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June 2016

[11:28] <@Jalana> WB!
[11:29] <@Sal_Taybrim> There we go.  I always need two logins - one to chat with and one to record archives
[11:29] <@Jalana> aah 
[11:30] <Hi> I'll go try coming in again
�02[11:30] * Hi ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[11:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bye, Hi >.>
[11:30] <@Jalana> lol
�03[11:30] * Toni ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:30] <Alana_Larson> Welcome back
[11:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> wb!
[11:31] <Toni> Hi is back as Toni
[11:31] <@Jalana> wb :) 
[11:31] <Toni> ty
�03[11:31] * Shayne ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:31] <Alana_Larson> Hi Shayne
[11:31] <Shayne> Howdy.
[11:32] <@Jalana> hiya
[11:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Shayne
[11:33] <Toni> ]Hi Shane, Sal,Alana, Jme, Kylindra Emma.Skyfire
[11:33] <Toni> FltAdm
[11:33] <Shayne> How's it hanging?
[11:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> Pretty chillaxed for the moment
[11:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> It's a lazy Sunday IRL for me
[11:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> you?
[11:34] <Shayne> Pretty much the same.
[11:34] <@Jalana> Taking care of last minute award nominations, so if I'm quiet I'm digging through the wiki hehe 
[11:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> I have 3 more I have to submit yet.
[11:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> nominations that is.
[11:34] <Shayne> So many awards, so little time.
[11:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> The ones I still haven't found posts for.  -.-
[11:35] <Shayne> Yeah, that is a pain.
[11:35] <Toni> you and me both Jalana
�03[11:35] * Morela ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:35] <Alana_Larson> Hi Morela
[11:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Morela!
[11:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> good to see you! :D
[11:35] <Shayne> Hey, there,
[11:35] <@Jalana> hi Morela
[11:35] <Morela> Hi Alana, Commander Taybrim, Jalana
[11:36] <Toni> Hi Morela
�03[11:36] * Tatash ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:36] <Morela> Hello Captain(? I think I remember seeing you were a captain) Toni
[11:37] <Alana_Larson> Hi Tatash
[11:37] <Tatash> Lizard reporting in
[11:37] <@Jalana> Hi Tatash
[11:37] <Shayne> Forsooth, our resident Gorn has arrived. :)
[11:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Yes, though most call me Sal - or Jamie ;-)
[11:37] <Tatash> Allo!
[11:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Tatash!
[11:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> how goes?
[11:38] <Tatash> All good, full of food, hungover but good
[11:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> Sounds like fun!
[11:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> well, not the hangover bit
[11:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> But the rest leading up to it
[11:38] <Tatash> Entirely self inflicted, woke up with 6 others in my apartment after a mad night and day
[11:39] <Tatash> 'what... Why are you guys here?!
[11:39] <Shayne> I bet there's a story there,
[11:39] <Tatash> Good fun though
[11:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Nice!
[11:40] <Tatash> Also spent a lot of money on a new shotgun but whatever
[11:40] <Tatash> It's my burfday coming up
[11:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oooh, happy early birthday!
[11:41] <Alana_Larson> What kind of shotgun?
[11:41] <Tatash> Thank you!
[11:41] <Morela> Happy early birfda
[11:41] <Tatash> 870
[11:41] <Alana_Larson> Oooh Nice!
�03[11:41] * Hutch ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:41] <Alana_Larson> Hi Hutch
[11:41] <Hutch> Hello!
[11:41] <Toni> Hi Hutch
[11:42] <Tatash> Hiya
[11:42] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Hutch!
[11:43] <Hutch> Hi Toni, Sal, and everyone else. Just making a brew before we get started :)
�03[11:43] * Morela_mobile ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, brew.
[11:43] <Morela> I'm Cloning for a few minutes, 
[11:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> I have... a spinach smoothie.  Now I feel like a total hippie
[11:44] <Shayne> A spinach smoothie. Now that's a new one.
[11:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> Spinach + Banana + whatever else you like in a blender
[11:45] <skyfire> Morning, folks.
[11:45] <Toni> sounds interesting, Shane
[11:45] <Shayne> Hey, Skyfire.
[11:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> It helps on the 'I'm lazy, but don't wanna eat complete junk' front.
[11:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Skyfire!
[11:46] <Shayne> I oughta start making smoothies.
[11:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> My husband looooves smoothies.  and blender drinks.
[11:46] <Shayne> I can totally see a cheeseburger and chow mien blend.
[11:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> the problem is convincing him that Pina Coladas are not, in fact, a health food
[11:46] <skyfire> Taybrim: Time to switch your siggy banner to the hybrid one, yar?
�02[11:48] * Tatash ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[11:48] <@Jalana> Hi Hutch! 
[11:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> yes, it's on my seriously long to-do list today
�03[11:48] * Tatash ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:48] <skyfire> I'm suddenly seeing chow mein coladas for some reason.
[11:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> wb!
[11:48] <skyfire> aaah! Gorn!
[11:48] <Hutch> hi Jalana
[11:50] <Toni> Looks like a good start on this chat. Great to see so many here early
[11:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> The pre chat party is the best part
�02[11:50] * Tatash ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[11:50] <Toni> lol
[11:50] <Hutch> There ain't no party like a pre-chat party
[11:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> I think last time we ended up talking about superhero movies for half an hour
[11:51] <skyfire> So, I guess with Nugra going human, that makes Tatash the Gecko King?
[11:51] <Morela_mobile> No, no, ain't no party like a left coast party. For those in the us anyway
[11:52] <Hutch> I thought Nugra was already human, just with some dental problems...
[11:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> true, true :)
[11:52] <Toni> be right back
�02[11:52] * Morela_mobile ( Quit (Quit: Bye�)
[11:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> I was unaware that one could simply 'go human' like turning vegetarian.  >.>
[11:52] <@Jalana> haha 
[11:52] <skyfire> Sal: It was more complicated than that, but....
�03[11:53] * Tatash ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> He pulled a move straight out of DC Comics
[11:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> wb, Tatash!
[11:53] <Tatash> Connection issues as I'm on my cell phone
�02[11:54] * Tatash ( Quit (Client Quit�)
[11:54] <skyfire> hehehe.
[11:54] <Hutch> Quinn_Reynolds_ help! I'm accidentally watching football
[11:55] <@Jalana> I'm hearing it behind me while the bf is watching 
[11:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> How does one accidentally watch a sport?
[11:55] <skyfire> ::pokes Hutch:: You shouldn't be watching that, you should be helping me out with the Challenger stuff!
[11:55] <Morela> Someone else has it on
[11:55] <Hutch> The TV is on and the remote is on the other sofa
[11:55] <skyfire> ::waves to Toni:: Hello!
[11:56] <Hutch> skyfire - what Challenger stuff?
[11:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ahh.  I guess there are not enough sports fans in my life.  :)
[11:57] <skyfire> Hutch: Oh, missing episode synopses, crew history, that kind of thing. :-) Or maybe you know what happened to the Ops archives between 2004-2010?
[11:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> Skyfire: I got access to them
�03[11:58] * TheoWhittaker (kiwiirc@90.206.nqs.iy) has joined #Starbase118
[11:58] <@Jalana> hi Theo 
[11:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> It's a lot to dig through, though.
[11:58] <Morela> Hi Theo
[11:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Theo!
[11:58] <TheoWhittaker> hello everyone!!
[11:58] <Hutch> Shh Sal! We're not allowed to talk about.... the Dark Files
[11:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> How goes?
[11:58] <skyfire> Sal: Oh, cool. Wish I could be of more help.
[11:58] <TheoWhittaker> @Sal_Taybrim I'm good :)
[11:58] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hutch: I'm gonna read all about the exploits of one Jhen Thelev while I'm there... >.>
[11:59] <skyfire> Sal: Maybe you can reconstruct the Jhen THelev episode guides for me?
[11:59] <Hutch> I think he just sat in his office and drank tea
�03[11:59] * Eerie ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:59] <@Jalana> hi Eerie 
[11:59] <Toni> hi Theo.. sorry didn't see you come in
�03[11:59] * Cookie ( has joined #Starbase118
[11:59] <Eerie> hello all
[11:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> I hope to.  I dislike big gaping hole in the wiki when I go to research something.  -.-
[11:59] <Toni> He Eeriie!
[11:59] <@Jalana> hi Cookie
[11:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Eerie!  Hello Cook!
[11:59] <Hutch> hi Eerie
[11:59] <skyfire> oh, Hey, Mark!
�03[11:59] * Cookie is now known as Graeme_Cook
[11:59] <Eerie> yep
[12:00] <TheoWhittaker> Helloe Eerie and Graeme_Cook :)
[12:00] <Graeme_Cook> Good evening everyone
[12:00] <TheoWhittaker> hello toni :D
[12:00] <Graeme_Cook> How is everyone?
[12:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> Good!  Enjoying a relaxing day - you?
[12:00] <Eerie> sad day from the news in Orlando
[12:00] <TheoWhittaker> Good thank, just a little bit hungover
[12:00] <skyfire> Sal: I'll get around updating your wiki in a bit.
[12:00] <Graeme_Cook> Cracking a sim but my brain is a no go haha
[12:01] <skyfire> Theo: That's what having too many coladas will do to you
[12:01] <Graeme_Cook> lol
[12:01] <skyfire> Or Cosmos, I guess
[12:01] <TheoWhittaker> skyfire i was on malibu for some reason
[12:01] <skyfire> Theo: You should know better than to drink all the cosmos on Malibu...
[12:02] <TheoWhittaker> skyfire haha i know right
[12:02] <skyfire> Theo: and that's why you're hung over.
[12:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> Eerie: yes, I saw that.  :(
�03[12:03] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.83.iyp.lpn) has joined #Starbase118
[12:03] <TheoWhittaker> Hello Mirra!!!
[12:04] <Mirra_Ezo> Hello TheoWhittaker !!
[12:04] <Mirra_Ezo> How are you feeling?
[12:04] <Alana_Larson> Hi Mirra
[12:04] <Hutch> Hi Mirra
[12:04] <Morela> Hi Mirra
[12:04] <Mirra_Ezo> Hello all!
[12:04] <skyfire> Hi, Mirra!
