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July 2015

@Sal_Taybrim: Hello everyone! 
Vie: Hey Sal, hey Kalos 
Kalos: hey all 
Vie: Almost called you Kalros then. Having Mass Effect flashbacks... 
MakaylaRiordan: Salllllllll! 
Kalos: hehe 
@Sal_Taybrim: Maaaaakaaaaayla! 
Kalos: what ever works best for you ;) 
MakaylaRiordan: :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: how goes? 
MakaylaRiordan: busy, need to get 12 sims by end of month, at 3... so hopefully will get there! 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Busy, need to finish laundry and get cat food. But I'm sitting at 15 sims so I'm good on that front ;-) 
MakaylaRiordan: lol 
cause you are the master simmer :P 
Misharu: Hello everyone! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello MIsharu! 
Misharu: I feel so new xD 
I don't know anyooooone. 
Flynn: Howdy folks 
@Sal_Taybrim: Makayla: I'm just verbose ;-) Though last month on the Connie I think Wilmer hit... 45?! It was impressive. 
Hey Flynn! 
Misharu: Well, now is a perfect chance to meet people! What ship are you on? 
Flynn: Sounds like when I used to be on the Connie 
Major_Siris: hey all 
MakaylaRiordan: Sal: Holy guacamole! ... I feel incredislow now. 
Misharu: I'm not on one yet. 
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Major_Siris: half here 
Misharu: I'm still in academy training ^^, ; 
MakaylaRiordan: hehe, this is how we meet people :D 
@Jalana: Hello everyone :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: awesome, well big welcomes! How is your class going? 
MakaylaRiordan: Ohh, fun times so far then Misharu? 
Flynn: Hi Jalana! 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Hallo! 
Misharu: Yeah! Everyone in it are very good writers and the prompt is interesting. 
Really happy I'm finally able to find people to roleplay Star Trek with 
@Sal_Taybrim: very cool. Well, welcome onboard! Glad you found us! 
Anora: Hey Sal 
And Jalana, Flynn, anyone else I missed 
Flynn: Thank you and hello :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Anora! 
Anora: How's everyone? 
Misharu: THanks ^^, 
MakaylaRiordan: Sorry about delays in responding atm. Cleaning up orphaned pages wiki-wise 
Misharu: I hope everyone finds my character interesting and fun to sim with. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Pretty good. Spent yesterday shopping out groomsmen outfits for the impending wedding >_< You? 
Anora: Fighting off a summer cold :( 
@Sal_Taybrim: Ugh. Those stink. :( 
Anora: Indeed, thankfully it seems to be passing 
Have fun at the wedding :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Thanks. I'm crossing my fingers everything will go smoothly. 
@Jalana: I keep hearing about the wedding, when is the big day, Sal? 
@Sal_Taybrim: August 22nd 
Flynn: Misharu, learning about each others characters is half the fun for me. I think you will be great :) 
@Jalana: awesome, so excited for you :) 
Misharu: Oh! Congratulations on the wedding! 
@Jalana: and yes, welcome to SB Misharu :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Thanks :) I'm getting excited. It's looming closer and closer. Though most everything is in place 
MakaylaRiordan: congrats! (delay) 
Misharu: I'm honestly one of those people whose sort of fantasized what their wedding might be like. 
Hopeless romantic, sometimes. 
Anora: Haha, don't worry I have too... and mine is overly fancy and involves elephants and Thailand 
Misharu: Haha xD 
@Sal_Taybrim: My fiancee's family has this long standing thing where they all compare weddings: who spent what, whose was the most beautiful/romantic/memorable. 
Misharu: I'm just glad with recent Supreme Court decision, I can now have that wedding anywhere! = D 
Well... almost anywhere. 
Flynn: No pressure Sal lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: So we went 180 in the opposite direction. 50's sock hop wedding. Married by Elvis. Girls in poodle skirts, guys are greasers with Converse all stars. 
Pink Cadillac. Lots of food. 
@Jalana: I am a strange bride i think... my dream wedding is me, my then husband, alone with two or three of my best friends at the office, signing papers and then go to our chinese restaurant and celebrate .. best in jeans and t-shirt .. so not the formal kind, both of us LOL 
@Quinn_Reynolds: That sounds so rad. 
Flynn: Well you might win memorable :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: pictures should be a hoot! 
Misharu: Well Jalana, nothing wrong with that. 
