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Service Jacket: USS Gorkon

USS Gorkon
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer. See Biography for full history.
  • Commanding Officer: Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds
  • Stardates: 239209.03 - 239404.16
The return to the Menthar Corridor came as a surprise to Chythar. He only knew of one possibly three people in total who had the pull to bring him back here. His presence on the Gorkon made him wonder what he was doing here, and it wasn't until he read a particular passage in his orders that he understood.

NOTE: I apologise for pulling you away from your new posting after such a brief time, but the medical complement of the Gorkon is currently understaffed, and given the often strange nature of the Menthar Corridor, I would prefer to have someone with some experience in the region. A shuttle has been dispatched to bring you aboard ASAP. Welcome back to the Menthar Corridor, Lt. Commander.

Although coming aboard during a yellow alert was a new experience for him, it was even stranger for him to be told that the entire senior staff was aboard a ship caught in a gravity anomaly of some sort. The captain was relieved to hear his voice once communications with the Thrasis were reestablished.
   The first patients who were transported back aboard were a few civilians and one Dr. Charles Hawkeye, the latter proving to be the only one who displayed any signs of infection. Doctors make the most difficult patients, as Chythar knows, and this one opted to slice his own hand off rather than wait for Dr. Skyfire to find a treatment. Once the hand and subsequent infection were removed, CD used the living sample to calibrate the biofilters and destroy the parasite in the matter stream.

   After he’d gotten settled into his quarters for the first time, he experienced yet another temporal incursion that transported him back to Peppelaxia in time to witness the fall of the empire an the death of Virah-Latyi. When he returned to his present, he wrote up the after-action report which he sent to both Quinn and Alora. Following that, he headed to sickbay to treat a black eye and attempt to assess what was up with his lack of telepathic ability.

After he returned to his quarters, Captain Reynolds paged him and scheduled a meeting for 0900 the following morning. During that conversation, he was made the first officer of the USS Gorkon.
The next few days he spends solidifying relationships with the crew, ranging anywhere from sickbay to the holodecks on Astrofori One. He'd set up a meeting with the ship's civilian counselor, Dr. Chandur and been perplexed by her reactions. Tests on his abilities were still pending, but after meeting with Commander Alucard Vess, the CMO of the Gorkon, he discovered a bit of inflammation to his frontal lobe and low neurotransmitter levels. The holodeck party that followed led to some Victorian era
Victorian Skyfire.png
clothing and shenanigans followed by an awards ceremony that was witnessed by several important officials and the contingent of press; during which time he was awarded a third citation of the Medical Science Ribbon. CD only dealt with the press a few times, and he never saw unflattering results about anything he's said.
   The party was going well until they discover a dead Cardassian diplomat named Kotan Jara in the library. That meant that the safeties were off, and that they were likely trapped. Captain Reynolds left him in charge of finding technology for their investigation, and gave him several officers to do it: Cory Stoyer, Ayiana Sevo, Paul Sharpe, and Eerie. While they engaged in their search for technology of the day and attempting a way out, they came across a strange beast that seemed to be part targ, part grey wolf, and part panther. This particular critter cracked one of Chythar’s ribs, until it was killed by the Brikkar. Chythar sends Cory off to try and work on the communication to the outside while Paul attempts to locate some tech, then asks Ayiana and Eerie to help carry the zoo specimen back to the library for further examination.

Tam: At this rate, I'm going to need some shore leave to recover from shore leave.