[12:04] <Graeme_Cook> Hello lol
[12:04] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra: i'm better haha
[12:04] <Mirra_Ezo> I am very glad to hear it lol
[12:05] <Eerie> hello Mirra
[12:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Mirra!
[12:05] <Mirra_Ezo> Hello Eerie and Sal_Taybrim
�03[12:05] * Wayfarer ( has joined #Starbase118
�03[12:05] * Moonsong ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:05] <Alana_Larson> Hi Wafarer
[12:05] <Alana_Larson> Hi Moonsong
[12:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Moonsong!
[12:05] <Toni> Hi Mirra and Wayfarer
[12:06] <TheoWhittaker> Hello Wayfarer and Moonsong! Welcome!!
[12:06] <Wayfarer> Howdy everyone
[12:06] <skyfire> Hi, Moonsong!
[12:06] <skyfire> ::hugs Ris!::
[12:06] <Toni> Hi  Moonsong
�03[12:06] * Flynn (kiwiirc@74.83.iyp.lpn) has joined #Starbase118
[12:06] <Moonsong> Yay! I actually remembered this month!
[12:06] <Mirra_Ezo> Hello all new comers
[12:06] <Alana_Larson> Hi Flynn
[12:06] <skyfire> Flynn!
[12:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> Heya Flynn!
[12:06] <Moonsong> Hello everyone. :)
[12:06] <TheoWhittaker> Hola Flynn
[12:06] <Flynn> Greetings :D
[12:06] <Toni> salutations
[12:06] <Wayfarer> I came for the free food, just saying
[12:06] <Shayne> Hail to the newcomers!
[12:06] <Toni> Flynn
[12:06] <Hutch> hi all!
[12:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm free food.  Who's cooking?
[12:06] <TheoWhittaker> mmmmmm food
[12:06] <Mirra_Ezo> Tatash
[12:07] <TheoWhittaker> Tatash: Barbecue Queen
[12:07] <skyfire> Hey, Flynn? If Greyson moves in does that mean he's helping with party planning in the future?
[12:07] <Flynn> If he wants to, yeah :)
[12:07] <Hutch> mmm, sweet sweet barbeque
[12:07] <Mirra_Ezo> How many bedrooms does this beach house have?
[12:07] <skyfire> lots
[12:07] <Alana_Larson> All of the bedrooms
[12:07] <@FltAdmlWolf> Hey everyone! I am here, but preoccupied this morning. As many of you know, I work in politics, and there was a rather large news event today in the U.S. I hope everyone can take a few minutes sometime today to hug your loved ones. I'm so thankful that we are a safe place for LGBT people to escape and share in fellowship with other Star Trek fans!
�03[12:07] * Traenor ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:07] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo It's a mansion
[12:07] <Flynn> As many room as I decide I need lol
[12:08] <@FltAdmlWolf> lots to chat about here – our 22nd anniversary is coming up this week, and award nominations close today!
[12:08] <skyfire> he could fit the entire crew there if he wanted to.
[12:08] <Alana_Larson> Hi Traenor
[12:08] <Graeme_Cook> Hi Traenor
�03[12:08] * Hannibal ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Traenor!
[12:08] <skyfire> Jason! :::hugs::
[12:08] <TheoWhittaker> I think Flynn is just jealous of Theo's sky palace XD
[12:08] <Alana_Larson> Hi Hannibal
[12:08] <Mirra_Ezo> That was horrible news FltAdmlWolf and I pray for all those who lost their lives, injured, or lost loved ones
[12:08] <Traenor> Hey folks! :)
[12:08] <@Jalana> Hi Mirra, Wayfarer, Moonsong, Flynn, Traenor and Hannibal :) 
[12:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> Yeah, a terrible tragedy.  :(
[12:08] <Hannibal> Good afternoon everyone!!!!!!
[12:08] <Flynn> Its true, I had to have something to compete with TheoWhittaker
[12:08] <Toni> Hannibal is on deck
[12:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Everyone is jealous of TheoWhittaker's sky palace
[12:09] <Flynn> Hi Jalana :D
[12:09] <TheoWhittaker> thinking of all the people in Orlando tonight
[12:09] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo i'm surprised you haven't secretly moved in
[12:09] <Mirra_Ezo> I would suck up my fear of needles and donate if I lived in Orlando
[12:09] <skyfire> Moonsong: that JP of ours is going to need a serious rewrite.
[12:09] <Hannibal> What a horrible thing to have happen....
[12:09] <Mirra_Ezo> To the sky palace?
[12:09] <TheoWhittaker> i can see it happening
�03[12:09] * Rune ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:09] <Eerie> agreed.  this from CBS this week on the new series
[12:10] <Toni> what happened? I slept in late
[12:10] <TheoWhittaker> theo comes back from a hard day at the office to find Mirra has moved in and is eating potato chips on the couch
[12:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Rune!
�03[12:10] * Vie ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:10] <Mirra_Ezo> A gunman shot and killed 50 people in a club in Orlando, injured 50+
[12:10] <Wayfarer> 50 dead, 53 wounded by a probable Muslim gunman
[12:10] <Rune> Hey Sal!
[12:10] <skyfire> Theo moving out of Baylen's apartment?
[12:10] <Graeme_Cook> Wow I just read what happened in Orlando! So sad!
[12:10] <Toni> hey vie
[12:10] <TheoWhittaker> Hello Rane and Vie
[12:10] <TheoWhittaker> *Rune even
[12:10] <Rune> Hi Theo
[12:10] <Vie> Hey all.
[12:10] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Vie!
[12:10] <Graeme_Cook> All to do with homophobia?
[12:11] <Hannibal> Pretty much.....
[12:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Mirra would totally move in if Baylen and Mase didn't run the place lol
[12:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Yes. Homophobia and not religion
[12:11] <Wayfarer> Im sure its part of it
[12:11] <Rune> yes it had to do with homophobia
[12:11] <Shayne> I cannot express how enraged I get when I see news like this.
[12:11] <Toni> omg
[12:11] <Rune> it's especially gut wrenching
[12:11] <Mirra_Ezo> the shooters father spoke out saying he was enraged to see two men kissing, and it was not a Muslim thing as they themselves are horrified of his actions
[12:11] <Graeme_Cook> Wow I actually fear for my children's future in this strange world!
[12:12] <Moonsong> Skyfire. Seriously :)
[12:12] <Mirra_Ezo> Mine too Graeme_Cook
[12:12] <skyfire> Moonsong: CD lost a patient.
[12:12] <Moonsong> Awwww
[12:12] <Wayfarer> If he was a radicalized ISIS sympathizer, it wasn't just homophobia
[12:12] <Wayfarer> they hate a LOT of people
[12:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Wayfarer I understand that, and it is still possible, just passing on what I have read
[12:13] <Graeme_Cook> HAHA sorry I find that strange! I was in the military and I have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where the males in the musilum world hold hands and kiss each others cheeks???
[12:13] <Rune> many christians have said hateful things in support of his actions.. soooo yeah
[12:13] <@FltAdmlWolf> I'm sure we'll find out more in the coming days. But for now, let's remember those who were killed, be thankful we have a safe space for LGBT people to connect here in our community, and look to a better future.
[12:13] <Hannibal> Amen Admiral......
[12:13] <skyfire> well said, admiral.
[12:13] <Wayfarer> yeah, it should be more about the victims than wasting breath on that guy
[12:13] <Mirra_Ezo> Well said
[12:13] <TheoWhittaker> @FltAdmlWolf couldn't have said that better
�03[12:14] * T-Mihn ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:14] <Rune> absolutely Admiral
[12:14] <Vie> Indeed.
[12:14] <Graeme_Cook> Here here
[12:14] <Toni> Exactly Adm.
[12:14] <T-Mihn> Boi.yo.
[12:14] <skyfire> Aah! It's a Vulcan!
[12:14] <Vie> Hey T-Mihn.
[12:14] <Mirra_Ezo> I want to hug everyone and make cookies. I'm an emotional Polish baker,
[12:14] <T-Mihn> :)
[12:14] <@Jalana> Hi Rune, Vie and T-Mihn!
�03[12:14] * Renos ( has joined #Starbase118
�03[12:14] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Renos
[12:14] <@Jalana> Hi Renos! 
[12:14] <Hannibal> T'MIHN!!!!!!!
[12:14] <Rune> hi Jalana
[12:14] <skyfire> ::waves to Renos::
[12:14] <TheoWhittaker> Hello Renos!
[12:14] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello T'Mihn, Hello renos
[12:14] <Eerie> hello Renos
[12:14] <T-Mihn> Hey big guy
[12:14] <Wayfarer> Hey everybody new
[12:14] <Quinn_Reynolds_> Hi folks!
[12:14] <Vie> Hey Jelana
[12:14] <Graeme_Cook> MMM cookies..
[12:14] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo i want cookies!
[12:14] <Toni> Hi Renos
[12:14] <T-Mihn> Cookies?; )
[12:14] <Hannibal> What kind of cookies?
[12:14] <Graeme_Cook> Hello Renos
[12:14] <Flynn> You can hug me and make me cookies if you want Mirra_Ezo
[12:14] <skyfire> ::eats Cook's oreos::
[12:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Awe thanks Flynn lol
[12:14] <@FltAdmlWolf> This week: UFOP: SB118's 22nd anniversary of founding :)
[12:14] <@Renos> Hello everyone! :) How are you all doing?
[12:14] <Mirra_Ezo> Any kind of cookies!
[12:14] <T-Mihn> Same here. Hugging me is fine.
[12:14] <Shayne> Renos! Hi.
[12:14] <Flynn> very nice!
[12:14] <Mirra_Ezo> We need anniversary cookies!
[12:15] <Wayfarer> 22 years, that is a lot
[12:15] <@Jalana> wohoooo 22 fabulous years! On to 22 more! 
[12:15] <Hutch> 22 cookies please
[12:15] <Shayne> Hey there!
[12:15] <skyfire> Anniversary death-star cookies?
[12:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> Doing OK.  Working on an overly long to-do list
[12:15] <T-Mihn> Chocolate I can't have because I get drunk mumm. Not pretty.
[12:15] <@Renos> Woohoo! 22 years is amazing!
[12:15] <Traenor> 22 years! What an accomplishment!
[12:15] <TheoWhittaker> 22 years! WOW
[12:15] <@Sal_Taybrim> w00t for 22!
[12:15] <Graeme_Cook> Is there anyone here who has been here the 22 years?
