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February 2016

Mirra_Ezo: Doing well, and you? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Good! Making banana bread 
TheoWhittaker: Ooooh! Yummy! 
Luke: yum banana bread 
Mirra_Ezo: Oooh! Yummy indeed 
TheoWhittaker: (no Commander Yum Yum jokes... I see you Mirra_Ezo :D ) 
TKelly_mobile: Watching a movie under a pile of kids. 
Mirra_Ezo: Well I hadn't PLANNED on it...until.... 
Luke: made some banana pudding over the holiday used home made rum banana bread instead of vanilla wafers. was really good 
TKelly_mobile: Uh, mine obviously, or that'd be weird haha. 
→ Guest_36516 has joined 
TheoWhittaker: haha 
Mirra_Ezo: Haha dork 
TKelly_mobile: that's not just a hobby of mine. 
← Guest_36516 has quit (Client Quit) 
Luke: lol 
TheoWhittaker: I'm currently analysing a magazine for my final major project for university :) 
Mirra_Ezo: Oooh almost finished? 
TheoWhittaker: Only another 100 odd pages and an issue of Vogue to get through haha 
Mirra_Ezo: I am sure you will power through it 
TheoWhittaker: all the while i'm listening to the pet shop boys :) 
Mirra_Ezo: You're nothing like your character at all are you lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: you can do it!! :D 
→ Alucard_Vess has joined 
TheoWhittaker: haha I freely admit that I transferred my love of almighty disco bangers to Theo :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: hello Alucard! 
Alucard_Vess: hey 
Mirra_Ezo: Hello Alucard_Vess 
→ Anora has joined 
TheoWhittaker: hey Alucard :) 
hey Anora! 
@Sal_Taybrim: hello Anora! 
Luke: lol just got an e-card from my niece.. "happy valentines day : You scum sucking weasel ... :\ 
Anora: Hey Theo! 
Happy Valentine's Day everyone 
Hey Sal 
@Sal_Taybrim: happy Valentines Day! 
Anora: Don't forget the joy that is tomorrow... extremely cheap chocolate day! 
Mirra_Ezo: Happy Valentines day to all! 
@Sal_Taybrim: w00t! 
Mirra_Ezo: Exactly, that is the very best part
TheoWhittaker: I prefer the 15th for that very reason Anora :) 
Mirra_Ezo: 1/2 price candy day! 
Alucard_Vess: I'll probably miss all the good candy, thanks to work... 
Luke: local store has a huge chocolate bar.. it weighs ten pounds. gonna wait and see how much it costs tommorrow 
Mirra_Ezo: Send a trusted friend to the store for you? 
Alucard_Vess: trust no one when it comes to candy ;) 
Mirra_Ezo: Valid. 
Luke: ;p; 
TKelly_mobile: Lol. What would one even do withb10 lbs of chocolate? 
Anora: I agree with Vess, never trust anyone with your candy 
Luke: Hey alucard.. nice to met ya.. Your my new CMO 
TheoWhittaker: Agreed. And I don't share my sweets with anybody 
Alucard_Vess: although with the snow there's a remote possibility that work gets canceled 
Mirra_Ezo: What DON'T you do with 10lbs of chocolate? 
Alucard_Vess: hey Luke 
Luke: Mirra: exactly 
<----- Jaxton Vee 
@Sal_Taybrim: Sounds like a scary movie. "What don't you do with 10 lbs of chocolate?" 
Alucard_Vess: you melt it and have lots of chocolate fondue 
TheoWhittaker: I swear if I write the word 'demographic' one more time I will cry haha 
@Sal_Taybrim: following "I see what you did last summer" 
Theo: autofill? 
TheoWhittaker: I'm handwriting my notes Sal. It feels more authentic to me. 
Mirra_Ezo: Snob 
TheoWhittaker: Who's a snob? :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Oooh 
very professorial! 
Mirra_Ezo: You, Mr. "too cool for typed notes" 
Kidding. Loooove you. <3 
TheoWhittaker: I am indeed a snob :) and I love it #noshame hahahahaha 
Love you to Space Grace Adler! 
@Sal_Taybrim: So, anyone got any big plans for Valentines? 
Luke: lol i could just imagine him writing the word demographic and saying "It writes the word demographics or it gets the hose again" 
TheoWhittaker: (although my reflection and evaluations are always typed up) 
Alucard_Vess: single, so no... 
Mirra_Ezo: Going to lunch with the babies 
Possibly seeing Deadpool 
Anora: People still handwrite things? 
@Sal_Taybrim: I saw Deadpool for Valentines! 
Mirra_Ezo: WITHOUT the babies lol 
Anora: No spoilers! 
TheoWhittaker: Sal: I plan to sit here, drink obscene amounts of gin and make voodoo dolls of all of my friends who dare to put mushy facebook statuses up declaring their undying love for their latest victim/partner 
Anora: I'm only seeing it Tuesday 
Mirra_Ezo: I'm excited!! 
@Sal_Taybrim: we had a lot of fuin! 
Anora: Though I'm probably seeing 2oolander tonight 
@Sal_Taybrim: Theo: I like it 
Mirra_Ezo: TheoWhittaker make my voodoo doll pretty please 
→ Brell2334 has joined 
TheoWhittaker: you get a free pass Mirra 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yeah, I hate Valentines, so we went to a pub called "Nutz Deep II" (Can't make this stuff up...) and then walked to Deadpool. 
good times. 
Hello brell! 
Mirra_Ezo: Although all I did was post a picture of Deadpool to Aaron's FB saying you are my chimichanga 
Brell2334: HEY HEY ALL! 
@Sal_Taybrim: How are you? 
Mirra_Ezo: Sal that pub sounds hilarious lol 
TheoWhittaker: Hey Brell2334 :) 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi Brell2334 
Alucard_Vess: update, now spending Valentines Day watching a Land Before Time marathon 
@Sal_Taybrim: Mirra: It has incredible burgers 
Alucard_Vess: :) 
Mirra_Ezo: I smell....Ducky! 
