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June 2015

@Nugra: Hello! 
→ Raissa_Moonsong has joined 
Aidoann: hi 
Anora: Hey everyone who just joined 
flynn: Howdy yall! 
Lt_Skyfire: wow, hello! 
@LeoH-P: Hi Raissa :) 
* Nugra hugs all the newcomers in his scaley arms!!!! 
Iniko_Mpeba: Lt_Skyfire Heather Kemesky 
Raissa_Moonsong: Hello all. 
@Renos: Hi Iniko, his lots of other people I missed :) How's it going? 
@LeoH-P: Hi Flynn and Aidoann 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hey all! 
Raissa_Moonsong: For once I'm early. 
→ Alucard_Vess has joined 
Anora: Vess! 
@Nugra: ALUCARD!!!! 
@LeoH-P: Hi Vess 
kaji: hey Vess! 
Alucard_Vess: Yo 
@Renos: Hi Vess 
Alucard_Vess" Holy crowded Batman, there's a lot of people on 
→ Nuvia has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Nuvia! 
Mirra: Hi Nuvia!!! 
@LeoH-P: Hi Nuvia 
Nuvia: Hello everyone! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Oh yeah... that was why I showed up late. 
→ Meikonda has joined 
Lt_Skyfire: Sal + Leo: Following Moonsong's example, I'll be starting a toon thread for Ops 
@Nugra: And more still coming. :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: sweeeeet 
Meikonda: Hellooooo. 
Alucard_Vess: toons? 
Aidoann: :) 
Raissa_Moonsong: hehehehehe Yeah Skyfire! 
Lt_Skyfire: Toons. 
@LtJG_Phos: Hey all! 
Landau: Hey Meikonda :) 
@LeoH-P: Toons are awesome :) 
Lt_Skyfire: OMG, Phos lives! 
flynn: Hi nuvia ! Its been a long time 
Raissa_Moonsong: Mei'konda! ::pouncehugs:: 
Quinn: Anything cool happening around the fleet? 
Nuvia: too long flynn, too long 
@Liam_Frost: Hark! A Welshman! 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh, how is everyone? 
@Sal_Taybrim: good, how have you been? 
Raissa_Moonsong: If you need any tips, Skyfire, let me know. 
@LtJG_Phos: Great thanks :P 
Nuvia: I'm doing pretty good, steam sales are always fun 
flynn: and dangerous 
Nuvia: very true 
Lt_Skyfire: Raissa, only thing I can think that I might need help with is what fonts you used. 
→ Rune has joined 
@Quinn_Reynolds: They bring a great sadness to my bank account. 
Landau: That's one thing I'm glad on missing out om; 
Mirra: Yeah....that. 
Raissa_Moonsong: whatever my default font is. Nothing fancy. Arial mostly. 
flynn: Well if anyone else is on steam and wants to game with nuvia and i just hit us up :) 
Nuvia: most definitely 
@Sal_Taybrim: That's a good question to start us off: What games is everyone playing this summer? 
Raissa_Moonsong: The hardest thing is finding pictures for some.... like Mei'konda! 
Mirra: And if anyone wants to lament about sharing a bank account with a gaming addict, hit ME up... 
flynn: well i just picked up the age of empires collection, like 80% off. im sure ill be blowing lots of free time with that 
Nuvia: I just bought Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, Nuclear Throne, and Crypt of the NecroDancer yesterday. Recommend them all 
@Sal_Taybrim: Oooh, my fiancee got Binding of Isaac. 
Nuvia: lol Mirra 
Landau: Witcher 3 mostly... Still! 
If I ever see my PC again. #nerdwithdrawalsymptoms 
@Sal_Taybrim: I found Lost Odyssey, finally, and need to play it 
DanielCain: Witcher 3 here too 
Raissa_Moonsong: Then you find some really random stuff when you google Leo Handley-Page. 
Alucard_Vess: Usually no time for games thanks to work. Before this new job I was playing X3 and was going to get back into Sins of a Solar Empire, but 10-11 hour days tend to drain you 
flynn: Dont listen to Mirra, she loves it 
@LeoH-P: Hehe, random Leo :D 
→ Eerie has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Raissa: That sounds dangerous 
@LeoH-P: Hi Eerie 
@Liam_Frost: I'm just here playing GTA V 
Nuvia: Binding of Isaac is so good. I've been playing Witcher 1 and 2, would totally play 3 if only I wasn't in high school and it's $60 :( 
kaji: hey Eerie!! 
Raissa_Moonsong: try it some time. Scarey stuff out there. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I've actually been playing Star Trek Online. It's quite fun - I hadn't touched it since beta. 
@Nugra: Eerie! 
flynn: Its been a while I played STo 
Might be time 
Did I hear we have a fleet? 
Quinn: Try STO on a Toshiba. *Facepalm* 
Raissa_Moonsong: the only thing I'd want access to STO for would be images of races, like Caitians. 
Landau: Nuvia, worth every dollar :P 
Eerie: Hello everyone!!!! 
Mirra: STo is awesome, there were glitches last time I played, have to check it out again 
@Sal_Taybrim: Actually my current is FFIII(/VI) because we purchased an SD2SNES cartridge a few months back so I'm catching up on all the classic games I missed 
Rune: Hi Eerie 
Quinn: Wait, back up-could we have an STO fleet?! 
flynn: Nice! Big Final Fantasy fan here Sal 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I may have squealed with joy when I got my Galaxy-class and called it Garuda. 
@LtJG_Phos: Ooo, I very much enjoyed throes Final Fantasies :P 
← Sundassa has left 
flynn: I actually run a Final Fantasy group on facebook 
@Nugra: BTW, for all you who are on STO. We do have a SB118 fleet on there already. :) 
@RAdmr_Toni: Hi Nugra 
@Nugra: just FYI. :D 
Hello, Admiral. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Ooo 
@Nugra: :) 
Raissa_Moonsong: I won't mention what it took to create a 10 video of Mei'konda. 
Mirra: There is a SB118 fleet?!?! 
Quinn: Really?! What's it called and can I join? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Flynn: awesome! I said at one point I wanted to play them all, and now I finally have the opportunity 
flynn: I would happily join the STO fleet 
Raissa_Moonsong: 10 sec I mean. 
→ Zinna has joined 
@LeoH-P: Hi Zinna 
Zinna: Hi! 