[12:15] <skyfire> T'Mihn: Did you know that the verse in banned from menthar about chocolate & saveron was written because he got drunk?
[12:15] <Moonsong> 22 years is great! You only have 9 years till you catch up to me. ;)
[12:15] <Mirra_Ezo> 22 is awesome, we've had our crazy "I'm 21 I'll drink daily" and matured to "Just a cocktail please, work in the morning"
[12:15] <Toni> 22 year of imagination and talent
[12:16] <skyfire> Ummm...Wolf's been around that long, but I can't confirm if anyone else has.
[12:16] <Flynn> I started probably around 15 years ago, but there is a long gap in the middle
[12:16] <Hannibal> I would love to get SAveron drunk.....
[12:16] <Toni> skipping through so many creative stars
[12:16] <Quinn_Reynolds_> I think Cody has, off and on?
[12:16] <Moonsong> I've been in the 'business going on 40 years. :Suddenly goes into shock:
[12:16] <Shayne> This group is the most wonderful thing to happen to me in recent memory.
[12:16] <Graeme_Cook> Wow Moonsong!
[12:16] <TheoWhittaker> Theo shall have to host an anniversary cocktail party in the sky palace!!
[12:17] <skyfire> Firestarter has been in the group 15 years I think.
[12:17] <@Renos> Aww Shayne that's so nice to hear :)
[12:17] <Mirra_Ezo> Man the memories, I can tell you I've a seasoned player with my....uh...*cough* one year *coughcough*
[12:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> Me, I founded the group ;) 
[12:17] <Moonsong> Hannibal, you missed Saveron drunk. It was hilarious.
�03[12:17] * Quinn_Reynolds_ is now known as Quinn_Reynolds
[12:17] <Flynn> Firestarter, name sounds familiar
[12:17] <Graeme_Cook> Hello Shayne
�03[12:17] * ChanServ sets mode: +o Quinn_Reynolds
[12:17] <skyfire> Flynn: Also played Pon Pon and a number of others.
[12:17] <Shayne> Yo Graeme_Cook !
[12:17] <Vie> Pon Pon.
[12:17] <Hannibal> Rats!!!! How come you didn't invite me Moonsong?
[12:17] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo "just a cocktail".... followed by one more :D
[12:17] <Shayne> Ah, Pon Pon! I remember that!
[12:17] <Mirra_Ezo> Or two
[12:17] <@FltAdmlWolf> But otherwise, no. Check out Hall of Honor for other long-serving members:
[12:18] <Flynn> Its interesting to see the fleet has evolved over the years. Im sure FltAdmlWolf can concur
[12:18] <Mirra_Ezo> We learned to hold our liquor and stop challenging Anticans to arm wrestling
[12:18] <Moonsong> Hannibal, did you know Vulcans can get drunk on chocolate?
[12:18] <TheoWhittaker> Who is Pon Pon and why do I already love him or her?
�03[12:18] * Carlos ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:18] <Hannibal> Yes....
[12:18] <Mirra_Ezo> Wasn't Pon Pon a doctor on the Starbase?
[12:18] <T-Mihn> No Sunfire I didn't.
[12:18] <skyfire>
[12:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> for a while, yes
[12:18] <@FltAdmlWolf> Yes, it has changed quite a bit.
[12:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Carlos
[12:18] <@Jalana> Hi Carlos
[12:18] <skyfire> He was indeed. And he was cute.
[12:18] <Mirra_Ezo> What is the anniversary present for 22?
[12:19] <Carlos> Hello evryone
[12:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> Two steps up from Janker
[12:19] <TheoWhittaker> I LOVE PON PON
[12:19] <@Renos> Hi Carlos
[12:19] <Flynn> I think its cookies
[12:19] <TheoWhittaker> Sal_Taybrim booo hisssss
[12:19] <@Jalana> TheoWhittaker, just reading your sim and while I was writing last night I thought the exact same thing btw "Whittaker: :: amused :: oO She may not like long speeches, but she's damned good at giving one. Oo"
[12:19] <skyfire> And with bizzare speech patterns.
[12:19] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Copper, Mirra.
[12:19] <Morela> 22 is copper
[12:19] <Mirra_Ezo> 22 years is copper!
[12:19] <Mirra_Ezo> Thanks everyone lol
[12:19] <Mirra_Ezo> Faster googlers than me
[12:19] <Hutch> 8 years is also copper...
[12:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> I wish it was cookies.  Oh!  Oh?  WHen is the PASTRY anniversary?
[12:19] <TheoWhittaker> Jalana haha :D
[12:20] <skyfire> why are we talking about google now?
[12:20] <Flynn> Oh, Hi Morely :)
[12:20] <Hannibal> Being with anything 22 years is an accomplishment.....
[12:20] <Flynn> Morela^
[12:20] <Graeme_Cook> Lmao
[12:20] <TheoWhittaker> Jalana you might be there for a while reading it- its a mini war and peace hahah
[12:20] <Mirra_Ezo> Copper cookies sounds a horrible idea
[12:20] <Morela> Hi Flynn
[12:20] <TheoWhittaker> Hi Morela! :D
[12:20] <Morela> Hi Theo!
[12:20] <Vie> Not to vulcans?
�06[12:20] * Moonsong 's spouse: Thats for danged sure.
[12:20] <Rune> lol
[12:21] <TheoWhittaker> so how are our ships all doing?
�02[12:21] * Toni ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:21] <Flynn> Mirra_Ezo your ribbon has been updated
�03[12:21] * Toni ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:21] <Mirra_Ezo> I have to battle an Axe Body Spray bathed Medic...
[12:21] <Moonsong> We're painting the Invicta hot pink
[12:21] <Mirra_Ezo> Thanks Flynn !!!
[12:21] <Hannibal> Vulcans have copper based blood so they would like them...tinged with chocolate....
[12:21] <skyfire> Mirra: so how are you going to deal with that?
[12:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mirra: I'm waiting to see that battle
[12:21] <Rune> I didn't get that memo Moonsong
[12:21] <Mirra_Ezo> Chocolate chip copper flaked cookies. got iot
[12:21] <Alana_Larson> I can't wait to see that either
[12:21] <Mirra_Ezo> Pressure!
[12:21] <TheoWhittaker> Moonsong as you do :D ;)
[12:21] <skyfire> I'll sell tickets, Mirra!
[12:22] <Mirra_Ezo> I am so worried I won't live up to it lol
[12:22] <Hannibal> The thunder is rescuing genetically enhamced cats, while the Embassy is preparing for ....
[12:22] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo Chennel will pop in for that fight XD
[12:22] <Moonsong> Rune: Word of mouth is your friend. Now, hot pink or neon pink...
[12:22] <Mirra_Ezo> She can have him
[12:22] <Flynn> Why does the idea of genetically enhanced cats scare me so much?
[12:22] <Hutch> HAnnibal - would that make them Thundercats?
[12:22] <@Quinn_Reynolds> It could be like that Bake Off showpiece where everything was made out of chocolate, including the copper saucepans.
[12:22] <Wayfarer> geez
[12:22] <@Quinn_Reynolds> ::Drool::
[12:22] <Rune> I'm always the last to know
[12:22] <Mirra_Ezo> It's not my fault Alana_Larson images inspire battles!!!
[12:22] <Alana_Larson> lol
[12:22] <Rune> neon for sure
[12:23] <Hannibal> So far they have not killed anyone yet....
[12:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> Oooh, image battles.  Good conflicts to have!
[12:23] <Moonsong> Rune: Hardly. I just decided.
[12:23] <Rune> lol
[12:23] <TheoWhittaker> Ops is having a beach party on shore leave :D
�03[12:23] * Trellis ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:23] <@Jalana> hi Trellis 
[12:23] <Trellis> Hello!
[12:23] <Mirra_Ezo> Hey Trellis
[12:23] <TheoWhittaker> Hi Trellis :)
[12:23] <@Renos> Hi Trellis
[12:23] <Wayfarer> Hey Trellis
[12:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Trellis!
[12:23] <Trellis> What'd I miss?
[12:23] <Alana_Larson> I heard something about giving a certain Gorn a kiss the chief apron the other day, and now my search history is weird again... I shouldn't be allowed to photoshop...
[12:24] <Moonsong> Rich is gonna do the newly married thing so we are gonna Par-Tay!
[12:24] <Flynn> I do like image battles, i will miss the graphicss contest
[12:24] <Flynn> Hey Trellis!
[12:24] <Wayfarer> the secret to eternal life, Trellis
[12:24] <Mirra_Ezo> Alana_Larson please make that a thing
[12:24] <Rune> when the cat's away...
[12:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> The celebration on the game being 22 years old?
[12:24] <Alana_Larson> I am making that a thing
[12:24] <Mirra_Ezo> Tatash needs a "Kiss the cook" Apron
[12:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> well, we're still clebrating
[12:24] <Hutch> Rich won all image battles with the card of Major Whale
[12:24] <@Sal_Taybrim> Major Whale?
[12:24] <Flynn> I think he got one back on the day on Columbia, or maybe I just wished that lol
[12:24] <Trellis> Dammit! I knew I should have come earlier, then I could live forever... But in the immortal words of Queen (and Highlander), 'Who Wants to Live Forever?'
�03[12:25] * Sal_Taybrim sets mode: +v skyfire
�03[12:25] * Sal_Taybrim sets mode: +v skyfire
[12:25] <Wayfarer> there is a Major Whale?
[12:25] <Moonsong> No comment.
[12:25] <Alana_Larson> The Colonel Whale was my work
[12:25] <Mirra_Ezo> Again with the battles
[12:25] <TheoWhittaker> Alana_Larson are you a graphics creator? :)
[12:26] <Alana_Larson> And speaking of those cards, I actually professionally printed 15 sets of them in class
[12:26] <Trellis> Mirra_Ezo, Alana_Larson, should it be 'Kiss the Gorn' maybe?
[12:26] <Alana_Larson> Yes
[12:26] <Mirra_Ezo> He made Dr. Axe spray lol
[12:26] <Shayne> I still remember that trading card someone made with Colonel Whale. I laughed so hard I puked.
[12:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> She is, and a darn tootin' one, too
[12:26] <Hutch> Was it Colonel Whale? I never thought he'd been promoted that high!
[12:26] <TheoWhittaker> Alana_Larson what program do you use?
