisters: Yali, and Calles (both younger siblings)
  • Misc.: they have no spouse, and no children.

They are quite popular amongst their flock, very friendly, as well as typically close to their immediate family. They do have a special closeness to their brother Akki, though, seeing as they're the closest in age to each other and thus understand each other best within their family in turn.

Other relations

  • Familial-
    • Zayeeshi: Clik has a close relationship with the matron of their flock, Lady Zayeeshi. The matron is the mother-of-their-mother. There's a direct genetic tie to the matron, so she was more heavily involved in Clik's life from the start. And spending time together they built a specific closeness. Even if Zayeeshi is often a bit exasperated by Clik's need to play jokes. Their closeness to her is really only rivaled by their mother, Rhikki, understandably. Who is one of Zayeeshi's only daughters out of a multitude of sons. The matron is of course a level of closeness to Clik's siblings as well, but it's different.
  • Flirtatious / Quasi-Romantic-
    • "Ellie": Clik is unpaired romantically. But they have a close tie to a beautiful lady Aurelian named Elliki. Or "Ellie" to those she likes. And she very much likes Clik. Their bond is a bit complicated in general. It is more than friendship, but a little less than romantic usually. It is still very flirtatious, and it is something that kept them from seeking other partners before Clik left for Starfleet Academy as they loved and adored each other and were very serious and taken with each other in whatever way they were and still are in some sense. They parted amicably and with a great sense of understanding why they couldn't stay like that at the time, and still keep in touch whenever possible. Clik adores Ellie with their entire soul. They think she is very special and unique in ways that go far beyond the fact that she looks different from most of her flock as a transplant from another flock originally (She has rosy feathers, with a few other colors in various spots, whereas Clik and their flock are generally yellow-ish beige and dark brown in places). She is gentle and creative. Intuitive. Smart. Sensitive, and true to herself always. (She has a certain Je Ne Sai Quoi, if you will.) They find they can talk to her about anything. Suffice to say that they are enchanted by her and always thrilled to hear from her.

Brief History

Clik had always been as curious as a good number of their people were, but they never initially considered going off world to sate any of it. They were close to their flock, and it was something they were comfortable sticking with. Even having the potential for growing up to be the matron of their flock at some point in the future if they became old enough in the far future.

They could learn a lot staying where they were. They didn’t need much else.

That is, until they visited the station that orbited Aurelia. It only took once or twice for it to click. While they were briefly a touch apprehensive of the people, they soon realized they hardly had reason to be. And also came to the conclusion that staying put forever wasn’t an option they wanted to stick with. They wanted to see more, they wanted to know more. Their flock was supportive, and once ready they applied to Starfleet and were happily accepted. The rest, as they say, is history.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Ensign 239704.04 - Present USS Veritas
Science Officer
Awards and Service Ribbons
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239704.04
Starfleet Academy
Graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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