Eerie: hello Zinna 
Zinna: HI 
@Sal_Taybrim: I actually went from having an Atari 2600 and an NES as a kid... to getting a PS2 in college. Nothing in between. FFX was my very first game for PS2 and it blew my mind back then. :D 
Heya Zinna! 
Landau: Wait, there's a Quinn and a Quinn Reynolds? 
Zinna: How are you guys? 
Nuvia: living in rural US and the internet that goes along with that generally means every time there's a patch I take a break from STO for a few days lol 
Rune: ok. bye 
← Rune has left 
flynn: FFX is a great game. Thats what I started Mirra out on 
@Nugra: Anyone who is interested in joining the SB118 fleet, go ahead and send me your handles in a side chat or email. :) I'll get you added. Please note, its Fed side only. :) 
@Quinn_Reynolds: There is. xD 
flynn: My first love was Final Fantasy 8 
Mirra: That and 8 
Quinn: Quinn Reynolds is the better looking of the two of us 
Mirra: Sweet! Thanks Nugra!! 
@Nugra: email is to those looking for an email. :D 
Alucard_Vess: Sal, I was in the same situation. It was like shifting from drive to park without stopping inbetween 
flynn: now to remember my handle lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: I have played 7,8, 9, 10, 12 - still working through13... and now 6, and working my way backwards. 
Vess: Exactly. 
Mirra: We're still working through 13 as well 
@Sal_Taybrim: My fiancee helpfully had all the retro consoles I did not own, so now we have a pretty nice collection 
@RAdmr_Toni: Hi Eerie, zinna, Rune (bye), Alana. Aidoann, ANDREW!, Iniko,Kaji, Richards, KNakmura, Skyfire, Moonsong and everyone else I misseed 
← Landau has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Eerie: attention Admiral on the DECK! 
Raissa_Moonsong: afk 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Admiral :) How are you? 
Lt_Skyfire: Hello, all! 
Alucard_Vess: Hi Ann 
Semi-related to gaming, anyone catch the season 3 premier of Defiance? 
@RAdmr_Toni: Good, Phos. :) You? 
@LtJG_Phos: Great thanks :) 
→ Landau has joined 
Zinna: Hi Admiral! 
@Renos: WB Landau 
flynn: ya know i actually have the defiance game but have yet to play it lol 
@LtJG_Phos: WB 
Nuvia: What's Defiance? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello admiral! we Landau! 
Landau: Ta. The perils if 3G :P 
@Renos: I've played the defiance game, watched seasons 1 and 2 - it's pretty cool 
Alucard_Vess: It's a game and tv show that are inter-connected 
@RAdmr_Toni: hi Sal 
Alucard_Vess: although I've never played the game side, the show is pretty cool 
if you like post-apocalyptic Earth type shows 
flynn: I love post apoc lol 
@Liam_Frost: brb 
Nuvia: oho, I'll look it up 
@Sal_Taybrim: So, what's happening on everyone's ships this month? 
Mirra: That's like his favorite genre lol 
@Liam_Frost; need to make a quick run to the shop 
@Sal_Taybrim: I know the Constitution-B flies again! 
Aidoann: yeah I've seen the show but didn't know there was an associated game 
Alucard_Vess: Victory got slipstream, finally 
@Liam_Frost: we're headed to a station that is infested by what I can only assume from the description to be Owlbears 
Landau: The Conny-B is back? Woo 
@Nugra: Yep! Under the command of Commander Jalana Rajel. :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yes, now under the command of Jalana 
Aidoann: Doyle is on its way back home after a rather messy mission 
@RAdmr_Toni: I watch Jurassic Park, to get background on our mission, but sadly it was so boring, I fell asleep after about 15 minutes 
@LtJG_Phos: The Doyle is starting Shore Leave woo! 
Alucard_Vess: yeah, and if you play and watch there are parts that connect 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nugra beats me again! ::hands in the air:: ;-) 
Shore leave: whhere? 
flynn: Little known fact: Once upon a time I was the CMO of the conny 
@Nugra: Victory is investigating a possible Federation derelict on the edges of Tholian space. 
Landau: Sweet! 
@Renos: LOL Toni xD 
Nuvia: Jurassic Park's alright 
@Sal_Taybrim: And more importantly Phos: are you drinking? 
Alucard_Vess: Toni, there's a new Jurrasic Park 
@Nugra: I type fast, Sal! 
→ Didrik_Stennes has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: @Sal: DS285 like always :P and Phos isn't... Much. Seff is a lot! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Didrick! 
Nuvia: my favorite part was the beginning with the "Shoot her! Shooooooooot her!" Too good man 
Eerie: hello Stennes 
Alucard_Vess: and it has the magical liopleurodon 
@Renos: I agree Nuvia 
@RAdmr_Toni: Yeah Jurassic World 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nugra: possible derelict? Scroedingers derelict? 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Stennes! Long time no see :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: *Schroedingers) 
@LeoH-P: Liopleurodons for the win 
@Nugra: lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: On Ops that would be Leopleurodons >.> 
Alucard_Vess: Shun the non-believer! Shuuuun! 
Didrik_Stennes: »Hello everyone. 
@LeoH-P: Hi Didrik 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya, how goes? 
Alucard_Vess: LOL, I suppose you'd have to have seen the video to get that bit... 
@Sal_Taybrim: I got it. I immediately heard the voice in my head. -.- 
Raissa_Moonsong: bak 
@Sal_Taybrim: wb! 
@LtJG_Phos: WB! 
Quinn: I've dawdled all I can. Gotta go, there's work to be done. 
@LeoH-P: Alas, I have to leave for a bit, have fun everyone 
@LtJG_Phos: See you Quinn! 
@Sal_Taybrim: take care Quinn and Leo! 
Raissa_Moonsong: :) 
@Nugra: See ya Quinn! I'll get you added 
@LeoH-P: bye all 
@RAdmr_Toni: bye Quinn 
Quinn: Many thanks! Bye! 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Different Quinn. ;) 
Bye guys! 
← LeoH-P has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
← Quinn has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
@Sal_Taybrim: So many Quinns! 
@LtJG_Phos: Lol 
← Renos has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Mirra: Lol 
→ Traenor has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Traenor! How are you? 
Landau: Which one of you is Joker's girlfriend? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Traenor! 