[12:26] <Flynn> Alana_Larson is very talented
�03[12:26] * Sal_Taybrim sets mode: +v skyfire
[12:26] <Hutch> In that case Alana_Larson has won all image battles past, present and future
�03[12:26] * Carlos ( has left #Starbase118
[12:27] <Mirra_Ezo> Alana_Larson indulges my werdo beggings for amusing imaged
[12:27] <Mirra_Ezo> images^
[12:27] <@Jalana> it's just fun to make all kinds of images hehe 
[12:27] <Flynn> Its probably a good thing I dont have time more time for play images lol
[12:27] <+skyfire> I use gimp 2.8 or 2.9 depending.
[12:27] <Alana_Larson> Liam Frost gave me the idea
[12:27] <T-Mihn> T'Mihn got tanked on three mugs of coco.
[12:27] <Mirra_Ezo> And Jalana Grace Jones Chennel will forever be amazing
[12:27] <TheoWhittaker> Yes!
[12:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> And full of evil
[12:27] <Trellis> true!
[12:27] <T-Mihn> She was dressed as a pirate from a Holodeck adventure.
[12:28] <TheoWhittaker> Jalana outdid herself, Grace Jones as Chennel is spectacular #spacepiratequeen
[12:28] <Mirra_Ezo> Not that all of your other images aren't, but Bolian Grace Jones? Epic.
[12:28] <Flynn> That was very well done
[12:28] <@Quinn_Reynolds> So much yes.
[12:28] <T-Mihn> She ended up under the table bottle of rum in hand.
[12:28] <Moonsong> I don't have time for graphics like I used to.
[12:28] <Mirra_Ezo> T-Mihn that seems like a fantastic idea
[12:28] <Flynn> Photoshoping people is my greatest weakness
�03[12:28] * Alana_Droid ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:28] <Mirra_Ezo> Says the man who made Miami Vice TheoWhittaker
[12:28] <@Sal_Taybrim> I do one kind of photoshop: bad photoshop
[12:28] <Flynn> Imagine if it was a strength :p
[12:28] <@Jalana> I totally LOVED that! also my Cardassians... Judy Dench and what's her name LOL i forgot 
[12:29] <Moonsong> Still making videos though.
[12:29] <TheoWhittaker> i would love to be able to do graphics work but I frequently lose my patience with Photoshop haha
[12:29] <Alana_Droid>
[12:29] <Toni> hey T'Mihn glad you could make it today
[12:29] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo #TilannaVice
[12:29] <Alana_Larson> This is what happens when I take an april fools joke seriously
[12:29] <Mirra_Ezo> Those are amazing!!!
[12:29] <Hutch> Jalana has made me some amazing Cardassian/Bajoran hybrids
[12:29] <Flynn> Took me a while to wrap my head around photoshop
[12:29] <@Jalana> Hutch: and it was a great honor and so much fun :)
[12:29] <@Quinn_Reynolds> She made me a rad Denobulan, too. I luffs it.
[12:29] <Trellis> I've downloaded photoshop but never actually used it
[12:29] <T-Mihn> Thundercats are awesome.
[12:30] <TheoWhittaker> the magnetic lasso tool is the worst thing EVER
[12:30] <Hutch> Jalana I still need to add Bjork-hybrid to the plot at some point
[12:30] <@Jalana> yes yes yes! 
[12:30] <Flynn> Thundercats was going to be my graphics contest entry, but I never had time to finish it
[12:30] <Mirra_Ezo> Bjork...?
[12:30] <Mirra_Ezo> The singer...?
[12:30] <@Sal_Taybrim> Alana: oooh, cards.  Are they actually printed or cleverly photoshopped?
[12:30] <Wayfarer> could anyone else want to use that name?
[12:30] <Alana_Larson> Those are printed
[12:30] <+skyfire> Uh-oh.
[12:30] <Hutch> Yes, Jalana photoshopped her for me
[12:30] <Alana_Larson> I have approximately 1500 of them
�03[12:31] * Morela_mobile ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:31] <Wayfarer> wow
�03[12:31] * Ceilidh ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:31] <T-Mihn> Thanks Theo.
[12:31] <Mirra_Ezo> That's impressive
[12:31] <Wayfarer> very
[12:31] <Alana_Larson> I get carried away sometimes
[12:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> wb Morela!  Welcome Ceilidh!
[12:31] <Ceilidh> Hello everyone!
[12:31] <+skyfire> Riverview!
[12:31] <Hutch> welcome!
[12:31] <T-Mihn> I like the originals and the newest. Pretty cool
[12:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> awesome
[12:31] <Ceilidh> Skyfire!
[12:31] <Trellis> Welcome Morela, Ceildh!
[12:31] <+skyfire> Riverview, we should talk and catch up sometime.
[12:31] <TheoWhittaker> WB Morela and hello Ceildh!
[12:32] <Mirra_Ezo> Hey Trellis congrats on Lt. Cmdr, well deserved man
[12:32] <@Jalana> hi Ceilidh
[12:32] <Moonsong> I don't like water chestnuts.
[12:32] <Ceilidh> Of course that I'm back online!
[12:32] <Trellis> Oh, thanks. :)
[12:32] <Ceilidh> Hi Jalana!
�02[12:32] * Rune ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:32] <@Sal_Taybrim> Yes, ::Spit shines the new LtC:: congrats Trellis!
[12:32] <Mirra_Ezo> I read it and totally did a happy girl squeal with clapping
[12:32] <Flynn> Yes Trellis, so much congrats!!
[12:32] <TheoWhittaker> Jalana i'm looking at images of Grace Jones... get photoshop ready :)
[12:32] <Trellis> Thanks everyone! ::blushes::
[12:32] <Wayfarer> congrats, Trellis
�03[12:32] * Deliera (kiwiirc@202.137.uyw.uyw) has joined #Starbase118
[12:33] <Alana_Larson> Hi Deliera
[12:33] <@Jalana> HAHA alright! 
[12:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Deliera!
[12:33] <@Jalana> Hi Deliera
[12:33] <Morela_mobile> Speaking of spit shining
[12:33] <Wayfarer> Hey Deliera
[12:33] <TheoWhittaker> Hi Deliera
[12:33] <Deliera> Morning, all
[12:33] <Moonsong> Deliera! Up in the middle of the night?
[12:33] <Morela_mobile> I used to be very good at it
[12:33] <Ceilidh> Morning Deliera
[12:33] <Deliera> 3:33am to be exact
[12:33] <Mirra_Ezo> Yikes
[12:33] <Hutch> ouch!
[12:33] <Wayfarer> ugh
[12:33] <Mirra_Ezo> Thanks for being here at such an unholy hour
[12:33] <Morela_mobile> Ouchy
[12:33] <Moonsong> Now that, Ladies and Gentlemen is true dedication.
[12:34] <Wayfarer> or insomnia
[12:34] <Mirra_Ezo> I send you glad caffeinated tidings
[12:34] <Moonsong> Or she can't sleep
[12:34] <Hannibal> DEEEEE!!!!!!!!!
[12:34] <TheoWhittaker> im seriously considering having an all nighter and playing Final Fantasy XII :D
[12:34] <T-Mihn> T'Mihn's drunken thing was fun. Even talking like a pirate.
[12:34] <Mirra_Ezo> That is a fantastic plan TheoWhittaker
[12:34] <Trellis> Ouch. 3:33? Insomnia
[12:34] <TheoWhittaker> ooooh.... coffee
[12:34] <+skyfire> oooh, insomnia. 
[12:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, coffee.  And playing FFXII sounds fun!
[12:34] <+skyfire> ::High-5's the insomniacs.::
[12:34] <Morela_mobile> Insomnia sucks!
[12:35] <+skyfire> Don't I know it.
[12:35] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo it's my favourite Final Fantasy :)
[12:35] <Mirra_Ezo> coffee and video games. Always a plan
[12:35] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I've never played 12.
[12:35] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I am all about 14 right now.
[12:35] <Mirra_Ezo> I LOVED 10. I know lots o'people thought it was lame, but I did not
[12:35] <Flynn> I played some of 12 but never finished it
[12:35] <Graeme_Cook> FF7 and 9 were my fav
[12:35] <Moonsong> My knowledge of Final Fantasy is limited to the movie.
[12:35] <Trellis> I never made it past FF2
[12:35] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Me too, Graeme.
[12:35] <+skyfire> The Challenger is interesting stuff...but it had it's share of weirdness.
[12:35] <@Quinn_Reynolds> So looking forward to the remake.
[12:35] <TheoWhittaker> FF9 is glorious
[12:35] <Graeme_Cook> I'm that sad i have them on my ipad!
[12:35] <TheoWhittaker> the only one i really don't like is 13
[12:36] <TheoWhittaker> so, so, so bad
[12:36] <Morela_mobile> Moonsong, I never even saw the movie. 
[12:36] <Mirra_Ezo> not sad, dedicated
[12:36] <Hutch> FF7 ruled my time at university.
[12:36] <Moonsong> Just as my knowledge of baseball is limited to watching Major League. ;)
[12:36] <Wayfarer> Im with you Morela
[12:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I've got the PC version of 7 and modded it to high heaven.
�06[12:36] * Morela_mobile is a Nintendo generation reject
[12:36] <Flynn> I have learned I prefer the old school Final Fantasy. This new stuff just isnt the same. I stopped at 13, couldnt finish it
[12:36] <TheoWhittaker> There's a PC version?!!"?!
[12:36] <TheoWhittaker> THIS IS BRAND NEW INFORMATION!
[12:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> xD
[12:36] <@Quinn_Reynolds> It's on Steam!
[12:36] <Mirra_Ezo> You didn't know?
[12:36] <Graeme_Cook> modded? ultimate cloud?
[12:36] <+skyfire> Theo: it's old, but....yeah, it does exist for PC
[12:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> I disliked FF13.  I do like many old video games, tho :)
[12:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds> They rereleased it on PC, Sky
[12:37] <T-Mihn> I don't like insomnia.: (  have it because of body pain from siactic nerve pain.
[12:37] <Flynn> 8 and 10 are my favorites
[12:37] <TheoWhittaker> me right now:
[12:37] <Mirra_Ezo> I liked the chocobo chick in the dudes hair. That's as far as it went
[12:37] <+skyfire> Quinn: How long ago?
