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Lieutenant Commander Chochmingwu Cheveyo-Arma
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
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Joint Meritorious Unit Award
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Diplomacy Ribbon

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Personality Summary

Lansa has a combination of old-soul wisdom and inner resourcefulness that leads her to be more inwardly reflective. This reserved, stoic exterior means she is often misunderstood. Though she appears tough on the outside, she is actually very sensitive and emotional. She won't show this side of herself to anyone outside of her innermost circle. Only those who have gained her unwavering trust and loyalty will receive this special privilege.

Simple and goal-oriented, she pursues her tasks with fervor and unassuaged passion. While she isn't one to let her passions carry her away, when she makes up her mind to do something, it takes an act of God to deter her.

Above all, she needs security, power and progress to feel fulfilled, and will not shy away from experimenting with new things. She is both conservative and outgoing. Her optimistic attitude means she has a dynamic way of dealing with challenges. She manages her career and her home life with ease.

Fairness is essential for her and she has a strong sense of justice. She gives and demands respect, and believes that everyone should get equal opportunities to build a secure future.


Lansa is very responsible and strives to uphold the law. Her self-control draws people to her and earns her respect in a universe where so many are focused on immediate gratification. She is organized and this is part of what contributes to her excellent leadership skills. She has a very practical outlook on life, which means she won't throw away the future for a momentary whim. This is part of what makes her such a steady, reliable friend and partner. Due to her focus on family and tradition, she makes an ideal matriarch, keeping her home in perfect order and her family well cared for.


Though she's practical, she can at times be practical to a fault. It is challenging for her to let loose and focus on the moment. She has challenges communicating with and interacting with others. Even after years of hard work on this aspect of her personality, it can still be a struggle for her.

Likes and Dislikes

Lansa is a natural caregiver and likes being a rock for others. She also likes having control and stability in all areas of her life, often leading her to overanalyze situations. Her great sense of humor and sarcasm pushes her to seek others with this trait. Humor helps her to balance her life. She likes to follow the rules and will become uncomfortable if asked to break them.

She enjoys spicy and savory foods as well as sweets. Indian food is among her favorites. On rare occasions, she will indulge in a vodka Martini or glass of scotch with her husband at the end of a long day.

However, she does not like being around negative, discouraging people as she finds it draining. Moreover, her driven nature means she doesn’t like laziness or people not constantly seeking to better themselves. She is passionate about all she does and expects those around her to have the same level of ambition.

Though she may be talented, she doesn’t like showing off nor does she like others who she feels brag about their skills.

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In her spare time, Lansa enjoys riding horses, hunting, and picking up new languages. She was a member of the Academy Parrises Squares team and has been known to engage in Velocity competitions. Her initial exposure to