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May 2016

[11:39] <@SeleneFaranfey> all the mario games, when played multi-player in our house, have caused arguments between at least 2 of us, if not all 4 of us...
[11:39] <LtjgVee> golden eye.. I had to throw my nephew in the pond once over that game. I did not realize he had learned how to swear so well until i killed him five times in a row
[11:39] <@Quinn_Reynolds> My retro gaming of late hasn't been quite *that* retro. I bought Final Fantasy 7 for the PC and modded it up to be prettier. >.>
[11:39] <@FltAdmlWolf> Oh yeah, Mortal Kombat!
[11:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Lately it's been all Bloodborne in our house
[11:39] <@FltAdmlWolf> Speaking of, I need to find the original Final Fantasy...
[11:40] <LtjgVee> oh quinn i submitted that news article to the federation news last night. fingers crossed if they accept it
[11:40] <@SeleneFaranfey> I like games like Mortal Kombat and Smash Bros. I find I am good at button smashing games...
[11:40] <@Quinn_Reynolds> There's a lot of Stellaris in ours at the moment.
[11:40] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Ooo
[11:40] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I wonder if someone's going to make a Star Trek mod for it.
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�03[11:41] * MTonston ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:42] <LtjgVee> brb time for more coffee
[11:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, coffee
[11:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> mine is still brewing
[11:42] <@SeleneFaranfey> Hey Tonston
[11:42] <@SeleneFaranfey> and danara :)
�03[11:42] * JoMarshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:43] <LtjgVee> back
[11:43] <MTonston> Hellp
[11:44] <JoMarshall> Hello every body!
[11:44] <MTonston> Have I missed anything yet?
[11:44] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hello!
[11:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> We're just reminiscing about old console games :) 
[11:44] <@SeleneFaranfey> not really, nostalgia about video games in our youth, or now...
[11:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> Also, I just stumbled on this:
[11:45] <LtjgVee> omg. i think coffee should be monitored by the food and drug organizations. it's like polite crack for the masses
[11:45] <MTonston> ahh loved my old atari and coleco vision
[11:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Coffee is delicious.
[11:46] <LtjgVee> Atari tought me how to defend myself... I think me and my brother fought over it for half my child hood
[11:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Then again I'm a fan of beverages.  Tea, craft beer... all of this is good to me.
[11:46] <@Renos> Hey all :) How's it going?
[11:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> pretty good, how are you
�02[11:46] * JoMarshall ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[11:47] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hah, that's ace Wolf. xD
�03[11:47] * Rich ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:47] <@Jalana> Hi Rich 
[11:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> heya Rich
[11:47] <Rich> Hola, amigos!
[11:47] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hi Rich. :D
[11:47] <@Renos> LOL yeah, Wolf that is awesome
[11:47] <@FltAdmlWolf> :)
[11:48] <@Renos> Hi Rich, how are you?
[11:48] <Rich> Good. Hungry. Figured I'd drop by early in case I have to head out early
�03[11:49] * JoMarshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:49] <Rich> My fiancee is going crazy over wedding table centerpieces and I feel a bit guilty that I'm several hundred miles apart and unable to help... :P
�03[11:49] * Kaji ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:49] <Rich> I need a replicator
[11:49] <@Renos> don't we all Rich :D
[11:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Kaji
[11:50] <LtjgVee> dont let her fool ya.. she is in heaven right now. the drama is all part of the experience
[11:50] <Kaji> hey :D
[11:50] <@Jalana> Hiya Kaji :) 
[11:50] <@Renos> Hi Kaji, how are you?
[11:50] <Kaji> surviving. How are you all?
�03[11:50] * FltAdmlWolf sets mode: +o Rich
[11:50] <@Rich> Haha. I'll mention to that her... AFTER the wedding, LtjgVee. I suspect I'll get something thrown in my direction if I say so now
[11:51] <LtjgVee> my sisters drove me crazy too when they got married and did all their planning but whenever their husbands tried to help they where told politely to butt out
[11:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> How I decided my wedding table centerpieces: "You mom is gonna do them for us?  For free?  Awesome.  Tell her I love her."
[11:51] <@Rich> XD
[11:51] <@Renos> Haha Sal, love it
[11:51] <@Jalana> hehe 
[11:51] <@Rich> Should have just gone with a Trek theme and had a model of a starship on each one...
[11:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> Then again the first suggestion (quickly shot down) had been a Betazoid wedding
[11:51] <@Rich> but no... had to be "classy" :P
[11:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> We did a 1950's theme
[11:51] <LtjgVee> lol
[11:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> so poodle skirts, greasers, sock hop
�02[11:52] * JoMarshall ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[11:52] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I had friends who had a Battlestar Galactica wedding.
[11:52] <@Rich> oooo
[11:52] <MTonston> Ahh the things I don't have to worry about.  No Weddings for me.
[11:52] <@Renos> I've been with my guy 12 years. Maybe one day we will get married. XD Anything could happen
[11:52] <Kaji> my sister had a star wars wedding
[11:52] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Everyone was given ID badges with their name, rank and position. My favourite was "Definitely Not A Cylon".
[11:52] <LtjgVee> i had friends who did the whole mid evil rennasance wedding. it was actually pretty fun
[11:53] <MTonston> My friend's fiances said he could speak in Klingon as long as they are not in Starfleet Uniforms
[11:53] <@Jalana> Me and the bf will have a "Let's go to town hall and after that into our chinese restaurant with 3 or 4 of our closest friends" wedding whenever it comes... our center piece will be a plate of food to share with everyone LOL 
[11:53] <Shayne> I need to have a Starfleet wedding, if and when it comes to that.
[11:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> We were *heavily* considered a Star Trek wedding; but in the end we decided that 50's was a theme more of the family could get behind.  That and he proposed at the end of a theatre show (I directed, he acted) that was set in the 1950s
[11:53] <@Quinn_Reynolds> You and I are alike, Jalana. :D
[11:53] <@Jalana> :) 
[11:53] <@Renos> Quinn, Kaii... so awesome
[11:53] <MTonston> My idea wedding, if I have one, is a weekend in Vegas
[11:54] <LtjgVee> simple is good sometimes. especially if you have been together for a long time and pretty much consider yourselves married before hand
[11:54] <@Jalana> yeah i also am no fan of big happenings 
[11:54] <@Quinn_Reynolds> My sister in law (to be) did that. Flew over to the US and got married by an Elvis impersonator in Vegas. xD
[11:54] <@Renos> I don't think my family would be too fond of me if I went for  Trek wedding but they can just suck it up or not come imo XD
[11:54] <@Rich> Yeah. I wouldn't mind a simple wedding. Issue though is when your SO has a big family...
[11:54] <@Jalana> RIch, both of our families are really really big... but they just have to live with it 
[11:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> That was my problem.  My family: tiny.  HIs family: huge
[11:54] <@Jalana> it is OUR day, not theirs lol 
[11:55] <@Rich> hehe
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�03[11:55] * Vetri ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:55] <Shayne> Just get rid of the families.