�02[12:37] * Morela_mobile ( Quit (Quit: Bye�)
[12:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds> A year or so?
[12:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds>
[12:37] <Flynn> Right, 8 is on Steam as well. Possibly a couple others
[12:37] <@Quinn_Reynolds> 3! 2013, according to the page.
[12:37] <Mirra_Ezo> T-Mihn i am sorry to hear about the sciatic nerve pain
[12:37] <Mirra_Ezo> that is totally the worst
[12:38] <TheoWhittaker> Not only was Lightning horribly miserable but her sister was one of those permanantly cheerful video game characters that make me irrationally angry
[12:38] <@Quinn_Reynolds> They're pretty much all on Steam, now, I think?
[12:38] <+skyfire> if I ever get money, I'll take it under consideration
[12:38] <TheoWhittaker> and who calls their rebel faction NORA
[12:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> Well, Snow does
[12:38] <T-Mihn> Mirra, ehh.what is, is.I just roll with it.
[12:38] <@Quinn_Reynolds> 8, 9, 10
[12:38] <@Sal_Taybrim> but Snow's dumb
[12:38] <Flynn> They have little boosters and things too for the slackers that dont have time to grind (like myself lol)
[12:38] <@Quinn_Reynolds> 12, I think? Lightning Returns is.
[12:38] <TheoWhittaker> Louis Vutton are using Lightning now as a model XD
[12:38] <Flynn> I just got super bored with the combat
[12:38] <Mirra_Ezo> Hope annoyed the hell out of me
[12:39] <Hutch> I have 12 I think for Xbox. Never actually played it
[12:39] <T-Mihn> My idiot manager at work doesn't understand the concept of good sleep and hydraition contribute to good productivity..
[12:39] <TheoWhittaker> I thought that 12 was PlayStation exclusive
[12:39] <Flynn> 12 had kind of a cool combat mechanic. You could like program certain actions at various conditions
[12:39] <Mirra_Ezo> T-Mihn we should fire him. from a cannon. into the sun.
[12:39] <Toni> brb afk
[12:39] <Flynn> I have 12 on the ps2
[12:39] <Hannibal> All they understand is working you to death...which is why I hate most bosses....
[12:40] <Flynn> I feel that pain
[12:40] <TheoWhittaker> Flynn yeah i love the battle engine and the fact that the main character is just a regular kid with no real super powers or destiny
[12:40] <Morela> Sciatica really sucks
[12:40] <Flynn> I should really give 12 another go
[12:40] <Mirra_Ezo> But the whining...OH THE WHINING!!!
[12:40] <T-Mihn> *hisses * Hannibal, I agree.
[12:40] <TheoWhittaker> Morela yes, it really does :(
[12:40] <Flynn> I didnt know 10 was on Steam, may be time for a replay
[12:40] <Hannibal> There is something liberating about being mercenary....
[12:41] <@Renos> My dinner is ready so I'll see you wonderful folks later
[12:41] <Mirra_Ezo> I know a few stretches, but really not much can be done on ones own
[12:41] <@Renos> Bye :)
[12:41] <@Quinn_Reynolds> They've released a bunch within the past few months
[12:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Renos!
[12:41] <Graeme_Cook> Bye Renos
[12:41] <Mirra_Ezo> have a lovely day Renos
[12:41] <Trellis> Bye @Renos, enjoy!
[12:41] <+skyfire> bye, Renos!
[12:41] <Eerie> enjoy din din
[12:41] <Hutch> bye james!
[12:41] <Shayne> Seeya, Fleet Captain!
[12:41] <Hannibal> Take care REnos!!!
[12:41] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Later!
[12:41] <Flynn> Bye Renos!
[12:41] <TheoWhittaker> Who remembers that cringe-inducing laughing scene in 10?
[12:41] <@Jalana> take care Renos!
[12:41] <Mirra_Ezo> TheoWhittaker don't insult my love!!!
�02[12:41] * @Renos ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:41] <Mirra_Ezo> Ok that was kind of lame but I still love that game lol
[12:41] <TheoWhittaker> Mirra_Ezo your love? Eh?
[12:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: I think everyone remembers the cringworth laughing scene
�06[12:42] * Mirra_Ezo sobs in shame for her love of 10
[12:42] <Morela> Therabands and foam rollers can help, depending on the cause. But, if the nerve is pinched by bone, there's not much that can be done
[12:42] <Hutch> Star Trek were doing cringe-worthy laughing scenes way before that
[12:42] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Who was it that liked the old school ones? Have you looked at I Am Setsuna?
[12:42] <T-Mihn> Whining?; there is no whining.
[12:42] <Trellis> What is this, baseball?
[12:42] <Shayne> @ Sal Taybrim: ...Except the guy that has never played Final Fantasy...
[12:42] <@Quinn_Reynolds>
[12:42] <Flynn> I remember the Macarena reference
[12:42] <Mirra_Ezo> In 12 the dude whines all the time
[12:42] <TheoWhittaker> I played the 10 remaster and I didn't enjoy it as much
[12:42] <T-Mihn> Ehh.ten,twelve?
[12:43] <Mirra_Ezo> Final Fantasy Game
[12:43] <TheoWhittaker> T-Mihn Final Fantasy games :)
[12:43] <Mirra_Ezo> what he said^
[12:43] <Flynn> Dare I bring up the either loved or hated Blitz Ball?
[12:43] <Mirra_Ezo> HATE.
[12:43] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I didn't mind it. xD
[12:43] <T-Mihn>  I can make those costumes
[12:43] <TheoWhittaker> Flynn i was rubbish at it :D
[12:43] <Flynn> I loved it
[12:43] <Mirra_Ezo> T-Mihn that's awesome!
[12:43] <Graeme_Cook> I loved the open scene for blitz ball! awesome music
[12:43] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I liked 10, although I didn't finish it.
[12:43] <Flynn> It got easiier as you recruited a better team
[12:44] <TheoWhittaker> What about 10-2 though? All those dresses! XD
[12:44] <T-Mihn> As in FF costumes. Currently working on a couple of comissions on Assissin's Creed.
[12:44] <Mirra_Ezo> Yes it was all about the fashion lol
[12:44] <Flynn> Ugh, X-2
[12:44] <Mirra_Ezo> T-Mihn do you have pictures? I'd love to see the,
[12:44] <Mirra_Ezo> them^
[12:45] <TheoWhittaker> i've never a seen a more blatent attempt to woo female gamers before
[12:45] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Cosplay, T'Mihn?
[12:45] <TheoWhittaker> Payne had great hair though
[12:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> I put my whole team into the beasty costumes in 10-2 and had them autokill >.>
[12:45] <Graeme_Cook> T-Mihn you make costumes?
[12:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> "go.  kill stuff.  thanks."
[12:45] <Flynn> haha nice
[12:45] <T-Mihn> No pics yet. All pics I have are Jedi gear. All made if raw silk.
[12:45] <TheoWhittaker> is the new tombraider game any good?
[12:45] <T-Mihn> Yes Sir.
[12:45] <Hutch> My personal favourite video game series is still Mass Effect.
[12:46] <TheoWhittaker> T-Mihn how long have you been making?
[12:46] <Flynn> I played halfway through X-2 like three times before realizing i missed something and restarting
�02[12:46] * Wayfarer ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:46] <Mirra_Ezo> That sounds incredibly fancy T-Mihn
[12:46] <Hannibal> @ Sal...sounds like Hannibal on a normal day.....
[12:46] <Flynn> Mass Effect is good
[12:46] <Graeme_Cook> Wow! What don't you make? lol
[12:46] <T-Mihn> Yes, Greame I make em and CosPlay too if I fan
[12:46] <+skyfire> I make chain mail armor, guys.
[12:46] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Awesome. One of my favoutites things about convention news coverage are all the rad cosplay costumes.
[12:46] <Flynn> That is awesome Skyfire
[12:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hannibal: How very anime of you.
[12:46] <T-Mihn> Theo, been making things since 1991 off and on.
[12:46] <Hannibal> I like that, Skyfire.....
[12:46] <Hutch> Quinn_Reynolds there's the Yorkshire cosplay convention just down the road from me right now
[12:46] <+skyfire> Flynn: I think I was going to talk to Mirra about an army of plushie collars for your children's plushie collection
[12:46] <Mirra_Ezo> Those people are seriously talented. I couldn't make an iron t-shirt patch lol
[12:46] <Flynn> Looking forward to seeing some good Cosplay at Origins Game Fair next weekend
[12:47] <@Quinn_Reynolds> WHAT
[12:47] <TheoWhittaker> Yorkshire? Ooooooh.... are there fellow Brits here?
[12:47] <Hannibal> @Sal...thank you....
[12:47] <Trellis> I live in the UK, but not British, Theo
[12:47] <T-Mihn> Mirra, raw silk is just a nice fabric. Really sturdy. Can machine wash mane dyes well with acid dyes
[12:47] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yes! Hi Theo. :D
[12:47] <TheoWhittaker> Hi Quinn! :D
[12:47] <Flynn> I dont think you would ever finish Skyfire, they have too many lol
[12:47] <Hutch> Yes Theo, a few of us!
[12:48] <+skyfire> Flynn: long as the pay's good, I'm good to make things
[12:48] <TheoWhittaker> Woo! I'm in Staffordshire (soon to be Nottinghamshire) :D
[12:48] <Mirra_Ezo> Quick, British test: How do you take your coffee?
[12:48] <Trellis> Mirra, it's called tea
[12:48] <Mirra_Ezo> You passed!
[12:48] <Hutch> What Trellis said!
[12:48] <TheoWhittaker> Earl Grey tea obvs
[12:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> How do you imbibe your caffiene?
[12:48] <T-Mihn> Mirra,they truly are. I'm amazed how they think up stuff and make them. Many times self taught.
[12:48] <Trellis> TheoWhittaker, that actually is the flavour of tea I like most
[12:49] <Deliera> Lipton my friends
[12:49] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yorkshire, as you might have guessed. :D
[12:49] <T-Mihn> Sal,by the gallon.
[12:49] <TheoWhittaker> Trellis you sir are amazing
[12:49] <+skyfire> Did you know Tea, Earl Grey, Hot, is a licensed star trek collectable from think gek?
[12:49] <Mirra_Ezo> You all passed, now who watched the Queen's birthday parade?