@RAdmr_Toni: dropping liike flies today 
Iniko_Mpeba: Hey Traenor :-) 
Mirra: I love J 
Traenor: Look at the turnout! Great to see you all! 
@LtJG_Phos: @Landau: ::faceplam:: 
Mirra: and I love Harley! 
@Sal_Taybrim: How's it going Traenor? 
Landau: Someone had to say it. Let's face it, it's usually me. 
Raissa_Moonsong: I've never been here when it was this crowded before. 
Alucard_Vess: Yeah, but Joker mistreats her so bad 
Nuvia: Mr. J all the way 
@RAdmr_Toni: Hi Traenor 
→ Korras has joined 
Mirra: He is insane. And she isn't the picture of mental stability either.. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hey Korras! 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Korras! How are you? 
Korras: hello. :) 
Traenor: Heya Korras ! 
Korras: doing good, just got home from a camp with the scouts. :) 
just in time, it seems. ;) 
Alucard_Vess: Yeah, but the way he tells her he never thought she was beautiful in Death of the Family was unusually cruel... 
@LtJG_Phos: That pretty much sums up the Joker though. 
@Sal_Taybrim: @Moonsong: They all come to the siren song of promised cookies. 
@LtJG_Phos: Unusually Cruel. 
Mirra: Wow ok yeah that I will give you. 
@Sal_Taybrim: scout camp, w00t! I help set one of those up on Friday! 
Traenor: Oh, scout camp. That takes me back... 
@RAdmr_Toni: Hi Korras 
@Sal_Taybrim: Scout camp was my first job back in the day 
Alucard_Vess: I remember scout camp. used to hate it, but now looking back I realize it was fun 
@LtJG_Phos: I had a... Intresting relationship with scout Camps :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: I liked being a counselor more than a camper >.> 
Landau: I never did the whole scouts thing. Kinda wish I had 
@LtJG_Phos: I was friends with that guy that would always injure himself lol 
Mirra: I had choir camp lol 
Korras: this was for the opening of a new campground.. one designed to hold a World Jamboree in a few years. the Queen came to open it, too. it was quite fun, with good weather. 
Alucard_Vess: I actually enjoyed the AT and Isle Royale trips more 
@Sal_Taybrim: wow, that's awesome! 
Nuvia: Never got far as a scout. Ended up in band camp instead lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: I liked white water canoeing. Rock climbing was interesting but not my fave... (I don't like heights) 
Raissa_Moonsong: I can't remember that far back. 
Korras: and Phos.. trust me, that kid couldn't have been worse then me.. 
Lt_Skyfire: Well, the good news is the Darwin's face list is updated now. The bad news is I may've broken some code that I don't know if I can fix. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Oh no! 
Landau: Korras, do when a stereotypical American asks if you know the Queen, you can genuinely say yes? :o 
Anora: Oh? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Don't break the Darwin! 
What's the Darwin's current mission? 
Alucard_Vess: didn't like rock climbing either. I was "chubby" back then so I had to fight gravity more ;) 
Anora: I'll go look Skyfire 
@LtJG_Phos: @Korras: Oh, he probably was :P 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora: Face list page = breakage. 
Raissa_Moonsong: Note to self: Create a facelist for pnpcs on Garuda. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I was good at swimming and bad at falling. ;-) 
Lt_Skyfire: Moonsong: I think Deliera already has one in her massive PNPC nav bar thingimibob. 
Korras: and for the record.. I am dutch. not british. and I am supposed to lead these scouts, they say. but then again.. I'm the one who messed up with a knife. :P 
Anora: For the Darwin? 
@LtJG_Phos: @sal: I know what you mean there! 
Mirra: Is anyone "good" at falling? 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora, yes. 
Alucard_Vess: yeah, skydivers 
Lt_Skyfire: Mirra: martial artists, acrobats. 
Raissa_Moonsong: ? Eh? 
Nuvia: ice skaters 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm sure someone is... don;t want to find that out, though! 
Traenor: Thanks for the work on that Skyfire ;) Just the header is broke. 
Alucard_Vess: The Berlin Wall 
Nuvia: lol 
Landau: Mirra, birds! 
Mirra: Haha 
Alucard_Vess: The Roman Empire 
Korras: Phos, I messed up with a knife. cut straight through two tendons and a jugular. one-foot long scar. can't be much worse. :P 
Mirra: It's falling with style! 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora: I broke the header? Can you fix it? 
Nuvia: Too soon Alucard 
Alucard_Vess: and the Ateroid that killed the dinosaurs 
→ Myrta has joined 
Korras: sorry, half foot. not foot long. 
Alucard_Vess; *asteroid* 
Lt_Skyfire: Traenor! Hey! :: hugs :: 
Korras: silly imperial measurements.. 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Myrta! 
Korras: hello Myrta. :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Myrta! 
Alucard_Vess: 2000 years is too soon? 
Traenor: @ Taybrim: Darwin between missions, but had an... interesting... promotion ceremony. 
Mirra: Too soon. 
@LtJG_Phos: Yes, I read about that :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: Interesting? ::Ears perk up in curiosity:: 
@LtJG_Phos: It could be worse :D 
Myrta: Hello sal, and everyone! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Skyfire, remind me to ask her. 
Traenor: Heya Myrta ! 
→ Kieran has joined 
Myrta: Hi! 
Lt_Skyfire: Raissa: you can send her an email... 
@LtJG_Phos: Kieran!! 
How are you? 
Traenor: You can check it out in the Current Mission summary on wiki, or the short and sweet description is on Darwin Graphics forum... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Kieran! 
Kieran: Hey James! I'm doing ok. how are you? 
Hi Sal 
@LtJG_Phos: I'm good thanks :) Its great to sim with you again :D 
ⓘ Myrta is now known as Myrta_Shirazi 
Anora: Skyfire, I'll see what I can do. It's weird that it broke like that 
Kieran: It will be when I get over this mental block I'm having ;) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Traenor: I suppose I could think of worse things at a ceremony ::Chuckle:: What is up with all the threats of court martials lately? 
"Summer 2015, the season of Court Martials" 
@LtJG_Phos: :D I hate those :P 
Raissa_Moonsong: sometimes I have trouble navigating the wiki when I want to find something. 
Kieran: me too 
Alucard_Vess: is that the new Blockbuster title? 
