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Service Jacket: USS Montreal

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Commander Mei'konda Delano
  • Stardates: 239510.31 - 239603.05
The USS Montreal arrived early, and in rather rough shape. Reports indicated that the vessel had come under attack by Tholians, rendering most of the medical staff dead and severely injuring their previous captain. Being that Chythar was already there providing relief efforts anyway, Mei'konda Delano had worked some logistical magic somewhere to allow him to serve as the CMO of the Montreal until further notice. His first day aboard when he isn't super-busy treating wounded patients sees several old faces from the Veritas such as Greywin Fergus, Lael Rosek, and German Galven (and of course, Mei'konda Delano) but also several new ones. There is a little time to acclimate and get adjusted to a smaller ship, a damaged sickbay, and a hefty list of casualties, but Chythar, being the workaholic he is, insists on pulling double shifts to make sure they get everyone's medical clearances sorted and get everything as working as they can before venturing deeper into the Shoals.
A piece of high tech surveillance equipment had gone missing, taken by pirates deep in Tholian territory. The doctor used that time to make repairs on his domain and get the clearances sorted out, since it would be a 20 day flight toward the Artemis's last known position. Once there, Chythar remained on the ship as his colleague Greywin Fergus accompanied Lael Rosek's team down to the surface on a rescue mission. For whatever reason, no communication was made to alert them about a seriously injured Trill, one Crewman Muvyn Padix. CD's knowledge of the species was very limited, but fortunately he was saved from having an instant operation on his hands by another new face, Beelam Grog who had just made her entrance off of gamma shift only a few days before they had arrived. In the aftermath, they were all invited to an awards and new year's party. Chythar used that time to send a letter to Alex, play with Devlin and receive some shiny ribbons for his rack.
Their celebration, and Solok's subsequent return to Chythar's medical department, coincided with new orders to make their way to Meridian for a medical emergency of a plague-like nature. Chythar hoped he would be able to avoid another plague, but sadly it was not to be. As he prepared to make preparations, he had to tend with a medical emergency to try and save one of their own, who was injured during the landing maneuvers.
Once they arrived at Meridian, the captain and a small away team went down to meet with the Klingon delegation and assess the situation as CD left all the liaising between Montreal and the Crescent View Medical Facility to Solok. The situation escalated quickly to the point where one of the Klingon generals became infected, and once the team plus two was back aboard the ship, German Galven somehow became infected as well. Once German collapsed, Chythar froze[1] -- much to his own horror, in front of not only his department but in front of the captain. It wasn't until Greywin Fergus reported[2] a breach of quarantine[3] that they realized Rilaw was working for Lenik, who wanted to hijack the Montreal. After Rilaw and his colleagues fired on the Crescent View facility to cause more panic, Chythar handled the securing of sickbay as Femi Cattan and Solok handled securing of the wards as they took off. Once they had reached orbit, CD had a minor meltdown as all the memories of his past returned to the forefront of his mind[4].
After they'd achieved orbit, Chythar began to treat the injuries of the Andorian officer Tal Tel-ar, and spent a few hours dealing with some final administrative mundane duties before he began to remove his personal effects from the CMO's office, then gave a routine examination to Solok and some advice on a few of the challenges he'd inherit as the incoming CMO. He'd spent the time since becoming inactive as an officer planning his farewell party, packing up his office, and in general trying to make the most of his decision and how he was going to break the news to Alex that he wasn't CMO anymore. On the day of the party, he received a few last parting commendations. He also gives a brief speech and toasts the success of their captain, commenting that it has been an honor and privilege to serve alongside them.

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Service Jacket: USS Astraeus

  • Rank: Civilian
  • Duty Post: Barista
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Mei'konda Delano
  • Stardates: 239606.11 - 239701.07

After spending a period of time away on Earth helping his uncle Chris Harrington run the Raktajino coffee shop on Earth, he is contacted[1] about a job position[2] aboard the newly refitted Astraeus with its many lounges and crew. Needless to say, Chythar took the job because Chris wants all the coffee from the unexplored regions of space. After being aboard a few months, he'd broken[3] up[4] with Alex Blair, he has a conversation with Solok about working in sickbay once again. He also enlists the Vulcan's help in refining his experimental hypoallergenic radiation inoculate for Lael Rosek.


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