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Chythar Daniel Skyfire, MD
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Chythar Before Starfleet

Born on Earth, raised going to public schools by his father. Calvin did his best to raise the boy after his birth. Captain Skyfire did what she could to raise the boy before she was recalled to negotiate peace between two warring factions on Romulus when Chythar was 12.


As a result of going to public school, Chythar's interest in science became an obsession. He decided many of the hard sciences interested him: xenobiology, linguistics, and chemistry. By the time he was old enough to enter University of Washington at age 18, he focused primarily on chemistry and linguistics. His adaptability at languages was sophisticated enough that he was able to speak fluently in Greek, Chinese, Latin, Russian, and Hebrew. Captain Skyfire remained on Romulus until the planet was destroyed. Prior to his years at Starfleet, he grew up loving to read anatomy books and spent a good deal of time thinking about what would happen if he ever joined the academy to take after his mother. Once he graduated high school, he took it upon himself to head to University of Washington where he graduated as an MD.

Notable Relationships:

  • Captain Kyrethia Angelica Skyfire: His mother was, as far as Chythar was aware, always in Starfleet and always busy. Why she married Calvin was never explained. CD loved his mother very much, and developed a strong dislike for Starfleet by age 10 for taking her away so often. He did everything he could to spend time with her when she was at home. She was very proud when her son Chythar announced after his graduation from UW to go off to Starfleet. She remained on Romulus until her death, at the destruction of the planet.
  • Calvin Skyfire: Typical military-spouse: he'd cook, clean, take care of the kid. He didn't take much of an interest in Chythar's learning languages or studying the sciences, as Calvin was neither scientifically or linguistically inclined. He'd help CD with his homework, though when it came to science or linguistics would send him off for tutoring.
  • Chris Harrington: While not an uncle by blood, he was Calvin's friend and Chythar's tutor for all the language and science. He'd routinely challenge Chythar with a new language every day, and it was because of Chris that CD has mastered so many. Also considered "Uncle Chris" because CD spent so much time with him.

Full Timeline:

  • 236207.06: Born in Seattle, Washington.
  • 237407.09:
    • Took up an interest in chemistry, linguistics, and xenobiology.
    • Captain Skyfire recalled to Romulus as a negotiator.
  • 238007.06:
    • Graduates from high school
    • Applies to University of Washington.
  • 238402.05:
    • Graduates from University of Washington a Doctor of Medicine.
    • Enters Starfleet Academy to study xenobiology and medicine.

Starfleet Academy

Starfleet Academy

During his second year at the academy, he and a group of five others were participating in a live fire exercise using energy weapons. One of his colleagues, Joan Rawlins, took a phaser hit to the chest and died in his arms. Chythar went catatonic for nearly a week after the incident, because there was nothing he could do. During his time at the academy, CD spent his time working on his science major and two specializations: Xenobiology and Medicine. When he graduated from Starfleet, it was the last time he sees his father as he leaves the nest to go exploring.The fact he is in Starfleet now is almost ironic, given how much he hates Starfleet Command for robbing him of his mother's time. She died while on a Starfleet assignment, so he feels conflicted between his addiction to work in medicine and his duty to the uniform.

Notable Relationships

  • Ryoji Chibitsu: Chythar's one friend throughout his Starfleet years, and the only who received a copy of Chythar's linguistic ciphers. Instrumental in helping him realize his goal to become a medic among the stars.
  • Joan Rawlins: A security and tactical cadet who he had befriended, and unfortunately held her in her final moments as her life slipped through his fingers.
  • Tobian Dalton: Cultural adaptation specialist.

Full Timeline

  • 238402.05: Enters Starfleet Academy after graduating as an MD from University of Washington.
  • 2387:
    • Hobus Supernova happens -- Captain Skyfire dies when planet is destroyed.
    • Cadet Joan Rawlins loses her life in a live fire exercise, only to die in Chythar's arms.[1]
  • 239002.17:
    • Chythar Skyfire graduates from Starfleet Academy with a xenobiology major.
    • Is posted to Starbase 118 Ops as a medical officer.