Mirra: Sounds like a horrible season 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yes, and yes 
@LtJG_Phos: Egh, nothing can beat the temporal affairs enquiry we had on the Drake :D 
Traenor: Oprah: Look under your seats everyone! Court martial for you, court martial for you... 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora: It is, but you and Traenor can argue over who's going to fix it. 
Eerie: I think we will keep the actions aboard the Victory with Eerie and Nugra underwraps 
flynn: lol traenor 
@Nugra: LOL 
Alucard_Vess: First rule of the Victory... 
Eerie: :) 
Aidoann: lol 
Raissa_Moonsong; If I'm going to be court martial I will do something spectacular to earn it. 
Anora: Lol, I won't lie I may break it more 
Mirra: Go big or go home I guess.... 
@LtJG_Phos: Agreed :D 
Landau: Court martials look good on your resume (unless you were decommissioned) 
Raissa_Moonsong; I'll destroy a planet and then blame it on my mirror counterpart. 
@Sal_Taybrim: If you court martial everyone would that mean we're still a fleet... just not under the same jurisdiction? 
@Liam_Frost: and we're back 
@LtJG_Phos: Planet, you guys think too small. 
I'll take over the universe!!!! 
Landau: Do they call it decommissioning when it's a person? 
@LtJG_Phos: I mean... umm... ::Cough:: 
flynn: Only an android 
@LtJG_Phos: Oh no, we must stop that... 
Raissa_Moonsong: Nah, minions can't keep order and there's always a mutiny. 
Myrta_Shirazi: 'Kicking out'? 
Alucard_Vess: if everyone's getting court-mashalled, then who's court-marshalling the court-marshallers? 
Lt_Skyfire: um, hey Raissa? How do you get the full sized toon to materialize in the forum post? 
Kieran: I'll be keeping an eye on you James 
Mirra: Who polices the police? 
@Liam_Frost: if you're on the Gemini, it's defenestration 
@Sal_Taybrim: And infinite court martial loop? 
Raissa_Moonsong: I upload the image to my photobucket account and then use the image link it gives me. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Oooh, defenstration would be cold in space... 
Raissa_Moonsong: I try to keep images around 500 px wide. 
Myrta_Shirazi: @LtJG_Phos : given that we are on the same ship, I'm starting to worry... 
* LtJG_Phos ::whistles innocently:: 
flynn: Has there been any further talk about the IC chat 'adventure' ? 
Traenor: I gotta read closer. I read that as "deforestation". Silly Traenor 
@Liam_Frost: lol 
@LtJG_Phos: We have simmed together for the best part of half a year now, you would think you'd be used to my random insanity :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm cerrtainly planning on doing a live chat sim - date is a bit fuzzy 
and that's 100% due to my work schedule >_< 
Lt_Skyfire: Leo + Sal: I should make a toon for ______ on Ops. 
flynn: well if you need help it sounds fun 
← RAdmr_Toni has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Raissa_Moonsong: I've actually done live chat simming. 
← Kieran has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
@LtJG_Phos: They are fun :P 
Myrta_Shirazi: Phos seems...a tad more random and a tad more insane, though 
DanielCain: isn't it confusing? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Flynn: Sounds great. I will absolutely keep you in the loop 
Skyfire: Sounds fun! 
@LtJG_Phos" Yea, Phos is pretty stable :D 
Lt_Skyfire: Taybrim: Did you just volunteer? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Moonsong: Chat simming used to be my thing, though not for Trek 
Sure, if you need me 
flynn: Cool. as being from Risa im also happy to volunteer NPC's 
← Landau has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Raissa_Moonsong: I did a lot of jps with it. It all started back at the Red Dragon Inn.... 
flynn: We used to a do a lot of chat room rp 
@Sal_Taybrim: Flynn: sounds good! 
Mirra: Forever ago yeah 
→ Landau has joined 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Was it you that used to play in New Bremen, Sal? 
Raissa_Moonsong: "A long time ago on an internet far far slower..." 
@Sal_Taybrim:Quinn: yes 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh 
flynn: lol truth raissa 
Mirra: Haha yea exactly 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Fond memories. :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: I STed on New Bremen for a bit, right before it went away 
And then stayed on for the indie chats for ... (more years that I would like to admit) 
Raissa_Moonsong: There were a number of rpg inns on GEnie. I ran some of them. 
Anora: No idea what you did Skyfire :( 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Yeah, I was an ST as well, though I think it was 2-3 years before it closed. 
@Sal_Taybrim: ::nodnod:: I remember! 
@LtJG_Phos: @Anora: lol, yea I said the same to her :D 
← Landau has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Anora: The code seems fine, I can't see what would've caused it 
@Sal_Taybrim: Wiki Gremlins! 
@LtJG_Phos: Ah ha, got it :P 
Mirra: Someone fed them after midnight! 
flynn: I keep meaning to mess with the wiki 
Raissa_Moonsong: Skyfire attracts Wiki-Koalas. 
@LtJG_Phos: The only include is in the wrong place :P 
Anora: haha 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm always behind with messing with my wiki ::chuckle:: 
Every once in awhile I get a free day and get more work done 
Lt_Skyfire: someone fixed it. That's good. 
Raissa_Moonsong: I have mastered the wiki trick "groveling to someone to help fix my screwups". 
Didrik_Stennes: I've been on a bit of extended LOA; can I ask what year it is? Is it 2392? 
@LtJG_Phos: Well. Sorta. It broke something else. 
Lt_Skyfire: Wait, Wiki koalas? Why are we talking about Ensign Kings? 
@LtJG_Phos: One second :D 
@FltAdmlWolf: 2392 -- it's always on the main page :) 
Raissa_Moonsong: It's the Garuda mascot, did you miss the memo? 
Didrik_Stennes: Aye, thanks! 
@Sal_Taybrim: So how did the koala come into the toons?? 
→ Landau has joined 
Raissa_Moonsong: I'm not really sure.... I think it was a chat.... 
Anora: Wolf, did we swap the link at the top of the forums to go to the Wiki instead of the Main Webpage? 
@LtJG_Phos: Now it's fixed :D 
Anora: Woot! 
ⓘ Landau is now known as Land4u 
Lt_Skyfire: King didn't have a face for a while. 
@FltAdmlWolf: No, not really -- I just forward /members to the wiki. 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, I think you went on LoA during my... Last mission on the Drake? 
Raissa_Moonsong: It started out with internet access in australia. 
@FltAdmlWolf: ... since we moved the Community News to /news 
Raissa_Moonsong: Satellite dishes on kangaroos. 