Lt. Commander Kael Tam, Reset 239211.19
Once Cory provided the necessary illumination to allow them a greater study of the beast, they discovered that it was somewhere between a hybrid of a panther, targ, and grey wolf. A momentary flicker of the program caused Eerie to perceive it as a werewolf, which wasn’t a surprise. What did turn out to be surprising was a flicker of chandelier that gave way to reveal a toolbox with the red symbol of the Maquis Reborn on it. Ayiana managed to get a fire going while Chythar and Eerie went to investigate the findings of their assistant chief of tactical, Paul Sharpe. While significant in many ways because of the information on the PADD that outlined their situation in the holodeck, the first officer found it difficult to believe that a security minion was unfamiliar with Morse Code.
When they returned to the warmth to check for updates, they were joined in the library by Alucard Vess, Kael Tam, Dar Elandra, and Tiguhn Datal, who was the diplomatic aide to the murdered envoy. Vess had been injured while they were strolling through the garden, and CD offered himself up as transfusion material as he ignored the cracked rib he was suffering from. Kael made the point that CD wasn’t the doc in charge, and therefore had to lead rather than to participate in a dangerous procedure. Instead, Petty Officer Greg Kelly was conscripted as a blood donor. Once the holodeck was opened, CD iced his ribs before rejoining his team to nab the saboteurs.
They walked to a seemingly empty cargo bay to investigate some artificial sensor readings. What they found there was a trap laid with automatic fire phaser turrets. Upon the weapons fire fading, they encountered a viewscreen bearing the faces of two Maquis Reborn members on it. In exchange for the 49 Federation citizens who are missing, Chythar reluctantly accepts the terms offered by the terrorists to secure their safety. Upon discovering that Commander Vess and the Gorkon are preparing to receive casualties for a possible Cardassian epidemic (the virus he helped cure on DSX a year prior), CD decides to take the captain’s yacht and 4 type XI shuttles to go on the rescue mission instead.
When they return to the ship after rescuing the lost souls, Chythar takes the time to stumble into sickbay to get his injury seen to. Fortunately, Dr. Jansen Orrey reports to treat him rather than him taking it on by himself. Devlin received a sweater and Chythar received some blankets from Raissa's mom Sasha, as sort of her way of saying hello. Once he healed up, CD took a tour of engineering with Lieutenant Cory Stoyer and played pool with him in an effort to form a deeper personal connection. They ventured down to an ice planet for shore leave, where Chythar had made some of his delicious Stew Surprise and brought the little beagle along to interact with others in his new warm weather gear. During their visit to the planet, Cory asks Chythar if he'd be willing to witness the marriage of Stoyer & Petra Bjarnadottir. Since he is friends with the chief, CD agrees.
Sometime during all the midst of their visit to the wintery wonderland, Chythar has managed to find time to get some counseling from Jansen Orrey, who is now #8 on CD's little magstrip of counselors. In addition to this, he's also achieved his goal of getting a rematch with Cory and started jujitsu lessons with Lael Rosek as his instructor. Once they returned to the ship, Skyfire attended the wedding of Cory Stoyer and Petra Bjarnadottir, in addition to finding time to receive a subspace call from Raissa Moonsong and had a nice conversation about his and Devlin's wellbeing, in addition to the last of the temporal incursions involving Virah-Latyi. During the much appreciated private award ceremony aboard the Gorkon with no press or bad things happening, he was decorated with the Purple Heart. Several other colleagues were also decorated during this ceremony, and it felt good to know he wasn't the only one who had difficulty with words.
After the awards ceremony, they are called upon once again for a routine survey mission. This time, the quarry is a quantum fissure that leads to an alternate reality which was previously encountered by the USS Invicta. The gravimetric shears produced by the fissure were enough to pull them in, which caused them to be listed MIA as of 239302.18.
During their time in the alternate reality, Chythar was called upon to resume his former role of medical officer to help deal with critical surgery cases, during which time he met Dr. Jaxton Vee, who was their newest addition to the medical staff and arrived on a shuttle that was also pulled through. During the course of trying to figure out what happened, Safine Tan arrived via transporter along with one Commander Alex Blair, another new addition. Tan had been shot, and Chythar was the only one who had any knowledge about Trill physiology. He did what he can to treat her wound, then gave her a dose of anesthetic sufficient to keep her asleep for several hours as he hoped for a speedy recovery. During the chaos, he also activated their EMH, Mark Four, for the first time to assist Dr. Alucard Vess in main sickbay. When their hellishly long shift finally ended, Mark was left in charge of secondary sickbay to keep an eye on both Lieutenant Cory Stoyer, who was admitted for anesthizine poisoning and Safine Tan who was shot by a Jem’Haddar. With both patients stabilized, Chythar opted to go to bed and leave the patients in Mark’s capable photonic hands.
A week passed before Chythar was called into Captain Reynolds’ office. His work as first officer had been exemplary, though he wasn’t performing it with the same amount of enthusiasm that she would otherwise have expected of him. Instead of seeing him reassigned to another vessel, she made him a mission specialist.
During the course of time they are in the alternate reality, Chythar comes across a Vulcan refugee from the Triumphant who sees that he has an unfocused mind and offers aid. CD accepts, as his own mental skills had been tested and somewhat broken by his earlier efforts aboard the USS Columbia in his own reality. Three mind melds later, seemingly over the course of one year, he has gained a new measure of control and his abilities are back to full functionality. Once their time aboard the Ferengi vessel Helasse comes to a close due to a rather large bounty on their heads, they return to the Gorkon and are given various awards by Captain Reynolds.
Time passes in the slow fashion of which it was. The Gorkon is in rough shape, and they head out to a starship graveyard to scavenge for parts to repair their once-mighty Sovreign class vessel. During their trip there, Alex Blair turns CD into the impromptu morale officer. Once they arrive at the graveyard, the crew has mixed luck: good, bad, and painful. The team Chythar was on find things, and some sort of pressure bomb explodes. With yet more hearing damage, he returned to the ship and attempted to get treated. Again with the passage of time, and they manage to make it to that universe's equivalent of DSX. They make a dangerous deal to rescue a Romulan prisoner in exhange for a deflector dish and various repairs. Shortly after the daring rescue, CD makes the transition once again into teal, this time as Chief Medical Officer as Alucard Vess ascends to the role of first officer while Alex Blair becomes the new mission specialist.
Shortly after their return to their own universe, Chythar discovered that his mental shields, even after his sessions with Selamderan, did not hold. Partly due to the fact that he was surrounded by a death toll north of seven hundred, which included members from the alternate Triumphant, the Jem'Haddar, and his own crew. He never learned how to block those emotions. Afterwards, he learned from his friend Cory Stoyer that their rescuers aboard the USS Yarahla were all under arrest. Shortly thereafter, he had a meeting with Alucard Vess to discuss his hearing difficulty and the possibility of surgery. Later that night, he meets with Alex and they have dinner together and wind up confessing that they've developed feelings for each other. During that same dinner conversation, Chythar gets a call that he'll be heading out to visit Raissa Moonsong's family for a few days. He apologizes to Alex and promises they'd do something upon his return. While he was visiting Sasha and family, CD was taught various techniques to shield his mind and purge the energy of death. He was also instructed in the finer arts of riding horses and motorcycles, two things which he hadn't taken the time to fully appreciate before. He also spent a good deal of time on subspace, with people like Sal Taybrim and Cory Stoyer for reasons of his own.
When he returned to San Fransisco, he felt mentally better. CD took care of all the boring stuff ranging from physicals to psych evals, then later on met up with Alex to have dinner and share their first kiss. The following night, Chythar meets up with Lael Rosek and learns of her engagement to Jansen Orrey. When they head to the party in the tea garden later that evening, Chythar admits to Alex that he has a list of loathing, specifically newsies and parties. During the awards ceremony, he is stunned to discover he had been awarded his second citation of the purple heart.
After the ceremony in San Fransisco and overhaul of the ship, Chythar and Alex grew closer together via conversations and meals to begin their slow adaptation process. CD met with a few members of the staff in the medical department to try and slot the rotations and saw all the new faces, including meeting his new medical doctor Dassa Alexander for the first time.

