Class B Class

  • Class and Type: Class B-class Cargo Carrier
  • Commissioning Date: 2220

A "Class IV Stardrive vessel" like its later cousin, the Class J, the Class B was an average-sized cargo and personnel transport vessel used throughout known space. Its normal configuration consisted of a central "spine" with six cargo or personnel compartments attached, plus a wedge-shaped forward section that included the bridge and many ship's systems.

Noteworhty Vessels/service records/encounters:

  • Astral Queen: Passenger liner out of Alpha Centauri in the mid-23rd century.
  • SS Beagle: a Federation Merchant Marine vessel modified for a crew of 47 for survey missions, under Captain R.M. Merick was damaged by meteors while exploring star system 892, causing it to drift helplessly towards the fifth planet of that system, whose inhabitants captured it (2261).