Anora: lol Jalana, sounds nice and quiet 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm hoping! Mostly it doesn't compare to the other weddings because it would be like comparing apples to peanut butter sandwiches 
Major_Siris: ok back to work for me 
@Jalana: hehe yeah it does 
Misharu: 1. far less expensive, 2. More intimate, 3. Not everyone wants the big traditional wedding. 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Jalana: That sounds like a good plan! 
Anora: I can definitely get onboard with the chinese restaurant bit :) 
@Jalana: yeah we are anything but traditional anyway lol our parents will be like "omg you cannot be serious" but that's what we want hehe 
Anora: mmmm dumplings 
@Quinn_Reynolds: My cousin had a lovely small wedding just like that. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Our option #2 was: elope to Vegas. If the Star Trek Experience was still there it would have been Option #1 
@Jalana: I love to watch big weddings though. Any kind of wedding actually.. i love weddings.. i'm a sap LOL 
→ Mpeba has joined 
Misharu: I think I would like something somewhat traditional, but downscaled. Something small and intimate and not that expensive... 
Anora: My brother's wedding was like that, reception was at a restaurant with about 20-30 people but the ceremony was just immediate family and the grandparents 
@Jalana: oh that would have been awesome Sal 
@Quinn_Reynolds: She did have a dress, but her sister is a fashion designer/seamstress, so I don't think she could get out of that one. xD 
Misharu: because then my husband and I can honeymoon in Kyoto! 
@Jalana: hiya Mpeba 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Mpeba! 
Mpeba: Hey :-) 
Flynn: Hi Mpeba! 
→ Traenor has joined 
@Jalana: hi Traenor :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hey Traenor! 
Traenor: Hey all! 
Mpeba: Hi Traenor! 
Anora: Hey Mpeba, hey Trainer 
@Sal_Taybrim: It's like the Darwin just docked... ;-) 
Misharu: ... Most people's ideal honeymoon is Hawaii, mine is Kyoto xD 
Flynn: Kyoto would be cool 
@Sal_Taybrim: it would be cool 
@Jalana: mine is Ireland 
Mpeba: I agree, Kyoto is the best 
@Jalana: or Gallifrey 
Anora: Golden Triangle, Thailand 
@Jalana: but that would he hard to do 
@Sal_Taybrim: Mine would be hiking the West Highland Way in Scotland; but I'm settling for Jamaica in January 
Misharu: Haha, a Whovian I imagine, Jalana? 
@Jalana: you got it! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Lots of Whovians here I'm guessing 
Flynn: Gallifrey would be nice, depending on when you go... 
→ Hannibal has joined 
Misharu: I'm not a Whovian myself, but my brother and his wife are, along with many of my friends. 
@Jalana: :) 
Misharu: So I got the reference xD 
@Jalana: hi Hannibal :) 
Anora: Hey Hannibal 
@Jalana: yeah you catch a lot when someone close is a fan hehe 
Vie: Iris! 
Hannibal: Good Morning, Afternoon! 
@Sal_Taybrim: I would deny being a Whovian... but the 12 1/2 foot scarf hanging by my coat would beg to differ 
@Jalana: LOL 
Misharu: But yeah, I just graduated with a degree in Japanese studies... so yeah xD Japan is kind of my thing. 
@Sal_Taybrim: heya Hannibal! 
Flynn: I would say I am a whovian, but my wife (Ensign Mirrra Ezo) is the die hard 
Hannibal: Hello Sal!!!! 
Misharu: So a honeymoon in Kyoto would be fantastic. Especially since I could take an easy daytrip to Nara. 
Flynn: I have always wanted to go to Japan 
Misharu: It's truly a wonderful country to visit. 
Flynn: I want to learn the language...but it turns its a tiny bit of work 
@Jalana: my bf and me both are, though i think I'm a tad more than him.. same with star trek.. we both are fans but i'm a tad more.. seems i have this 'tad more' thing going on here haha 
Misharu: I loved my time in Hiroshima during my study abroad program. 
Anora: I never got into Doctor Who, though then again I don't think I've seen a whole episode ever 
Misharu: And yes Flynn, learning Japanese is work xD 
Flynn: That could be a factor :) 
Misharu: But I enjoy it. I find it fun. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm the odd one who is a diehard Classic Who fan, but only a lukewarm NewWho fan 
Flynn: I have a buddy who a translator there, jealous 
Anora: Sal, my dad and strangely my sister are the same way 
Hannibal: Japan is a nice place to visit, but it took me awhile to find a place I could get a decent steak..... 
