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Crew of the USS Chin'toka

2398 skyfire.png

Lieutenant Commander Chythar Skyfire, MD
Early Career
Invicta & Columbia
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Service Jacket: USS Invicta & USS Columbia

USS Invicta

USS Invicta
  • Rank: Lieutenant-Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Aron Kells
  • First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman
  • Stardates: 239206.19 - 239207.19

After spending nearly a year on the USS Garuda, he was ordered, along with the rest of the crew, to transfer over to the USS Invicta, a ship dedicated to science and diplomacy in the Menthar Corridor. He wasn’t overly fond of the idea, as he hates transfers. Shortly after they had transferred, their security chief Evan Delano had performed a mind-meld with Harrison Ross. Both men wound up in sickbay and in comas, with Evan developing Pan’ar Syndrome as a result. CD also had a nice chat with Saveron and Raissa Moonsong regarding his own abilities, gaining temporary shielding and adapting them to his needs in addition to finding out what changes in his genetics had been triggered by Ris’ telepathic contact to the away team during his last mission. It wasn’t long after that in which he found himself in the ready room of Captain Aron Kells and received a promotion to Lieutenant Commander. During that conversation, he also explained how he became telepathic in an effort to get better acquainted with the man, who expressed an interest in learning about the crew he didn’t know or couldn’t remember. Re-evaluation of his telepathic and empathic abilities reveals a new rating of T4/E6, courtesy of a test administered by Saveron. Somehow in between the test administration and the launch, Chythar paid a visit to Lieutenant Alora DeVeau and somehow found himself back in First Kingdom Peppelaxia to chat with the queen who seemed ready to give birth. Once he returned to the present time, Alora offered to run a few tests and took a sample of his blood. Just before they embark on the maiden voyage of the USS Invicta, the crew watched as Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno presented the awards from the last mission.

His time on the Invicta was short-lived, as a Q-being arrives on the bridge just as he gets another transfer order, this time to the USS Columbia.

Notable Relationships:

  • Aron Kells: Kells had no memory of Chythar as they'd never served together before, and in a conversation with CD had learned about the fact that he was telepathic/empathic while promoting him at the same time.
  • Nic Del Vedova: After Nic received a promotion, he gets in contact with Chythar to interview him about induced telepathy. Unfortunately, Chythar gets a transfer to the Columbia before the interview can be scheduled.
  • Carter Greyson: The shoreleave following the transfer to the Invicta, Carter went to go see Chythar at first about Ris and asked him to explain why she was dodging his calls. Medically, CD couldn't say anything so advised him to relax and give her time. Then he went to go consult Chythar on a professional matter -- more specifically to check him out for nerve damage after telepathic contact with her. Fortunately, no harm was done during the meld.
  • Greywin Fergus: CD promoted him to head nurse in light of Lara Knight's departure, as she took an internship at Astrofori One.
  • Raissa Moonsong: See Relationships.
  • Quinn Reynolds: Skyfire started to talk to her on a deeper level after diagnosing Harrison Ross with possible amnesia when he wakes up from the coma, mostly about his telepathic and empathic abilities. The beginnings of a friendship start to form, though at the time it was presumed both would be aboard for a lot longer than they were.
  • Evan Delano: Diagnosed with Pan'ar Syndrome following a mind meld with the above-mentioned Ross while he was in custody.
  • Alora DeVeau: See Relationships.

Full Timeline

  • 239206.19: Transferred to the USS Invicta.
  • 239206.23: Gains temporary mental shields via Saveron following a discussion on his abilities.
  • 239206.27: Receives promotion to Lt. Commander by Captain Aron Kells.
  • 239207.01: Test results return a updated telepathic/empathic rating of T4/E6.
  • 239207.05:
    • Temporal Incursion - Returns to the First Kingdom of Peppalexa and meets with Virah-Latyi before returning to the present. [1]
    • Allows Alora DeVeau to run bloodwork for testing in hopes of unraveling his temporal incursions mystery.
  • 239207.13: Decorated with ribbons presented by Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno.
    • Peacekeeper Service Ribbon
    • Diplomacy Ribbon (3rd citation)
    • Excellence in Training Ribbon
    • Department Chief Ribbon
  • 239207.19:
    • Lieutenant Alora DeVeau helps him understand the temporal incursions he's been experiencing.
    • Transfers to the USS Columbia via the Q.

Mission Logs

Accolades & Awards

See full article -- Accolades & Awards


USS Columbia

USS Columbia
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer:
  • First Officer:
  • Stardates: 239207.19 - 239209.03

After a brief stop at Starbase 118, Skyfire had a brief reunion[1] with his adopted brother, Lt. Commander Sal Taybrim. After an evening of pizza and windsurfing, he headed over to the USS Columbia with Devlin to get settled in. Once aboard, he met Captain Nugra and Counselor Talia Kaji on the way to check in. Once at the XO's office was reunited with his old friends Lt. Commander Brek and his mentor Lieutenant Johanna MacLaren. Brek had mentioned two colleagues who were both residing in sickbay: Captain Benjamin Livingston and Lt. Commander Vitor Silveira, both of whom CD had previously served with aboard Ops and the Excalibur. While attending his first party aboard the Columbia, Brek received command of the ship and was promoted to the rank of Commander. CD recognized only one more face from the Excalibur's former crew, that of his friend and mentor Johanna MacLaren. During the same party, he ran into some of his students from the academy: Antero Flynn and Mirra Ezo. During this shore leave, he also met with Counselor Talia Kaji for the first time, and tried not to begin another streak of breaking counselors.

His first mission aboard the Columbia met with some interesting challenges, most specifically the first serious use of his telepathy. Despite the practice he'd received on the Garuda and Invicta, it was not enough to prepare him for the over-exertion of his abilities during his conversation with Akee. The conversation, while brief and intense on many levels, was sufficient to destroy whatever mental shields he had. A brief intervention by colleague Gavin MacLaren gave him temporary respite, but much like his transplanted shielding experience with Saveron, it was only temporary.

Notable Relationships

  • Brek: An old friend of Chythar's from the USS Excalibur-A, and the first he recognizes from the old crew.
  • Johanna MacLaren: See Relationships.
  • Tyler Kelly: A friend whom Chythar met through the ”Idea and Knowledge Exchange for Starfleet Officers” program, which hooked them up as pen pals.
  • Antero Flynn: A cadet he trained at the academy, now an ensign. Nicknamed “Flyboy” by Devlin. One of Chythar’s first friends amongst the crew he hadn’t served with before.
  • Mirra Ezo: Another cadet he trained at the academy.
  • Gavin MacLaren: Johanna’s brother. Responsible for giving Chythar temporary mental shields after the conversation with Akee.

Full Timeline

  • 239207.19: Transfers to the USS Columbia.
  • 239208.07: Meets Tyler Kelly for the first time outside of subspace calls.
  • 239208.12: First meeting with Talia Kaji, counselor of the Columbia.
  • 239208.22: Makes first contact with Akee via his own telepathy.
  • 239208.24: Mental shields once more collapsed, due to the conversation with Akee.
  • 239208.31: Received temporary shielding from Gavin MacLaren after CD exhausted himself with Akee.
  • 239209.03 Transfers to the USS Gorkon.

Mission History on USS Columbia


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