Supplemental File: Academy Transcript


Service Jacket: Starbase 118

Starbase 118
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Kali Nicholotti
  • Stardates: 239002.17 - 230908.09

His arrival onto Starbase 118 happened just in time for them to leave on the Odyssey mission. He managed to survive his first mission with his mind relatively intact, and afterward had himself a drink with Commander Benjamin J. Walker and Marine Captain Joseph Dubeau to discuss a game of poker. He passed out hardcore that night after the fact, due to some Antaran brandy. He woke up in time to learn of a beach party hosted by Lt. Commander Alexander Matthews, the new first officer. He woke up confused, because far as he knew, Walker was still the first officer. During his time on Starbase 118, he had hated the Code Blues that always interrupted his off-days. All he wanted to do was have a day to himself, but he tried to be first on the scene whenever Lieutenant Johanna MacLaren summoned him and one of said Code Blue situations arose. Near the end of his tour on the base, he and the crew were transferred to the USS Excalibur-A, a new Vesta class starship that was launched under Captain Kali Nicholotti.

Notable Relationships

  • Johanna MacLaren: See Relationships
  • Mandany Rose: Dany was the first who learned about Chythar's panic attack during his pre-Starfleet years that cause him intense stress when he's under pressure, and is one of the few to whom he has explained his complicated cipher system. She taught him how to recognize the languages he'd lapse into under stress, and encouraged him to keep a 'stress log' that records his thoughts as he panics and starts to lapse into other languages.
  • Ryoji Chibitsu: Graduated a few months after Chythar, and was stationed aboard the starbase. They met once or twice during this time, and while it is possible that Chibitsu is still on the base it is also equally as likely that the man is now AWOL.
  • Alden Cuthbert: Not known intimately to Chythar at this point, but they have met.
  • Collim Kieran: Not known intimately to Chythar at this point, met in passing.
  • Benjamin Livingston: Chythar pulled Ben out of the wreckage of the Astrolabe aboard the starbase and treated him for injuries.

Full Timeline:

  • 239002.17:
    • Chythar Skyfire graduates from Starfleet Academy with a xenobiology major.
    • Is posted to Starbase 118 Ops as a medical officer.
  • 239006.10: Calvin Skyfire dies from drug overdose -- news broken to him by his uncle Chris via subspace letter.[1]
  • 239008.09: Chythar & senior staff transfer to USS Excalibur-A.

Mission Logs:


Service Jacket: USS Excalibur-A

USS Excalibur-A
  • Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • Duty Post: Medical Officer
  • Commanding Officer:
  • Stardates: 239012.08 - 239106.14

Once he was transferred onto the USS Excalibur-A, he manages to find the time to have a word[1] with Counselor Mandany Rose about[2] things he's discovered about himself since the transfer. The first mission[3] they go on involves Chythar attempting to aid Lt. MacLaren in her efforts to stop a catastrophic plague from wiping out the Romulan population on Agurtha. During said efforts, he was injured in an explosion that caused his mind to become haphazard shards of random thought but he was still fully capable of doing his job as a medical officer with only partial hearing. He was dedicated to research, as that was the task that Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti had bestowed on him. Due to his fractured thought processes and a low-grade concussion, it took him a few minutes to realize that was what he should be doing and the capacity of being the most useful at the moment. The number of doctors greatly outweighed the number of patients, so he was chosen as the research monkey. Hard at work on the cure to the plague, he was too hyper-focused on this to notice at once that Ensign Alden Cuthbert was in fact suffering from poison and not from the plague itself.
L to R: Skyfire, Morgan, Folds. The medics of Excalibur

Excalibur scorecard.png
He thought it was the plague at first because of his too-focused mindset. He is also the genius behind the tea paste that saved Alden Cuthbert's life.[4] The security ensign's near-death experience averted, Chythar finished what later became known as [5]. Within hours after the cure was completed, he was tasked to make a soup for the party. Soon after, he was granted the rank of Lieutenant JG and given awards for his actions.[6] The promotion had unnerved him, and he had a nice chat with Counselor Sal Taybrim.[7]
Just before they ship out, he makes a friend in Sal, who is the first counselor Chythar's worked with happily since getting out of the academy. Unfortunately, the test of time and life of Starfleet brings Taybrim's time on the USS Excalibur-A to a close[8] as it takes him to the USS Darwin-A. During Sal's absence, he realizes he's going to probably wind up breaking a fourth counselor by the name of Ensign Ceilidh Riverview. Last thing he wanted was to do that, so he set up a meeting over coffee[9] with Lieutenant Collim Kieran in order to reinforce his shields and discuss the current situation with her. The two discussed, and Collim agreed to help reinforce his mental shields only if he set up that appointment with Riverview[10] and began the discussion. What seemed like a month to Chythar, Taybrim's return[11] from the Darwin cause him to hope again. Shortly afterward, the crew engaged the Slipstream drive and appeared in a region of space that began messing with their minds. The doctor was trying to save Ensign Azin's life during a Dokkaran mind meld that messed[12] with his mind[13] in ways that he didn't imagine due to his impressive mental fortitude, for being human. As a result, the meld rewrote his genetic code[14] and granted him limited telepathy. During the followup with Dr. Alexander Morgan, the two have a heart to heart about trusting[15] one another. Shortly thereafter, Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti flies out into the void and seals a rift, creating what is now known as Kali's Scar and was presumably killed in action. During the aftermath, he befriends Marine 1st Lieutenant Debra Cross[16] in such a fashion that there is the beginnings of a romantic relationship. A day later, he confesses[17] to his friend Taybrim that the love CD has for him is more like that of a brother instead of a lover. That night, after Vitor Silveira's court martial, he has dinner[18] with Sal and they talk[19] about life. Realizations dawn, and CD eventually fell asleep. When he wakes up, he has just enough time to inform Cross and Taybrim about his transfer orders to the USS Garuda[20].