Didrik_Stennes: @ltjg–phos Yes, I was a Drakester before going on LOA. It's been over a year. 
Raissa_Moonsong: It went downhill from there. 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea :) 
Anora: There's a random extra set of }} on the facelist now 
@Sal_Taybrim: Wow, we have had a lot of people returning from LOAs recently - very cool! 
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flynn: I am back as of like march. I was gone for like 12 years 
Didrik_Stennes: Wow 
Aidoann: yeah nice to see people returning 
Lt_Skyfire: So I got 2 done for Ops. Need more.... :: ponders next victim :: 
Mirra: Does that count as a LOA? Or cryogenic sleep tube gone missing 
DanielCain: I wished I found this years ago 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, it really is :) 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora: Phos fixed it, apparently. 
flynn: Probably the latter Mirra lol 
Raissa_Moonsong: Skyfire, I just work my way through the ship roster. 
→ Myrta_Shirazi has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: wb! 
@LtJG_Phos: WB Shirazi :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm not sure what it counts as, but good to see so many people coming back! 
Myrta_Shirazi: Thank you! every now and then I get kicked out... 
Anora: Woot, good job Phos 
@LtJG_Phos: :) 
Lt_Skyfire: Raissa: I would use tinypic, but it hates my computer so I'm gonna upload to my flickr instead 
Raissa_Moonsong: I used to use tinypic but it started hating me so I switched. 
Lt_Skyfire: Raissa, what'd you switch to? 
Raissa_Moonsong: photobucket 
Land4u: Photobucket is good. Always worked for me 
Raissa_Moonsong: actually easier to use and less extraneous stuff. 
VieVentar: Ok, home now. 
@LtJG_Phos: Woo! 
@Sal_Taybrim: w00t? 
So does this mean the toons will take over the forums? 
Lt_Skyfire: Taybrim: working on it 
@LtJG_Phos: Hehe 
Raissa_Moonsong: Muhahahahahaha.... and so it begins... 
@LtJG_Phos: See! I'm not the only one you should keep an eye on! 
@Sal_Taybrim: just look what you have done! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Yeah, but it took almost 300 toons to do it. 
@Sal_Taybrim: A small price to pay 
To bring joy (pain?) to the entire fleet... 
Raissa_Moonsong: ::cackle:: 
Mirra: Real world calls unfortunately....but it was lovely chatting with everyone! See you on Columbia Nuvia 
@LtJG_Phos: Bye! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Have a great day Mirra! 
VieVentar: Is Toni Lupo around? 
Raissa_Moonsong: Bye :) 
Traenor: Cya! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Thanks for stopping by! 
Myrta_Shirazi: Bye! 
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Lt_Skyfire: ... I think that trying to do all of this on a linux box is a bad idea. 
Myrta_Shirazi: So, anyone from Doyle-A up to a JP? 
Traenor: Good to see you all! I'm sneaking off too. 
Raissa_Moonsong: Bye :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Bye Traenor! Good to see you! 
@LtJG_Phos: I'm always open to JPs :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: Myrta: What's the Doyle up to? 
@LtJG_Phos: Always. 
Myrta_Shirazi: Bye! 
Land4u: Surely wiki editing is pretty platform independent? :P 
@LtJG_Phos: Bye Traenor! 
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@Sal_Taybrim: oh wait, shore leave... 
Hello brain like a sieve 
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@LtJG_Phos: I actually fid wiki-editing easier on my Linux setup :P 
Lt_Skyfire: phos: wiki edits, sure. browser compatibility, not so much. May need to reboot the box. 
Myrta_Shirazi: @Sal back from a secret mission everyone knew about but us, shoreleave calls. 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, so far only one of my characters is in jail :D 
Raissa_Moonsong: ::puts fingers in ears over Linux talk due to deep fear:: 
Aidoann: yep we're just starting shoreleave on the Doyle, yes one very messy secret missoin 
Lt_Skyfire: brb 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Only one? That seems low... 
Aidoann: one very ticked Chief Intel Officer 
well our current one 
it was our first on the Doyle 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, but I have only been back from LoA for about... 5 or 6 days. 
@Sal_Taybrim: oooh... when Intel's not happy, nobody's happy 
Raissa_Moonsong: I seriously doubt *any* mission has gone smoothly. 
@LtJG_Phos: Cut me some slack Sal! 
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Myrta_Shirazi: @Phos, I'm at the Baker Street Irregulars as well, so we could meet there, just keep in mind Myrta is rather short-sighted 
→ KevinBreeman has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: Not if I can help it :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: ::Chuckles!:: ok, ok! Slack! 
@LtJG_Phos: @Myrta Sounds great to me! 
@Sal_Taybrim: hello Breeman 
Eerie: hello Kevin 
KevinBreeman: Ahoy :) 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Breeman! Long time no see! 
Aidoann: no none of the mission's Aidoann have gone smoothly thats for sure 
DanielCain: got to go guys. One word......Kids 
Cya all later 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh, see you! 
Eerie: bye 
Aidoann: or has been part of I should say 
darn typing today lol 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, if a mission is going smoothly then I haven't done my job right :P 
Land4u: Breeman! Hey :) 
flynn: yeah i better head out too. One word....steam 
@LtJG_Phos: Lol, see you flynn! 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Peace guys! 
Good to see you! 
flynn: nice chat folks, enjoy your day :) 
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Aidoann: hey Phos I can think of several people that send this one haywire lol 
→ Lt_Skyfire has joined 
flynn: Feel free to email me or send an IM about the IC char Sal 
Lt_Skyfire: stupid computer. 
@LtJG_Phos: Lol, so can I Aidoann :D 
Raissa_Moonsong: hugs 
Nuvia: see ya flynn 
Aidoann: sent and first and foremost Lizner lol 
but yes 
glad to have you back 
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@LtJG_Phos: I was worried that without me you'd struggle but... Nice to see the ship carries on regardless :D 
→ Myrta_Shirazi has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: I'm happy to be back :) 
WB Myrta 
@Sal_Taybrim: Every ship needs a James >.> 
Aidoann: :) 
@LtJG_Phos: :D 
Land4u: A while back, almost every ship had one :P 
Myrta_Shirazi: Sorry folks, my connection keeps hiccuping. Glad to have you back, James 
Raissa_Moonsong: What's a 'James". 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, remember the three James' :D 
Aidoann: besides it makes for an interesting start to a mission when the CMO punches a visitor 
@Sal_Taybrim: If you CMO at it again? 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea... That sounds like Bishop 
Myrta_Shirazi: Indeed. And then he thinks the counsellor is crazy 
@Sal_Taybrim: *is? 