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@Jalana: Sal, nothing wrong with that :) I love the new who, but what i have seen from classic i loved too. seen several episodes of Pertwee and enjoyed them a lot. Kept addressing people as "old chap" for a while afterwards lol 
Misharu: 日本語を話すことは楽しいだと思いますよ。好きです。 
I shall now stop. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I love me some Pertwee! <3 
@Jalana: totally :) 
Hannibal: Misharu....what does that translate to? 
Flynn: I do indeed think it woulld be fun to speak japanese Misharu 
Misharu: "I think speaking Japanese is fun. I like it." 
@Jalana: now let's see if i can do that impossible.. writing a sim during fleet chat lol 
→ Rich has joined 
Flynn: They should have a ribbon for that 
@Jalana: hi Rich 
Misharu: Haha. 
Hannibal: I tried it, did not end well..... 
@Jalana: Flynn, they so should lol 
Rich: What's up, boys and girls? :D 
@Sal_Taybrim: heya Rich! 
Hannibal: Howdy Rich!! 
Misharu: Hello! 
MakaylaRiordan: RICH!!!! 
Anora: Hey Rich 
Traenor: Hey Rich, and belated hey Hannibal! 
VieTablet: Getting a pint of Tea, hey Rich. 
Flynn: Hello Rich, oh person I dont actually know but see you a lot on the forums 
Misharu: Earl gray, hot? 
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Anora: Haha Jalana, I just did that so I wouldn't have to during the chat cause I knew I'd never get it done 
Hey Skyfire 
Rich: Haha 
Misharu: Sky! Hey hey. 
@Sal_Taybrim: A pint of tea - for the diehards who think a cup is not enough. ;-) 
VieTablet: Nah, had two EG's earlier 
@Jalana: lol yeah that is my usual problem, i get distracted all the time 
Rich: I had to look up who this Makayla Riordan person is 
Hannibal: Never sim during chat.... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Skyfire! 
@Jalana: hi Sky 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Hey hey 
Misharu: -Two- earl grays? 
Traenor: Hey Skyfire! 
Misharu: You are drinking a lot of tea. 
Flynn: Hello, LtCmdr_Skyfire, welcome 
Kalos: it seems i have to go already. dinner time in The Netherlands :o 
Rich: you're becoming like me, Lance. Man of many names and faces 
Misharu: Aww. 
@Sal_Taybrim: peace Kalos! 
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Flynn: Well enjoy dinner! 
Misharu: ...By the way Kalos, I love your name. Mostly because I play Pokemon. 
Kalos: might see you in half an hour :) 
VieTablet: Tea is life. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Renos! 
Kalos: It is Pokémon? I didnt even know 
Traenor: Renos! 
Anora: Hey Renos 
@Renos: Hi everyone 
Hannibal: Whiskey is life...wait..... 
@Jalana: hey Renos :) 
MakaylaRiordan: Rich: Hehe, I'll take that as a compliment. :) 
@Renos: How are you all doing? 
Misharu: Yeah, Kalos was the name of the most recent region. 
Anora: Its the name of one of the regions in Pokemon 
Siris_Work: hey 
Misharu: the Kalos region is based off of France : ) 
Kalos: owkeeyyyy... Jalana.. i need a new name! :P 
Flynn: The next question, is can I even read a sim during fleet chat? :) 
Hannibal: I know little of this Pokémon of which you speak..... 
@Jalana: you do.. who wants to have a name relating to pokemon.. *shudders* 
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Misharu: Hey now : P I like the franchise. 
Flynn: Pokemon gets a bad wrap, but the concept behind the game is pretty cool 
Anora: Toni! 
VieTablet: Hannibal, wait till minibal discovers pokemon. 
RAdmiral_Toni: Hello everyone! 
@Renos: Hi Toni, how are you? 
Traenor: Hey Toni! 
Flynn: Itts more than a cartoon 
Kalos: hide! 
Misharu: *salute* 
VieTablet: Hey admiral. 
RAdmiral_Toni: ty ty ty Hannibal 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Toni! 
Misharu: Oh yeah, the -games- are good. The anime is... stale. 
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Kalos: i shall name him..... Rick Roll 
Rich: ::Pretends to be a potted plant. Nothing to see here:: 
@Jalana: little tidbit, I was in training to become a Saleswoman in Kids toys, when Pokemon came out. i had to learn them all, had to be around them all day, all week, all month... i am traumatized by pokemon and get shudders whenever i hear of them or see them LOL 
Rich: xD 
Misharu: Ah xD 
Traenor: haha! 
@Renos: LOL Jalana 
Flynn: I suppose thats fair Jalana :) 
@Jalana: hehe 
Rich: Pokemon PTSD 
@Jalana: hi Toni! Hi Raissa! 
