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Mission Synopsis

History: The inhabitants of Pelham IV are a race of humanoid beings. Around 2260, a war broke out between 3 of the 5 continents. The two that did not take part in this war where Avalon and Horestus; they worked together to protect each other. Eventually the 3 other continents were depleted of weapons and almost used "super" weapons. Avalon and Horestus managed to convince them not to do this and it was stopped. As time passed the continents were united and warp drive was invented. All benefited.

In recent months there has been a political group of rebels from Avalon who believe that it was wrong to help the other continents after they had a war with each other. So far they have been very hard to deal with. It is believed that with help they can be negotiated with. Starfleet has been asked to `show a presence' in the area. However, it is now believed by some of the inhabitants that because of Starfleet's involvement, the problem has escalated.

The story: Captain Jordan Hurne (human) proceeded with the briefing. "We are en route to Pelham IV. It is on the verge of civil war. Our mission is to show a Starfleet presence. I have been informed that there are wounded. This is from a minor skirmish. The Government will not allow the rebels to remove the wounded. We are to act as a go between; a neutral party. Your skills will be needed in this mission, doctor. The rebels are held up in a complex whose creator or use is unknown. That is one for the sciences."

Although their mission was one of mercy, they would once again enter a possible war zone. And almost nothing would go the way it was planned.

On Pelham IV, in or near the Rebel base, General Grin-mar of the third rebel platoon stood in his bunker watching. He turned to look at Lieutenant Alack sitting in front of a communications monitor. Usually they would pick up travail nonsense, or just static. But something sparked the General's attention.

Having lost his wife and two children to the relocation program, Grin- mar looked down at a photo, the only thing besides himself that had survived. Now, incensed with anger at the prospect of Starfleet arriving here at the high command's request, Grin-mar shouted into the air, "They dare come here! We will crush them!"

In another part of Pelham IV, in the Hall of the Protectorate, within the Prime Minister's (PM) private chambers, word had returned from the United Federation of Planets that a star ship had been dispatched to aid in their predicament. PM Algon now had the task of convincing the rebels that the Starfleet vessel would be there to assist, not attack.

In an effort to keep things from escalating further, Algon offered Grin-Mar the chance to evacuate his wounded. Grin-Mar was suspicious. "They know perfectly well that our planet builds most of the best Bio-neutral gel packs in the galaxy." After sparring back and forth, it was agreed that a meeting on board the Starfleet vessel was amenable. Algon was pleased. The first step had been taken.

Captain Hurne received information on the structure where the injured were being held on Pelham IV. He instructed Ensigns Bennit (Orion) and Dominus (Vulcan) to study it.

Across the courtyard from the Hall of the Protectorate, Delaq watched and listened to the exchange between Algon and Alack. Delaq would assassinate both party leaders and a civil war would surely break out causing enough trouble and time loss for the General's virus to contaminate the Starfleet crew and kill them.

Back on the Victory, Captain Hurne continued his briefing. "I have just spoken to both parties on the surface of Pelham IV. It is agreed to allow us to aid those held up in the structure. To that end I will form two teams. Commander Phoenix (human) I want you to head up the medical team. Of course you will have the CMO. Also Lt. Thomas (human) and Beta (android). The latest numbers I have that need your skills doctor is 36 both stretcher and walking wounded. Adjust your need accordingly."

"Commander Parker (human) will command the science team with Misters Bennit and Dominus. The structure is as new to us as it is to the locals. It has become uncovered by an explosion during this brief round of hostilities."

Lt. Commander Phoenix suggested that as a precautionary measure Victory keep a constant transporter lock on every member of both away teams. Each team should report to the Victory every 15 minutes just to be sure and safe.

Delaq had hit Algon's office now it was time to get Grin. He hadn't failed in not killing Algon he had succeeded in infecting him with part of a virus that would be passed on to the Starfleet crew. He only had to do the same to Grin with a different strand so when they met aboard the starship the two parts would be combined to create a deadly virus that could kill untold millions if it spread.

However, Grin-Mar trapped Delaq in a force field and flooded it with Chlorine Oxide. Through a microphone Grin spoke, "Let's talk business. I want you to help me." Delaq agreed.

