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Service Jacket: USS Garuda

USS Garuda
  • Rank: Lieutenant Junior Grade - Lieutenant
  • Duty Post: Chief Medical Officer
    • Acting Chief Medical Officer
    • Assistant Chief Medical Officer
    • Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer:
  • Stardates: 239106.14 - 239206.19
When CD arrived, the first thing he did was go to the bridge[1]. He hadn't the faintest idea what was going on, although it seemed he arrived when they could use him most. He had started preparing inoculations[2] with Ensign Vaala for basic relief efforts. It wasn't long before he was called to the bridge when a tactical console exploded[3], nearly killing his friend, Ensign Carter Greyson. The ensign was severely injured, and CD reacted with lightning agility. Once the ensign was stable, his attention shifted to Lt. Commander Alleran Tan who was severely injured when a mine attached itself to his leg. With the help of Dr. Kotir, Skyfire managed to treat the injury and clear the commander for duty. Immediately afterward, he went on an away mission with the captain and several others to retrieve Captain Quinn Reynolds from the clutches of the escaped first officer Harrison Ross. The captain was rescued and treated by Chythar, then they took shore leave aboard Deep Space Ten. During his shore leave, Debra had sent him a message[4] indicating that she had betrayed him, which more letters followed of trying to make it work. Later, he was presented[5] with the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon for saving the lives of his fellow officers.
Skyfire dressed casually. Excalibur patch and SB118 Ops patches on jacket sleeves.
During shore leave, he was informed the original assistant CMO had been given a leave of absence and was interviewed[6] by [7]both Nic Del Vedova and Captain Cassandra Egan Manno. During his conversation[8] with the captain, he was given the position of Assistant Chief Medical Officer. What seemed to him perhaps minutes later, he was called into sickbay to patch up some injuries on Lieutenant Commander Nia Calderan, who had gotten into a fight with one of the ensigns during their shore leave, received a Klingon love bite to the cheek, bruised a few ribs, and torn a ligament in her knee. After treating her injuries, he headed off to enjoy his leave and scheduled an appointment[9] with Counselor Raissa Moonsong. He wanted to try getting a handle on his telepathic and empathic abilities without needing to rely too much on the inhibitors he'd been taking, which leads to him scheduling a second appointment[10].
Shore leave seemed over too quickly when they were sent after the rogue ship USS Mercury. He was called upon by his superior, Acting CMO Lieutenant Commander Nic del Vedova to head the medical team that went over to the ship. Before he left, he had an encounter[11]with his administrative nurse, Gabrielle Porchevska that not only helped familiarize him with the medical department on the Garuda but also was subtle in the romance department. As they were heading off to find the rogue ship, he met up once again[12] with Gabi in 10-Forward for a bit of light-hearted discussion. Later, when they rendezvoused with the Mercury, it seemed to be exploding around them, and all that Skyfire could do was his job. Commander Calderan stood a bit too close to an exploding console[13], and he had to treat her injuries once again. This time, ribs were bruised, third degree burns were present, and the same knee injured once more. He replicated her a fresh uniform and told[14] her to try staying off the leg before he was called[15] away into a turbolift to save another life -- that of Lieutenant Commander Alleran Tan. This time, instead of something simple like an injured leg, it was symbiotic rejection[16]. Shortly after he filled in[17] the captain and Commander Calderan about Tan's status, he debriefed[18] Dr. Demar and Nurse Porchevska about the last mission. Not too long after the extraction of the Tan symbiont, he was promoted[19] to full Lieutenant and Acting CMO aboard the Garuda. Shortly after his promotion, he met[20] Safine Rael, who then became Safine Tan, as she was the only available candidate for joining with the Tan symbiont. He did get in another counseling appointment[21] before he was called away again.
He didn't have much of a chance to enjoy what little shore leave he had before he was called to Deep Space 10 for a medical emergency involving Lieutenant Trel'lis. As a quarantine alert broke out around the station, he noticed a pattern he'd seen before in relation to his research with the Skyfire Cure on Argurtha. With time being of the essence, he made a call to Lt. Commander Nia Calderan and explained his plan of injecting himself in order to produce the necessary antibodies in order to save the Cardassians. His life hung in the balance of writhing pain and agony, doing a risky thing based on historical research that was done in order to prevent a plague from wiping out the Klingon Empire. His mind wandered as he fought for his survival. During his near-death experience, he came to the realization that it was a message: get better social skills.