Misharu: Should have just got a kid to do it! We knew them all by heart : P 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Moonsong! 
@Renos: Brb folks Grabbing a drink :) 
Hannibal: They should be rounded up and sent to Rura Penthe..... 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: heyo! 
Anora: Hey Moonsong 
Kalos: about to get my but kicked by the mrs... so i better get to the table see you later my fellow trainers ;) 
@Jalana: Misharu lol yeah i know.. i had them kids around me screaming their names and pretend throw their pokeballs LOL 
bye Kalos :) 
Misharu: Haha xD 
VieTablet: Sending kids to Rura Penthe? 
@Jalana: that sounds like an idea 
→ Ren_Rennyn has joined 
@Jalana: *rubs her chin in thought* 
heya Ren 
Traenor: Hey Ren! 
Flynn: bye Kalos 
VieTablet: A plan with no drawbacks! 
RAdmiral_Toni: hi Ren 
Misharu: Also, blame Pokemon for a lot of the modern interest in Japanese popular culture : P Pokemon was the vanguard of the 'Japanese invasion' of the mid 90's. 
Mpeba: Hey Ren 
Ren_Rennyn: Hi everyone! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Rennyn! 
@Jalana: actually i grew up with animes.. that was before pokemon 
@Renos: Hi Ren :) 
Hannibal: Hannibal would do it.... 
Misharu: Well I mean, in a mainstream sense. 
That's when anime began to enjoy mainstream success. 
Hannibal: The first Japanese cartoon I ever saw was Speed Racer bck in the day... 
@Jalana: aah yeah possible then 
RAdmiral_Toni: Ah heck, Hannibal would do anything 
Misharu: At least in the west. 
Traenor: Jalana, me too. Astroboy and Macross was my entry drugs... 
Anora: lol thats exactly what I was thinking Toni 
@Sal_Taybrim: Go Speed Racer... That used to get yelled across the playground when I was a kid. Except I never got cable at my house so I had ~no clue~ what they were talking about >_< 
VieTablet: EVA was mine... ..probably not the best start. 
Hannibal: Well...true.....Hannibal would.... 
RAdmiral_Toni: lol Anora we know him too well 
Misharu: Before, anime was something on the fringe, a rather small subculture in the west. But with Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Digimon, and other such things in the mid to late 90s, anime found mainstream acceptance in the US. 
@Sal_Taybrim: So the first Anime I ever saw was Ninja Scroll. o.0 
Misharu: Oh, and Dragon Ball. That was another big contributor. 
Hannibal: There were those who hoped he would settle down when he got married.....NOPE... 
@Jalana: the first i saw was uh.... now english names.. cuz i saw them in German.. Attack No. 1 Kickers.. i am sure there were more before that, but it is aaaaaaaages ago so i don't remember much 
Raissa_Moonsong: only partially here. also listening to a publishing webinar. 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I think mine was Secret of Lodfoss War. 
Misharu: ... I'm a self proclaimed scholar of this xD 
Flynn: Anime is something we often watch with our tiny humans, a lot of it is kid safe and still interesting. 
RAdmiral_Toni: soooo true, Ken 
Anora: I have a feeling it did the exact opposite if anything, Hannibal 
Misharu: Which is amusing... most of those anime were not meant for kids xD 
@Jalana: Oh and Inuyasha was part of that too 
Traenor: Tiny humans! Bahaha! Love that! 
Flynn: Not exclusively 
Misharu: Since the anime industry in Japan is often aimed at teens and adults. 
VieTablet: Sailor Moon... *Shudder* 
Misharu: Hey, I grew up on Sailor Moon : P 
RAdmiral_Toni: Never a dull moment with him around 
Flynn: Thanks Traenor, my wife (Ensign Ezo) invented that one :) 
Misharu: And two of the characters in Sailor Moon were lesbians... 
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@Jalana: hi Alucard 
@Sal_Taybrim: Welcome Vess! 
Anora: I think my first one was Card Captor Sakura 
@Renos: Hiya Vess, how's it going? 
→ Rune has joined 
Traenor: Hey Vess! 
RAdmiral_Toni: He Andrew! 
Hannibal: Never...although his kill and detroy quotient is a little down from last years... 
@Jalana: hi Rune 
Traenor: And Rune! Hey! 
@Renos: Hey Rune, how are you? 
Alucard_Vess: Hi all, it's going well 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Rune! 
Misharu: Cardcaptor Sakura is so good <3 
Rune: Hi. doing ok 
Misharu: I love CLAMP's work, they're probably my favorite manga studio. 