[12:49] <Graeme_Cook> T-Mihn i have this... yep thats me lmao
[12:49] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Which my nephew calls Orcshire, and is convinced that's where the Orcs from Lord of the Rings live.
[12:49] <TheoWhittaker> i did!
[12:49] <Flynn> Earl Grey is good. Though my typical morning beverage is a bit more classy. Mean bean Monster.
[12:49] <Graeme_Cook> oops
[12:49] <Deliera> ...there's a parade?
[12:49] <Moonsong> Currently doing the Green Tea phase. Hot and iced.
[12:49] <Hutch> Quinn_Reynolds
[12:49] <@Sal_Taybrim> I either like: Coffee + 2% milk + Bel Vita breakfast Biscuits or Twining English Afternoon + half and half + 1 sugar + McVities plain.
[12:49] <TheoWhittaker> I love Green Tea Moonsong
[12:49] <T-Mihn> Earl grey is good with a little lemon.
[12:49] <TheoWhittaker> I just love tea really
[12:49] <Trellis> I did not. Partly related to the fact that I don't watch live tv and I'm not British...
[12:49] <Graeme_Cook> T-Mihn i have this... yep thats me lmao
[12:49] <@Sal_Taybrim> I mostly drink coffee because it saves on calories
[12:49] <T-Mihn> Sal,sounds yummy.
[12:49] <TheoWhittaker> my local coffee shop does an Apple & Elderflower Tea
[12:50] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I watched a bit of Trooping the Colour, Mirra
[12:50] <Hannibal> Coffee is excellent....
[12:50] <Flynn> I like Chamomile, but it puts me to sleep like a little babe
[12:50] <Mirra_Ezo> That sounds amazing TheoWhittaker
[12:50] <Graeme_Cook> Any ideas to make the rest of a costume as to purchase its expensive!
[12:50] <T-Mihn> I drinkbtea coffee.. teas aren't heavily sweetened.
[12:50] <Moonsong> But I must start my day with coffee. My husband is a klingon  before coffee.
[12:50] <Flynn> lol
[12:50] <TheoWhittaker> I do love Liz 2 :)
[12:50] <@Sal_Taybrim> The local coffeeshop here does this wild Wisconsin blueberry tea.  It smells amazing.  One person orders it and soon half the shop orders it as well
[12:50] <Graeme_Cook> lol
[12:50] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Princess Charlotte is the cuteness.
[12:50] <Trellis> Moonsong, does your husband drink raktajino, then?
[12:50] <TheoWhittaker> I was all about Kate's hat yesterday
[12:51] <Hutch> Tea shouldn't be fruit based! :)
[12:51] <Mirra_Ezo> Tea and Cosplay. I love you guys.
[12:51] <T-Mihn> Graeme, it depends on your sewing skill level, time to craft, do you have the stuff already there.
[12:51] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Someone needs to keep up the Queen's amazing hat tradition.
[12:51] <TheoWhittaker> It was so cool, with that flower *underneath* instea on top
[12:51] <Moonsong> Trellis, if we had it he probably would. Seriously the man is ugly without coffee.
[12:51] <Graeme_Cook> :( no lol
[12:51] <Trellis> ha
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hutch: ok, hippie.  Herbal infusion.
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> feel the Zen, man
[12:51] <Graeme_Cook> I'm pretty good at sewing
[12:51] <+skyfire> Mmmm....tea.
[12:51] <T-Mihn> Having someone make it varies on expense.
[12:51] <Hannibal> I cheated..bought most of my cos stuff, but the people in my group would never say they did cosplay....
[12:52] <Hutch> Sal_Taybrim Better. You'd never see Picard ordering one of those
[12:52] <Flynn> I would happily do cosplay, if I had that kind of money or time lol
[12:52] <Mirra_Ezo> I think you should take pride in bought or made, wear it and be fabulous
[12:52] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Kate always looks so glam, though.
[12:52] <@Sal_Taybrim> Shame on Picard.
[12:52] <TheoWhittaker> my university lecturer doesn't rate her as a fashion icon at all
[12:52] <+skyfire> hey, pride collars! great idea, Mirra!
[12:52] <Moonsong> I did cosplay before it was a word ;)
[12:53] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Yeah, a lot of people thinks there's a bit too much frump
[12:53] <Moonsong> ST cons in NYC
[12:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> Moonsong earns the first hipster point of the day!
[12:53] <Hannibal> Western re-enactors would never use that word....
[12:53] <Mirra_Ezo> Hispter Moonsong
�03[12:53] * Carlos ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:53] <Flynn> Depends on if you count when I strapped a belt to my chest as a kid and played being a Klingon :)
[12:53] <Hutch> I couldn't go see people dressed up today as I was busy dressed up and fighting in the woods
[12:53] <TheoWhittaker> to be fair though my uni lecturer has got some appalling tastes
[12:53] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hahaha
[12:53] <Moonsong> the 6 foot tribble was still the highlight of those early years.
[12:53] <Flynn> Hi Carlos
[12:53] <Hannibal> I like a six foot tribble..
[12:54] <TheoWhittaker> Attack Of The Giant Tribbles... coming to a simm near you
[12:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> 6 foot tribble?
[12:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: NO.
[12:54] <Hutch> 6' Tribble? I'm imagining Cousin It
[12:54] <+skyfire> 6 foot tribble? Yikes. Im glad we didn't have one of those attack.
[12:54] <Carlos> Hello
�06[12:54] * Moonsong was a hipster before *that* was a word.
[12:54] <Hannibal> The Klingons would sing songs about them....
[12:54] <Graeme_Cook> LMAO
[12:54] <@Sal_Taybrim> (actually it's more of Theo: Don't tempt me...)
[12:54] <Moonsong> It was hilarious in the elevator. Tribble "What floor please?"
[12:54] <Mirra_Ezo> Giant tribbles?!?
[12:54] <TheoWhittaker> i'm growing a hipster manbun
[12:54] <Mirra_Ezo> "Did that pile of fur just talk to me...?"
[12:54] <Hannibal> My woman is a hipster.....
[12:54] <TheoWhittaker> love a manbun :D
[12:55] <Hannibal> A manbun?
[12:55] <Trellis> Are these giant tribbles hairless?
[12:55] <Mirra_Ezo> I have thick rimmed glassed because I'm nearly blind, no hipster reasons lol
[12:55] <TheoWhittaker> Yeah @Hannibal :)
[12:55] <+skyfire> Trellis: No, the hairless one named Moby is on the captain's desk.
[12:55] <Mirra_Ezo> With a tattoo
[12:55] <Hannibal> Is that anything like a topknot?
[12:55] <Mirra_Ezo> And I want to see him named Fleet Admiral
[12:55] <@Sal_Taybrim> but no rank
[12:55] <Moonsong> The one I met wasn't. The little old lady who was NOT there for the convention nearly had a heart attack when the elevator door opened.
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> haha
[12:56] <+skyfire> Moby becoming fleet admiral was a darn good line in that sim, Sal.
[12:56] <TheoWhittaker> Hannibal yeah, i think its the british name for it
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> Thanks :)
[12:56] <T-Mihn> Having someone make them is good too.
[12:56] <Hannibal> Oh ok...can't grow one of those.....
[12:56] <@Sal_Taybrim> Speaking of lines, I've been reading X-Men comics lately.  I *so badly* want an excuse to boldly rush forward saving the galaxy yelling "To me, my Ops men!"
[12:56] <Deliera> XD
[12:56] <Moonsong> LOL!
[12:56] <Hannibal> LOL@ Sal
[12:57] <Mirra_Ezo> OPS! Assemble!!
[12:57] <Deliera> I feel like there should be a way to throw that in somehow
[12:57] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Hahaha
[12:57] <Hutch> Oops, didn't realise the time. Would explain why I have small people giving me "I'm hungry!" looks
[12:57] <TheoWhittaker> Sal_Taybrim I'll see what havoc Chennel can whip up ;)
[12:57] <Mirra_Ezo> Back to the holodeck....
[12:57] <Flynn> LOL yes
[12:57] <Graeme_Cook> LOL
[12:57] <Deliera> Chuck it in an awards ceremony or something
[12:57] <Mirra_Ezo> Goodluck Hutch !
[12:57] <Hutch> I will maybe see folks in a bit
[12:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Hutch
[12:57] <Moonsong> bye Hutch
[12:57] <TheoWhittaker> Have fun feeding tiny humans Hutch
[12:57] <Flynn> My character for one was not at all traumatized by our last holodeck adventure lol
[12:57] <Trellis> See you Hutch
[12:57] <Hannibal> Now that it's out there, somene will find a way to work it in....
[12:57] <@Quinn_Reynolds> later!
�02[12:57] * Hutch ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:57] <TheoWhittaker> Theo is never going into a holodeck again
[12:57] <+skyfire> RoTK Aaragorn style, when they storm the black gate: "For Taybrim." ::charge!::
[12:57] <@Sal_Taybrim> That's because Flynn has a never ending supply of Rainbow Riddles and they solve everything
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Alana_Droid can you make the Ops crew X-men?
[12:58] <Flynn> That and a perfect landings!
[12:58] <Trellis> Trellis was more traumatized by the disappearance than the holodeck itself. Then Hughes' death
[12:58] <Alana_Larson> After I make an apron for a Gorn
[12:58] <+skyfire> Hey, hey. I'm graphically inclined too!
[12:58] <TheoWhittaker> I have no idea who Theo would be in the X Men
[12:58] <@Quinn_Reynolds> There's your halloween avatar theme, right there
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Mirra wasn't amused much
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> Cyclopes
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> ?
[12:58] <Mirra_Ezo> You get pretty shades
[12:58] <TheoWhittaker> I see him more as The Eleventh Doctor (aka: my doctor)
[12:59] <Moonsong> Maybe Invicta will remember Halloween this year ;)
[12:59] <Deliera> Oh trust me
[12:59] <Deliera> That's happening
[12:59] <Mirra_Ezo> Tatash needs to be Beast.
[12:59] <Flynn> Speaking of Trellis, he is making new friends ;)
[12:59] <Deliera> Totally not forgetting this year
[12:59] <Trellis> That's what he's calling it, yes
[12:59] <Trellis> ;)
[12:59] <Flynn> What is Flynn? Gambit?
[12:59] <Mirra_Ezo> YES!