Brell2334: Groggy but fine this morning. Hope everyone is having a good or at least decent day. 
@Sal_Taybrim: and 20 local beers on tap, so we thought it was a win-win 
→ Tatash has joined 
TheoWhittaker: Tatash !!!!!! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Tatash! 
Tatash: hey all! Big green machine here 
Mirra_Ezo: Tatash ! 
Tatash: sup gurrrl\ 
Brell2334: Hey Tatash 
Tatash: Hello! 
TKelly_mobile: Aww, I'm hanging out with the fam and making jambalaya later. 
Alucard_Vess: anyone else find it ironic that I mention Land Before Time and the Gorn shows up? 
TheoWhittaker: ROFLMAO 
Luke: lol 
Tatash: I had Taco Bell for lunch and now i feel sick, it's not for my fine British stomach 
Mirra_Ezo: Haha that's amazing 
Tatash: Gotta get me some star-leaves 
or whatever they were called 
Mirra_Ezo: Taco Bell isn't for anyone's stomach 
Alucard_Vess: Tree Stars! 
Tatash: tree stars thats it! 
Brell2334: I thought all that curry made y'all able to digest anything. 
Tatash: I had curry last night actually 
Mirra_Ezo: Tree stars!! I haven't seen that in years. Loved Ducky 
Alucard_Vess: Taco Bell sounds good right now actually 
Tatash: I dont remember anything about the film but it fills me with crippling sadness trying to remember it 
so im guessing it's not a happy film 
Mirra_Ezo: It was sad :( 
Alucard_Vess: there's been about 13 films 
Mirra_Ezo: Only 2 acceptable ones lol 
Brell2334: Sad moments yes, and so many sequels 
TheoWhittaker: I really wanna see Deadpool. 
Tatash: Oh Mikey its SO GOOD 
@Sal_Taybrim: We can assume the first one. I remembered crying and then stuffing it away in the VHS cupboard 
Tatash: saw it last night, you'll love it 
Alucard_Vess: they're on 12 righ now 
Mirra_Ezo: We might go tonight so I am very excited 
TheoWhittaker: I love that it hasn't (apparently) been toned down from the comics 
Tatash: for valentines day I have got absolutely nothing, and that makes me happy. 
i got a grumbled 'happy valentines day' in bed, that'll do 
Alucard_Vess: so many parents complaining about it... 
Tatash: Urgh I know, it's an 18 for a reason. 
Mirra_Ezo: I am a parent and I would never dream of taking my kids to see it 
Deadpool is NOT for children 
Tatash: its like saying Archer should be for kids because its a cartoon 
Brell2334: I have a pair of movie passes almost used them for Star Wars, and almost for Deadpool too, but we are saving them for Warcraft 
Alucard_Vess: there's been so many warnings about it on the internet, it's their own fault they're too stupid to listen 
Tatash: I -want- Warcraft to be good,as a recovering WoW addict Brell 
TheoWhittaker: Why on earth would parents attempt to take their kids to an 18 movie anyway?! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Deadpool was hilarious, but yes, NOT for kids. 
Tatash: but... it wont be 
Mirra_Ezo: I am so scared for the Warcraft movie... 
Luke: <------ recovering wow addict here too 
@Sal_Taybrim: Theo: Because some parents fail to educate themselves about the content of a movie 
TheoWhittaker: ive never played WoW 
Mirra_Ezo: We did for awhile, never addicted lol 
Helps when tiny humans require food 
@Sal_Taybrim: People were the same way with Pan's Labryinth 
TKelly_mobile: Yeah, my son is bummed about not being able to see it, but it had to R rated. 
Tatash: It's really not for kids, there was some gruesome shit in it 
even I winced a couple of times 
Brell2334: Former wow player too, and played all the old games, so did my partner so it's the one movie we BOTH want to actually see 
TKelly_mobile: Never touched the warcrack 
Tatash: Same Brell! We're both looking forward to it but so fr it just looks... tacky 
Alucard_Vess: those same parents will take their kids to Suicide Squad... 
Tatash: like the Dungeon Seige fims 
→ Trellis has joined 
Tatash: Hello Mr Vondaryan! 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi Trellis 
Trellis: Hello all! 
TheoWhittaker: Hi @Trellis 
Brell2334: Got hopes for it at least, and green orc not looking a bit tacky would be hard to pull off 
Trellis: Happy single/couple day! 
→ Flynn has joined 
Tatash: Be prepared to sim your socks off as Raisillius/Tem later, because it has totally hit the fan on Planet Toilet 
TKelly_mobile: Other than the og warcraft eta games, that is. 
Tatash: omg Flynn 
Trellis: Hey Flynn! 
TKelly_mobile: Flynn! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Trellis! 
→ Hannibal has joined 
Brell2334: hey hey, Trellis , Flynn. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Flynn! 
Brell2334: Hannibal! 
or station friends in our case 
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@Sal_Taybrim: And Planet Toilet, is it? That sounds menacing 
Hello Admiral! 
TheoWhittaker: @Flynn !!!! 
Hello Admiral! 
TKelly_mobile: star-bros 
Hannibal: Happy Valentines Day All!!!!!! 
Mirra_Ezo: Hello Admiral 
Tatash: I can't think of a nice name for it, every description we've wrote makes it sound like ass 
Flynn: Hey Theo! :D 
Brell2334: Welcome Admiral 
Tatash: Hello boss o7 
Trellis: Hello Admiral 
Mirra_Ezo: It does sound like it should be named Cesspool 7 
Luke: lol 
Brell2334: SB118 goes where no one ... has wanted to go before. 
from the sound of it 
Tatash: it was just the 'greasy rain' description that I think Theo wrote that made me think how gross it was 
Flynn: I have been brainstorming our shuttle entrance 
Trellis: I just call it Los Angeles... 
Hannibal: What planet is this? Cesspool 7? 
@FltAdmlWolf: Happy Valentin's Day everyone :) 
Mirra_Ezo: Los Angeles after a sanitation incident 
Trellis: It's right next to Cesspool 6 and off I-5... 
