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Service Jacket: Current Record

  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander (suspended)
  • Duty Post: Civilian barista & doctor
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Roshanara Rahman
  • Stardates: 239701.07 - Present

When the USS Astraeus was recalled to recruit a more diplomatically oriented crew of specialists, Chythar closed down his BC franchise and volunteered to rejoin the USS Veritas. Initially coming aboard as a civilian, he decided to seek out CMO del Vedova in order to stay current in his medical capacity. With the change from Del to Addison MacKenzie, his request got lost in the paperwork shuffle. Once Dassa Alexander claimed the post of CMO following MacKenzie's transfer to the Thor, he was allowed to work once again as a civilian in sickbay as well when he wasn't slinging coffee. When he saw Raissa Moonsong for the first time since his last tour aboard the Veritas, he met her daughter Natalia and became "Unca TheeDee."

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