[12:59] <TheoWhittaker> Starbase 118: The Lurrrrrrve Station
[12:59] <+skyfire> Trellis needs to move in with Flynn.
[12:59] <Moonsong> Snirk. While Rich is away, we're painting the Invicta hot neon pink.
[12:59] <Hannibal> Now I know what to be looking forward to for Halloween this year....
[12:59] <Mirra_Ezo> With polka dots?
[13:00] <TheoWhittaker> Can Theo be Deadpool? Making witty comments
[13:00] <Moonsong> Purple racing stripes...
[13:00] <T-Mihn> these days I'll learn black smithing. Be funny to hear hammer clanging in the neighborhood..
[13:00] <Deliera> As FO, I feel like it might be my job to put a stop to those sorts of actions...
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> No, no one will see his fabulous hair
[13:00] <Graeme_Cook> Right you lovely people I need to finish this sim I'm writing as it wont finish it's self! So with that I say until the next time!
[13:00] <TheoWhittaker> Then he'll have to be a gender swapped Mystique
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> have a good day Graeme_Cook !!
[13:00] <Flynn> See ya!
[13:00] <Hannibal> Your neighbors will run away screaming, T'Mihn.....
[13:00] <Moonsong> Deliera you're not the boss of me!
[13:00] <TheoWhittaker> Bye Graeme
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> Or asking for armor
[13:00] <Mirra_Ezo> I know I would
[13:00] <Hannibal> Take care Graeme!
[13:00] <Graeme_Cook> Bye.....
[13:00] <@Sal_Taybrim> By Grame!
�03[13:00] * Graeme_Cook ( has left #Starbase118
[13:00] <Deliera> XD
[13:01] <TheoWhittaker> Actually no- Mirra_Ezo can be Mystique given she's a fabulous ginger queen
[13:01] <Trellis> I think Mirra would be Rogue for sure. That red hair. Maybe Jean Grey...
[13:01] <Deliera> But it's right there in the job description!
[13:01] <Traenor> Cya all! Have a great Sunday! :)
[13:01] <Moonsong> You actually thought I would read that?
[13:01] <Hannibal> I would order some armor...although I would order so much of it it would take t'Mihn ten years to make it....
[13:01] <Mirra_Ezo> Mystique or Rouge, but I HATED Jean Grey
[13:01] <Flynn> Good to see you Traenor!
[13:01] <@Sal_Taybrim> I could see Theo as Wolverine, specially after he lost him temper with Janker >.>
[13:01] <Mirra_Ezo> Bye Traenor
�02[13:01] * Traenor ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:01] <Deliera> Honestly you should be surprised that *I* read that, let alone you.
[13:01] <TheoWhittaker> How can hate Famke Jansen?
[13:02] <Moonsong> True dat.
[13:02] <Mirra_Ezo> She is lovely, her character annoyed me
[13:02] <TheoWhittaker> Oooooh yes Sal!
[13:02] <TheoWhittaker> Famke remains my favourite Bond Girl ever
[13:02] <Mirra_Ezo> You have to say "Bub" a lot
[13:02] <T-Mihn> What would T'Mihn be as an X-Men.?
[13:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mirra?  Hrm, I have had to peg her, it would be Meggan from the eXcalibur
[13:02] <Trellis> I don't know who Trellis would be as an X-Men
[13:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> T-Mihn: Danger from X-Force series 3
[13:02] <Hannibal> Hannibal would be typecast as the Hulk.....
[13:02] <Moonsong> I wonder why....
[13:02] <Flynn> Nightcrawler?
[13:02] <@Sal_Taybrim> Trellis ::thinks::
[13:02] <Mirra_Ezo> I love Nightcrawler
[13:03] <TheoWhittaker> I could see Sal as Professor X, trundling about in his wheelchair and picking up pastries with his mind
[13:03] <Trellis> Flynn, he is my favorite X-Man
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> Nightcrawler's my fave
[13:03] <Moonsong> I wanna be Storm.
[13:03] <Flynn> He is great
�03[13:03] * Merrick ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:03] <Mirra_Ezo> Storm is also amazing
[13:03] <Hannibal> You would be a good Storm, Moonsong....
[13:03] <Trellis> anyone seen the new X-Men film yet?
[13:03] <Mirra_Ezo> Hi Merrick
[13:03] <Flynn> hey Merrick!
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> zy
[13:03] <Trellis> Hey Merrick!
[13:03] <Flynn> Nope
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Merrick!
[13:03] <Merrick> Hey!
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> Trellis: yes, I did
[13:03] <Moonsong> Why thank you, Hanibal.
[13:03] <TheoWhittaker> No Trellis although i want to
[13:03] <Ceilidh> Hello Merrick
[13:03] <+skyfire> Hello!
[13:03] <TheoWhittaker> i've only just watched Deadpool
[13:03] <Merrick> How's it going?
[13:03] <Mirra_Ezo> I have so many movies to see. Dang responsibility preventing it
[13:04] <Flynn> I have not even seen Civil War yet, behind
[13:04] <Trellis> How was it Sal? I've heard mixed things. Deadpool was awesome, wasn't it?
[13:04] <T-Mihn> I don't know who danger is. Night crawer is cool.
[13:04] <+skyfire> I haven't gotten around to deadpool yet.
[13:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> It was ambitious.  Didn't live up to the hype, but not disappointing either.
[13:04] <Moonsong> Deadpool....
[13:04] <Mirra_Ezo> I love Deadpool
[13:04] <Mirra_Ezo> For reals.
[13:04] <TheoWhittaker> +skyfire it's SO good
[13:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> Basically, if the film could have done everything it promised it would have been blow-your-mind-awesome.
[13:04] <Moonsong> Had to buy.
[13:04] <Mirra_Ezo> As did I
[13:04] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I enjoyed Deadpool
[13:04] <Moonsong> Would NOT take a child to see it.
[13:04] <TheoWhittaker> i think had it Apocolypse not been released less than a month after Civil War, people would given it a chance
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> Never lol
[13:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> However it didn't, it fell short on some things.  However it tried hard, the character depictions are solid and if you're a fan of the X Men you'll like it
[13:05] <Trellis> Does Deadpool really live up to repeat watchings? I have a friend who saw it like 6 times
[13:05] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Lord, no. It definitely earned that 18 rating.
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> Thanks for the review Sal_Taybrim
[13:05] <Deliera> Deadpool lives up to repeat watchings
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> I was a bit nervous to see it but I am positive now
[13:05] <Deliera> Trust me
[13:05] <TheoWhittaker> Trellis I went to see Casino Royale about 6 times XD
[13:05] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'd rather see a movie that tried hard and didn't hit the mark than one that poops all over the source material any day.
[13:05] <Mirra_Ezo> Trellis I had a friend see it 3 times in the same week
[13:05] <Merrick> Lol
[13:05] <TheoWhittaker> Such as Into Darkness Sal
[13:06] <Trellis> Wow, that's dedication
[13:06] <Hannibal> Kinda like the Star Trek reboot....
[13:06] <Moonsong> Taking a kid to Deadpool is like trying to explain to the current generation why Blazing Saddles is funny.
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> Theo: YES
[13:06] <Mirra_Ezo> I LOVE Blazing Saddles!!!
[13:06] <Hannibal> There is no explaining Blazing SAddles to the young....
[13:06] <Merrick> I have to agree with that.
[13:06] <Mirra_Ezo> ALL Mel Brooks.
[13:06] <TheoWhittaker> I watched Trek 09 last week. I really enjoyed it but Earth to Vulcan in 3 minutes? YEAH OKAY
[13:06] <Trellis> Let's not get into nuTrek bashing today. I don't watch to have a heart attack based on my rage
[13:06] <Merrick> I have not seen blazing saddles in years
[13:06] <Flynn> Nice chat folks! Time for me to head out. My hangouts is always open :)
[13:06] <Mirra_Ezo> Hey guys!! Guess what I found on sale super cheap for Flynn as an early father's day gift??
[13:06] <Moonsong> by Flynn
[13:06] <TheoWhittaker> Bye Flynn
[13:06] <Trellis> bye Flynn!
[13:06] <Alana_Larson> Bye Flynn
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> no heart attacks, good idea.
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> Peace Flynn!
[13:06] <Carlos> Hannibal: Define young... As I enjoy Blazing Saddles
[13:07] <+skyfire> Ummm....a tauntaun sleeping bag?
[13:07] <Moonsong> bye even. Bad typo. Naughty typo.
[13:07] <TheoWhittaker> Im really looking forward to Beyond.
[13:07] <Deliera> @TheoWhittaker Never underestimate the power of Abrams' warp speeds... It acts suspiciously like a hyperdrive.
[13:07] <Mirra_Ezo> All the TNG movies
�02[13:07] * Flynn (kiwiirc@74.83.iyp.lpn) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:07] <Hannibal> Young as in younger than 16...
[13:07] <+skyfire> Hannibal: I didn't get Blazing Saddles eitheer.
�02[13:07] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:07] <TheoWhittaker> Let me say something deeply controverisal: Insurrection is so much better than First Contact XD
[13:07] <@Sal_Taybrim> I thought the cut off for Young was anyone you could shake a cane at >.>
[13:07] <Trellis> In a box set, Mirra? Or individually?
[13:07] <Mirra_Ezo> Box set
[13:08] <+skyfire> spiffy
[13:08] <Carlos> Hannibal: I won't be 16 until next month... That count?
[13:08] <Deliera> I agree with this assessment
[13:08] <Merrick> I have a boxed set of a
[13:08] <Deliera> Insurrection is my favourite film
[13:08] <Moonsong> @Sal I can shake a cane at all of ya'll.
[13:08] <TheoWhittaker> it was the only TNG to feel like TNG
[13:08] <Mirra_Ezo> Carlos watch blazing saddles in like 3 years lol
[13:08] <Deliera> Or, rather, favourite Star Trek film
[13:08] <TheoWhittaker> *TNG Movie
[13:08] <Merrick> All started movies
[13:08] <@Sal_Taybrim> Insurrection was also a movie that tried hard.  I give credit for trying.
[13:08] <Merrick> Man I hate spellchecker
[13:08] <TheoWhittaker> @Deliera mine is The Undiscovered Country then Insurrection
[13:08] <Hannibal> Carlos: If you get Blazing Saddles you are a very enlightened young person....