TheoWhittaker: Are we talking about Tilanna V? 
Trellis: Yes, Theo, we are 
Tatash: Happy Valentines day to you too Admiral xxx 
Mirra_Ezo: I renamed it. Cesspool 7 sounds cooler. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Tatash decided to nickname the planet, 
Happy Valentines day! 
TheoWhittaker: Ahhh, yeah its a hovel of a planet 
CeciriAriadust: Happy Valentines day 
Hannibal: SOunds like a wonderful place for Nausicaan shore leave..... 
@Sal_Taybrim: It's full of crime and murder 
good place for Starfleet to go to. 
TKelly_mobile: Good place for explosions. 
Flynn: and high speed shuttle chases 
Tatash: I can't wait to get down there bust some heads. 
Yeahh Marinesss 
Hannibal: Hannibal would like that..... 
@Sal_Taybrim: So how is everyone today? What's going on with your ships? 
Trellis: Is there gambling? Because that sounds a lot like Atlantic City or Vegas in the 50s... 
Luke: oh god Tyler.... should we just load you up with anti-biotics now or should we wait for you to start blowing yourself up first 
Flynn: hahaha 
→ RAdmiral_Toni has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Trellis: almost certainly 
Hello Toni! 
Hannibal: Hello Admiral!!!!!!! 
Brell2334: Toni! Hello. 
TheoWhittaker: Hello Toni 
TKelly_mobile: so Theo about those shields and weapons for our transpott? 
CeciriAriadust: Hello 
TKelly_mobile: transpott?haha 
Mirra_Ezo: He's determined to get Robo-arms 
ⓘ RAdmiral_Toni: Hiya all.. 
TheoWhittaker: The shuttle is Flynn's baby :) 
TKelly_mobile: Just gotta talk mirra into it. 
Luke: ello 
Flynn: May have to quote you on that later :D 
Tatash: well I think we'll have two ships going down, we've got the civvie shuttle for the senior staff, and a dropship for the marines  
@Sal_Taybrim: Flynn, if we find you sleeping with the shuttle,.. >.> 
Tatash: Mirra you're coming on the dropship so bring a sickbag 
Flynn: lol 
Mirra_Ezo: Well, those burns are going to be interesting 
Sir yes sir Tatash ! 
Flynn: i dont sleep with shuttles, i just sleep in shuttles, near others...very near others 
TKelly_mobile: tatash, keep her safe. You break it you buy it. 
Mirra_Ezo: Deadpool tickets secure. 
Um...thanks? lol 
Tatash: Mirra or the ship? 
TKelly_mobile: Both haha. 
RAdmr_Toni: lol that was me... strange 
Mirra_Ezo: I am not sure lol 
TheoWhittaker: The insurance on shuttles thesedays is extortionate so DON'T BREAK IT 
@Sal_Taybrim: For Valentines day he gets his shuttles a maintenance giftbox 
Luke: nice Mirra. no spoilers after you see it please lol, gonna be a few days before i can see it 
Tatash: he sprinkles rose petals on their warp nacelles and tells them how sexy they are 
Mirra_Ezo: Spoiler free promise 
RAdmr_Toni: Hi Admiral 
Flynn: I only speak the truth... 
Mirra_Ezo: He gives the whole thing a lovely sponge bath and waxing 
Trellis: Me too. I'm aiming for Wednesday. Possibly next week, though 
Hannibal: Chat was doing strange things to the Admiral..... 
Trellis: We said no spoilers! ;) 
RAdmr_Toni: Yeah for sure Hannibal 
Mirra_Ezo: I meant Flynn with the shuttle but...Deadpool IS Deadpool.... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Not a spoiler: watch all the way through the credits. 
Alucard_Vess: should probably avoid the shuttlebay then, sounds like a private moment... 
Tatash: Deadpool was really good, i enjoyed it more then i thought i would 
aside from the Russians behind me talking loudly 
Luke: gonna have to check that shuttle for std's afterwards 
Mirra_Ezo: Not the shuttle, the pilot 
Hannibal: LOL@ Luke..... 
Mirra_Ezo: he has his own wing in Sickbay 
TheoWhittaker: What is this? SB118: After Dark? 
Trellis: Flynn is a renowned cad... From what I understand 
TheoWhittaker: he wasn't a cad when he was dating Theo :D 
Flynn: ;) 
Trellis: It's only after dark some places! 
Mirra_Ezo: He is a gentleman about it though. You're leaving in the morning but he'll make you a nice smoothie first 
Hannibal: Hannibal is a reformed cad...unless Orion women around.... 
Brell2334: Can see the whole base lit in mood lighting 
Tatash: Tatash apparently is a milfhunter 
thanks to Anders 
ⓘ RAdmr_Toni is now known as lol 
Mirra_Ezo: HAHA 
@Sal_Taybrim: Isn't Hannibal married now? 
Trellis: Ooh, mood lighting. I think we need that when we return from the mission 
Flynn: Just be glad its a shuttle he JUST got 
Hannibal: He is, and he has remained faithful...... 
→ Quinn_Reynolds has joined 
ⓘ ChanServ set mode +o Quinn_Reynolds 
Mirra_Ezo: Mrs. Anders would turn Tatash into a gorn skinned purse in a second 
Luke: lol, jaxton does not like shuttles after the day he has just had 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Quinn! 
ⓘ lol is now known as RAdmiral_Toni 
Anora: Toni! Hammibull! Quinn! 
Alucard_Vess: hey Quinn! 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi Quinn_Reynolds 
Brell2334: Welcome, Quinn 
Hannibal: Anora!!!!!! 
Trellis: Hi Quinn 
Tatash: tbh, i'd make an excellent puse. 
Mirra_Ezo: This is true 
TheoWhittaker: Hi Quinn 
ⓘ RAdmiral_Toni is now known as Guest64913 
Alucard_Vess: but is it the Quinn from this universe? 
Guest64913: Hey Anora! 