Notable Relationships

  • Anscom Folds: Chythar met him when they served together on board Starbase 118 Ops, and together they saved the life of Ensign Alden Cuthbert. They got along well, though.
  • Brek: While not notably fond of Ferengi cuisine or familiar with their customs, Chythar and Brek worked together on the synthesization and distribution protocol for the Skyfire Cure after the Argurtha incident.
  • Sal Taybrim: See Relationships.
  • Johanna MacLaren: See Relationships.
  • Alexander Morgan: A timid doctor who didn't really learn to trust Chythar at all following the aftermath of some rather unpleasant and awkward conversations.
  • Ceilidh Riverview: CD met her during the aftermath of a combat drill. Chythar confessed his hatred of the position of counselor, making it perfectly clear he had no ill-will towards any one individual who held that position. His reasoning: "As soon as I find one I like, they leave." Unfortunately, they got to have one session of time before his transfer to the Garuda went through.
  • Azin: See Relationships.
  • Alden Cuthbert: Cuthbert was stabbed with a contact poison during Pythia's Tale -- Chythar and Folds created a wintergreen tea adrenal to save his life. Alden and CD became friends soon after, though shortly after that nearly fatal incident Cuthbert took an LOA.
  • Collim Kieran: Currently low-level friendship, because they haven't spoken very often.
  • Benjamin Livingston: He wasn't exactly close to Ben during their time together aboard the Excalibur, though fondly remembered their time together on the Starbase. In the aftermath that produced Kali's Scar, Ben in his role as acting captain was the one who presented the awards for Chythar's service following Kali's funeral.
  • Mandany Rose: One of two and a half counselors he went through during his time on the Excalibur.
  • Kali Nicholotti: They weren't very close, but she promoted him to Lieutenant JG after the Argurtha incident. He knew her well enough to speak a few sentences at her wake following the Kali's Scar incident where she was presumed killed in action.
  • Debra Cross: Debra and Chythar met during the aftermath a combat drill. The young doctor was giving her a physical when their eyes met for a moment. They began seriously talking during the wake of Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti, and the romance was short-lived. The two are friends. Nothing more.
  • Vitor Silveira: A master of parties, practical jokers, and random non-sequitur. He asked Chythar to help cook for the promotion ceremony in December, which led to Stew Surprise a la fairy, as it was served in a Midsummer Night's Dream with the holographic sprites on. Never again.

Full Timeline

  • 239008.09: Assigned to USS Excalibur-A.
  • 239012.08: Received promotion to Lt. JG and several awards bestowed by Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti after Pythia's Tale.
    • Legion of Merit
    • Medical Science
    • Joint Meritorious Unit
    • Gateway Ribbon
    • Lifesaver Ribbon
  • 239105.04: Presented[21] by Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Livingston following Strange New Worlds.
    • First Contact
    • Explorer's Ribbon
  • 239103.11: Azin stumbled into Sickbay and requested help, as he couldn't see anything. In a dangerous attempt to save Azin's vision, Skyfire volunteered to participate in a Dokkoran mind meld.
  • 239103.16: Mind meld with Azin went out of control - T2/E2 status as a side effect and rewrote CD's genetics.
  • 239103.20: Discovers he is telepathic and empathic while sedated in a dream sequence.
  • 239105.07: Befriends First Lieutenant Debra Cross and begins romantic relationship.
  • 239105.08: Confesses brotherly love towards Sal Taybrim.
  • 239106.12: Has dinner & a drink with Sal.
  • 239106.14: Receives transfer orders to the USS Garuda.

Mission Logs


Accolades & Awards

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