[13:09] <Trellis> I got a box-set of all 10 films (before Abrams)... But I'm going to have to sell it soon
[13:09] <Mirra_Ezo> I saw it when I was 12...
[13:09] <Mirra_Ezo> And I got it...
[13:09] <Hannibal> Insurrection tried too hard....
[13:09] <Moonsong> "Contact the main office and tell them I said 'Ow'. Got it."
[13:09] <Merrick> Why sell it trellis?
[13:09] <@Sal_Taybrim> <- ShamelessWrathofKhanfangirl...
[13:09] <Hannibal> Why are you selling your box set Trellis?
[13:09] <Trellis> Moving back to the States soon and it's a British DVD
[13:09] <Trellis> ie, wrong region to play on American players
[13:09] <Mirra_Ezo> Oh you are?
[13:09] <Hannibal> There will never be another one as good as Wrath Of Khan....
[13:09] <TheoWhittaker> Although my favourite Trek movie moment is Troi drunk in First Contact
[13:10] <Merrick> They have a us version
[13:10] <Moonsong> "Do you need any help?" "Oh... all I can get."
�02[13:10] * Shayne ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:10] <TheoWhittaker> "This is no time to talk about time! We don't have... the TIME"
[13:10] <Merrick> I have the set.
[13:10] <Mirra_Ezo> I'm being told to make Death Star sandwiches
[13:10] <Hannibal> I want to super long version of Wrath Of Khan....
[13:10] <Trellis> I'm sure I can get the set back in the US, but my current copy won't play there. Alas.
[13:10] <Merrick> Wrath of khan was awesome
[13:10] <TheoWhittaker> Im getting the Director's Cut on BluRay
[13:10] <+skyfire> Mirra: Death Star Cookies!
[13:10] <Morela> Love that scene
[13:11] <Deliera> They tried to extend Wrath of Khan with Into Darkness. Does that count?
[13:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Have a lovely day everyone !
[13:11] <TheoWhittaker> Bye Mirra!!
[13:11] <Hannibal> Grrrr.I have no Blu Ray player......
[13:11] <+skyfire> Bye, Mirra.
[13:11] <Trellis> Bye Mirra!
[13:11] <Moonsong> Bye Mirra
�03[13:11] * Shayne ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> bye mirra!
[13:11] <Merrick> Trellis. Can you just bring a player to play it on?
[13:11] <Alana_Larson> Bye Mirra
[13:11] <Hannibal> That does not count.....
[13:11] <Mirra_Ezo> Bye guys :)
�02[13:11] * Mirra_Ezo (kiwiirc@74.83.iyp.lpn) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:11] <TheoWhittaker> @Deliera that KHAAAAAAN scream made me cackle so much
[13:11] <Carlos> I enjoyed Search for Spock as an interesting concept
[13:11] <Deliera> Did you see the Cinema Sins for it?
[13:11] <Moonsong> hehehhe
[13:11] <Trellis> No, different technologies. My laptop, yes,  but then I'd have to hook it up to a TV to watch on a big screen of some sort
[13:12] <Moonsong> Cinema Sins is hilarious
[13:12] <Hannibal> No one can do KHAAAAANNNNNN!!!! like Kirk......
[13:12] <TheoWhittaker> I love Search For Spock
[13:12] <Merrick> Ahhh okay.
[13:12] <Hannibal> I do that now, trellis....
[13:13] <Trellis> That's how I currently watch things, too, actually. But probably not when I move
[13:13] <Moonsong> There is actually an alternative "What's GREAT about..." channel.
[13:13] <Merrick> Kirk acting was good for the show. Sold it in a way few could have.
[13:13] <Carlos> @TheoWhittaker Absolutely smashing film
[13:13] <Deliera>
[13:13] <@Sal_Taybrim> my favorite are the honest trailers
[13:13] <Moonsong> love those too.
[13:14] <Merrick> Hey Trellis. You could bring them, watch on laptop till you can replace tgem
[13:14] <TheoWhittaker> @Carlos agreed! And it gave us The Klingon BoP!
�03[13:14] * Hendon ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:14] <Shayne> Every time I see them steal the Enterprise, I get chills from teh epic.
[13:14] <Moonsong> Deliera... that's just wrong.... 20 minutes!?
[13:14] <TheoWhittaker> and my favourite Trek movel, the Earth Spacedock :D
[13:14] <Deliera> XDXDXDXD
[13:14] <TheoWhittaker> @Shayne i love the music to that bit
[13:14] <T-Mihn> Boris!!
[13:14] <Shayne> It's godly.
[13:14] <Hannibal> Deliera: Clearly someone had too much time on their hands....
[13:15] <Trellis> Merrick. Yes, I could. Though it would just be one more thing to carry/ship
[13:15] <Shayne> ", Mr. Scott".
[13:15] <Hendon> Greetings
[13:15] <Shayne> "Sir?"
[13:15] <Hannibal> Shayne: I'm planning to use that music from that scene in a video in he future...
[13:15] <Shayne> "The doors, Mr. Scott!"
[13:15] <T-Mihn> Pardon the lag, I'm running a Pathfinder dungeon.
[13:15] <TheoWhittaker> I also love the music to Kirk rock climbing in The Final Frontier
[13:15] <Shayne> "Aye, sir, I'm working on it!"
[13:15] <Trellis> Theo, that is fun
[13:15] <T-Mihn> How are ya Boris?
[13:15] <Shayne> Hannibal: Excellent choice!
[13:15] <Merrick> Okay. Well as they say, do what you gotta do ☺
[13:15] <Carlos> @TheoWhittaker It's always great to see other styles of ship
[13:16] <Hendon> How are we all today?
[13:16] <TheoWhittaker> Trellis its the only actually good bit of the movie :D
[13:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> pretty good, how are you Boris?
[13:16] <Moonsong> Speaking of music and videos, I need to get back to work on the latest trailer.
[13:16] <T-Mihn> Good. Soaked mi went outside to move plants ti the porch
[13:16] <Trellis> True dat
[13:16] <Moonsong> found some really cool epic trailer music.
[13:16] <Carlos> Scotty trying to work the 19th Century computer in The Voyage Home...
�02[13:16] * Morela ( Quit (Quit: Leaving�)
[13:17] <Hendon> I am good. Started my holiday today. On the coast.
[13:17] <T-Mihn> Dripped a trsil through the house to the bedroom to change . Gaj too wet this place is.
[13:17] <Hannibal> The latest trailer Moonsong?
[13:17] <Moonsong> New mission, new movie trailer for Invicta.
[13:18] <+skyfire> Ris: link?
[13:18] <Hannibal> Aaaahhhh......such talent.....
[13:18] <TheoWhittaker> ooooh that sounds really cool Moonsong
[13:18] <Hendon> I always well up when I hear the vouger theme
[13:18] <Moonsong> haven't finished it yet.
[13:18] <+skyfire> Hendon? As in Boris Hendon of the Embassy?
[13:18] <Hannibal> I wanna find a sim where I can use this....
[13:18] <Moonsong> all my trailers can be found on the forum ;) and I'm too lazy to hunt down the link.
[13:18] <TheoWhittaker> have you done them before Moonsong?
[13:19] <Hannibal>
[13:19] <+skyfire> Theo: She even made us one at one point!
[13:19] <Hendon> Yes
[13:19] <+skyfire> Hendon: Nice to finally meet you, sir!
[13:19] <Hannibal> Hello Doc!!!!!
[13:19] <Hendon> Hello
[13:20] <Hannibal> Glad to see you with us!
[13:20] <Hendon> North Sea looks cold tonight
[13:20] <Hannibal> The North Sea was always cold when I was in it....
[13:20] <T-Mihn> Nice to meet you real time Boris.
[13:20] <Moonsong>
[13:21] <Moonsong> or my channel
[13:21] <Hendon> and no murderous kittens🙀
[13:21] <Moonsong> Not yet...
[13:22] <+skyfire> I thought that was Invicta: The Meowvie
[13:22] <Moonsong> No, that was the Meowthar Corridor. ;)
[13:23] <+skyfire> Deliera's Invicta banners look so much cooler than mine do...
[13:23] <T-Mihn> Boris, they're young and foolish they don't know better my. They need a caring person.
�02[13:23] * Carlos ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:23] <Hendon> True. But you know me😷
[13:23] <Hannibal> They need.....
[13:23] <Moonsong> Have fun all. bye!
�03[13:23] * Carlos ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:23] <T-Mihn> To show them what's good. And we A'ren evil.
[13:23] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace!
[13:24] <+skyfire> bye-bye!
�02[13:24] * Moonsong ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:24] <Ceilidh> bye moonsong
[13:24] <Trellis> well, I must be off to finish making dinner
[13:24] <Trellis> bye all!
[13:24] <Merrick> Bye
�02[13:25] * Hendon ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:25] <T-Mihn> Sorry typos  we're currently fighting a Dark mantle cresure.
[13:25] <Toni> back.. sorry took me longer than expected.
�02[13:25] * Trellis ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�03[13:26] * Hendon ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:26] <Hannibal> Welcome back , Admiral.....
[13:26] <T-Mihn> Welcome back Toni
[13:26] <Toni> thank you ty ty
[13:27] <TheoWhittaker> its time for me to be off now folks :)
[13:27] <TheoWhittaker> have a good day :)
�02[13:27] * TheoWhittaker (kiwiirc@90.206.nqs.iy) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:27] <T-Mihn> By Theo.
�02[13:28] * Hendon ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:29] <Hannibal> Allright everyone...question....evryone ready for the blockbuster?
[13:29] <@Sal_Taybrim> Blockbuster?
[13:30] <Ceilidh> The new movie this summer?
[13:30] <Hannibal> Yes....unless you thought I was talking about a fleet wide story arc....
�02[13:30] * Merrick ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:31] <T-Mihn> Aaww Boris got bounced out.
[13:31] <Hannibal> Hopefully he will be back....
[13:31] <Deliera> Okay all. Imma catch some more ZZZ's before E3 starts waving it's livestreaming at me
�03[13:31] * Hendon ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> sleep well!
[13:31] <Deliera> Have a good night
[13:31] <Alana_Larson> Bye Deliera
[13:32] <Deliera> :)
[13:32] <Hannibal> Take care Deliera! It was good to see you
[13:32] <Deliera> You too