Trellis: Wouldn't you be a rather large purse, Tatash? 
@Quinn_Reynolds: ^_^ 
Anora: How are you Guest64913? :P 
Hannibal: Chat hates Admiral Turner right now...... 
Tatash: Nah, the rest is for matching shoes and a belt 
TheoWhittaker: Theo's first fashion collection will feature Gorn skin purses in fuschia and orange 
Guest64913: Thanks for the reminder today 
Flynn: I rather liked Theo in his undercover VICE outfit.... 
Mirra_Ezo: No Orange. 
ⓘ Guest64913 is now known as RAdmr_Toni 
Trellis: I could see Tatash being a purse and boots. Who doesn't need some Gorn-skin boots? 
Mirra_Ezo: Miami Theo was epic 
@FltAdmlWolf: @Toni -- it's because your nickname is regstered with Nickserv. Once you change your name you have to do: /msg nickserv identify yourpasswordhere 
Tatash: I love the whole Miami Vice theme going on 
Anora: I almost forgot myself haha 
Flynn: I did see you referenced it, kudos 
RAdmr_Toni: Okay Admiral thanks 
@FltAdmlWolf: If you don't remember your nick, you may just want to change to an unregistered nick. You'll see a notice from the system if you're using a nick that's already registered. Check the other tabs for that message ;) 
TheoWhittaker: Miami Theo made me laugh so much 
Tatash: Ahh man I should have got Tatash a fake moustache and a floral shirt 
Magnum PI :( 
TheoWhittaker: And made me realise that Josh Hutcherson can work a neutral suite 
@Sal_Taybrim: That could be photoshopped >.> 
RAdmr_Toni: ok will do that now brb 
Tatash: hahaha i've never seen that before! 
TKelly_mobile: Haha 
Flynn: You guys are lucky I dont have more time on my hands lol 
← RAdmr_Toni has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
@Sal_Taybrim: So, anybody got any good stories of in character romance - or romance gone wrong, since this is Valentines Day? 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Hahaha 
Trellis: Well, Trellis got shot down twice in the space of a single Sim... 
Flynn: this will mark #3 on comments I have decided are too inappropriate for the chat... 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Oh! Oh! Me! Me! Romantic meal planned, baby decides to be ill (and it's, um... messy). 
Luke: lol, havent been simming in this pbem long enough. give me time lol 
Tatash: I destroyed Anders mom off-screen 
Hannibal: Awwwwwwwwwwww.............. 
Flynn: haha, that sounds like a dose of reality Quinn 
Mirra_Ezo: Tatash EW!!! 
→ Shayne has joined 
TKelly_mobile: Lol Damn tatash. 
Flynn: OH 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Shayne! Hally Valentines! 
→ Cookie has joined 
Hannibal: Hannibal and his wife are spending Valentines DAy on a classified mission.... 
Shayne: Hail, fellows of the interwebs! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Cookies! 
Brell2334: Always good soties with my bolian plural marriage. Right now one of them is having an affair (slowly) with a human. 
Anora: That's so Hannibal 
TheoWhittaker: Anders' mom is like Mrs. Troi on drugs 
I love her 
Tatash: she's amazing 
Anora: I couldn't think of a more Hannibal Valentine's Day lol 
Alucard_Vess: way to spoil the mood Hannibal 
Mirra_Ezo: She really is lol 
ⓘ Cookie is now known as Graeme_Cook 
Graeme_Cook: Hi everyone! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Classified missions... so very romantic 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Hello! 
Brell2334: DOC! Welcome Cook. 
Trellis: Hello Graeme 
Flynn: Just wait until FLynn's familly visits 
Graeme_Cook: :) 
Shayne: Howdy, Graeme 
Mirra_Ezo: Hello Graeme_Cook 
Flynn: Trellis is bound to have better luck :D 
TheoWhittaker: Hello Graeme? 
TKelly_mobile: I'd have Tyler's mom visit, but what if she recognizes Flynn? 
Hannibal: Classified missions are good for romance....the sense of danger, close quarters, the rush of possibly being discovered any second...perfect.... 
Flynn: Good point 
Mirra_Ezo: LOL 
Flynn: lol 
TheoWhittaker: It makes me want to bring in Theo's mom.... Michelle Visage in space haha 
Graeme_Cook: Soo many hello's haha. How is everyone? 
Tatash: I'm super, thanks for asking! 
TheoWhittaker: I'm great thanks! You? 
Trellis: Doing well today. Cats are snoozing around, so it's a nice atmosphere 
Luke: lol, i totally heard that with big gay al voice from south park tatash 
Alucard_Vess: classified missions sound like the back of a car in a crowded parking lot... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Good! 
Brell2334: omg so did and the song 
Tatash: I know Luke, the song just started in my head as soon as I typed it xD 
Graeme_Cook: Good Thanks TheoWhittaker 
Mirra_Ezo: Pretty sure that was the intention lol 
Flynn: lol 
Luke: lmao 
@Quinn_Reynolds: THere's a reason so many people want to be intel, Vess. ;) 
Tatash: Trellis my cat is sat next to the sink watching the bubbles 
Hannibal: LOL@ ALucard_Vess 
Alucard_Vess: count me out ;) 
Shayne: I'd prefer shuttles to subterfuge any day. :) 
Mirra_Ezo: What is it with shuttles.... 
Alucard_Vess: he'd have to find babysitters, and no one wants to watch after his demon spawn 
Trellis: Luke, I was just thinking of that episode earlier today 
Mirra_Ezo: Not bringing a UV light in one, ew. 
Tatash: they're just more fun then the transporters. I get genuinely excited when a plot device means we can't use transporters. 
Flynn: Hey, Flynn JUST got that shuttle 
Luke: now the song is stuck in my head too lol 
Brell2334: if its the darwin that means EV suits 
Flynn: course i cant say much for the previous owners 
Mirra_Ezo: "That BETTER be a blood stain..." 