In the briefing room of the Victory, Abe Bennit was promoted to Lt. (jg).

Team Parker beamed down to the surface and materialized 50m north of the newly exposed structure. Science scanned the area, security set up a perimeter; there were no hostiles visible. Cmdr. Parker reported this to the Victory.

Team Phoenix materialized near the Rebel base where the wounded were being housed. After assuring the Victory they would report in every ten minutes, they moved out.

Minimal security forces were present to keep any threat the natives might feel to a bare minimum.

On the surface, Doctor Harden estimated they needed to reach the settlement where the wounded were in approximately three hours in order to be of help.

Team Phoenix had been walking for a while now and were facing a large, empty field. It looked like an easy walk to the untrained eye, but this would be a perfect place for an ambush. The team was carrying a lot of medical equipment and supplies. They were down there to offer any assistance as a neutral party to treat and evacuate the wounded rebels. The planet's government had arranged that with some help from Starfleet.

Some time later, the makings of the rebel base could be seen. It was only a one level structure made of solid concrete. Hardly the most welcoming of places, however upon closer inspection the base appeared to be a refitted bunker with most of its structure underground.

Grin-Mar stood in his room reading tactical reports. The Fighters where ready to launch from the third moon as soon as the Starfleet vessel arrived. "They won't know what hit them," he thought, "within minutes the vessel will be captured, and then I will turn it on the nations."

When Alack entered the room to give the General his report, Grin-Mar was surprised to hear of the away teams. Alack was ordered to put together a team and meet with the Starfleet officers. Grin then called Delaq and ordered him to study the Starfleet team. And to find a way to get onto their vessel.

Lt.Cmdr. Phoenix felt the shot swoosh inches past her left ear and hit a tree behind her. There was no way of knowing who had just attacked the medical team or how many they were. Cmdr. Phoenix shouted to the invisible attackers, "We are from the Federation starship USS Victory... we are a medical team, here to assist as a neutral aid for your wounded." There was no response to her announcement.

Four men ran out of the trees like crazed people firing shots rapidly. After them ran four more, firing. They disappeared briefly and reappeared, then a volley of photon grenades were fired.

Science Team Parker continued to move toward the building. Solan suddenly got an odd feeling. Unnerved, he casually glanced over his shoulder. Nothing. For a second there, he was sure they were about to be attacked.

On the ship, Capt. Hurne was surprised when a little boy stepped forward. He had not been informed that Lt.(jg) Rocket had been changed into a child. (see previous mission.)

Team Phoenix's security was returning fire. Cmdr. Phoenix called for an emergency evacuation. Before she got an answer, she had to evade an incoming projectile. Rolling to the left, she hit a rock and damaged her communicator. Out of contact with the Victory, Phoenix shouted, "Retreat to sector 013!!! Retreat!!! NOW!!! Then... a bright flash, a roar followed by an explosion... then silence. The flash and power of the explosions made Robin fall to the ground. There was no way she could escape now, she had to ride out this wave of grenades and hope for the best.

Grin-Mar reported to Lt. Alack that the base in sector 025 had been breached by 100 troops from unknown origin. It was certain that Starfleet was not involved but that they were governmental. A counter offensive would be launched. Alack and his team came upon Team Phoenix but in the attempt to assist, he fell and was inadvertently beamed onto the Victory. He was taken to sickbay immediately.

Beta had determined that there were definitely two forces in this battle and neither were going to win this without heavy losses. Lt. Thomas was also beamed onto the Victory leaving his security team on the surface. Ordered back to the ship by Lt. Beta, Lt. Blair protested and then did as ordered.

Team Parker crested the rise of a hill and the structure could be seen before them. It's structure was of stone and seemed ancient compared to the reports of the building of the area. A pyramid of sorts, still partially buried, lay before them. Ensign Dominus scanned for multi-spectral and tachyon particles, suspecting the planet's government could have advanced technology and be using some sort of cloaking device. Unlikely, but not to be ruled out as a possibility.

