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Service Jacket: USS Veritas

USS Veritas
  • Rank: Lieutenant - Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer. See Biography for full history.
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Roshanara Rahman
  • Stardates: 239407.06 - 239510.31
The decommissioning of the Za saw him once again transferred, this time to the USS Veritas out in the Shoals region of space. While not exactly the Menthar Corridor, he recognized a lot of the crew from previous service aboard the USS Garuda. The trip out was spent recovering from the after-effects of the Hocktin incident and in quiet reflection of his birthday. Alex asked Chythar to move into shared quarters once they received room assignments aboard the Veritas. Chythar accepted, and spent the remainder of the trip out either giving thanks to his newfound faith in God that he was still alive to see another year or being asleep. At some point during the trip, he got up for a plate of salad wherein Lael gave him a birthday present: a PADD with a recording of his niece Maddy's science project.
Once he landed on the Veritas and reported in with his colleagues Lael and Alex to a familiar face, Captain Rahman, they learned of structural instability and other problems on the surface of Antor II before being told of an explosion. Chythar headed to sickbay to report to his new boss, Nikki Ryan before beaming down to the surface with a medical team and taking care of the aftermath of the trauma patients. During the course of his stabilization strategy, he encountered a strange substance that registered of tricobolt and some other unnamed compound he couldn't identify. So, with that in mind, he sent it up to Alora DeVeau and Ensign Sepek aboard the Veritas for further analysis. After he tried getting ahold of Lt. Lael Rosek to lend a hand with the analysis, he learned of a cave-in at her location and made his way toward it. As presumably the only medical staff in range, he took it upon himself to handle it and gave pertinent updates on his location while at the same time, making an appointment for himself to get checked out once he returned to the ship. Upon his arrival to the location and hearing of a Commander Walker being injured, he had the faintest sense of deja-vu. Former captain Ben Walker resigned his commission shortly after he and the crew of the Excalibur had rescued his sister Luna, and he was not looking forward to being around when she was conscious. Thoran, Rosek and Blair got off light by comparison. Chythar wound up with respiratory difficulties caused by inhaling the atmosphere, but was otherwise fine.
Once the situation at the mines had been handled, Chythar returned to his duties on the surface and was called into the Colonial Capitol Building by Dr. Greg Solma, the head doctor of Antor II to consult on a case regarding an attack on one of their staff. CD went to consult with them, and his own scans couldn't find anything wrong with the patient until after he brought all the data back to the ship to get his superior, Dr. Nikki Ryan to look over the charts; and the suggestion of a telepathic attack on the patient was proposed.
When all was settled in sickbay, Chythar made his way to the auditorium for the governor's speech. It was a very well written one, and he couldn't get over the uncomfortable feeling of the press being nearby. Another bomb went off elsewhere in the ship while they were being attacked and boarded, and CD hid behind a table. He reluctantly took up a phaser, and recalled how much he hated them. His hatred was spawned by a live fire exercise in 2387 in which one of his team mates died in his arms before he could do anything. Comms were out, and it was the duty of Lieutenant Commander Rune Jolara to ensure that whomever it was on the other side of the door was friendly rather than hostile. Much to their relief, it was Lieutenant Commander Mei'konda and company. Unfortunately, he also saw his best buddy Lael injured with a dislocated shoulder. After giving her something for the pain, he began to treat the phaser burned Bolian officer Hanar Tuk, whom he recalled from his early days aboard the Garuda. No reference to their first tour was made at this time, but after Tuk's injuries were treated, he followed Lael and popped her shoulder back into place.
The days following the devastation and bloodshed aboard ship were punctuated by conversations with people, such as Mei'konda, who Chythar hadn't officially checked in with yet and time on his holodeck beach with his therapy dog, Devlin. Some number of days later, CD makes a social call to Raissa Moonsong to say hello and bring Devlin by for a good petting. Their conversation stays mostly not oriented toward work, and after the visit ends he makes an appointment for the official evaluation. During this mandated appointment, they discuss some of the changes he has undergone and readjust his medication. In addition to this, they both experience a relationship revelation: they aren't as close as they used to be. In a subsequent conversation, Chythar enjoys a meal with Alex and Lael, where they are joined by Raissa. The conversation, from Chythar's perspective, is layered with awkward as he comes to the realization the distance between him and the counselor could possibly be his fault. After she has departed the table, CD explains to Lael & Alex about the concept art he'd left on the table about concealing weapon holsters on his uniform. Time passed again, and he was called to a meeting in the captain's quarters. During such an occasion, he was given ribbons for his efforts on Antor II.
Chythar was once again minding his own when he was called into a briefing alongside colleagues Mei'konda, Alex Blair, Stiftany Harik, Evan Delano, Kelrod, Luna Walker and Dallas Wolfe. These colleagues would then describe a series of shuttle trials that were supposed to take place, and Chythar begins his slow transition into the realm of engineering for a couple of weeks. After his two week experience "Lazarus-ing" the Prospero, the shuttle was pitted against the Shadow for "rescuing patients," which were empty torpedo casings with simulated injuries on each one. These simulated patients were beamed aboard the Ferdinand and they headed back to the Veritas to investigate an electrostatic radiation surge.
What seemed like nearly a week later, they gear up for the second trial: delivering a payload to a vessel while under fire. The Prospero is handily out-performed by the Shadow even with the extensive modifications done to both crafts. Once the trial is completed, Alex is called away on some sort of mission with no time to say good bye to anyone. A note is left in Chythar's quarters informing him of the departure, and CD makes a request for smaller quarters. During a subsequent conversation with the captain, he is offered the position of chief medical officer in light of Dr. Ryan's transfer elsewhere.
Shortly afterward, the final trial takes place. The Prospero handily won the competition at 2-1, so now both SAR vessels are being modified to the winning design. A party occurs in which he is recognized with ribbons for his participation in the project. Alex is awarded these too, in absentia. Chythar also watches Lael and Evan receive the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and has to deliberately hide behind his shields so they can enjoy their victories.