Land4u: Wow, even Nessa isn't actually HIT a visitor... 
Aidoann: Lizner deserved it 
@Sal_Taybrim: counselors usually are >.> 
Raissa_Moonsong: Ahem! 
Land4u: didn't* 
@LtJG_Phos: @Land4u: ::cough:: Romulan Ambassador ::cough:: 
@Sal_Taybrim: He's got one up on my CMO, too. 
Bishop: first in line for most notorious doctor in the fleet? 
Myrta_Shirazi: ...for pointing out that hitting a superior officer on the bridge is a serious offence? 
@Sal_Taybrim: I mean Skyfire didn't even crash the ship from what I hear... 
VieVentar: Ok that sushi was so damn filling... 
@LtJG_Phos: :D 
Raissa_Moonsong: Sal.... you mean "yet". 
@LtJG_Phos: Yep, he still has time. 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Yes... yet 
Aidoann: yet fits a lot of situations 
Raissa_Moonsong: The counselor is Skyfire's XO. You know what that means. 
Aidoann: :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: But that is a good question... do we have any ships that *don't* have a crazy counselor? 
@LtJG_Phos: Umm... 
Raissa_Moonsong: I am not crazy! Eccentric. 
Aidoann: lol very good question 
@Sal_Taybrim: I guess Columbia's counselor is pretty sane 
Myrta_Shirazi: Li Qiuhui wasn't 
@LtJG_Phos: Once I was on a ship that didn't have a counselor? Does that count? 
Land4u: Is Vance crazy? 
@Sal_Taybrim: No 
But the book's out on Yael 
@LtJG_Phos: He's played by Ed. 
Raissa_Moonsong: I've got most of the crew in therapy! 
Land4u: I wouldn't know, I'm still 435 sims behind. 
@LtJG_Phos: Of course he is. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I guess I'd put Danzia on the sane side 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, Danzia was pretty sane. 
Although, that alone was a sure sine of insanity - she was on the Drake with me. 
Nobody on the Drake came off sane. 
No one. 
Didrik_Stennes: That's pretty true. 
@LtJG_Phos: :D 
Land4u: I miss Phlox. 
@LtJG_Phos: I mean, I was fairly... Well. Somewhat sane anyway before I went there! 
Land4u: No wait, Phlox was the cannon I've 
@Sal_Taybrim: I though the entire point of the Drake was insanity? >.> 
Land4u: Canon* 
Raissa_Moonsong: boom 
@LtJG_Phos: ... 
You may have a point Sal. 
Didrik_Stennes: It was fun to sim on a ship that was deliberately old, buggy and unreliable. 
@LtJG_Phos: Oh yea, I loved the Drake. 
Didrik_Stennes: Nothing about the Drake was state-of-the-art, except maybe the officer's pub. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: The Drake was my loveletter to Firefly and Battlestar Galactica. :) 
@LtJG_Phos: You never knew if it would go to warp, or if the neccels would fall off. Good times. 
Raissa_Moonsong: Shiny :) 
@LtJG_Phos: Well... Actually you had a pretty good idea that the latter would happen, now I think about it... 
Myrta_Shirazi: Anybody from SB118 going to GenCon this year? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Why do I imagine the line "How many time shave I told you, the nacelles will NOT fall off..." getting used? 
→ Hutch has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Hutch! 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Hutch! 
Hutch: Hey Sal - are we listening to your opinion on stuff yet? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Myrta: POssibly. I used to go every year, but now it's always a gamble to see if I can get the time off of work 
Hutch: Hi Phos 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh, we start talking about the Drake and more show up. 
@Sal_Taybrim: hopefully not >.> 
@Quinn_Reynolds: :D 
Hutch: :) 
Raissa_Moonsong: Must be my cue to leave :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Myrta: Its worth making a thread in the forums to see who all is attending 
Lt_Skyfire: Hehe. Well, don't give me any ideas. I am still starting tooning. 
@LtJG_Phos: If we say it hard enough, will Whale or Rogers show :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: What's up, Hutch? 
Hutch: Not a lot at the moment to be honest! 
What's the topic of conversation? 
@Sal_Taybrim: atm the DRake and it's misadventures 
Hutch: uh-oh 
@LtJG_Phos: :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: And which ship has the sanest counselor 
or the sanest anything really 
Hutch: I imagine that's a tough contest 
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Lt_Skyfire: i do, in fact have a photobucket account that I forgot about. thanks, ris. 
@LtJG_Phos: I pointed out that no body from the Drake could be sane, by definition 
@Sal_Taybrim: The Doyle is fronting the CMO and CNS so they say >.> 
for the craziest contest 
→ Myrta_Shirazi has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: WB 
@Sal_Taybrim: wb! 
Raissa_Moonsong: afk 
Land4u: Ops is worryingly low on sane security staff. Or security staff in general really: p 
Lt_Skyfire: Hey, Cumar's still there. (Which reminds me, I should get a post out for him.) 
@LtJG_Phos: I can confirm that the Doyle has nobody sane in Tactical. Even PNPCs. 
→ Silveira has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yeah, Ops is low on Security. We need you back! ;-) 
Hutch: Tactical is overrated :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: zOMG A wild Silveira appears! 
Land4u: Working in it! 
@LtJG_Phos: WB Silveira! 
Land4u: on* 
@LtJG_Phos: Correction, Hello Silveira! 
Silveira: Good afternoon all 
@Sal_Taybrim: Phos: Does the Doyle have ~anyone~ sane on it? 
@LtJG_Phos: @Hutch: I don't know, I had fun with it :P 
Land4u: Hey Sil. 
@LtJG_Phos: @Sal: ... Umm. Good question. 
Umm... Our new EO may be? 
Silveira: How are you all 
Lt_Skyfire: Sil! 
Hutch: @ltjg_Phos heh heh heh, don't worry, only joking. Of course we're ace, we get the best guns 
@Sal_Taybrim: Good! How have you been, Sil? 
Phos: Isn't that... you?? >.> 
@LtJG_Phos: @Hutch: Yep! we get the Dakka! 