TheoWhittaker: HAHAHA 
Brell2334: Someone has worn one in every mission sans one 
Alucard_Vess: Previous owners: Vulcan love cult 
Graeme_Cook: Not the dreaded EV suits!! 
Shayne: *Cringes* 
Flynn: Who knows what kinds of items the crew might have left behind ;) 
Mirra_Ezo: Three words that make sense a part....not together.... 
Alucard_Vess: they're not limited to pon'farr 
Tatash: this is why I love being a Marine 
we get armor. 
Shayne: I think there was a holoprogram like that in Quark's Bar once upon a time. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nooo, not EV suits! The words that make every Starfleet officer cringe in fear 
Tatash: big sexy sets of armor 
Trellis: Armor and BIG guns 
Tatash: yes and big guns! 
@Sal_Taybrim: No shooting civilians. 
Tatash: No only baddies. 
Mirra_Ezo: Or field medics by accident 
Trellis: Although Anders/Rilem seems to be trying to get everyone to have some big guns on this mission 
Shayne: Unless they're being annoying. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Quinn loves EV suits. It's like, the ultimate personal space enforcer. 
Alucard_Vess: ::puts safety on.:: Awww... 
Trellis: What if the civilians are bad? 
Tatash: haha Mirra, don't you worry girl I got you 
Flynn: Who knows what kinds of items the crew might have left behind? Or cut us off in traffic? 
Hannibal: Hannibal does love artillery...just not much of an opportunity to use it.... 
Tatash: you'll get your own armor too 
just as a treat 
Mirra_Ezo: Can it be pink?? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Quinn: There's always gotta be one ;-) 
Tatash: of course, naturally 
Brell2334: Inst HAnnibal a marine again? 
Mirra_Ezo: Yay! 
TKelly_mobile: Is mirra getting armor? 
@Quinn_Reynolds: ;) 
Hannibal: He is once again a Marine...... 
Flynn: apparently i hit UP in my last message lol 
TKelly_mobile: I want to do that Photoshop. 
TheoWhittaker: Mirra + Armour + Sass = ARMAGEDDON 
Tatash: Mirra's coming on the cool kids ship, so she gets armor 
Alucard_Vess: is that why there's an EV suit on the Bridge? 
Shayne: I'm waiting for some engineer to start designing the Starfleet equivalent of a MegaZord. 
Flynn: Oh, am i dropping her off? 
Mirra_Ezo: Sass cannon armed and ready sir 
Trellis: Mirra, it's a good thing she doesn't need to be camoflagued 
Tatash: Oh Flynn, dear sweet child <3 
Flynn: :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'd be more worried if there was an EV suit in the bedroom... 
Tatash: Ok, both of the shuttles are cool 
we're all cool! 
Brell2334: T'mihn at the embassy has an Iron Man suit, busts it out often. 
Flynn: Flynn only wishes he was as cool as the Gorn 
Shayne: That would make it interesting, I have to admit. :) 
Hannibal: An EV suit in the bedroom? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Iron Man suit...? How does that work? 
Mirra_Ezo: It's a breen fantasy I am sure 
Trellis: Shayne, wouldn't it be cool if SCE invented mecha-suits? 
Tatash: Awrr stop, i'd blush if I was capable. 
→ Renos has joined 
ⓘ ChanServ set mode +o Renos 
Graeme_Cook: EV suit in the toilet too just to be safe! 
Tatash: But scales, just don't do it 
TheoWhittaker: Wait... an iron man suit? 
Flynn: Hey Renos! 
Graeme_Cook: Welcome Renos! 
TheoWhittaker: welcome Renos :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Renos! Happy Valentines Day! 
Brell2334: Welcome Renos. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Hello! 
@Renos: HEY all :) 
Graeme_Cook: HAHAHAHAHA 
Mirra_Ezo: Hello Renos ! 
→ Vie has joined 
Trellis: Hello Renos and Vie 
Shayne: @Trellis Totally! Hey, SCE! I've got a project for you! 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi Vie ! 
Shayne: Hi Renos! 
Vie: Hey folks. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Vie! Happy Valentines Day! 
@Renos: How is everyone today? 
CeciriAriadust: I.. think mecha suits are kinda silly for Star Trek. :\ 
Hi Vie 
Flynn: I need to decide what kind of trouble were going to get into navigating the criminal skyways 
CeciriAriadust: Or I'd have worked on one.. 
Shayne: Silly, yes. Awesome, also yes. 
Mirra_Ezo: Traffic and a granny with a blinker on 
Alucard_Vess: mecha suits: the ultimate noise canceling headphones 
Tatash: Is it weird that the NFL is literally nothing over here, and ive never watched hocky but I really want a San Jose Sharks hoodie? 
Flynn: that could be incorporated... 
Brell2334: I would agree Ceciri 
Tatash: it looks so badass 
Anora: VIE!!!!!! 
Trellis: I can see mecha-suits actually totally fitting in with the ST universe, though. Especially the new Abrams stuff 
@Sal_Taybrim: Flynn: "Welcome onboard, you're flying the criminal skies..." 
Vie: Went for a nap, only just woke up... 
Flynn: I think you mean NHL ;) 
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Shayne: mecha suits: The ultimate noise-creating clothing line. 
TKelly_mobile: I'm so going to do a mirra in a pink armor pic. 
Mirra_Ezo: "If you look at your left window, you shall see a drive by, keep all hands and feet inside the shuttle at all times" 
Vie: The Original series Manga had mechs... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Tatash: a good logo is a good logo no matter what 
@Renos: BRB folks 
Alucard_Vess: Alucard wants one that's toned down for medical, like a souped up hazmat suit 
Mirra_Ezo: Yes please TKelly_mobile!!! 
Graeme_Cook: Can there be a Medical mecha suit i think Dr Cook would love to participate! 
Tatash: Trellis: The Juggernaut armor i've got on the marine page is pretty much an exosuit 
Trellis: TKelly, don't you just mean do Mirra :blush 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Frank! Happy Valentines Day! 
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TKelly_mobile: That too. 