Shortly thereafter, they are assigned to the Tyrellian Sector and have to investigate an inquiry by the Tyrellian government about Orion Syndicate involvement within the system. On the first mission to the surface, he and his team consisting of Lt. Commander Ayiana Sevo, Lt. Cory Stoyer, and Hallbjorn Baldursson stumbled across a couple of Orion thugs moving a few boxes of possibly counterfeit currency from different worlds. During the resulting firefight, Chythar managed a sprained wrist from punching someone due to forgetting his ju-jitsu techniques. When they returned with the currency, he headed to sickbay and got patched up by Dassa, where he promptly received a talking to from both Hallbjorn and Dassa about carrying a weapon. The second mission to the surface, he was put on an away team to locate a missing witness who didn't want to be found. His team then consisted of Commanders Alucard Vess and Alex Blair, along with Lieutenant Cory Stoyer and Lt. JG Frank O'Malley of the science department. In an effort to gain access to a gambling den, Vess instructed O'Malley, Skyfire and Blair to take one entrance while he and Stoyer took the main door. The resulting "stealth approach" on CD's side was disrupted by the sound of a crunching stick under his boot. This resulted in sedating the guard and sustaining a punch to the face. Once they gained entry, they met up with Alucard and Cory before running into the man they were sent to find. Instead of a direct beam-out, they had to escape a firefight via tunnels beneath the den. Cory had managed to rig the door to buy them a few extra minutes of leeway, then there was a loud explosion in a confined space which ruptured another eardrum. Chythar spent the rest of their escape attempt managing to keep up by sheer willpower and with the aid of a bit of pain medication, but knew full well once he got back to the ship surgery would be mandatory. He'd spoken extensively with both Mark Four and Dr. Vess on the subject prior to the party in San Francisco, so knew it would need to happen eventually. Once ordered to his kingdom when they managed to pull off the extraction, he just sat there while the rest of his department tended to the injured officers who were in more severe condition. The night following the mission, he scheduled surgery with Dassa for the EARS implants.