[11:55] <Shayne> Wait, hang on...
[11:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> so we cut down to the basics and if someone else wanted something and were willing to provide it = cool!
[11:55] <@Rich> That sounds very Cardassian, Shayne
[11:55] <@Rich> "simple solutions to simple problems"
[11:55] <Shayne> Elim Garak would approve, I hope. :)
[11:55] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hahaha
[11:55] <@Renos> lol! brb folks
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�03[11:56] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Nugra
�06[11:56] * @Nugra waves
[11:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> heya Nugra, Traenor
[11:56] <Vetri> Hi folks
[11:56] <Shayne> Hi, Nugra.
[11:57] <@Nugra> Hello everybody!
[11:57] <Shayne> Hey, Traenor.
[11:57] <Hannibal> Morning, or afternoon, to all!!!!!!
�03[11:57] * Brell2334 ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:57] <Traenor> Howdy, all!
�03[11:57] * Jorey (kiwiirc@23.233.hp.kq) has joined #Starbase118
�03[11:57] * Trellis ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:57] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hi everyone!
�03[11:57] * JoMarshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:57] <@Jalana> Hi Vetri, Nugra, Traenor, Hannibal, Brell, Jorey & Trellis! 
[11:57] <Hannibal> Hello CAptain!!!
[11:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Vetri!  Brell!
[11:57] <Shayne> Suddenly...people!!!
[11:57] <Brell2334> HEY HEY
[11:57] <LtjgVee> lol, i still tease my sister about wedding math... she planned a big catholic wedding in 3 weeks time. 7 months later had her first child and my mom refused to do the math
[11:57] <Trellis> Hi @Quinn_Reynolds
[11:57] <@Rich> haha
[11:58] <Trellis> That's amusing
[11:58] <@Rich> the power of the mind, LtjgVee
[11:58] <LtjgVee> hehe
[11:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Trellis!
[11:58] <Trellis> Hello all!
[11:58] <Hannibal> LtjgVee: Being excommunicated was not on her agenda.....
�06[11:59] * @Nugra waves excitedly at everybody who mentioned his name!
[11:59] <LtjgVee> my sister is great about things like that.. she had two boys and one daughter. after her second son was born and the doctor said"congratulations it's a boy her first words where "you mean i have to have another"
[11:59] <Hannibal> Kinda like Hannibal being a diplomat.....
[11:59] <Hannibal> NUGRA!!!!!
[11:59] <LtjgVee> hey nugra
[11:59] <@Renos> Hi Traenor, Hi everyone
[12:00] <Hannibal> Boys grow into men...very good things.....
�02[12:00] * JoMarshall ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:00] <@Rich> Manly men, to boot.
[12:01] <Vetri> And, every so often, manly men in tights
[12:01] <@Rich> ;)
[12:01] <Trellis> Tight tights
�03[12:01] * Doc_Milsap ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:01] <Hannibal> ???????????????????????????????
[12:01] <Brell2334> ::Breaks into men in tights song::
[12:01] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Jerry!
�03[12:01] * Wayfarer ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:02] <Doc_Milsap> Hi there :)
�03[12:02] * JoMarshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:02] <Jorey> Hannibal...
[12:02] <LtjgVee> lol
[12:02] <Shayne> TIGHT tights!
[12:02] <Wayfarer> Afternoon!
[12:02] <Hannibal> Welcome Wayfarer....and JoMarshall...
[12:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> Afternoon!
[12:02] <Wayfarer> ty
[12:02] <LtjgVee> hey wayfarer
[12:02] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hi guys!
[12:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ok, it's the time!  Welcome all to the fleetwide chat!
�06[12:03] * @Rich waves
[12:03] <Doc_Milsap> thank you :)
[12:03] <Trellis> Cheers
[12:03] <@Renos> Thanks Sal :D
[12:03] <@Renos> Hi Brell, didn't see you sneak in
�02[12:03] * JoMarshall ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> How is the end of the school year going for everyone?  If you're in school - or have kids in school?
[12:03] <Brell2334> yep with the it"s two minutes away crowd
�03[12:03] * Jo_Marshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> (or like me and work with school kids)
�02[12:04] * Jo_Marshall ( Quit (Client Quit�)
�03[12:04] * JoMarshall ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:04] <MTonston> That is a loaded question.  I teach High School.  We are starting Chaos week
[12:04] <Wayfarer> XD
[12:04] <Hannibal> LOL! Thanks Jorey.....
[12:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh goodness... finals?
[12:04] <Jorey> :-)
[12:05] <MTonston> week before
[12:05] <Shayne> Finals...
[12:05] <Shayne> Death Incarnate.
�03[12:05] * Alucard_vess ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:05] <Trellis> Ouch, @MTonston, that's rough. I feel bad for you
[12:05] <Hannibal> Alucard!!!!!!!
[12:05] <Alucard_vess> Hey
[12:05] <Hannibal> Finals are no fun....
[12:05] <@Renos> Hi Vess!
[12:05] <@Renos> How are you doing?
[12:05] <Shayne> Stress beyond that which can be considered humanly acceptable.
[12:05] <Trellis> I taught first year university students, so finals were horrible
[12:05] <MTonston> thanks
[12:06] <Alucard_vess> I'm good
[12:06] <LtjgVee> finals week has been brought to you buy. Folgers Coffee and redbull. Stay up late. learn something with us.
�03[12:06] * Cookie ( has joined #Starbase118
�03[12:06] * Vie ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> I work with grade school kids, who are all like "WHEEE!  It's almost SUMMER!"
[12:06] <Hannibal> Finals...a time of wailing and knashing of teeth..for the teachers.....
�03[12:06] * Stennes ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:06] <MTonston> I am actually going to working on getting my Doctorate so I can teach University level
�03[12:06] * Brandon_Craig ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:06] <@Rich> Sal_Taybrim, I'm already like that... :|
[12:06] <@Renos> Ho Cookie, Stennes, Brandon
�03[12:06] * Cookie is now known as Graeme_Cook
[12:06] <LtjgVee> Hey Sal
[12:06] <Trellis> When I was at uni I worked in the library. During finals it was open 24 hours. Smelled like redbull all day
[12:06] <Graeme_Cook> Hello everyone Hi James#
[12:06] <Vie> Afternoon all.
[12:06] <Hannibal> How many teachers do we having in here?
[12:07] <Brandon_Craig> HI everyone
[12:07] <Stennes> Hello
[12:07] <MTonston> Hey Brandon
[12:07] <Wayfarer> I was a teacher, taught 7th-8th grades in a small rural school
[12:07] <Hannibal> Hello Brandon...
[12:07] <Alucard_vess> Does lab assistant count?
[12:07] <Stennes> Teacher +1
[12:07] <Hannibal> That counts....
[12:07] <Alucard_vess> yo
[12:07] <Graeme_Cook> I taught in the Army does that count?
[12:07] <Trellis> Good luck, MTonston. I've just submitted my PhD and would like to teach, except for the politics and money-pits that are universities now
[12:07] <Hannibal> That counts....