Once they returned to the sickbay of the USS Garuda, he had just gotten back in himself to meet with a new face on his staff, Ensign Roslyn Mo'Phatz. He didn't have time to schedule his wrist surgery when they got another patient, Counselor Raissa Moonsong; a registered E3 whose abilities seem to have evolved due to traumatic stress that Chythar may have helped trigger. Once she left sickbay, CD allowed his wrist to be seen to by Dr. Mo'Phatz and the Bajoran neurologist Ven Demar. Shortly after his corrective surgery, he had a conversation with Gabrielle Porchevska about risking his life[22] which resulted in a bruise across the jaw[23] and another kiss. The following day, he had another counseling session with Counselor Moonsong and gained a new "big sister" to his adopted family. He also learned basic shielding techniques, and for the first time since his accident with Azin had stable shields around his mind. It was with a heavy heart that he and Dr. Mo'Phatz pulled Trel'lis off duty due to some medical complications, and shortly after that he was decorated with a second Medical Science Ribbon, the Silver Star, and confirmed as the Chief Medical Officer for the Garuda.
Not long after the start of their shore leave does he get presented with his new best friend, a puppy named Devlin by one of his staff: Petty Officer Greywin Fergus and the chief science officer Alora DeVeau. They chatted for about twenty five minutes, then Alora encouraged Chythar to bring the pup by as she offered him plants. He got plants from her and was invited to some possible game nights. During this shore leave and another conversation with Counselor Moonsong and, with her help, gained basic control of his mental shields.
Later on, their leave was interrupted as they went to go survey a cloud of proto-matter which the overall plant life on the ship had been largely altered by some telepathic entity inside the cloud. The doc was tasked to develop a weaponized herbicide, though it never actually got used. He instead spent most of the time treating the wounded who were brought in. Hard though it may be to believe, he never left sickbay during the crisis until he was called to do a follow-up check on Lt. DeVeau once the crisis had passed. During the award ceremony that followed, he was then was rewarded with the Innovation and Explorer ribbons. After the awards ceremony, he had his first and only date with Chief Chase Valaine.
When they left on their next mission, Chythar was asked to be part off an away team that would be attempting to sound out popular opinion of the Peppalexan population's desire to travel back to their own time while being the first to conduct any form of bioscans on them. Naturally, the scientist within CD was intrigued by the opportunity resented itself, though unfortunately they beamed down into a fracture of time that seemed to place them ten thousand years in the past. Same place, more or less. He and his team, which consisted of Lt. Commander Msafiri Bakari, Ensign Ryan King, and Andrew Davenport were taken prisoner and permitted to stay as guests. Due to some ingenuous contraption Davenport carried on his person, they rigged a universal translator out of a tricorder while Chythar attempted to communicate using Klingon.
A week passed before they were granted an audience with the queen, and during their conference with her a strange thing occurs which causes fire to fall from the sky, thus the unfortunate naming coincidence "Skyfire". They are brought into a room with "relics" after much discussion, and Chythar recognizes the bodies of three of his colleagues from a few thousand years ago.
The remains are examined, Chythar comes to the horrible and shocking revelation that the corpses were those of Ki Shandres, Tristam Core and Saveron. All three of which CD recognized without needing to open his tricorder. He did open said tricorder and confirm the identities of the victims, then was led to the infirmary after a discussion with the queen regarding his injured comrades. Lt. Commanders Msafiri Bakari and Valen Carys were both unconscious and Bakari injured. CD did his best to treat the wounds before tending to Yeoman Lynch, whom he didn't recognize as being one of his crew. A flash of light later, and he was beamed back to the bridge along with his colleagues. Within hours, he returned to sickbay to treat the critically wounded. Shortly after his return, he begins treating Lt. Commander Core and has to fight the impulse to say "You're looking pretty good for a 10,030 year old dead guy." Shore leave gives him a few opportunities to make friends, have his report turned inside out by the Department of Temporal Investigations, and a chance to get a few tests run on his interesting genetic quirks. The suggestion first made by Captain Cassandra Egan Manno is that his abilities have somewhat evolved due to the slips through time. During the end of their leave, he is decorated with another four ribbons.His most recent mission was an interesting one that began with covert investigation into the Va Wreth species aboard Astrofori One. He was assigned to a team with Lt. Commander Evan Delano and Lieutenant Raissa Moonsong, in which they had to disguise themselves as Romulans in order to meet with the Tholians to get information.
Romulan Skyfire.png