Nope, Phos is a SO :) 
Silveira: Doing ok 
@Sal_Taybrim: ahhh! 
Who's the new EO? 
@LtJG_Phos: Blue Collar Supremacy : 
Hutch: Engineering is overrate... sorry, couldn't resist 
@LtJG_Phos: I only suggest the EO, because we haven't seen enough of her to know if she's sane yet :P 
Eerie: in never over rated! 
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Eerie: is never over rated.:) 
@Sal_Taybrim: I don't have a favorite department 
I have played them all - mwahaha! 
Raissa_Moonsong: bak 
@LtJG_Phos: Eng is my fave, then Tac. 
Although, I'm liking Science so far. 
→ Silveira has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: wb! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Thanks :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: ok, if I had to pick I'd say medical is my favorite 
@LtJG_Phos: Need a good mission of it before I decide :P 
Raissa_Moonsong: Look, it's one of my fangirl crushes ;) 
Hutch: Really? But Dr Foster seems to hate patients :) 
Silveira: Sorry about that its the first time I am chatting with the pad 
@LtJG_Phos: I've never actually played Medical and I've got to say I don't really fancy it much :\ 
Land4u: Ops will always be my fave. Though anything that doesn't involve wearing a blue collar is fine with me ;) 
@LtJG_Phos: Hehe, if House has taught me anything it's to hate your patients. 
Hutch: ha 
Lt_Skyfire: Taybrim: I've only got 2 ops toons at the moment. Should I make a pass through the whole roster before unveiling? 
@LtJG_Phos: Ops is fun :) I forgot I played that :P 
Raissa_Moonsong: I generally play medical or ops. But medical/counseling is the easiest way to avoid command. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Well, hating patients and liking medical are not the same... ;) 
Hutch: true 
@Sal_Taybrim: Skyfire: up to you - I'm sure people will enjoy them either way! 
::gasp!:: How could you forget Ops?? 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh, because i haven't played it for... Almost three years now? 
Silveira: I loved Ops 
Raissa_Moonsong: Skyfire I started out with only three of my own PC. Then I got ideas... 
@Sal_Taybrim: was it that long? 
@LtJG_Phos: That was back when I was on the Discovery :D 
Silveira: Sil left behind his coffee machine there 
Myrta_Shirazi: I used to play a diplomat and loved it, counseling isn't for me but I love being in science (Spok fangirl, here) 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea... I joined the fleet in late June, 2012 
@Myrta: Woo, Spock fan! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Counseling was my first ever ST role. 
@Sal_Taybrim: science is fun. And we always need more science officers! 
Silveira: Well you can say the same for tactical 
@Sal_Taybrim: My first ever ST role was science. I asked for tactical, security or intel and was put in science because that was what the ship didn't have. 
and from that point onward only one of my characters was ever created to be a scientist - but over 75% of them have served in science. -.- 
Land4u: A damn fine job you did too if I may say so ;) 
Raissa_Moonsong: The fact that I'm a counselor now is actually funny since this PC is a re-use. 
@LtJG_Phos: Indeed :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: hehe! 
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@LtJG_Phos: I really enjoyed that sim we did with al, Phos and... Fai? 
Something like that. 
Raissa_Moonsong: The original Raissa Moonsong was a CMO who ended up married to the captain. He was killed and she became an alcoholic and tossed out of starfleet. 
@Sal_Taybrim: yes, Fai ::nodnod:: 
Moonsong: That is quite the story 
@LtJG_Phos: Heh, my memory is better than I think :D 
→ Myrta_Shirazi has joined 
→ Vie has joined 
Raissa_Moonsong: In the end... House was a people person compared to her. :) 
Myrta_Shirazi: GRRR. Disconnected again... 
@Sal_Taybrim: The original Sal was created for a comedy game and played twice. so I felt no compunctions in recreating him. 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Vie! 
@Sal_Taybrim: wb! 
Vie: Hey guys, now on the PC - and have an actual keyboard 
Silveira: Hi vie 
Raissa_Moonsong: afk. 
@LtJG_Phos: All of my characters have never been used elsewhere :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: I try to never reuse characters that have been played a lot 
I don't like baggage from old games 
Hutch: much better to make new baggage 
Land4u: Sometimes I reuse ideas, but never whole characters 
@LtJG_Phos: Agreed! 
Land4u: Sometimes they're not even my ideas >_> 
@Sal_Taybrim: That's a good question: How did y'all come up with the idea for your current PC(s)? 
Silveira: The premise behind Sil is the same for my first simming character, but he developed very differently 
Hutch: Easy - the DS9 episode 'Duet' 
Silveira: The one thing lacking in Star Trek 
@Sal_Taybrim: I loved 'Duet' 
@LtJG_Phos: Hmm... Phos was the product of having studied way to much History, 10 mins spent searching the Allowed Species list and a fun conversation with Captain Renos, then Lt. Commander Greir Reinard. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Sil: Hehe! 
Silveira: A Portuguese starfleet officer 
@Nugra: Bringing up a past convo. Is there anyone here who plays STO who wants to be added to the SB118 fleet? 
I'm in now adding people. ;) 
Lt_Skyfire: Sil: we need to write letters to each other sometime 
Anora: I honestly don't know why I settled on Anora... I decided to start over when I came back from an LOA and just had the idea. 
Raissa_Moonsong: bak 
Didrik_Stennes: I liked the idea of there still being nations and areas on Earth, where the 24th century hadn't quite fully extended yet 
Raissa_Moonsong: I'm supposed to be making pasta salad. 
Hutch: perfectly legitimate, Anora :) 
Anora: I do sometimes miss my old main, and think about bringing him back - but I can never think of a good way to do it 
Silveira: That we do Doc. We should have Sil and Skyfire get in touch 
Land4u: I saw the DS9 episode which I believe is called Vortex, and soon after saw Lord of the Rings for the billionth time, and Gollum's split personality joined the Miradorn who lost his brother idea and became Landau. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Who was your old main, Anora? 
Anora: Telemachus Remo 
Bynar/Human hybrid 
@Sal_Taybrim: Landau: nice! 