[12:07] <@Jalana> I taught singing classes, if that counts lol 
[12:08] <Hannibal> Any form of teaching counts.....
[12:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> I stopped at my MFA.
�03[12:08] * Kristy ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> Now I work with underprivileged youth and train volunteers
[12:08] <Shayne> My...parents...are teachers. Sort of.
[12:08] <Traenor> I have mad respect for teachers. Not a skill I could ever do at all.
[12:09] <Kristy> Hi all :)
[12:09] <@FltAdmlWolf> My mother's a middle school teacher. I have no idea how she does it. O.o  Middle schoolers are holy terrors. 
[12:09] <Wayfarer> Hi Kristy
[12:09] <Shayne> No kidding, Traenor. My dad tried to teach middle schooler's math. Paid 20,000 for tuition, and spent two moneths on the job before quitting. It's hell for some.
[12:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> It can be crazy.  I'm close enough to the elementary school system that you learn about all the crud they have to deal with.  >.<
[12:09] <@Quinn_Reynolds> afkish - feeding time for the sproggins
[12:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> hello Kristy!
[12:09] <Hannibal> My cousin is a teacher....I don't thinnk I would have the patience..but I do occasionally coach football....
[12:09] <MTonston> I once thought I would want to teach Middle School
[12:10] <@Renos> Hi Kristy! Good to see you
[12:10] <Brell2334> cousin is one for me too she teaches drama
[12:10] <Graeme_Cook> I guess there is a huge difference teaching in the military than kids well they act the same but the punishments are very different!
[12:10] <Wayfarer> I enjoyed the 7th-8th graders, its kindergartners that would scare me, no attention span
[12:10] <Graeme_Cook> Hi Kristy!
[12:10] <Trellis> My sister-in-law taught middle school science. Now she's a principal
[12:10] <Shayne> Hiya, Kristy!
[12:10] <Hannibal> Jorey: Your new neighbor...
[12:10] <LtjgVee> lol. i went to catholic schools. Some of those nuns should of been in the military
[12:11] <Hannibal> Yours too ALucard....
[12:11] <Alucard_vess> I once helped teach the basic analog electronics course in my old program at Purdue.  Once saw a green LED glow orange...
[12:11] <Brell2334> i"m not sure who will annoy whom more hannibal or jorey
[12:11] <Wayfarer> I went to catholic school and had nuns, only person to ever ruler me was a lay teacher though
[12:11] <Hannibal> Nuns are mean from what I am told....
[12:11] <Alucard_vess> just don't aim those guns my way...
[12:12] <Jorey> Just wait till the outdoor dinners with all the Betazoids chimes going! lol
[12:12] <Wayfarer> strict is not necessarily mean, I never met a mean one
[12:12] <JoMarshall> I missed the time of the rulers, we got board dusters instead. My maths teacher could pin point you with his back turned.
[12:12] <Hannibal> I've already annoyed Jorey...and the guns are
[12:12] <Hannibal> wouldn't,Jorey....
[12:12] <Brell2334> oooommmm ding
[12:12] <Hannibal> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.................
[12:13] <Brell2334> over and over
[12:13] <Graeme_Cook> Hahahaha
[12:13] <Trellis> don't bring your guns to down, son, don't bring your guns to town
[12:13] <MTonston> Don't Get me started about what you can and can't do in the classroom now.
[12:13] <LtjgVee> i remember being beaned in the head with a tennis ball for talking during class. That nun should of been in the major leagues. Never saw her pick up the tennis ball or turn around to throw it at me.
[12:13] <Jorey> There's also an outdoor temple to the gods in the gardens... I wonder what kinda of bells, chimes, gongs, music that might entail....
[12:13] <Hannibal> LOL@ Trellis...
[12:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> Beaned with a tennis ball??  o.O  tikes!!
[12:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> Yikes even)
�03[12:13] * Moonsong ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:14] <Hannibal> That would drive Hannibal crazy......
[12:14] <LtjgVee> hehe yep.. good memories
[12:14] <Hannibal> WElcome Moonsong!!!!!!!!!
[12:14] <Moonsong> Got a crowd in here today, ah?
[12:14] <Wayfarer> seems like it
[12:14] <Traenor> I remember being beaned by chalk, but then I'm old. That was more common back then! :D
[12:14] <Jorey> Fortunately, Jorey is a considerate neighbour... until ya mess with him. lol
[12:14] <Brell2334> brell would get a sub space message of hannibal holding a big knife or gun asking why why did he give jorey his old house
[12:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Moonsong!
[12:15] <Moonsong> Hi Sal! Long time no see.
[12:15] <LtjgVee> So whats happening with the other sims.. Gorkon is planning how to deal with a 250k bars of latinum bounty on their heads in an alternate universe
[12:15] <Moonsong> I always get doing something and forget about chat. :)
[12:15] <Hannibal> No doubt that message is coming,Brell2334....
[12:15] <Brell2334> brell would laugh and be glad he was in the delta quadrant
[12:15] <Graeme_Cook> Brell2334 I've wrote my sim I will post it after Proof reading it!
[12:15] <Wayfarer> Yeah, my char is considering collecting that reward
[12:15] <LtjgVee> hehe
[12:15] <Wayfarer> she'll be rich!
[12:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> That's a big bounty!
[12:16] <Hannibal> What did you guys do to provoke such a reward?
[12:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> StarBase 118 Ops is dealing with chasing down some criminals and putting the rumors about a secret level on the station to rest for good.
[12:16] <Wayfarer> yep nothing personal, Gorkon folk
[12:16] <LtjgVee> ::looks at alucard and points at him: It's his alt.. i blame him :P
[12:16] <Moonsong> I'm just an overworked counselor.
[12:16] <Vetri> Very, of late
[12:17] <Moonsong> I blame you.
[12:17] <Alucard_vess> Well, I wanted it to be big...
[12:17] <Trellis> I blame Theo for SB118 Ops' mess...
[12:17] <Vetri> Any particular reason why? :P
[12:17] <Alucard_vess> I'd say it's equivalent to about 5 million USD
[12:17] <Wayfarer> hey, gotta blame somebody
[12:17] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo's easy to blame  ::chuckle::
[12:17] <Moonsong> I got T'Lea in my office and I'm about to become paste.
�03[12:17] * Stennes is now known as Stennes-CoffeeBreak
[12:17] <Vetri> Hey, I take no responsibility for what T'Lea and Jolara got up to...
[12:17] <Hannibal> YOu have my sympathies, Moonsong....
[12:17] <Brell2334> oh my
[12:18] <Hannibal> T'Lea is a handfull...
[12:18] <Moonsong> Not what I heard former High Priestess.
[12:18] <LtjgVee> is that the pirate queen?
�02[12:18] * Aidoann ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:18] <LtjgVee> or am i getting my sims confused
[12:18] <Vetri> Okay, ehat happened *after*, I'll take some blame for
[12:18] <Vetri> But that's as far as I go
[12:18] <Moonsong> Of course she's mad cause I tried to blow her up too.
[12:19] <Wayfarer> nitpicking detail
[12:19] <Hannibal> YOu did what?
