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April 2016

[12:34] <TheoWhittaker> Hi Alana :)
[12:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm good!  Got my hours mixed up, though >.<
�03[12:35] * Brell2334 ( has joined #Starbase118
[12:35] <TheoWhittaker> Hi brek2334 :)
[12:35] <Graeme_Cook> Your still here! Hello Lee!!
[12:35] <@Toni> Brelllllllllllllll
[12:35] <@Renos> Hey Jme and Brell :)
[12:35] <TheoWhittaker> and hi Sal, I didn't see you come in :)
[12:35] <Rune> Hi Brell
[12:35] <Brell2334> Hey hey all
[12:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> I snuck in >.>
[12:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> All sneaky like
[12:36] <Trellis> hello everyone I haven't said hi to
[12:36] <Rune> lol
[12:36] <Hannibal> Hello Brell..and Sal.....
[12:36] <Trellis> That's just like Sal, always being sneaky... Oh wait, no. That's Trellis
[12:36] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::innocent whistling!::
[12:37] <TheoWhittaker> Sal Taybrim coming a Black Tower near you soon :)
[12:37] <Flynn> I havent noticed either of you being i guess that means your good at it :D
[12:38] <Trellis> Flynn, exactly...
�03[12:38] * Mirra (~Mirra_Ezo@166.170.jv.mpj) has joined #Starbase118
[12:38] <Rune> Hi Mirra
[12:38] <Mirra> Hiya Rune 
[12:38] <@Toni> Hello Mirra
[12:38] <Alucard_Vess> Ya know what door Sal came in through?  The SALlyport
[12:38] <Mirra> Hello Toni 
[12:38] <TheoWhittaker> Hi again Mirra :)
[12:39] <Alucard_Vess> that's right!  You get a pun!  You get a pun!  The whole audience gets a pun!
[12:39] <Mirra> Hi again Theo ☺
[12:39] <Flynn> Oh its Mirra....
[12:39] <Mirra> Who let Flynn in here?! 
[12:39] <Alana> Hello
[12:39] <Hannibal> Hello Alana...
[12:39] <Flynn> I was going to be late, but my wife reminded me this was going on :D
[12:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Ves: hahahaha!
[12:39] <Mirra> That's why I'm kept around. 
[12:39] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hello Mirra!
[12:39] <Mirra> Hiya Sal!
[12:40] <Eerie> does any know why a sally port is a sally port?
[12:40] <@Renos> I gotta head off. Thanks for the laughs all. Take care
[12:40] <Trellis> Flynn, if your wife reminded you, why was she late? Huh, Mirra, why? ;p
[12:40] <Mirra> Driving 
[12:40] <Trellis> likely excuse!
[12:40] <Mirra> Don't drive and chat. =dead Mirra 
[12:40] <Alucard_Vess> is it because you sally forth?
[12:40] <Alucard_Vess> bye Renos
[12:41] <TheoWhittaker> bye renos :) x
�02[12:41] * @Renos ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> Peace Renos!
[12:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> argh, too late >.<
[12:41] <Mirra> Bye!!! 
[12:41] <@Toni> Well, y'all I have to go. Have to make a 3-week trip and get there by Wednesday of this week.
[12:41] <Mirra> Drat.
[12:41] <Hannibal> HOw do you drive and chat?
[12:41] <Eerie> knights use to move or (sally) in a port or a door.  Hence Sallyport. bye Renos
[12:41] <Mirra> I don't lol
[12:41] <Mirra> I was driving which is why I am late.
[12:42] <@Toni> space trip with a QSD, Hannibal
[12:42] <Mirra> At the car dealership getting my oil changed
[12:42] <Mirra> But they have Starbucks and Skittles so.....I'm good lol
[12:42] <Alucard_Vess> my sister just posted a picture of a Captain America waffle iron.  Her birthday is this month.  She's getting a Superman waffle iron. ;)
[12:42] <TheoWhittaker> i discovered a drive thru starbucks a couple of weeks back.... i was literally amazed
[12:42] <Flynn> Good call Alucard_Vess lol
[12:42] <TheoWhittaker> best. invention. ever
[12:43] <Trellis> alright, that's a valid excuse. We don't want a dead Mirra
[12:43] <Mirra> Thanks Trellis lol
[12:43] <Alucard_Vess> mmm Skittles
[12:43] <@Toni> take care all
[12:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> I want a Captain Amera waffle
[12:43] <@Sal_Taybrim> actually I want Iron Man waffles
�02[12:43] * @Toni ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:43] <Mirra> I want any avenger waffles 
[12:43] <Mirra> Honey can we get a captain America/iron man waffle maker?