@LtJG_Phos: Ooo, fun :) 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Hmm, time to go wiki reading >.> 
Didrik_Stennes: So I decided to make Norway one of those places, where things hadn't really changed much in 400 years 
→ Myrta_Shirazi has joined 
@LtJG_Phos: WB 
Anora: His wiki page isn't too thorough, Sal. It was before the wiki existed 
Land4u: The name is taken from Juliet Landau, whose Druscilla in Buffy also provided a lot of inspiration 
@Sal_Taybrim: aww, that's too bad 
← Nuvia has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Anora: But if you go through the Independence's logs, there's some interesting missions 
Hutch: Didrik_Stennes, I always liked your Norway sims 
Didrik_Stennes: And I made Didrik Stenes a very Norwegian, very parochial terran/human, who is still not all to comfortable with how big the universe is 
@LtJG_Phos: Yea, and me :) 
Anora: I remember he had to use his neural interface to hack into a Klingon museum to steal an artifact back from them 
Myrta_Shirazi: Myrta comes from ' Blood Oath' (DS) I hate how star trek fell into the 'evil albino' stereotype. 
@LtJG_Phos: Didrik was a really intresting character... 
Didrik_Stennes: Thanks, 
hopefully he will be coming back soon 
@LtJG_Phos: Woo! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Myrta: I remember reading about that in the forums. Very cool. ::nodnod:: 
Myrta_Shirazi: I meant to write (DS9) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Anora: I have a picture of 'Mission Impossible' ST Style in my head now... 
@LtJG_Phos: Lol 
Hutch: nice 
LtCmdr_Richards: hello 
Anora: That's exactly what it was like 
@Sal_Taybrim: hello! 
Myrta_Shirazi: Thanks, given that in some places being albino might kill you...I wanted to do a little something to change perceptions and rapresentation 
Anora: I do believe Remo was running through the streets of Qo'noS with Idril Mar 
Being chased by a horde of angry klingons 
Land4u: Hey Richards :) 
Hutch: Idril Mar has a lot to answer for :P 
Anora: Hey Richards 
@LtJG_Phos: Hello Alex :) 
Land4u: I remember Mar. Briefly :P 
@Sal_Taybrim: SOunds crazy 
@LtJG_Phos: Probably. 
Lt_Skyfire: ok, Sal. first 2 Opsy toons are up 
@LtJG_Phos: If they are in the fleet, it's pretty easy to assume :P 
Anora: I believe Mar was demoted IC at the time for having just stolen a shuttle and going AWOL. Those were fun times lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: Not everyone has to be crazy, Phos! 
@LtJG_Phos: No, but statistically... 
Anora: Yes they do, otherwise the counselors are out of a job 
Hutch: good point 
Silveira: But it helps Sal ;) 
Land4u: Yeah, I was with her while she was stunning that storyline. I believe on the Indy? Under Anassassi? 
@Sal_Taybrim: I see 
Anora: Yup Jessa Anassassi 
We must've served together then Land4u 
Raissa_Moonsong: Very nice Skyfire! 
Anora: What was your character? 
Hutch: Yep, my first ship was the Ronin, Mar's first command I think 
Anora: Yup, it was her first on e 
Land4u: I can't remember if I was Landau back then or not, but I was on the Ronin, then LOS, then Indy and Tiger. 
My phone despises me 
Hutch: :) 
Lt_Skyfire: Not bad for a first attempt, eh? 
@Sal_Taybrim: HA! I like them. 
Anora: I should probably update Remo's wiki page 
@Sal_Taybrim: Oh dear, suddenly I regret choosing Bill Weasley as my avatar >.> 
Anora: lol Sal 
Hutch: oops 
Lt_Skyfire: Sal: You afraid of how I'm going to toonify you? 
@Sal_Taybrim: could have been worse. I could have been Harry Potter or something 
Skyfire: yes. >.> 
Lt_Skyfire: Sal: Note the disclaimer. 
Anora: Did you just say Harry Potter was worse than Bill Weasley? 
Raissa_Moonsong: Be afraid.... be very afraid of those that Toon. 
Lt_Skyfire: Although, I have to admit; you volunteered. 
@Sal_Taybrim: true! 
Raissa_Moonsong: Ah Sal you didn't volunteer! How could you! 
Anora: What's so bad about beeing toonified? 
Vie: ... 
Lt_Skyfire: Anora: Did you look @ the Ops thread? 
Anora: *thinks of Space Jam for some reason* 
Nope, I haven't 
Vie: My mind went to a combination of Cool City and Who Framed Roger Rabit... 
Silveira: It all ddependson who is toonifying 
Vie: It was horrifying. 
Land4u: I was thinking of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Close enough. 
Land4u: Hah, grest minds Vie :P 
great* *sigh* 
@Sal_Taybrim: Moonsong: It was innocent! 
Vie: Heh, possibly the first one was the more accurate statement though. 
Raissa_Moonsong: afk 
Anora: I just read it, haha 
Lt_Skyfire: I need to try coaxing more pictures out of Leo 
Eerie: time to find the couch all take care 
@Sal_Taybrim: This is why you have Calderan and Wulfantine 
I'm ~sure~ you can find some doozy pictures of Wulfantine 
Anora: take care Eerie 
Land4u: Ask Velana, I'm sure she'll be more than happy to oblige ;) 
← Eerie has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
@Sal_Taybrim: peace Eerie! 
Silveira: Bye EErie 
← VieVentar has quit (Quit: AndroIRC - Android IRC Client ( )) 
LtCmdr_Richards: oooh Wulfantine - EYAS SMASH 
Lt_Skyfire: Sal: Yeah, though I have to admit; Calderan...I don't remember who the avatar is. 
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Aidoann: headed off for lunch 
← Aidoann has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Myrta_Shirazi: I gotta go as well, Bye everyone! 
Anora: Try google searching the image and see if it can match it to the original? 
@LtJG_Phos: Bye! 
Lt_Skyfire: Myrta: Or I could just ask Raissa. 
Silveira: Bye Myrta 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Bye guys! 
→ Alucard_Vess has joined 
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Anora: welcome back Vess 
Didrik_Stennes: Hello vess 
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Alucard_Vess: internet froze up... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yes, ask Raissa. She is the master of toons. >>> 
Lt_Skyfire: Ris has also tooned Calderan before. 
Raissa_Moonsong: sorry. looks like I've got company. 
Bye all. Hugs to thems that want. 
Hutch: yay hugs 
Didrik_Stennes: Bye 
Silveira: Bye Raissa 
Lt_Skyfire: I'll ask later, hon. Bye! :: Hugs moonsong ::