[12:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> Why did you try to blow her up?
[12:19] <Moonsong> She was in my way.
[12:19] <Wayfarer> least there was a reason
[12:19] <Vetri> Same reason Della nearly shot half the bridge crew
[12:19] <Moonsong> Yeah, you did point a weapon at me.
[12:20] <Hannibal> Um...Vetri?
[12:20] <Vetri> yes?
[12:20] <Trellis> Why am I glad I'm not on that ship right now?
[12:20] <Hannibal> You wanted to shoot your bridge crew?
[12:20] <Vetri> Because you're smart, Trellis :)
[12:20] <@Sal_Taybrim> It sounds like the Invicta creates the need for counseling >.>
[12:20] <Moonsong> And Vetri's minion tried to blow me up too.
[12:20] <Trellis> I am the head of Intel on Ops...
[12:20] <Vetri> No, I wanted to execute the heretics, but there were more important things to do
�03[12:20] * Stennes-CoffeeBreak is now known as Stennes
[12:21] <Wayfarer> heretics?
[12:21] <Vetri> It was an odd mission :P
[12:21] <Vie> ...did they question the Emperor?
[12:21] <Moonsong> I'm not a heretic. You were.
[12:21] <@Rich> I sometimes think Invicta was secretly commissioned by Starfleet Counseling to house all the "troublesome patients"
[12:21] <Vetri> SEE!
[12:21] <Vetri> *points at Moonsong
[12:21] <Hannibal> Oh boy...glad you didn't have Hannibals' plasma cannon.....
[12:21] <Moonsong> What!?
[12:21] <Shayne> Then I should get transferred their, ASAP.
�03[12:21] * Aidoann ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:21] <Moonsong> I never get shoreleave.
[12:22] <LtjgVee> i'm beginning to think the Gorkon is secretly the fleet's kennel. So many dog pets among the crew
[12:22] <Trellis> Pssh, shore leave is over rated
[12:22] <@Rich> psh, says the woman who has a spa installed in her counseling suite
[12:22] <Wayfarer> don't they trust you onshore?
[12:22] <Moonsong> This time they're lining up at the door and down the hall after that mission.
[12:22] <Vetri> Della's not
[12:22] <Moonsong> Spa? Where?
[12:22] <Kaji> hey Danara!
[12:22] <Vetri> So there's that
[12:22] <Aidoann> hi
[12:22] <Vetri> hi :)
[12:22] <LtjgVee> omg.. hot tub trek party... I'm in
[12:22] <Trellis> Will we be transported back in time?
[12:22] <@Renos> Hi Aidoann :)
[12:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> Maybe chancellor Gorkon really liked dogs, Vee?
[12:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> or targs
[12:22] <Moonsong> At least you didn't have to enter Walker's mind.
�03[12:23] * Alana_ ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:23] <LtjgVee> hehe. probably right sal
[12:23] <Vetri> This is true - but I do need to talk to Kells
[12:23] <Brell2334> hot tub oooo nice
[12:23] <Aidoann> as far as shoreleave goes I don't think any of Aidoann's have gone smoothly, something usually interferes :)
[12:23] <Wayfarer> Hey Alana
[12:23] <Alana_> Hello
[12:23] <Moonsong> Good luck with that. He's being weird again.
[12:23] <Moonsong> aft to help spouse.
[12:23] <Vetri> This *isn;t* normal?
�02[12:23] * Brandon_Craig ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:23] <Hannibal> Hannibal's only peaceful shore leave was when he got married.....
[12:23] <Moonsong> afk even
[12:24] <Vetri> Could be worse - could be going to talk to Washington...
[12:24] <@FltAdmlWolf> Since we have so many people here, I figured I'd take the opportunity to remind everyone that Award Nominations are open! :D  Don't forget to submit those nominations over the next few weeks. We also have some new awards for this ceremony, for which we'll have a news post in the next few days. 
�06[12:24] * @Rich whistles innocently
�03[12:24] * Eerie ( has joined #Starbase118
�03[12:25] * Theo_Whittaker ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:25] <Theo_Whittaker> hello everyone :)
[12:25] <Eerie> hello everyone
[12:25] <Vetri> hi
[12:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Eerie!  hello Theo!
[12:25] <Trellis> Hello!
[12:25] <Wayfarer> hello back
[12:25] <Alucard_vess> Hi guys!
[12:25] <Alucard_vess> welcome
[12:25] <Theo_Whittaker> how are we all doing?
[12:25] <MTonston> I have to go.
�03[12:25] * Mirra ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:25] <Wayfarer> good
[12:25] <Kaji> bye!
[12:25] <Theo_Whittaker> Queen Mirra <3
[12:25] <Trellis> Bye
[12:25] <MTonston> Sorry cooking
[12:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> yes, the awards ceremony is coming up in June!  Time to get award nominations ready!
[12:25] <Wayfarer> Hey Mirra!
�03[12:25] * MTonston ( has left #Starbase118
[12:25] <Eerie> bye
[12:25] <Mirra> Hey!
[12:25] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Mirra!
[12:26] <JoMarshall> What are the awards for?
[12:26] <Eerie> I'm staying
[12:26] <Trellis> I nominated some people today.
[12:26] <Mirra> I need to do that
[12:26] <@FltAdmlWolf> @JoMarshall -- We do a ceremony every year to highlight great simming and OOC work across the fleet. We've been doing these ceremonies since 1996 :) 
[12:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> Jo: Awards are a yearly ceremony - they used to be in Decemeber, but now will be in jUne (because with the winter holidays awards were stressful)
[12:26] <Wayfarer> wow, long tradition
[12:26] <@FltAdmlWolf> This year we moved the ceremony from December to June to coincide with our yearly anniversary on June 15. 
[12:26] <Vie> 20 years now.
[12:27] <Theo_Whittaker> thats a long time :)
[12:27] <Kaji> The more nominations, the better!!
[12:27] <Hannibal> Gotta get my nominations in.....
[12:27] <@FltAdmlWolf> @Vie -- I didn't even realize that. 20 year anniversary of the ceremonies!
[12:27] <Trellis> The Ides of June. Still not quite the same ring to it as March, but nice
[12:27] <Mirra> It can almost drink!!
[12:27] <JoMarshall> Brilliant! I'll get some nominations in then :)
[12:27] <Kaji> lol
[12:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> So awards honors your fellow players for great simming, and great OOC support
[12:27] <JoMarshall> Is it just from my crew or all over the show?
[12:27] <Trellis> It can already drink in most of the world outside of the US... :)
[12:27] <Vie> I'm good for something!
[12:27] <Mirra> True that Trellis 
[12:27] <Wayfarer> exactly, Trellis
[12:27] <@Renos> Glad to see lots of people planning to put in nominations. It's the best way to give your fellow writers some well earned kudos for their hard work :D
[12:27] <Kaji> from all over, JoMarshall
[12:27] <Trellis> JoMarshall, all over. The entire fleet
[12:28] <JoMarshall> Great, thanks guys. Proby getting to grips with it all :)
[12:28] <@FltAdmlWolf> You can get more info about the available awards here:
[12:28] <Shayne> I've already done several, and I plan on putting in many more. So much quality writing in the fleet.