Mirra_Ezo: Ha! 
Nadia: hello all 
Trellis: Hello Nadia 
Luke: gotta go take someone to work.. be back in a few minutes 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi Nadia 
CeciriAriadust: It did, but given the tenor of the shows, it has problems fitting in with the same ethos.. 
Tatash: hello Nadia :) 
im going to buy the hoodie, and im going to wear it and im going to look silly 
Mirra_Ezo: See you soon Luke ! 
CeciriAriadust: Granted, I blame the lack of budget on that.. (*peers at AR-558*) 
Tatash: but I like that 
Nadia: oh no the big bad Gorn lol 
TheoWhittaker: Hi Nadia :) 
Flynn: Hey TheoWhittaker, should we all actually come up with cover names? Because if so I will torture Flynn with one he hates 
Alucard_Vess: I was thinking of one like the ironman suit that they could wear on their belts, so if there was a sudden contamination they could activate them instantly 
Mirra_Ezo: Code name: Ginger Snaps 
NadiaL: i am not going to get eaten am i? 
@Sal_Taybrim; Om nom nom? 
TheoWhittaker: haha no Nadia 
Mirra_Ezo: Can that be Mirra's call sign please?? 
Anora: I always liked the way the suits in the Lost In Space movie materialized 
TheoWhittaker; Tatash is on best behaviour 
@Sal_Taybrim: Mirra: yes 
Tatash: I'm always a good boy 
Mirra_Ezo: Score 
TheoWhittaker; Mirra Ezo: Ginger Snap 
@Sal_Taybrim: It is done. Major Dal will now be asking you what Ginger snaps are >.> 
Nadia: was asking the Gorn lol 
Mirra_Ezo: He hugged Mirra and didn't break her at all 
Tatash: Besides I had Taco Bell for lunch 
Alucard_Vess: the LiS suit was awesome, I'm changing my answer... 
TheoWhittaker: there's a spinoff right there 
Tatash: something that you americans should have kept firmly inside your borders 
my belly is very upset xD 
TKelly_mobile: Lol, tiny baby bath time bbl. 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Because if you don't take it, Mrs Anders will saddle Sal with that nickname >.> 
Flynn: aww 
Mirra_Ezo: Awee tiny baby bath time is awesome! 
Anora: Haha Vess, maybe one day Anora can return to being an Engineer and try to make one 
Mirra_Ezo: Haha she will take one for the team Sal_Taybrim 
Vie: Going to fire up the main comp, one sec. 
Nadia: i am afraid of gators 
Trellis: Tatash, Americans should have kept most of the fast food inside the borders 
Tatash: 5Guys is nice! 
Flynn: 5 guys is meh 
Tatash: Nice burgers 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nadia: I am too, though I hear they are delicious 
Vie: Oh god, just pictured a mech suit built by Rossh... 
Trellis: True. Not as good as In 'N Out, but true 
Tatash: We dont have them yet :( 
Anora: Would it be furry? 
Mirra_Ezo: According to Anders they are 
Brell2334: We get tired of being made fun of for what we eat lol. 
Flynn: Im sure it depends on which one you go to 
Nadia: dont know never been cose enough to find out 
Vie: "Well, it didn't technically kill the pilot..." 
Shayne: Greasy enough to lube an warp core, those burgers are. 
Flynn: Cant beat my local sports bar burger though 
Trellis: It's a southwest thing. Not much outside of CA through to Texas 
Alucard_Vess: hey, we didn't force y'all to build them... 
but yeah, Taco Bell can be bad... 
@Sal_Taybrim: I would be sad that we have neither a 5 Guys nor an In and Out by me. But I have a ranking of all the best local places so I'm not worried :) 
Alucard_Vess: there's a reason it's called Taco Hell 
Tatash: It's weird over here, Taco Bell is run by KFC 
Flynn: I miss Taco Johns, thats what we had out west 
Mirra_Ezo: Taco Bell I don't think is classified as food as much as a medicinal option for constipation 
TheoWhittaker: Tatash we have Taco Bell in Englands? 
Shayne: Totally! 
Tatash: We do! 
Brell2334: Taco Bell, KFC, and pizza hut are the same company 
Tatash: There's one in manchester theo! 
and one near me in Lakesidfe 
Trellis: I've never seen any, actually 
Tatash: *Lakeside 
Alucard_Vess: same here, there used to be combo reseraunts with both 
Nadia: 5guys should have stayed out of florida 
Brell2334: here there are places where all three are in one sotre 
Tatash: Fast-food chain serving Mexican-inspired fare such as tacos, quesadillas & nachos. 
Located in: Manchester Arndale Shopping Centre 
Alucard_Vess: chicken and tacos at the same time... 
Tatash: if you know that place? 
Graeme_Cook: I wish we had Tim Hortons in Scotland......miss Canada....also Wendys in Florida......mmmmm 
Flynn: I have seen taco bell/kfc hybrid stores 
Nadia: so did i miss any important news? 
Trellis: I did like a good Wendys, actually 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nadia: nope, just chat 
Tatash: No Nadia, just shooting the s... stuff 
Flynn: Tim Hortons I have heard it good. We have one somewhere... 
TheoWhittaker: I was in the Arndale Centre a few weeks and never sort it. I OBVIOUSLY need to go back :) 
Shayne: I'm sure that everyone here is within driving distance of a McDonalds. 
Nadia: great 
Mirra_Ezo: Sadly yes 
Tatash: Oh totally Theo! Just an excuse for more shopping 
we have 3 mcdonalds in easy reach 
Trellis: Shayne, you just made me puke a little in my mouth with that... 
Tatash: and a BK acros the road 
Nadia: too close to too many of them 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Yeah. The McDonalds are everywhere. There's one on my work route that has a fireplace and wifi 
Graeme_Cook: KFC for the win! 