Team Phoenix, having lost all communication with the Victory, was now being held hostage quite loosely by Delaq. Questioning Robin, Delaq said, "That is not all I need to know. How big is the ship you arrived in and what offensive and defensive capabilities does it have? How many crew?" When Phoenix prepared to leave, Delaq swung his sword around and cut Beta's arm off at the elbow. After a short struggle, Delaq was subdued, his phase cloak disabled.

Dominus suggested that Team Parker not enter the pyramid. He reported that there was faint signal picked up by his tricorder. The signal was determined to be coming from the far side of the bunker and was not moving. "It could be some sort of stationary defense mechanism. I suggest caution." A standard security sweep was ordered.

Mr. Rocket, a man in a small boy's body was released from sickbay, having woke up from his coma. He reported for duty on the bridge.

In the Governmental Palace, the huge entrance hall was buzzing with generals, diplomats, advisors and other government personnel. War seemed inevitable, one of the reasons Prime Minister Algon persuaded the federation to send a ship; he hoped to increase trust with the rebel factions. Special Affairs Planetary (SAP) would join in the war, something Algon really wanted to prevent. He knew SAP would do everything to get their hands on what they wanted yet he could not believe it was war they were after.

Cmdr. Parker turned to Ensign Dominus and said, "go with the

Lieutenant and complete the sweep. Do not enter the structure ... just get your data and get back here. Understood?"

Team Phoenix approached a bunker, wounded scattered around. Dr. Harden set up shelter in the lee of the building and requested permission to check inside. Permitted, she found the room empty but there had been a massive firefight here. Small and large holes in the walls confirmed whoever had fired weapons in here were using some sort of projectile weapon technology.

The USS Victory was trying to contact the teams on the surface without success. A dampening field prevented communication.

Captain Hurne managed to negotiate a ceasefire between the warring factions, a powering down of the dampening field and a meeting on the Victory with the PM and General when the Victory teams had completed their missions.

Dominus reported to Team Parker that there were multi-spectral scans from some form of localized energy field within the pyramid, it has an unknown purpose but in terms could power a small settlement for centuries. "There is evidence of usage but this seems to have been a long time ago. The multi-spectral scans have proved most useful and there is a wealth of information that can be gained examining the pyramid."

Within the bunker, an orb exploded and communications were opened once more with the Victory. Little did Team Phoenix know it was the result of communications between Captain Hurne and prime minister Algon.

Cmdr. Parker agreed that site-to-site transport would preserve the structure and get them inside at the same time. After finding a compartment within the pyramid large enough to hold them, the team was beamed inside in total darkness. Megan switched on her wrist light, the others following suit. The air was musky and stale. A hum could be heard from somewhere in the distance down a long corridor. Solan set out the pattern enhancers that would assist in beaming back out of the building. Dominus reported the general direction of the energy source and the team moved ahead.

Team Phoenix had set up a base camp and gotten a bit of rest. Lt. Beta and Lt. Thomas were paired off and Robin and Julia started a standard Alpha pattern, searching the surrounding area.

On reconnaissance, Julia and Robin were suddenly taken hostage. Misunderstanding that they were a medical team sent to help, the kidnappers insisted that they were liars. "We were told about your arrival. You intend to take over our planet and make us your slaves!" Ordered to assist with their wounded, the women complied. That's what they were here for to begin with.

Meanwhile, Kael was cut off mid sentence when he turned to find Beta gone. He had been replaced by a group of 4 men, each holding guns at the ready. Blindfolded and tied up his comm badge, tricorder and phaser rifle were removed. Also ordered to assist with the wounded - in a different location - Kael tried to explain that he was not a doctor.

According to Solan's readings, Team Parker was approaching the very center of the pyramid, directly below the point. They entered a chamber, one larger than the one they'd beamed into. The walls and floors were as bare and clean as the tunnels they'd been in. Solan stepped forward. Suddenly, as his foot hit the floor, colored lights went shooting out from the point of contact. They only lasted for a second before he jumped away and they vanished when his foot left the floor.

A figure appeared where Solan had stood in the pyramid. It was a

Pelham figure, not garbed as "It's a hologram, Cmdr. Parker said, "but how, this pyramid is over a thousand years old?!" Slowly the hologram began to talk describing the purpose for the pyramid.