After they land on the surface of Panalon, he goes snowboarding with Alex and sprains his wrist before being decorated with more ribbons by Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds. Once back aboard the ship, CD has another conversation with Isioma Uzoamaka and came to a couple of unexpected revelations about his feelings toward counselors and the coping mechanism he'd named Stripey. Later on, he enjoys a hot tub party with Lael, Dassa, Alex and Devlin until they break out the tequila, which he enjoyed for the first few minutes before getting blasted.
Once all the fun was over, they resumed their course to patrol the Tyrellian sector. The counterfeit currency of the Klingons, Tyrellians, and Romulans was enough to promote diplomatic talks between the various factions, with Starfleet as the gracious hosts. It began peacefully enough until he was asked by Commander Walter Brunsig to find the wayward Fleet Captain Quinn Reynolds, who wasn't answering her comm. After a few minutes to get down to the ready room with his companions Lieutenant JG Nefan Venal and Ensign Shrega sh'Idrani, the doors opened and there was nothing. Moments later, he felt the deck plating shift beneath his feet and a red alert went off. Out of ideas, he asked the computer for the captain's location. When they arrived at the 413 memorial, she was slumped against the pillar and he worked quickly in an attempt to stabilize her. Hypercoagulin did nothing to aid his cause, and he rushed her to surgery. Twelve hours and four cardiac arrests later, he had done the best he could under the circumstances and waited.
As he informed Commander Brunsig of the captain's condition, he was unaware of the message he had waiting for him on his console. Once he returned to his office, he read the letter and discovered he was demoted for unethical conduct. Once all was said and done regarding that unfortunate demotion, he learns that his partner Alex Blair is due to transfer off to the USS Za. After a long session of reflection, he has a talk with his counselor for the last time before he too is told by the brass that he is to be placed on the Za as well.

Notable Relationships:

  • Quinn Reynolds: The only face he recalls from the Garuda and her successor Invicta. Requested his return to the Menthar Corridor.
  • Lilavati Chandur: Doesn't know what to make of her yet.
  • Cory Stoyer:See Relationships.
  • Eerie: Fiance to Commander Nia Calderan and apparently eager to put the Gorkon through its paces with some weapons tests. During the recent shenanigans on the holodeck, Eerie was always the first to volunteer.
  • Alucard Vess: Chythar has a complicated love-hate relationship with Alucard. Not because he once ordered a man to give blood to him, but because shortly after their return he was a patient of Alucard's regarding his hearing.
  • Ayiana Sevo: CD was impressed by the ingenuity she displayed when solving their lack of light problem in the holodeck, and admired the fact she too had a great respect for books despite the need to ignite them.
  • Paul Sharpe: Commentary for everything, and fan of dramatic pauses.
  • Jansen Orrey: See Relationships.
  • Kael Tam: A fellow physician who didn't like the center chair and died during their time in the alternate universe.
  • Lael Rosek: See Relationships.
  • Jaxton Vee: A good physician who tends to have the over-exuberance of a teenager.
  • Alex Blair: See Relationships.
  • Dassa Alexander: A fellow physician whom he's fortunate to call friend. A bit over-eager to help at times, but otherwise wonderful to have around.
  • Tobian Dalton: His former cultural adaptation specialist at the academy.
  • Jocelyn Marshall: Operations officer who always seems to know what to say in the right moment.

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