[12:28] <LtjgVee> oh speaking of nominations. would like to remind people since we have a full chatroom that today is the last day for topsim nominations for round 14 and we are a little short on submissions
[12:28] <@FltAdmlWolf> More info and link to nomination panel is here:
[12:28] <Hannibal> If you do it right, it's quite a process to nominate someone from every category...
[12:28] <Theo_Whittaker> Let me bookmark those links!
[12:29] <Mirra> Yes do that Theo so I can bug you about them later lol
[12:29] <Theo_Whittaker> Mirra lol
[12:30] <Mirra> I'm on my phone so I cant link lol
[12:30] <Trellis> They're easy to find on the wiki when you get back a computer
[12:31] <Mirra> Oh yay.
[12:31] <Mirra> Today is makeup mothers day so I'm at my brothers. 
[12:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> Aww, that sounds fun!
[12:31] <Mirra> We're all in food coma. And my mom insisted on mimosas so Aaron gets to drive home lol
[12:31] <Wayfarer> XD
[12:31] <@FltAdmlWolf> What's everyone thinking about the new Star Trek show? Trepidation or excitement?
[12:31] <Theo_Whittaker> I enjoy food comas
[12:32] <Vie> Cautious optimism.
[12:32] <Wayfarer> there is a new show??
[12:32] <Eerie> excitement
[12:32] <Wayfarer> ignorance
[12:32] <Trellis> Wayfarer, it starts in January
[12:32] <Hannibal> I'm thinking it had better be good, but not real happy about the format......
[12:32] <Vetri> Curiosity
[12:32] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Trepidatious excitement?
[12:32] <Theo_Whittaker> I'm *very* optimistic about it given the latest rumours
[12:32] <Alucard_vess> optimistic but not holding my breath
[12:32] <Trellis> What do you mean about the format Hannibal?
[12:32] <Brell2334> oh what have you head theo
[12:32] <Theo_Whittaker> There is no way they screw it up with Nicholas Meyer as a writer
[12:32] <Vie> Not even sure IF it will be shown here though
[12:33] <Wayfarer> who is showing it?
[12:33] <Trellis> Where are you, Vie?
[12:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm curious about it,  Very curious
[12:33] <Vie> UK
[12:33] <Mirra> I'm also curious 
[12:33] <Theo_Whittaker> @Brell2334 that the first season will take place shortly after The Undiscovered Country and it will be an anthology series
[12:33] <Hannibal> The format will be they will show the pilot on CBS, then it will go to a CBS pay for view site....
[12:33] <@FltAdmlWolf> It's going to be CBS' first show on a streaming service. So you have to buy a specific membership to view it. 
[12:33] <Brell2334> Okay that does give me some hope
[12:33] <Aidoann> interesting
[12:33] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Oh, what, a bit like American Horror Story?
[12:33] <Theo_Whittaker> Channel 5 will likely get the UK rights for the new series since Paramount partially owns it
[12:33] <Hannibal> I hope they did pick Angela Bassett as the new captain....
[12:34] <@FltAdmlWolf> @Theo Where'd you hear that? 
[12:34] <Mirra> She'll be a voodoo captain 
[12:34] <Brell2334> ooo she good, err bad nerd im behind on latest gossips
[12:34] <Theo_Whittaker> TrekCore reported it (i think)
[12:34] <Hannibal> LOL@ Mirra...
[12:34] <@Rich> Voodoo Captain XD
[12:34] <Vie> Channel 5 mess their times up for shows a lot, would prefer the beeb or C4 got it. But as long as we get it at all...
[12:34] <Theo_Whittaker> The fashion student in me wants another iconic hair cut like Janeway's "Bun of Doom"
[12:35] <Vetri> Dreadlocks of Destruction perhaps?
[12:35] <Mirra> With a voodoo hat.
[12:35] <Theo_Whittaker> Channel 4 had the rights for Enterprise and messed that up royally. One minute it was a prime time show, then it was on the teen section, then dropped altogether
[12:35] <Hannibal> NOw you're talkin'...
[12:35] <Theo_Whittaker> Vetri Mirra I would be here for that!
[12:35] <Brell2334> but the bun of doom was required to match those sholderpads of command power, she had to wear for the first how many ever years
[12:36] <Vetri> On the bright side, at least Fox doesn;t seem to be involved.
[12:36] <Theo_Whittaker> I want it to be on BBC2 the TNG, DS9 and VOY were on a Sunday night in the 90s
[12:36] <Trellis> Hannibal, I'm also a bit wary of the format
[12:36] <Wayfarer> true, they messed up Firefly that time
[12:36] <Mirra> Spiked shoulder pads of doom?
[12:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> BBC 2 6pm.
[12:36] <Theo_Whittaker> Have Fox recommisioned The X Files yet?
[12:36] <Trellis> Mirra, were you watching Eurovision last night?
[12:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Star Trek hour (or 45mins, since no adverts)
[12:36] <Hannibal> The only thing is I hope they don't introduce a wholly new class of ship in teh new show....
[12:37] <Vetri> Again
[12:37] <Mirra> They have spiked shoulder pads of doom?! 
[12:37] <Theo_Whittaker> Hannibal i think thats a given though
[12:37] <Trellis> Sometimes
[12:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yeah, that's pretty much certain.
[12:37] <Theo_Whittaker> Mirra im making notes for Chennel....
[12:37] <Wayfarer> real navies always want new ship types and classes
[12:37] <Mirra> Doooo it 
[12:37] <Vie> I dont know, a Merced or Mediterranean finally being shown...
[12:37] <Hannibal> Trellis, I think they think they will be able to make more money that way if it's a limited run series...
[12:37] <Theo_Whittaker> at least its in the Prime Universe (as much as I like (but not love) the JJverse)
[12:37] <Hannibal> New classes don't always mean better....
[12:37] <Mirra> Can she have access to Cher's wigs?
[12:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: Chennel hires her own pyrotechnicist to make sure she looks extra fabulous while threatening people?
[12:38] <Trellis> I just hope it's not crap. If it is, this will probably be the last Trek show ever
[12:38] <Hannibal> I wish they would leave Axanar THAT looks good....
[12:38] <Theo_Whittaker> Mirra she's already stolen them
[12:38] <Trellis> @Sal_Taybrim. Who do you think Oma-Saan and Janker are?
[12:38] <Brell2334> Same hannibal
[12:38] <Theo_Whittaker> @Sal_Taybrim YES
[12:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> HAHAH
[12:39] <Mirra> Chennel has to reschedule her takover because her bail broke
[12:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oh what a show we could have on Ops
[12:39] <Mirra>  Nail^
[12:39] <Theo_Whittaker> I think Mariska Hargitay would make an excellent starship character. In fact, just transplant Olivia Benson to the 24th century
[12:39] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Oh man.
[12:39] <@Quinn_Reynolds> That would be magnificent.
