Cillian James (alternate)

Lieutenant Commander Cillian James is currently a refugee aboard the USS Gorkon, formerly serving as First Officer aboard the USS Triumphant, in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War.

USS Triumphant
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Cillian James
Position First Officer
Rank Lieutenant Commander
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 235712.02
Age 43
Birthplace Proxima colony


  • Full name: Cillian Peter Brannon James
  • Date of birth: December 02, 2357
  • Age: 43
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Status: PNPC of User:Tonya Lang


  • Hair color: Brown
  • Length of hair: Rather short
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Skin: Slightly tanned
  • Height: 1.81m (5.94 ft)


  • Parents:
    • Carol James, née Lifton (Mother)
    • Philip James (Father)
  • Siblings:
    • Adrian James (Brother)
  • Spouse:
  • Maritial Status: Divorced
  • Children: None

Personality and manner

  • Quarters:
  • Hobbies: Cillian was never really creatively talented as he never played an instrument, wrote stories or made paintings and so on. Deep inside him, he would've liked to have creative hobbies, but since his home colony was one of the earliest targets during the war, he soon began to exercise for fighting instead. He is very well trained in many different martial arts, but is a bit out of practice since he began to work for Starfleet, where close combat is not always necessary. 
  • Areas of study:
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion:
  • Ambitions and Goals:
  • Personality: Cillian James is a constant doubter and sees, since his time as Resistance fighter, danger behind everything, but is therefore a protecting First Officer. He considers that as his duty, so he isn't really close with his crew (apart from Brunsig), but can cope with everyone. Since his wife's break up with him and later divorce, he feels like he hasn't got anything to lose anymore. That made him more dauntless than ever during battle situations and it is the reason why he is sure that he will once die while fighting.


  • Family: Cillian lost most of the contact to his parents when he joined the Resistance and later on Starfleet, because they couldn't understand why he chose to fight against the Dominion. The last time he spoke to his parents was when he married Lynn Mayr (and that was in 2385). He didn't talked to them afterwards, because they still didn't want to accept his lifestyle and his father began to dislike Lynn.
  • Friendships: Most of Cillian's friends died during the war, because most of them were part of the Resistance like himself, but stayed there instead of joining Starfleet. Except for Walter Brunsig, he didn't make any friends on any ships, because year after year he started to mistrust people more and more. He likes everyone on the Triumphant, but wouldn't consider them as friends (except for Walter Brunsig).
  • Romantic Relationships: Since Cillian's divorce from Lynn, he never started a releationship again. He was very hurt, when Lynn broke up with him and Walter was the only one who helped him through that difficult time. Cillian was very thankful for that, but never really told Walter. After the divorce, he never wanted to feel such pain again, so rather stayed away from any romantic relationship. Sometimes he feels lonely because of that, but never regretted his decision.

Chronological history

  • 235712.02: Born in Proxima colony
  • 2375 - 2379: Fights for the Human/Klingon Resistance
  • 2379 - 2383: Joins Starfleet and attends Academy Outpost
  • 2383: Recieves first posting as Ensign, Security Officer on the USS Triumphant and meets Walter Brunsig for the first time
  • June 2383: Meets Lynn Mayr for the first time in a small Bolian colony where she works as nurse
  • July 2383: Starts relationship with Lynn Mayr
  • 2385: Receives battlefield promotion to Lieutenant JG
  • May 2385: Marries Lynn Mayr aboard the Triumphant
  • 2386: Receives posting as Assistant Chief Security Officer on the USS Blade
  • 2387: Receives battlefield promotion to Lieutenant
  • 2389: Recieves battlefield promotion to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2390: Splits up with wife Lynn Mayr
  • January 2391: Divorces wife Lynn Mayr
  • 2391: Recieves posting on the USS Triumphant (for the second time) as First Officer
  • March 2393: Destruction of the Triumphant

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