In an underground encampment, a red skinned man slammed his armored fist on the heavy wooden table in front of him, making all the models of hover-tanks and jets standing on it shake. He shouted, "Assassinations, conspiracies, dampening fields when do I get results?!"

The SAP agent answered, "the situation is critical for us with the presence of the Federation. They are wise and resourceful people, not easy to fool. If we launch now not only will our plan to let the government and rebels kill each other fail, but it will make the Federation suspicious. You take care of the Victory and prepare your army for the opening move as I make sure a war will spawn between the rebels and government. Afterwards, our forces should have no trouble sweeping the remaining governmental or rebel troops and march into the capital to raise the new flag high. With the turmoil I have going in both camps, nothing should be easier."

Beta's memory had been damaged. He began a self repair system to work out what the problem was. Images were passing through his active memory. He slowly opened his eye; he was on a slab. Beta screamed with a women's voice believing it would get more attention than his normal male voice. It worked.

Julia had showered in cold water. Given a dry outfit, she quickly shed the wet Starfleet uniform and slipped the alien undergarment on. It was warm, of a soft furry cloth. Old and faded, it seemed to have a program of its own. The top fit snugly but not tight and the pants blended themselves against her flesh delicately. Then she picked up the over-dress. It fell to her feet and moved against her, blending, fitting her height and width perfectly. Julia frowned. This planet was not as advanced as this.

The hologram in the pyramid seemed to be speaking in a ritualistic fashion. "We have created this building as a message." His face took on a pained look. "In an attempt to make right what was made wrong. You will witness this. Remember and tell others. Stay and you will witness something more." Before Team Parker could move, the room was once again filled with holographic images. At first there were scenes of a highly advanced culture, equal to or beyond that of Starfleet. It seemed like paradise. But those scenes didn't last. Next came scenes of political leaders arguing over who would control the new order. Everyone wanted to be in control. Megan and her team watched as a culture destroyed itself. An uplink was established and the message was broadcast planet wide.

As an accompaniment to the images, Commander Parker said, "I was placed in charge of a science team to examine a structure uncovered in the forest just outside the capital. 1500 years ago, this civilization was a thriving technologically advanced paradise. Your ancestors were just starting to look to the stars and develop faster the light travel drives. But was you saw, there was dissention. Everyone wanted to control this new technology. No one was willing to compromise. Debates became arguments, arguments became war. In the end 80 percent of the population was gone. Destroyed by weapons of mass destruction."

Having completed their mission, Team Parker materialized near the last known coordinates of Team Phoenix.

Prime Minister Algon was startled by the message being broadcast throughout the planet. It was interrupting his rest. Ordinary life on the planet came almost to an absolute stop as people watched and listened to the forgotten story of their world. It was not only a wakeup call from the past, but a very disturbing missing page from the history books.

Team Phoenix, separated for a short time, was finally together again and forming a plan of escape.

Lt. Rocket convinced the captain that he would be more valuable if he were to beam down to the planet and join Team Parker in their search for Team Phoenix. The request was granted. The team moved towards what appeared to be a military compound.

Team Phoenix escaped their captors and headed further up the mountain. Robin messed around with her tricorder while they walked. Sadly, the dampening field did not allow her tricorder to scan far. For if it could, they would have noticed team Parker walking towards the compound.

Dr. Harden saw a flash of light like sun light was reflecting off a piece of metal. Moving ahead of the team, Beta arrived at the building and attempted to open the door. When the rest of the team arrived, Lt. Thomas was hesitant about entering the building and suggested remaining outside for the night.

Prime Minister Algon had discovered there was a snitch within his own government... he knew someone was playing some sort of foul game, but until earlier he had not known who. It was a short but exhausting walk to his private chambers. En route were half a dozen checkpoints by means of locked doors, access panels and passwords. When he finally reached his rooms, he therefore sighed in relief. The large mushroom shaped wall of fire which followed could be seen miles away.

Half the palace was blown away, the other half was burning.