[12:43] <Brell2334> Amerawaffles sound good
[12:43] <Alucard_Vess> I just want waffles
[12:43] <Trellis> So you're #TeamStark then, Sal?
[12:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> yep
[12:44] <Trellis> I would like some waffles too. Alas, that is not for dinner tonight
[12:44] <Alucard_Vess> dang it, I just came from the store...
[12:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> I might have to make waffles tonight
[12:44] <Mirra> I may as well...
[12:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mmm, waffles
[12:45] <Trellis> I got a waffle maker as a wedding present. Haven't used it in the almost 5 years I've had it.
[12:45] <Trellis> Mostly because it's in storage in another country. But still...
[12:45] <Mirra> Do you know you can make brownies in it?! 
[12:45] <Mirra> Oh...well...that does complicate things 
[12:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> brownies...?!
[12:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> tell me of this magic
[12:46] <Mirra> Yes!!!
[12:46] <Trellis> Brownies in a waffle maker?!
[12:46] <TheoWhittaker> i really hate this level on Halo :(
[12:46] <Alucard_Vess> seriously?  I can't find a Superman or even a Batman waffle iron.  My sisters birthday is going to be runined...
[12:46] <Brell2334> thanks too, Good Mythical Morning, we know of many things that can be 'waffled'
[12:46] <Mirra>
[12:46] <@Sal_Taybrim> nooooo!
[12:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> theo: which level?
[12:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> I just picked up Bloodborne.  This could be the end of me
[12:47] <TheoWhittaker> The first level to feature The Flood....... it's so loooooong
[12:47] <Traenor> Good chat, folks! Taking flight, have a great day!
[12:47] <Mirra> Have a good day!
[12:47] <Eerie> heading out got a few things to do....take care
�02[12:47] * Traenor ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:47] <Shayne> Farewell Traenor! I'll get that sim out soon!
[12:47] <Eerie> bye all
[12:47] <Hannibal> Have a good one!!!!!!.
[12:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> peace Eerie!
[12:47] <Shayne> Too late! Again!
[12:47] <Mirra> Bye!!
[12:47] <Shayne> Bye!
�02[12:47] * Eerie ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:47] <Flynn> Bye Traenor!
[12:48] <Mirra> Ha! Got em. 
[12:48] <Shayne> Speed typing. Always useful.
[12:48] <Trellis> I miss all the good byes. I'm bad at this
[12:48] <Alucard_Vess> they're droping like flies
[12:48] <Mirra> I usually do
[12:48] <Mirra> Hey Trellis, pre-emptive goodbye for whenever you leave!
[12:49] <Mirra> Nailed it.
[12:49] <Shayne> Like a boss.
[12:49] <@Sal_Taybrim> hah
[12:49] <Trellis> Thanks Mirra. But I meant I miss SAYING goodbye to people. So goodbye to you, when you leave
[12:49] <Mirra> We are equally covered in our farewells. 
[12:50] <Trellis> yes
[12:50] <Trellis> I somehow feel dirty now. I'm covered in something...
[12:50] <Mirra> Farewells.
[12:51] <Shayne> Are we going to die soon?
[12:51] <Trellis> yeah. those are gross
[12:51] <Mirra> Yep.
[12:51] <TheoWhittaker> :)
�02[12:51] * Graeme_Cook ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:51] <Mirra> Best make good on all those promises 
[12:51] <Mirra> Hey!!! He cheated!!!
[12:51] <Shayne> Oh...bye Graeme.
[12:51] <Shayne> ::Sniff.::
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> no, noe dueing!
[12:51] <@Sal_Taybrim> dieing!
[12:51] <Mirra> Right. I'm supposed to prevent that....
[12:51] <Shayne> So...many...vowels...!
[12:52] <TheoWhittaker> i might head out myself :)
[12:52] <Alucard_Vess> ::pauses.:: So I can't die this t-shirt?
[12:52] <Rune> been thinking about it Shanye
[12:52] <Mirra> Bye Theo !!!
[12:52] <Mirra> You can dye but you cannot die.