[12:40] <Theo_Whittaker> We've already had the Cardassian Olivia Benson on Ops :D
[12:40] <Hannibal> I like her too...but she has SVU all locked down. I worked with her years ago, before she got famous. Really nice.
[12:40] <Mirra> Technically Tilanna V
[12:40] <Trellis> Isn't she back on Tilanna now? Or did she stay on board?
�02[12:40] * Kristy ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:40] <Theo_Whittaker> @Hannibal I am EXTREMELY jealous of you
[12:40] <Theo_Whittaker> @Trellis she ended up going back home to Cardassia off screen
[12:40] <Hannibal> What did I do?
[12:41] <Theo_Whittaker> She's the new Chief Justice on Cardassia Prime
[12:41] <Theo_Whittaker> @Hannibal working with Mariska
[12:41] <Trellis> Ah, I missed that mention
[12:41] <@FltAdmlWolf> I really wanted to see Angela Bassett as the new captain, but apparently it's not going to happen :(
[12:41] <Mirra> It's because of the voodoo. 
[12:41] <Brell2334> aww rumor quashed moments after leaning about it
[12:41] <Mirra> Live chickens are unsanitary on the bridge 
[12:41] <Wayfarer> I went and checked one site, lots of Trekkies are upset because Kurtzmann is going to be the CBS producer
[12:42] <Vetri> figures
[12:42] <Theo_Whittaker> I just dont want any stunt casting on the new Trek show (though I want to see Lady Gaga as a seven armed alien belting out power ballads)
[12:42] <Brell2334> oh my
[12:42] <LtjgVee> if there is a live chicken on the bridge.. I'm naming it Kernal Sanders
�03[12:42] * Kristy ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:42] <Wayfarer> XD
[12:42] <Brell2334> doesnt she have that costume already?
[12:42] <@FltAdmlWolf> @Theo seems like that'd be as bad as the Rock battling 7 of 9 :( 
[12:42] <Hannibal> LOL!
[12:42] <Theo_Whittaker> Kurtzman isn't too bad. At least he's not Damon..... whatever his last name is
[12:42] <Brell2334> lol wolf
[12:43] <Hannibal> They ruined my dream.....
[12:43] <Theo_Whittaker> The Rock battling 7 of 9 never happened
[12:43] <Theo_Whittaker> i erased it from historu
[12:43] <Theo_Whittaker> *history
[12:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> We need another alien with the base of The Rock
[12:43] <Moonsong> and back. what did I miss?
[12:43] <Theo_Whittaker> I want some more comedy CGI Tholians
[12:43] <Trellis> Bring back Behr and Berman...
[12:44] <Brell2334> it could have been hulk hogan then we we would be trying to have the negative prints burned
[12:44] <Wayfarer> You missed the secret of eternal life, Moonsong
[12:44] <LtjgVee> mirra time for the goth bolian pic
[12:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> @theo
[12:44] <Theo_Whittaker> Not Berman. never Berman.
[12:44] <Hannibal> Admiral Wolf crushed my dream....Moonsong.....
[12:44] <Vetri> Bad Wolf. Bad.
[12:44] <Trellis> Well, Behr at least
[12:44] <Trellis> Vetri, wrong show. Bad Wolf is Doctor Who
[12:44] <@FltAdmlWolf> He does have that eyeroll down-pat. I mean, that's some serious eyeball contro.
[12:44] <Theo_Whittaker> Did anybody see the Eurovision Song Contest last night?
[12:44] <Wayfarer> nope
[12:45] <Vetri> *throws a tribble at Trellis
[12:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: No, but I'll be checking the highlights out today as they get posted
[12:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> I sadly don't get many channels :(
[12:45] <Wayfarer> Hey, keep the tribbles out of chat!
[12:45] <Theo_Whittaker> Latvia was amazing
[12:45] <Wayfarer> the whole country?
[12:45] <Vie> Mmm, tribbles
[12:45] <Stennes> Theo_Whittaker: I saw most of it
[12:46] <Moonsong> Wolf should stop doing that. I'll have to take him into counseling.
[12:46] <Vetri> I was amused to learn that a "not a political statement song of any sort, honest" song won.
[12:46] <Theo_Whittaker> @Stennes :D
[12:46] <Hannibal> Tribbles.....grrrrrr.....
[12:46] <LtjgVee> Throws one tribble at Mirra... four hit her
[12:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Tribbles!
[12:46] <Mirra> Rude!!
[12:46] <LtjgVee> lol
[12:46] <LtjgVee> :P
[12:46] <Vetri> See what you started, Trellis?
[12:46] <@FltAdmlWolf> @moonsong In simming, counseling always seems to be a metaphor for psychological torture :P
[12:46] <Trellis> How did I start this, Vetri? You were the one to throw a tribble...
[12:46] <Theo_Whittaker> Not the tribbles....  not so soon after Ops was overrun with them.
[12:46] <Brell2334> is ops tribble free yet, or do some of the lower levels still have a few about?
[12:47] <Vetri> And who provoked such a response, hmm?
[12:47] <Mirra> And they lost their fur 
[12:47] <Trellis> Ops is free of poisonous tribbles. We kept a few as pets
[12:47] <Wayfarer> can there ever be a few tribbles?
[12:47] <Mirra> Because of course they did.
[12:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> Brell: Ops is, to our knowledge, tribble free
[12:47] <Vie> Zombie tribbles?
[12:47] <Moonsong> Only when you avoid it. I'm a really sweet and nice person who never caused any harm to anyone.... on purpose.
[12:47] <Vetri> Zombbles?
[12:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> save for the people who took tribbles home with them
[12:47] <Hannibal> Ops has been invaded by Tribbles? Poisonous ones? What have y'all been doing?
[12:47] <Brell2334> ick hairless tribble, way to remove any cuteness guys
[12:47] <Brell2334> btw
[12:47] <LtjgVee> weaponized tribbles ftw
[12:47] <Mirra> They're tattooed 
[12:47] <Trellis> Well, Vetri, if you just keep your pop culture references strait, I wouldn't be provoking responses, would I? ;p
[12:48] <Vetri> Your name shall also go on the list
�02[12:48] * Aidoann ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:48] <Vie> The List
[12:48] <Trellis> What list?
[12:48] <Brell2334> uh oh
[12:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> There's a list?
[12:48] <Stennes> All I could hope for was that Sweden didn't win again, to keep our record unmatched.
[12:48] <Mirra> The hit list...?
[12:48] <Vie> Needs capitalisation
[12:48] <Alana_> How long is that list at this point?
�06[12:48] * Moonsong realizes those who think counseling is torture are the ones with the deepest issues.
[12:48] <Theo_Whittaker> Nobody will ever top Waterloo
[12:49] <Brell2334> The list one day she will unleash T'lea to "take care of"
[12:49] <Moonsong> "Release the T'lea!"
[12:49] <Vetri> Trellis -
[12:49] <LtjgVee> so is ops the place where puns, running premises and puns go to live. I really want to visit lol
[12:49] <Mirra> Yes. Yes it is.