Commander Parker divided the team up in order to possibly find more answers. Solan and Dominus were paired together. Parker, Rocket and Ryan, a security officer, made a convincing family unit as they walked through the compound.

On the mountain, Beta determined that the building used a highly complex cloak. It was invisible from sensors. "Now the door completes the cloak activating it, so in Theory if we break the cloak the door should open." Beta continued, "So we have to deactivate the cloaking field and to do this we have to create tachyon particles, now because the cloak is no longer working the door should open and the cloak fail."

Coming into a clearing, Dominus and Solan entered a clearing at the same time as a small family did. Solan glanced them over in a second, considering threat, and determining it was minimal. As soon as the man saw them, he immediately leaped in front of his family. A half- meter club appeared in his hand, and he dropped to a ready stance. It looked like he was ready to spring.

Solan immediately flung up his hands, but his instincts were too strong, he had already drawn his stun baton. Dominus immediately took over the diplomatic duties from Solan, inquiring about the friends they were searching for.

Captain Hurne, greeted the prisoners from the brig in his ready room. Speaking firmly, he told them, "I know you have both been privy to the broadcast that was sent planet wide. Things on Pelham are about to undergo a change. For better or worse at this time I can not say. But if you don't start talking, you will remain in this ships brig. Until this is all over." They talked.

Lt. Rocket, on Commander Parker's small team, discovered what looked like one of the sensors used by a tricorder similar to Starfleet. On the other team, Mr. Solan was able to get the general location of

Team Phoenix, or at least where they were early that morning.

Captain Hurne was convincing the General that he had no dealing in manufacturing of the automated message. The planet was now in a state of flux. General Grin-Mar agreed to help find the Victory's teams in exchange for being sent back to the planet.

Beta had successfully figured out how to get into the building. They were greeted by a man wearing a green lab coat. The laboratory was originally set up to work on a way to spread a virus that would target only certain cells. "But after a couple of the Prime Minister's visits," the scientist explained, "we decided to work on other things. Dr. Magi works up a good report for him each year and the Prime Minister never questions it." Motioning to a communications station, the scientists encouraged the team to communicate with their ship.

Grin-Mar and Alack materialized to see the flash of the detonation of the bomb at PM Algon's residence. Loosing their footing, they fell down an embankment, landing at the feet of Solan and Dominus. There, Cmdr. Parker and Lt. Rocket joined them.

On the Victory, Captain Hurne ordered the dampening field destroyed. Firing the forward phasers, the target was quickly shattered.

A bell rang out with a high pitched pulse. An image was displayed. "This is an automated destruct warning. Prime Minister

Algon's palace has suffered irreparable damage. All polaric ion power and scientific laboratory stations will be destroyed in 15 minutes. Beginning countdown now."

Lieutenant Commander Nugra, on board the shuttle Sharp Claw, was returning to the USS Victory.

Lt. Thomas quickly ran to the communications terminal. Sending a general broadcast on Starfleet's emergency channel he requested Immediate Emergency Beam Out. Reaching relative safety behind some rocks, the explosion rocked the ground. Soon, the emergency beam out was activated.

Having made contact with the ship and informed that Team Phoenix was found and on board, Team Parker was beamed back to the Victory.

Assembled in the meeting room were Dr. Maji, General Grin, Lt. Alack, Cmdr. Parker and Captain Hurne. "I propose that you, the scientists, form an interim government. With the other intellects to re-establish the status quo. The General and his troops will fall under your direction. Starfleet will be sending a monitoring team. They will not be here to interfere with the internal affairs of this fledgling world. It will be here to guide and advise. Your destiny is yours to evolve."

Prime Minister Algon had his own agenda for the future of Pelham IV. Captain Hurne made arrangements to have the natives of Pelham beamed back to the planet. They had much to do and plenty to think about.

Summary written by: Lieutenant Julia Harden.
Graphics by: Lt.Commander Beta

Personnel Notes

Lt Jg. Rocket to Lieutenant Rocket
Lt.Jg. Thomas to Lieutenant Thomas
Lt.Jg. Harden to Lieutenant Harden
Lieutenant Solan to Lt.Commander Solan
Lieutenant Beta to Lt.Commander Beta
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