[12:52] <Trellis> bye theo'
[12:52] <TheoWhittaker> Flynn, hit me up when youre on the Xbox later :)
[12:52] <TheoWhittaker> xx
[12:52] <Trellis> oh, managed to get it in there!
[12:52] <Flynn> Will do!
[12:52] <Alucard_Vess> what about casting a die?
[12:52] <Mirra> If he can kick the 6 year old to stop playing Minecraft lol
[12:52] <Shayne> We can't repel chat loss of this magnitude!
[12:52] <Flynn> Hope you plan on being up late TheoWhittaker lol
[12:53] <TheoWhittaker> i will be :)
[12:53] <Flynn> Awesome
[12:53] <TheoWhittaker> bye all :)
[12:53] <@Sal_Taybrim> bye!
[12:53] <Mirra> You can cast die Vess but do it sparingly 
[12:53] <Flynn> See ya!
�02[12:53] * TheoWhittaker (kiwiirc@90.220.twm.zwu) Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[12:53] <Trellis> But once the die is cast, don't cross the Rubicon. Bad things happen
[12:54] <Alucard_Vess> Did everyone wear their redshirts today?  Cause that was a LOT of drop off
[12:54] <Brell2334> That made me smile Trellis
[12:55] <Mirra> There is red ON my shirt 😮
[12:55] <Trellis> Thanks Brell. I'm glad someone got the reference. :)
[12:55] <Shayne> Same here. Oh no, I gotta get outta- arrgh!
[12:55] <Shayne> ::Sizzle sizzle.::
[12:55] <Mirra> We ded.
[12:55] <Mirra> Asploded.
[12:57] <Shayne> Well... that ended abruptly.
[12:57] <Flynn> No joke lol
[12:58] <Trellis> Getting back to an earlier tangent, is anyone else ridiculously excited about the new Captain America?
[12:58] <Alucard_Vess> no
[12:58] <Mirra> Yes
[12:58] <Flynn> Yeah I am looking forward to it
[12:58] <Shayne> I'm kinda afraid. I don't want to see my heroes dukin' it out.
[12:58] <Alucard_Vess> I'm waiting for Suicide Squad
[12:58] <Shayne> Alucard_Vess Lol.
[12:58] <Mirra> But they'll group hug at the end over sharma
[12:59] <Flynn> Indubitably
[12:59] <Brell2334> might smack me, I just just saw winter solider a few weeks ago, age of ultron made more sense after, lol
[12:59] <Mirra> That too!! Love suicide squad 
[12:59] <Alucard_Vess> yeah, I think everyone could anticipate my answer to that
[12:59] <Shayne> How epic would that be?
[12:59] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm excited for it
[12:59] <Mirra> I'm excited for all the nerd movies 
[13:00] <Shayne> I suddenly want shwarma...whatever that is.
[13:00] <Mirra> It's good lol
[13:00] <Brell2334> warcraft is one ive been waiting for
[13:01] <Trellis> I have to admit, the DC films aren't making me that excited to see them. Sorry Alucard, they just don't...
[13:01] <Mirra> Haven't seen Batman vs. Superman yet 
[13:01] <Flynn> Heard it was Meh
[13:01] <Mirra> From critics
[13:02] <Flynn> No. From a comic book geek coworker
[13:02] <Mirra>  He clearly knows nothing 
[13:02] <Mirra> I've decided...
[13:02] <Flynn> then it is so!
[13:02] <Trellis> I didn't like MoS, so no desire for Batman/Superman
[13:03] <Flynn> I used to love the old Superman movies. I dont have much interest these days though.
[13:03] <Alucard_Vess> Trellis I feel the same way about Marvel so that's okay.
[13:03] <Alucard_Vess> I was especially off of Marvel when they gave Antman his own movie...
[13:03] <@Sal_Taybrim> I was dissappoined in Batman V Superman
[13:03] <Mirra> Oh no 😞
[13:03] <Mirra> Was Wonder Woman awesome...?
[13:04] <Flynn> I always loved Antman lol
[13:04] <Mirra> I saw Antman, and I liked it, but I STILL don't know why he got his own movie. 
[13:04] <Alucard_Vess> I haven't seen BvS yet...
[13:04] <Alucard_Vess> I mean, I like Atom, but they should never give him his own movie...
[13:04] <Flynn> I want a dedicated Silver Surfer movie
[13:04] <@Sal_Taybrim> that would be a cool one!
