Chris Harrington

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Chris Harrington
Position Owner of the Raktajino
Rank Civilian
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 233809.12
Age 62
Birthplace Seattle, Washington


Chris Harrington is the civilian owner of The Raktajino coffee shop in Seattle, on Earth.


  • Full Name: Christopher Harrington
  • Current Rank: Civilian
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 233809.12
  • Place of Birth: Seattle, WA
  • Gender: Male
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0



  • Captain Kyrethia Skyfire: Deceased
  • Calvin Skyfire: Deceased.


  • 238609.23: Gets assigned to the USS Zilog as a comm officer.
  • 2387xx.xx: Hobus supernova kills his friend, Captain Kyrethia Skyfire
  • 238711.05: Begins his own illicit investigation into the supernova using Starfleet resources.
  • 238712.09: Is offered early retirement instead of an undignified career in maintenance for the remainder of his career in light of his actions.
  • 238712.15: Opens up The Raktajino coffee shop in Seattle.
  • 239006.10: Calvin Skyfire dies from drug overdose -- news broken to Chythar via subspace letter.[1]
  • 239302.16: Learns of the Gorkon's disappearance.[2]
  • 239303.22: Chris decides to head to DS 6 and begin snooping on his own to find out what happened to his nephew. [3]
  • 239304.18: Mid-month, he comes up empty handed. Chris begins getting frustrated but refuses to give the notion that all hands were KIA.[4]
  • 239305.16:
  • 239305.22: Joins with other interested parties aboard Astrofori One to go off in search of the Gorkon.[8]
  • 239305.29: Starfleet Command officially declares the Gorkon Lost With All Hands[9]
  • 239308.29: Placed under arrest with the rest of the makeshift crew of the USS Yarahla after a successful rescue of the USS Gorkon.
  • 239310.01: Freed from Federation custody, no charges filed.
  • 239507.15: Admitted to Harbor View Hospital following a brawl at the Raktajino in critical condition.[10]

Log Entries

Chris Harrington

SD 239305.27 Personal log

Coverups. Starfleet isn't going to continue the search for the Gorkon. They won't spend more energy or resources on the search, and have officially declared her lost with all hands. It's a load of fancy double-talk for "We can't explain what happened." I'm not giving up. Raissa and Sal don't seem to be giving up either. I and a group of interested parties are determined to look for the missing ship, regardless of the fact that "lost with all hands" means "We can't find them."

We'll find them, and bring them back. So there. ::makes raspberries at computer::

Chris Harrington

Personal Log, Stardate 239309.23

It's been almost a full month since we brought them home, and we're still in the brig. Some of us have had visitors, some of us haven't. I still have a coffee shop to run, but hopefully Chythar's taking good care of it while I'm indisposed. Probably should've hired more staff. Meh. Starfleet loves their rules, so that's why it took nearly a month to get the ducks in a row for a proper court martial. Pfft. I hate court martials. They can take their rulebook and stuff it, just this once.