Chin'toka Mission History

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Here is a chronological listing of each completed mission the Chin'toka has been on:


  • 3x04: Stardate ?? - ??
  • 3x03: Stardate ?? - ??
The Tower
  • 3x02: Stardate ?? - ??
Hidden Foe
  • 3x01: Stardate 239901.13 - 239904.05
    • While on a standard survey mission investigating a planet for a potential new source of Reskari, one of the away teams is rendered unconscious and awake with no memory of who they are in a society reminiscent of medieval Earth. The remaining Chin'toka crew work to locate and rescue them.


The Hanging Gardens
  • 2x03: Stardate 239809.02 - 239811.12
    • With the territory secured, the Chin'toka is assigned to lead the convoy carrying supplies for construction to the Shemsh colony near Oscion. However, they encounter push-back from a familiar foe and they find themselves fighting to protect themselves as well as the colony's future.
Amici Novi
  • 2x02: Stardate 239805.12 - 239807.17
    • The Chin’toka is assigned by Starfleet to travel to Oscion, where they meet with delegates of most local races to negotiate for territory in a nearby uninhabited system in exchange for trade goods and free access to the facilities that Starfleet will be constructing. However, plans go awry when a mysterious group attempts to sabotage the negotiations between Starfleet personnel and the other present races.

IntoTheUnknown Square.png
Into The Unknown
  • 2x01: Stardate 239801.26 - 239803.21
    • While on an exploratory mission in the Uncharted Region of the Expanse, long-range sensors detect an M-Class Planet displaying signs of sentient life in a post-warp state and the crew investigate. However, they soon get more than they bargained for when they find themselves caught up in a feud between the two native species. The situation becomes further exacerbated by the unexpected arrival of a House Barahn warship.


MyBrothersKeeperV2 Square.png
My Brother's Keeper
  • 1x01: Stardate 239710.21 - 239712.18
    • The crew of the Chin'toka is invited by Grand Admiral Del'san to attend a diplomatic dinner, but soon find themselves embroiled in a dangerous mystery. Del'san believes that someone might be trying to kill her newly appointed aide, Dehan Strin, and she seeks the help of the Chin'toka crew to keep the tensions amongst the Valcarian people from leading to outright civil war.