[13:05] <Trellis> that would be cool
[13:05] <Alucard_Vess> They were going to after the Fantastic 4
[13:05] <Trellis> I've yet to be really disappointed in any of the MCU movies, but the recent DC films have consistently let me down
[13:05] <Mirra> I want a movie with all the B and C superhero sitting in a coffee shop waiting for their 15 minute cameos. 
[13:06] <@Sal_Taybrim> haha
[13:07] <@Sal_Taybrim> Id watch that movie!
[13:07] <Mirra> Right?? Me too
[13:08] <Flynn> Can it be a show, and have a laugh track?
[13:09] <Trellis> isn't that the new Supergirl tv show?
[13:09] <Trellis> that's right, I went there!
[13:09] <Flynn> I  havent seen it. Though it looks bad, I heard its actually pretty good.
[13:10] <Trellis> i watched the first couple episodes and didn't like it. and the Flash crossover, because I do enjoy the flash show
[13:10] <Alucard_Vess> No, that's not Supergirl, she's only had a couple of hero cameos
[13:10] <Rune> The Wonder Woman movie looks promising
[13:11] <Alucard_Vess> she's had a lot of villains though
[13:11] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'm looking forward to that one, Rune!
[13:11] <Trellis> are there any previews of the wonder woman movie, or is it just the batman v superman stuff?
[13:11] <Mirra> I am too!!
[13:11] <Brell2334> Wonder woman does look good
[13:11] <Rune> There is one preview so far that I've seen
[13:11] <Brell2334> people have told me she is the best part of batman vs superman
[13:12] <Mirra> I've heard that too
[13:12] <@Sal_Taybrim> yeah, she is
[13:12] <Mirra> So they set me up in the waiting lounge and tell me about coffee....and I have a cup of gummy bears and Skittles. Yes I'm an adult!! Who said I wasn't?! 
[13:13] <Rune>
[13:13] <Trellis> i will look at that when I'm done cooking dinner, thanks
[13:13] <Rune> you're welcome
[13:14] <Trellis> Mirra, isn't the best part of being an adult the fact that you actually get to do that sort of thing?
[13:14] <Mirra> Yes it is lol
[13:14] <Alucard_Vess> that's gonna be a great movie
[13:15] <Alucard_Vess> except for Chris Pine
[13:15] <Mirra> He's in it?
[13:16] <Alucard_Vess> yeah
[13:16] <@Sal_Taybrim> Mirra: Bonus adult points for that!
[13:16] <Rune> yeah he's playing Steve Trevor
[13:16] <Trellis> it does look good. except still very dark/mutied. I like the Marvel films in part because they're bright
�02[13:16] * Hannibal ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:17] <Mirra> Bye Hannibal!! Freaking cheaters 
[13:17] <Alucard_Vess> people said that about Superman vs Batman, that it was too dark
[13:17] <Rune> I kinda like the dark
[13:17] <Mirra> Me too
[13:17] <Mirra> I like the dark and I like the bright 
[13:17] <Alucard_Vess> what do they want, unicorns pooping ice cream?
[13:17] <Flynn> Who doesnt?
[13:17] <Mirra> I know what I'm getting into with both franchises
[13:17] <Mirra> They had unicorns in Deadpool!!
[13:18] <Brell2334> who went darker first in comics?
[13:18] <Mirra> Daredevil. 
[13:18] <Rune> ice cream pooping unicorns are overrated
[13:18] <Alucard_Vess> I think Batman, his origin revolves around murder
[13:18] <Mirra> He's always dark. 
[13:18] <@Sal_Taybrim> I want the graphics from the end of deadpool on a t-shirt >.>
[13:19] <Mirra> Me too Sal!!