[12:49] <Brell2334> ::Screams, and painc strike the streets::
[12:49] <Vie> Read that as "Release the Tea!"
[12:50] <Vetri> Also works
[12:50] <Stennes> Or Riverdance.
[12:50] <@Rich> it was fun chatting with everyone, but now I must go scavenge for food! see you all around!
[12:50] <Wayfarer> bye
[12:50] <Vetri> ttyl :)
[12:50] <LtjgVee> cya rich
[12:50] <Moonsong> You owe a response Rich. Laters.
[12:50] <Theo_Whittaker> Ltjgvee and where 80s power pop gets namedropped
[12:50] <Kaji> bye!
[12:50] <Mirra> Bye Rich!!
[12:50] <LtjgVee> nice
[12:50] <Theo_Whittaker> bye rich!
[12:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Rich!
[12:50] <Theo_Whittaker> how are the tiny humans Mirra?
�06[12:50] * @Rich waves
[12:50] <Mirra> Playing with their cousin 
[12:51] <Trellis> Bye Rich
�02[12:51] * @Rich ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:51] <Theo_Whittaker> awwwwwh
[12:51] <Trellis> Ops is a silly place.
[12:51] <Theo_Whittaker> but we love it that way Trellis
[12:51] <Vetri> having simmed there, I can only agree
�02[12:51] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:51] <Mirra> Yes we freaking do
[12:51] <Hannibal> I must visit this Ops on shore leave sometime....
[12:52] <Theo_Whittaker> Ops' arch villian is Grace jones as a Bolian
[12:52] <Moonsong> I'm afraid of Ops. I heard stories...
[12:52] <Mirra> We're crashing a goth club currently 
[12:52] <Vetri> What into?
[12:52] <Theo_Whittaker> clad in 80s business executive suits
[12:52] <Mirra> You should be Moonsong 
[12:52] <Vie> ..wut?
[12:52] <Wayfarer> Federation in danger from goth clubs......
[12:52] <JoMarshall> Into a Banana Republic
[12:52] <Moonsong> But I hear the shopping is good...
[12:53] <Mirra> Abercrombie and Klingon 
[12:53] <Trellis> It's true. Ops is awesome
[12:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> Or are the goth clubs in danger from the Federation?
[12:53] <Hannibal> Hannibal doesn't shop......
[12:53] <Vie> Yes
[12:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> Raktajino frappucino
[12:53] <Theo_Whittaker> Well our goth club is in danger from Betazoid sass
�03[12:53] * Sabrina ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:53] <Mirra> The bouncer is at least 
[12:53] <Moonsong> Awwww... Hannibal... not even for a new pulse cannon?
[12:53] <Mirra> I'd like a Viking funeral btw Theo 
[12:53] <Theo_Whittaker> hi Sabrina
[12:53] <Trellis> The whole fleet is in danger of Betazoid sass
[12:53] <Sabrina> Hi!
[12:53] <Hannibal> WEll now a new cannon is different....
[12:53] <Brell2334> ha
[12:54] <Wayfarer> Hi Sabrina
[12:54] <Mirra> True that 
[12:54] <Mirra> The ginger betazoids are taking over 
[12:54] <Theo_Whittaker> i like the off the wall elements on Ops :)
[12:54] <LtjgVee> lol i thought you were shutting down the goth club because of the dangerous levels of hairspray contaminates
[12:54] <Moonsong> And that, boys and girls is how you get a man to shop. Dangle weapons in front of him.
[12:54] <Mirra> That is why Vee lol
[12:54] <Mirra>  The official reason 
[12:54] <LtjgVee> hehe
[12:54] <Theo_Whittaker> Moonsong i don't weaponary based incentives to go shopping XD
[12:54] <Hannibal> That's how you get Hannibal to shop......
[12:54] <Jorey> @trellis Yaaas! To Betazoid sass!
[12:54] <Vie> Moonsong - or vehicles.
[12:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> Vee: Well, yes, there is that... ;-)
[12:55] <Theo_Whittaker> Yaaas @Jorey to your Yaaaas XD
[12:55] <Moonsong> True. All part of counseling. ;)
[12:56] <Trellis> Unfortunately, Trellis doesn't understand the sass. Humour goes above his head, for the most part
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> Poor Trellis
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> he's such a good sport about it, too!
[12:56] <Mirra> Can Mirra get him a bell from Christmas ?
[12:56] <Theo_Whittaker> Is that a Vissian thing or is an Intelligence Operative thing?
[12:56] <Vie> Probably leaves him safer with our collective humour
[12:57] <Vie> Cue borg jokes
[12:57] <LtjgVee> every good comedic story needs a straight man to drive in the joke
[12:57] <Moonsong> Do we gotta?
[12:57] <Trellis> It's a Trellis thing. Lots of comedies on Vissa. He just never understood it.
[12:57] <Trellis> No, Mirra, he doesn't want a bell!
[12:57] <Mirra> But it's funny!!
[12:57] <LtjgVee> just rig your communicator to vibrate anytime he is near. should not be hard to do
[12:58] <Trellis> You know he knows all the secrets of the station. He would leave you somewhere where you wouldn't be found...
[12:58] <Moonsong> Not many holidays are celebrated in Star Trek.
�03[12:58] * Taelon ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:58] <Theo_Whittaker> Hello Taelon!!
[12:58] <Theo_Whittaker> #OpsTakeover
[12:58] <Vetri> hi
[12:58] <Moonsong> That just occurred to me.
[12:58] <Trellis> We should bring in Festivus to Star Trek
[12:58] <Taelon> Morning :)
[12:58] <Mirra> Hiya Taelon!
[12:58] <LtjgVee> festivus is awesome
[12:58] <Alana_> Hi Taelon
[12:58] <Trellis> Hey Taelon. It's evening, here :)
[12:58] <Theo_Whittaker> What is Festivus?
[12:59] <Sabrina> Hi Taelon
[12:59] <Trellis> From Seinfeld.
[12:59] <Moonsong> Only two on Invicta. Santa was eaten by a plant and the other had a lot of skimpy clothing.
[12:59] <LtjgVee>
[12:59] <LtjgVee> there is the explanation of festivus
[12:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Taelon!
[13:00] <Hannibal> Hannibal likes Mardi Gras better.....
[13:00] <LtjgVee> i so much want to sim the airing of grevances ceremony
[13:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> oh dear, that could be madness
[13:00] <Vie> I'd not have thought Hannibal the Mardi type honestly?
[13:00] <Trellis> There could be an airing of grievances about why there's no winter awards ceremony!
[13:00] <Vie> Not enough weaponry surely?
[13:00] <Taelon> Sounds like the fun kind of madness, though
[13:00] <Brell2334> The darwin did Christmas IC kinda, we were all stuff living on a pre warp planet for a month and the locals had strikingly similar holiday called newgrange
[13:01] <LtjgVee> mardi gras ... the party does not stop until you can pass the drug test
[13:01] <Mirra> No one will survive!
[13:01] <Hannibal> Hannibal would like the um...debauchery in Mardi Gras....