Mirra_Ezo: Ours too 
T-Mihn: Greetings!: ) 
Shayne: Not sure if I should say sorry or feel proud. :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: I stop there to work, and drink coffee. They have decent coffee 
Mirra_Ezo: One across from me at work has a fireplace and wifi lol 
Brell2334: I live 20miles from town guess whats right there on the freeway heading into Tucson, yep a shiny new Mcdonalds 
Alucard_Vess: I'm going to go with sorry 
Tatash: Actually yeah McDonalds coffee is really nice 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello T'Mihn! Happy Valentines! 
Trellis: I just hate McD. I only ever went in for McFlurry's, and haven't had one of those in almost 10 years 
Mirra_Ezo: Hi T-Mihn ! 
TheoWhittaker: I had a toffee Latte from Maccies the other day and I loved it 
Anora: Europe has a few McDs that have sit down service, where waiters/waitresses come to take your order lol 
Shayne: Yeah, you're probably right. I apologize. 
Brell2334: T-Mihn! hello! 
Anora: Hey T'Mihn! 
Tatash: I love their apple pies 
Alucard_Vess: I hear McDs in Germany has beer 
Tatash: just have to be careful or it's like biting into the core of the sun 
Flynn: I love a good toffee coffee 
Nadia: i love their closed sign lol 
Mirra_Ezo: Candy coffee is always a win 
T-Mihn: Hell Mirra, Manar. And my other ship mates and fleetmates;:) 
TheoWhittaker: Hi T-Mihn 
Brell2334: The mcdouble is all i ever get an MCd's or the spicy chicken 
Trellis: I don't drink coffee, so that could explain my hatred of McD... 
Tatash: awrr look 
me and my boys enjoying Taco Bell 
Graeme_Cook: Tatash I LOVE their apple pies!!! 
Tatash: im monstrosity on the end with the green parka 
Mirra_Ezo: Awee 
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T-Mihn: Hi Brell, Theo 
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@Sal_Taybrim: I don't really eat fast food, at all. But I need to steal their wifi, so I patronize their ability to make decent coffee 
Flynn: Aw, i wanna go have taco bell with those guys 
Tatash: Flynn you would always be welcome, you know that <3 
T-Mihn: I do not like McDonald's because their food quality is not good. 
Tatash: and Mirra 
All of you in fact 
Mirra_Ezo: I will have a soda and hang out lol 
Flynn: Ill start looking into tickets :D 
Nadia: me i like sushi 
Mirra_Ezo: Sushi is awesome!! 
Tatash: plane tickets are rediculous, i want to visit a friend in NY state this year 
Vie: Mmmm, Sushi 
Mirra_Ezo: Flynn isn't a fan of most of it 
Flynn: I can make a tour of all my UK friends lol 
Tatash: and the plane wa slike £1300 return 
TheoWhittaker: I love a bit of Sushi. 
Tatash: although im pretty sure i screwed it up omehow 
TheoWhittaker: Give me that raw fish 
Flynn: Sushi is growing on me 
Tatash: really? 
Mirra_Ezo: California rolls don't count lol 
Tatash: ::Licks Flynn:: 
that fishy goodness 
Shayne: Is it using vines? 
Nadia: we have a great place called Juno's sushi it has the best 
T-Mihn: Same here,I don't eat fast food much. I can't be in chat long as I'll need to clock in at 1400 EST. for work. 
Shayne: Congrats' Flynn, you've just been licked by a Gorn. :) 
Flynn: ::Puts more sushi on himself:: :D 
Mirra_Ezo: A gorn just licked my husband 
Tatash: You got Gorn-flu now 
Brell2334: I love sushi, unfortunately it's how I found out about a fish allergy. 
Trellis: Tatash, is that actually your twitter handle or someone else's? 
Vie: That's Gorn and done it 
Tatash: nah thats my friends 
@Sal_Taybrim: Is Gorn-flu anything like Kung-fu? 
Hannibal: Hello T'Mihn!!!!!! 
Tatash: my twitter is @Samia_Gnoll 
Trellis: Is gorn-flu contagious? 
Alucard_Vess: licked by a gorn and not been bitten, that's a record I think 
Tatash: I post nothing but rubbish on it though so be warned 
Nadia: ohmy god 
Mirra_Ezo: I got clawed by a gorn, not this gorn though 
Vie: "I licked a Gorn and I liked it!" 
@Sal_Taybrim: I licked a Gorn and I liked it 
dangit >.> 
Mirra_Ezo: HA! 
Vie: ... 
Brell2334: eww 
@Sal_Taybrim: Jinx 
T-Mihn: I Hamnibal. Sushi fan here too. And why did Gorn lick your husband?; ) 
Shayne: With or without the scales? 
Flynn: "Licked by a Gorn" the sequel to "Touched by an Angel" 
Vie: Sal, we should probably seek psychological help. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I don't know.... AAAUGH! 
Vie:You know, before the murders start. 
Mirra_Ezo: Or after, you know 
TheoWhittaker: 90 pages of this analysis left haha 
Brell2334: serial gorn licker 
Trellis: Vie, the murders have already started on Cesspool 7... 
Vie: Hehe 
Mirra_Ezo: Truuuuee that.... 
Tatash: Oh yeah we've had some real nasty murders 
@Sal_Taybrim: Vie: possibly! 
Mirra_Ezo: Someone delivered a heart, aweee it was a creepy valentines day present wasn't it? 
Nadia: now i know why no posts so far loll gorn flu 
T-Mihn: ::arches eyebrow:: lol. Twisted Terrans. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yeah, that was nasty. 
Vie: To be fair, with the name Cesspool 7... 
Hannibal: That is really twisted....... 
@Sal_Taybrim: makes one wonder who the heart originally belonged to >.> 
Flynn: It does 
Shayne: Give it to the Gorn! 
T-Mihn: The Deadpool movie is twisted. 
Mirra_Ezo: Cardassian Van Gogh 
Alucard_Vess: a Klingon, they've got two 
Tatash: like time lords 
except more angry 
Shayne: Is Deadpool any good? 
Tatash: Deadpool is awesome 
Flynn: no spoilers please! :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: Shayne: If you like irreverent humor, it's awesome 
Mirra_Ezo: None! 