[13:19] <Trellis> I have no problem with dark. Batman was dark. But it suited his character. Superman is supposed to be the epitome of truth, justice and the american way
[13:19] <@Quinn_Reynolds> ^
[13:19] <Mirra> And yet he's an alien 
[13:19] <Trellis> yes, that unicorn graphic would be awesome
[13:19] <@Sal_Taybrim> agreed
[13:19] <Rune> american way can be very dark
[13:19] <Mirra> And allergic to shiny green rocks 
[13:19] <Brell2334> Feel like supermans saying is only half a click away from pledge of allegiance
[13:20] <Mirra> I'm just glad they finally learned that underpants go on the INSIDE
[13:20] <Alucard_Vess> the old Superman, post WWII, was meant to be bright to raise peoples spirits, but times have changed
[13:20] <Trellis> nowadays, sure. but back in the day there was a different tone to 'American pride' than the jingoism that exists today
[13:21] <Flynn> True that
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> Still, some positive messages wouldn't be bad in today's dark market
[13:21] <@Sal_Taybrim> I'd like to see a shiny Superman again
[13:21] <Trellis> okay, I've got to go. Eating dinner and all that now
[13:21] <Flynn> Enjoy :D
[13:21] <Brell2334> aw but superheros and philosophy is so fun
[13:21] <Brell2334> take care trellis
[13:21] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Whereas Captain America: Civil War previews are touting as amazing.
[13:22] <@Quinn_Reynolds> A better Avengers film than Age of Ultron. xD
[13:22] <Trellis> I just meant 'dark' in that I couldn't see anything. Like literally dark.
[13:22] <Alucard_Vess> lol!
[13:22] <Alucard_Vess> Well, Batman does work at night
[13:22] <@Sal_Taybrim> Peace!
[13:22] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I like the Nolan Batman movies.
[13:22] <Trellis> I couldn't see that Superman was red/blue because it just looked black to me. Stupid Zak Snyner...
[13:22] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Man Of Steel was... eh.
[13:23] <@Quinn_Reynolds> I'd rather have had a movie about Krypton.
[13:23] <Trellis> Yes, the Nolan films were good.  Okay, off
[13:23] <Rune> Wonder woman may have brighter scenes
[13:23] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Because that opening sequence was amazing.
[13:24] <Alucard_Vess> I just want a Green Lantern movie that doesn't suck.  Even I'll admit that was baaaaaaaad
[13:24] <@Quinn_Reynolds> Man. I couldn't even finish it.
[13:24] <Rune> true
[13:24] <@Quinn_Reynolds> The garish CGI made me cringe.
[13:24] <Alucard_Vess> But hey, so did the Hulk
�02[13:26] * Trellis ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
�03[13:26] * RemoteToko ( has joined #Starbase118
[13:26] <@Sal_Taybrim> Some movies hing too much on CGI
�03[13:26] * RemoteToko is now known as CHakashri
[13:26] <Alucard_Vess> When all's said and done, no movie can hold up to the original format
[13:27] <Rune> Too many movies do nowadays
[13:27] <Brell2334> It can be cgi out the waazoo as long as it does not look super fake
[13:27] <@Sal_Taybrim> *hinge)  I like CGI, but I want a movie with plot and characters that uses CGI as a highlight rather than a movie with CGI, oh and some plot thrown in there as an afterthought
[13:27] <Rune> exactly
[13:27] <Flynn> Well said Sal
[13:27] <Alucard_Vess> you mean like the Abramsverse movies, lol?
[13:27] <Mirra> Agreed Sal 
[13:27] <Brell2334> great way to to put it sal
[13:28] <CHakashri> there's a plot to the abramsverse movies.
[13:28] <CHakashri> It's just..
[13:28] <Rune> most movies bore me
[13:28] <CHakashri> Not very good.
[13:28] <CHakashri> (if you define plot loosely as a series of scenes, anyway)
[13:28] <Alucard_Vess> he had a plot like a desert has floods
[13:29] <Rune> nice
[13:29] <Brell2334> sudden and damaging
[13:29] <Brell2334> ?
[13:29] <Alucard_Vess> more like almost non existant
[13:29] <CHakashri> No, it has a plot. You can describe the movie in a few paragraphs. And that means there's a definite plot there. 
[13:29] <Mirra> Confusing to all the native animals?
[13:29] <CHakashri> also, deserts often have floods. >>
[13:30] <Alucard_Vess> but the "plot" to number 2 was unoriginal.  It was just a rehash or WoK
[13:30] <Brell2334> Desert dweller here, floods very common. more so in monsson season.
[13:30] <Flynn> I prefer floods of dessert
[13:30] <CHakashri> oh, I'm not disagreeing with that
[13:30] <CHakashri> It's a rehashed plot
[13:30] <CHakashri> But it's there.