Once all the festivities were over, a distress call reaches the Veritas from the USS Astraeus which found itself beached in the Shoals. A rescue mission is mounted to go protect the ship from pirates that wanted to take the ship and add it to their arsenal. This did not wind up happening, and Chythar took a bolt to the leg caused by friendly fire. Once all was said and done, they returned to the Veritas and towed the Astraeus to Outpost 3. Shortly after their arrival at Esperance, Alex Blair and Chythar were reunited. During their shore leave, Chythar spends a good deal of it working when he wasn't supposed to, having been predominantly confined to light duty until his therapy sessions restore his mobility. However, amidst all of this, he receives a second silver lifesaving ribbon, a second silver star, and a fourth purple heart for his efforts on the Astraeus.

His subsequent adventures were primarily ship-side as he spent the better half of a mission working on a pet project: developing a radiation inoculate that Lael Rosek wasn't allergic to. With the aid of his trusty assistant Greywin Fergus, the two of them worked side by side on this fascinating endeavor. When he was called to take part in an away team assignment, Chythar left Greywin unsupervised to go to the surface. The Veritas entered the atmosphere at some point, then stuff happened which caused them once again to be amongst the stars. In the aftermath of the crazy atmospheric occurrence, CD was pleasantly surprised by a reinstatement to the rank of lieutenant commander and an additional citation each of the Explorer's Ribbon, Department Chief Ribbon & Orion Syndicate Service Medal.
Shortly after the ceremony, Chythar received word that his adopted uncle Chris Harrington had been injured in a fight at the coffee shop. The news hit him hard, and he had to explain to Alex Blair that he needed to take time away from the ship in order to tend to this family emergency. While he is away, he meets with Lael's brother Kellan Rosek and his medical colleague Elina Kincade to discuss a possible hormone therapy for Jonathan Cumar to help Lael's season resolve itself. Meanwhile, he also provides testimony in Maddy's custody hearing. Upon his return to the Veritas, he learns that his partner Alex is to be transferred to the USS Constitution-B as her first officer.
The mission to Havlely's Hope mining colony finds Chythar assigned to a team with Lael and several others. During the course of their investigation, he and Ensign Valoru leave behind a light beacon. When the rest of their team come across it, they request a beam-out. The transporter beam that enveloped them was not that of the Veritas but someone else's. After spending several days in captivity, they are rescued by a familiar blue light: that of the Veritas. After their return aboard, he is reunited with an old friend, Alora DeVeau. After many awkward conversations with other crew members, he and the other senior staff are invited to a celebration in which he is recognized for his part in the mission. Before he leaves, he insists on having Alora check him out medically to ensure he's fine. He was diagnosed with myopia and informed her later of his wish for surgery before he left for the USS Montreal.

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