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Service Jacket: USS Za

  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer. See Biography for full history.
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Keelah Rhani
  • Stardates: 239404.16 - 239407.06

Shortly after receiving word of his demotion and the surgery on his friend, he received word that he too was being transferred to the Za with Alex, Lael, and Dassa. Shortly after their arrival on board, his life begins assuming further complications. When he receives a visit from Lael, it is explained that she harbors a deep crush on him. Dassa seeks out Chythar for another conversation, in which she explains the full nature of what Lael's feelings are for him. CD explains to Alex that the empathic connection he shares with Lael runs deeper than he initially thought. This causes additional strain on his relationship with Alex, and the doc begins just avoiding people on purpose, with the exception of his mandatory counseling session in which he meets a new counselor: Ruwon. Chythar explains he is looking for mental discipline, and Ruwon gives him some reading material.

Shortly after their leave ends, Chythar and Alex still aren't speaking to one another as they encounter a group of space faring bear like creatures called the Hocktin. These bears seem to bring with them a scary flea-like bug which contains a powerful virus which is fatal if not treated within 72 hours. Chythar begins working with Alora, Dassa, and Haylie on a solution, forcing himself to focus on the problem. While he and Dassa exchange words, he brings himself to focus on it and engages in a constant battle with the waves of nausea that present themselves during his attempts to focus. It isn't much longer before Lieutenant Commander Alexander Williams summons them from the depths of the lab to head up to the bridge for a report. Chythar volunteered himself to go so the rest of the team could focus on the issue at hand, given that he was otherwise going to lose his lunch via nausea over the simulation replays over and over again.
When he got to the bridge, he felt it an inopportune time to point out the lack of professionalism that Williams displayed during the comm call. He did, however, reveal all that they had discovered, and when he saw that Williams had beamed a Hocktin aboard, submitted a formal request with his superior to quarantine parts of the ship and the briefing room upon the grim discovery that only LtCmdr DeVeau was unaffected. Once quarantine protocols were in effect, Chythar began to experience symptoms of the fatal virus and escorted their Hocktin visitor to the transporter room in an effort to recalibrate the biofilters so that they could screen out the bugs when the away team returned. Once the transporters were handled, Chythar beamed himself to sickbay where he was treated for the effects of the virus.

Mission Logs

  • Peace in Our Time

Supplemental Files

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Invicta & Columbia
Montreal & Astraeus
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