[13:30] <Brell2334> mmm dessert flood
[13:30] <Rune> throwing a bunch of already done scenes into a blender with fresh faces isn't much of a plot in my opinion
[13:30] <Alucard_Vess> I'm just glad he's moved to Star Wars and away from trek
[13:31] <@Sal_Taybrim> Star Wars is much more his style and it shows
[13:31] <Alucard_Vess> let him ruin someone else's childhood memories
[13:31] <Rune> lol
[13:31] <Flynn> Is he not still doing the Trek movies? I honestly dont know, asking lol
[13:31] <Mirra> We're introducing our kids to Star Wars 
[13:31] <CHakashri> no, it's Lin and Pegg for Beyond.
[13:32] <Mirra> Pegg?? Yay!!!
[13:32] <Brell2334> pegg five me hope for third movie, but only a bit
[13:32] <Alucard_Vess> Star Wars to me is meh.. Not trashing it, it's just not for me
[13:32] <Brell2334> gives*
[13:32] <@Sal_Taybrim> Star Trek is science fiction; Star Wars is future fantasy
[13:33] <Brell2334> sal you beat me too saying that.
[13:33] <@Sal_Taybrim> Both are different genres.  That's neither good nor bad; but it's hard to compare them
[13:33] <Flynn> I always liked the concept that its 'A long time ago, in a galaxy far blah blah'
[13:33] <Brell2334> Star wars is too popular to be true scfi, is how an uncle put it to me
[13:34] <Alucard_Vess> Now, that always got me.  A long time ago in a galaxy far away, but with humans, and futuristic tech...
[13:34] <Mirra> Ok time to go home. Bye peoples!!
�02[13:34] * Mirra (~Mirra_Ezo@166.170.jv.mpj) Quit (Quit: Bye�)
[13:34] <@Sal_Taybrim> Bye Mirra!
[13:34] <Flynn> Aw, she has got to give people a second
[13:34] <CHakashri> Star Wars is very science fantasy.
[13:35] <CHakashri> It's fun, though
[13:35] <Flynn> Ill be sure to give her a hard time
[13:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> Hahaha
[13:35] <@Sal_Taybrim> you do that, Flynn ;-)
[13:36] <Flynn> You can count on me :D
[13:36] <CHakashri> That said, though. I'm more curious about the upcoming TV series.
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Me too.
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> Very curious about that one
[13:37] <Flynn> Do you think Targs like Skittles?
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::counts on Flynn::
[13:37] <Rune> everyone likes Skittles
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> I think Targs should like skittles - doesn't everyone?
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> is Skittles the name of some small mammal?
[13:37] <@Sal_Taybrim> "This is my tribble names skittles"
[13:37] <Rune> lol
[13:37] <Flynn> lol
[13:37] <Alucard_Vess> "Meet my dog Sittl... Skittles! No!"
[13:39] <Alucard_Vess> Well, I guess targs do like Skittles, with ketchup and mustard
[13:40] <Brell2334> or entrails
[13:40] <Flynn> Were going to find out
[13:40] <Rune> lol
[13:40] <Flynn> and it should go well, since I'm the writer :D
[13:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> Haha!  I like it!
[13:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> Also: do tribbles have entrails?
[13:40] <@Sal_Taybrim> ponderous questions
[13:40] <Alucard_Vess> I think so
[13:40] <CHakashri> Note to self: bring ibuprofien to work next time x.x
[13:41] <Rune> at least an entrail
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> oh no!
[13:41] <Flynn> If you ask the Targ? Not for very long
[13:41] <@Sal_Taybrim> Tribbles are bite sized
[13:41] <Alucard_Vess> I saw a fan pic where someone had drawn a biology text-style entry for one
[13:42] <Alucard_Vess>
�02[13:43] * Rune ( Quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client�)
[13:44] <Brell2334> still cute, even after seeing diagram
�02[13:44] * @FltAdmlWolf ( Quit (Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…�)
[13:44] <@Sal_Taybrim> That's hilarious.  Brain the size of a pea, but all reproductive system.  Perfect!
[13:45] <Alucard_Vess> Sounds like your average high school aged boy...
[13:45] <@Sal_Taybrim> ::snerk!::
[13:45] <Flynn> Funny how many  questions this raised. Some things can be over thought
[13:47] <@Sal_Taybrim> That could be our motto: will overthink anything!
[13:47] <Flynn> lol
[13:47] <Alucard_Vess> you should check out the Starfleet Medical Reference Manual they published if you want over thought
[13:48] <@Sal_Taybrim> Or, to put a positive spin on things, "we're excercising our grey matter"