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USS Eagle- NCC 74659

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USS EagleIntrepid class


'Ordering' History (USS Eagle) Chloe boarded the Eagle very shortly after the ship's recommissioning. Her dog Mandy turned heads, and her voice, inflectionless as it was, stoked curiousity amongst the crew. The ensign took her station on the bridge almost immediately. The Eagle was, at that moment, involved in an investigative rescue mission around the planetoid Edrov. When the away team sent down to explore disappeared on the planet's surface, and a Cardassian Galor class cruiser suddenly appeared from behind a nearby moon, Waters quickly found herself ensnared in a tense diplomatic standoff. After exchanging text messages with other bridge officers, in order to keep the Cardassian Gul out of their discussion, Waters volunteered to pilot a shuttle near the surface, in order to allow a plan proposed by science officer Drex to move forward. Trouble ensued as soon as the two ensigns launched. The planet, which had been expelling enormous amounts of energy at random and unspecified intervals, fired another volley, and nicked the shuttle. Despite the damage, Waters and Drex were able to penetrate the temporal field that had been ensconsing the planet. Upon landing, the away team and a small group of temporally displaced Cardassian scientists quickly boarded the vessel. Waters displayed great skill in lifting off, and returning her passengers to the Eagle in safety. In the aftermath of the mission, Chloe was awarded the Captain's Commendation for exemplary performance of her duties.


Cleanliness Protocol (USS Eagle)

While attempting to rescue a ship full of escaping refugees, the Eagle found itself in a sticky diplomatic situation when Captain Oddas, Lieutenant Waters and another crewmember were unceremoniously taken from the ship and placed into a detention camp. These members were specifically chosen for their various biological differences and injuries. In Chloe's case, this was a result of her inability to speak naturally. While the ship attempted to lobby and then fight for their freedom, Oddas and Chloe attempted to effect an escape. When Lieutenant Commander Pavlova, chief of security, beamed down secretly to assist, a... miscommunication led to Chloe killing seven members of the opposing force, forcing tensions to increase. Though Chloe and Oddas, along with the refugees, were rescued, concerns over her conduct on the surface of the planet were raised, and doubts about her competance were raised.

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Holy Orders (USS Eagle)

This mission is still in progress.