We are going tonight 
T-Mihn: If ya like the Merc with a mouth. Yes. 
Shayne: Oh, I'm in. 
TheoWhittaker: yes no deadpool spoilers! 
@Sal_Taybrim: if you don't... well, then probably not so much 
Vie: "I grew this copy of my own heart inside myself for fifteen months so that I could give it to you today..." 
Brell2334: (See Deadpool) could be the sub name for this chat 
T-Mihn: Typical. Blood, gore and such. Perfect guy movie. 
@Sal_Taybrim: it could be! 
Trellis: Gotta go! Dinner is ready! 
Mirra_Ezo: Not a guy, can't wait for the movie 
@Sal_Taybrim: it was a great girl movie 
Mirra_Ezo: Enjoy Trellis !! 
Flynn: Enjoy! 
Vie: We aren't making enough 4th wall breaking jokes though 
Tatash: its a great movie for all! 
@Sal_Taybrim: peace TRellis! 
Tatash: Cya Trellis! 
T-Mihn: Ryan Reynolds hadfunmaking it and it actually shows. 
Nadia: tc trellis 
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TheoWhittaker: Ryan Reynolds is a beautiful man 
T-Mihn: Aaww.why not? 
Mirra_Ezo: He is that 
Alucard_Vess: 4th wall breaking is why I don't like it... 
Tatash: Oh Theo he really is 
T-Mihn: My character would have a ball doing that forth wall destruction. 
Mirra_Ezo: Although deadpool without his mask is not a beautiful thing lol 
Tatash: he's beaitiful inside 
T-Mihn: Yeah. After a few years of torture by the Workshop kinda mangled em mentally. 
Mirra_Ezo: I'm sure he'd slice himself open to show you how pretty his insides are 
Nadia: ever see a plane with a rear view mirror? 
Shayne: ...That's pleasant. 
T-Mihn: Grow em all back too 
Mirra_Ezo: "Look at my spleen!!! It's so Squishy and awesome" 
Vie: That said, I now have a D&D character who sings songs from our world thanks to a very Bioshock Infinite arrangement. 
So yeh, I like breaking the fourth wall 
T-Mihn: LOL 
@Sal_Taybrim: I enjoy breaking the 4th wall 
Shayne: I like breaking walls, 4th or otherwise. 
T-Mihn: T'Mihn knows twentieth century music. 
@Sal_Taybrim; All characters magically know 20th century music 
Vie: Last session had him singing... ..well. 
@Sal_Taybrim: because their authors live there 
Flynn: hahaha true 
Vie: "If I could turn back time!" 
Mirra_Ezo: We are all fans of the classics 
T-Mihn: Has a better handle on old idioms. Some slang throws her off 
Vie: As a 6'8" Silver Dragonborn dude... 
Tatash: I always play Gnolls in D&D 
.. I am also rarely good xD 
Alucard_Vess: did all of the icons on the forums always have little hearts, or is that just for today? 
Flynn: I have been missing a good table top rp 
T-Mihn: Gotta jett folks. Work time. 
TheoWhittaker: @Vie a Cher a quote? 
@Sal_Taybrim: peace 
Graeme_Cook: Elf or human wizard in D&D trying to get my oldest two into it! 
Vie: Theo - not just a quote - the entire song 
Shayne: Farewell! 
@Sal_Taybrim: I usually play... Humans... in DnD 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Which is funny because I have *never* played a Human in Star Trek 
Vie: And yes, I actually sung it in character. 
Graeme_Cook: Awesome! 
Flynn: I have honestly made all sorts of different things 
Mirra_Ezo: Always play elves, matches my ears 
Flynn: Though I am typically always chaotic nuetral 
@Sal_Taybrim: But I'll play anything in DnD. Sometiems even rolling race and class randomly 
Graeme_Cook: Please say IC ears Mirra_Ezo 
Nadia: tell flynn to stop pulling on them lol 
Mirra_Ezo: If it makes you feel better to think so Graeme_Cook lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: Which is how I got "Ganja Bigfeet" the stoned halfling druid. The dice have a better sense of humor than I do sometimes 
Flynn: haha that sounds great 
Brell2334: Half-elf is my most common in DnD 
Vie: ...Ganja Bigfeet... 
Graeme_Cook: LMAO I'd have to play a troll with my cauliflower ear! 
Luke: back 
* Vie removes his hat to that one 
Mirra_Ezo: Can that be my code name instead?! 
Nadia: i haven't played d&d in a few years 
Flynn: wb 
TheoWhittaker: I'm renowed for taking songs and "Cher-ifying" them 
Shayne: Can I make that a character in SB118? 
Brell2334: And yeah i never play humans in role play either. Though I am always Humans in GalCiv 
Tatash: I've never played GalCiv but im really tempted to get III 
Flynn: i played one a while ago, it was ok 
Tatash: is it good? like MoO/Civilisation? 
Brell2334: My PC cant run III 
I love II play it all the time still 
Flynn: Similar to Birth of the Federation 
Brell2334: still play that one too 
Vie: I ended up getting a free copy of 3 back when it was in beta. Quite enjoy it - not that good at it. 
Tatash: Birth of the Federation! What an awsome game 
Flynn: I know, i have put SO many hours into it 
Shayne: Never heard of it. Is it for PC? 
Brell2334: Love that game so ahead of its time 
@Sal_Taybrim: Haven't played BotF in aaaages 
Flynn: Would be cool if it was still easy to get a game going 
Mirra_Ezo: Same here, it's been a loooong time 
Flynn: Would love to have a scheduled 118 game night :D 
Vie: that could be fun 
Shayne: I'd do it if I knew how to play. 
@Sal_Taybrim: can you play that online? 
Flynn: Yeah 
At least you could ages ago 
but its such an old game now i suspect issues 
Brell2334: it would be a mod now 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hmmm, have to look into it 
Flynn: It was never easy to connect 
@Sal_Taybrim: I should make a thread for online game suggestions for chat nights