Day one also consisted of some sort of reaction to her loss of the Community representatives, thus making her lash out in anger to find the others of Captain Aron Kells's team: Kells, Saveron, and Ens. Ryan King. Day two consisted of CD being temporarily given command of the USS Garuda to go and investigate a colony that was along the path of the Va Wreth, and his team consisted of Counselor Raissa Moonsong and Professor Ian Dunross. He was also on his neural inhibitor, because his abilities had once again been triggered by something strange that he couldn't explain since Raissa's encounter with the Community. Despite his reluctance to go back on it, he felt it was necessary to prevent becoming incapacitated. He manages to diplomatically ask the Va Wreth and Taredge delegates for updates on their status, discover the one-off freak of nature ice storm that has crippled the colony, and return to the station just in time to find out about a transfer to the USS Invicta.

Notable Relationships

  • Cassandra Egan Manno: See Relationships.
  • Gabrielle Porchevska: See Relationships.
  • Nic Del Vedova: When Chythar arrived on the Garuda, imagine how strange for him it must've been not to see anyone who was the acting chief medical officer. He didn't know whom he was writing reports to, just addressed them all to CMO. Sure enough, they landed on Del Vedova's desk and the two met during their shore leave. At first, Nic attempted to offer Skyfire the job of assistant chief. CD didn't give an immediate answer.
  • Devlin: See Relationships.
  • Carter Greyson: Carter and Chythar started as room mates aboard their new posting, USS Garuda. CD saved Carter's life after a console exploded on the bridge. The two are now best friends due to this one action. During their second shore leave, CD's promotion to lieutenant caused a swapping of quarters, where the doctor left for his own room. Before that happened, Carter told CD that he was starting to experience feelings for him that may've just been misplaced gratitude. CD explained he was just looking for friends, not relationships.
  • Saveron: See Relationships.
  • Raissa Moonsong: See Relationships.
  • Alora DeVeau: See Relationships.
  • Tristam Core: Chythar and Tristam have only talked a few times, and usually because Tristam had wound up in sickbay. First was the extraction of shrapnel from the man's leg when CD first boarded, then later after CD swore that Core died some ten thousand years ago in the First Kingdom of Peppelaxia. A transporter malfunction when they got pulled back caused the duplicate Tristam that Chythar saw.
  • Chase Valaine: See Relationships.
  • Nia Calderan: When Chythar and Nia met, she was a lieutenant commander and had a habit every mission of losing at least one piece of clothing or otherwise wind up in sickbay with CD needing to extract her from said clothing in order to tend to injuries sustained in the line of duty. She made for some very nice eye candy, though with her engagement to Eerie he never made a pass.
  • Evan Delano: They didn't work together very often, or very closely. Skyfire interviewed and performed a physical on a passenger named Andrew Davenport, then passed the results on to Evan and Cassandra Egan Manno. Otherwise they didn't talk much.
  • Greywin Fergus: This man originally transferred because he wanted to pursue a MD under the tutelage of Dr. Skyfire. He was also responsible for bringing Chythar and Devlin together.

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