[13:01] <Alana_> Has the party ever stopped?
[13:01] <Vie> That much is true
[13:01] <Hannibal> Or Carnival in Rio....
[13:01] <LtjgVee> Flynn + Mardi Gras = unexplained population growth
[13:01] <Mirra> That's a terrible plan 
[13:01] <Alana_> Oktoberfest perhaps?
[13:02] <Brell2334> all stuck*
[13:02] <Trellis> LtjgVee, pass as in fail, or pass as in pass?
[13:02] <Vie> If you want a good Debauch, Hannibal would be on my list of organisers.
[13:02] <Hannibal> YOu got that right,Vie!
[13:02] <Taelon> Fail...and then pass, I'd imagine
[13:02] <Mirra> Fail, bribe the doc, pass
�02[13:03] * Graeme_Cook ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:03] <Theo_Whittaker> I can't stop listening to all these Eurovision entries :D
[13:03] <LtjgVee> lol, pass as in you can return to work
[13:03] <Hannibal> Fail...choke the doc...pass......
[13:03] <Mirra> Rude.
[13:03] <LtjgVee> haha
[13:03] <Trellis> Mirra, is that how you can afford a new bell, from all the bribes?
[13:03] <Mirra> Shhhb
[13:03] <Stennes> Theo_Whittaker: your favorite?
[13:05] <LtjgVee> "um.. you can return to work when the tricorder stops detecting 16 unknown compounds in your blood stream ... : tricorder gets smashed against the wall :: Ok, it stopped .. get back to work
[13:05] <Theo_Whittaker> @Stennes probably Latvia
[13:05] <Trellis> Anyone seen Captain America: Civil War yet?
[13:05] <Vetri> Yup
[13:05] <Mirra> No spoilers!!
[13:05] <Theo_Whittaker> Trellis yes, a week ago. it was great
[13:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> Now yet - going tonight!
[13:05] <LtjgVee> no spoilers
[13:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yes.
[13:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Amazing.
[13:05] <LtjgVee> i want to see that sooo bad
[13:05] <Trellis> Yeah, over a week ago here. Great!
[13:05] <Hannibal> Have not seen it yet.....going this weekend.....
[13:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> #teamcap
[13:06] <Theo_Whittaker> #teamcap
[13:06] <Trellis> @Quinn_Reynolds, it's all about #teamcap
[13:06] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Black Panther is ace.
[13:06] <@Quinn_Reynolds> New spidey is great.
[13:06] <Trellis> Ant-Man was awesome
[13:06] <Theo_Whittaker> what i want to know is when are Marvel going to give in and make a Black Widow movie?!
[13:06] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Much agreement.
[13:06] <Mirra> Hopefully soon 
[13:06] <Trellis> Isn't one scheduled for 2019 or 2020?
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> YES
[13:06] <Wayfarer> I read they are going to make one soon
[13:06] <Taelon> Considering what they did with her and pairing her with the Hulk I'm not sure I want them to
[13:07] <Kaji> I gotta head out! Bye!
[13:07] <Theo_Whittaker> Trellis Captain Marvel is scheduled for then
[13:07] <Theo_Whittaker> bys kaji
[13:07] <Hannibal> Take care Kaji!!!!!
[13:07] <Mirra> Bye Kaji!!
[13:07] <Wayfarer> bye Kaji
[13:07] <Taelon> Later!
[13:07] <Vetri> cya kaji
[13:07] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I didn't think they had one scheduled for phase 3?
[13:07] <Theo_Whittaker> Katee Sackhoff would make an amazing Captain Marvel
[13:07] <Hannibal> Starbuck????
[13:07] <Kaji> thanks! bye!
[13:07] <Theo_Whittaker> yeah
�02[13:07] * Kaji ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:07] <LtjgVee> if they are doing captain marvel they gonna have rogue in it?
[13:08] <Hannibal> It would be interesting.....
[13:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> The Marvel / Star Wars move roadmap is pretty intense. 
[13:08] <JoMarshall> I'm going to find some rations - thanks for the chat all!
[13:08] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Probably not.
[13:08] <Theo_Whittaker> hi JoMarshall
[13:08] <Theo_Whittaker> *bye even
[13:08] <Theo_Whittaker> lol
[13:08] <LtjgVee> by marshal
[13:08] <LtjgVee> bye*
[13:08] <Mirra> Bye!!
[13:08] <Sabrina> bye!
[13:08] <Vetri> cya
[13:08] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Later, jo!
[13:08] <Wayfarer> bye !
[13:08] <JoMarshall> Later!
[13:08] <Trellis> bye
�02[13:08] * JoMarshall ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:08] <Theo_Whittaker> I can't wait for the Black Panther film
[13:09] <Theo_Whittaker> T'Challa was amazing in CW
[13:09] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yeah, that's going to be ace.
[13:09] <Trellis> I still liked the first Avengers and Winter Soldier better, but it was really good
[13:09] <Hannibal> Speaking of Battlestar, I would love to do a crossover one day...
[13:10] <Theo_Whittaker> CW was much, much better than Age of Ultron which was a bloated mess that reeked of studio interference
[13:10] <Wayfarer> we're in another universe right now, Gorkon might stumble onto Battlestar
[13:10] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I was really surprised that Captain America turned out to be my favourite of the Marvel series.
[13:10] <Trellis> Me too, actually
[13:10] <Theo_Whittaker> I love Marvel, but I cannot watch the Thor films. Chris Hemsworth is awful
[13:10] <LtjgVee> they have been doing a good job with captain america
[13:10] <Hannibal> Now that would be intriguing...Federation running into a battlestar..
[13:11] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I'm really looking forward to Dr. Strange as well.
[13:11] <Trellis> I'm surprised I liked the Marvel films at all, honestly. Always preferred DC (cartoons) growing up
[13:11] <Mirra> Me too!!
[13:11] <Theo_Whittaker> I look forward to anything involving Benny Cumberbatch
[13:11] <@Quinn_Reynolds> And Chiwetel Ejiofor.
[13:11] <Trellis> Bundersnatch Cumberbund
[13:11] <@SeleneFaranfey> Ooo... Sherlock
[13:11] <Mirra> Haha poor guy
[13:11] <Mirra> Weirdest name ever
[13:11] <Mirra> But so amazing 
[13:11] <Theo_Whittaker> BC was literally one of two good things about Into Darkness
[13:12] <Moonsong> gonna head out ya'll. have fun without me. I know you will.
[13:12] <Mirra> Have a good one!
[13:12] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Later!
[13:12] <Taelon> It's an extremely English name, that's for sure
[13:12] <Wayfarer> bye Moonsong
[13:12] <Hannibal> Take care Moonsong...
[13:12] <Vie> Take it easy Moonsong.
[13:12] <@Jalana> bye Moonsong :) 
[13:12] <Vetri> gotta vanish myself, too. cya guys :)
[13:12] <Trellis> Bye Moonsong
[13:12] <Theo_Whittaker> bye Moonsong
[13:12] <Brell2334> take care
[13:12] <Taelon> Later :)