Anora: Hey Vess! 
Alucard_Vess: hey Anora 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I did enjoy Ghost in the Shell (movie and series), but it's been years since I watched any anime. 
Hannibal: Commander Vess!!!!! 
Anora: And hey Rune 
Rune: hey Anora 
Hannibal: MOONSONG!!!! 
@Jalana: wow i managed two sentences... *goes back to write... or at least try* 
Rich: Hola Rune 
Raissa_Moonsong: Hannibal my love :) 
Misharu: GitS is good. The original Ghost in the Shell movie was a big influence on modern cyberpunk : ) 
Rune: Hola Rich :) 
Rich: :) 
Misharu: Along with the classic 80's anime movie "Akira" 
→ Mike has joined 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I do love me some cyberpunk. 
RAdmiral_Toni: Hi mike 
VieTablet: GitS is suberb, big fan 
Mike: Heya 
@Sal_Taybrim: Ok, speaking of things to watch, question for the masses! 
If we do a Star Trek watch-a-long, what movie or episode would you like to see? 
Misharu: Since cyberpunk is often linked with an 'east asian' aesthetic, even western cyberpunk writers were looking at Japanese renditions of it for inspiration. 
Hannibal: I need to upgrade...I have never seen these things of which yall speak..... 
Misharu: So, GitS and Akira. 
Rune: we're old Hannibal 
VieTablet: How about one from each series? 
Misharu: Umm... hmm. Specific episode? 
@Renos: I did a watch along not long ago and loved it 
I'd watch just about anything. 
MakaylaRiordan: bye everyone! 
@Renos: Hard to pick just one you know 
Misharu: Well, my favorite Star Trek episode is probably "The Outcast" from TNG. 
Hannibal: We must be, Rune..... 
Traenor: Generations. Kill two (series) birds with one stone. 
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Alucard_Vess: The Best of Both Worlds 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Oooo 
Good choice, Vess. 
Hannibal: VEss hit it on the nose.... 
Misharu: But Scorpion or Equinox from Voyager would also be good. 
Those were good two parters. 
→ Tracey has joined 
Flynn: There is no way I could pick a favorite, maybe a list :) 
Hannibal: Year Of Hell.... 
@Jalana: hi Mike, Hi Tracey 
Misharu: Oh! Year of Hell was good too. 
VieTablet: The Magnifficent Ferrenghi 
Mike: Howdy 
Rune: agree Hannibal 
Tracey: Hi all 
Flynn: Hi Trazy 
Rich: Hi Tracey! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Tracy! 
Misharu: Voyager had really good two parters. 
Flynn: Tracey lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: I suppose we could just rotate between series. Great suggestions so far! 
Flynn: not sure what happened there 
Rich: Agreed, Misharu 
Hannibal: That was a good DS9 episode, one of the best.... 
Flynn: brb 
Misharu: ...What is a good episode from DS9? 
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Hannibal: The Doomsday of the original..... 
Misharu: I'm trying to think. 
@Sal_Taybrim: By the Pale Moonlight 
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LtCmdr_Skyfire: eek 
Alucard_Vess: I can't think of any good ones from DS9... 
@Sal_Taybrim: (my personal fave of DS9) 
Rich: xD 
Vess, them is fightin words 
VieTablet: Yup 
Hannibal: The last two years of DS9 had the best episodes.... 
Mike: Skyfire? 
Misharu: I'm only on Season 5 of DS9. 
Alucard_Vess: okay, the last two years were good... 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: What was the question, Mike? 
Rune: I missed most of the last 2 years 
Rich: Trials & Tribblelations! 
Hannibal: YES!!!! 
Mike: Same skyfire from Obertha? 
Hannibal: Watch te last two years of DS9.... 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Mike: Nope. Chythar Skyfire. 
Alucard_Vess: but that was because of the Dominion War... 
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→ billwest1953 has joined 
billwest1953: Hi 
RAdmiral_Toni: hi bill 
Traenor: Hey bill! 
Rune: war always makes better episodes 
VieTablet: Hey Bill. 
Mike: Ok, gotcha...I served many years ago, 13 or 14 years ago with Captain Skyfire then 
Hannibal: True, Mr. Vess...great episodes.... 
Raissa_Moonsong: Hello to anyone I've missed. 
RAdmiral_Toni: Vieeeeeee 
@Sal_Taybrim: We could do a Tribble double header. Or a Triple Tribble a thon if you add the animated series ::chuckle:: We'll need a series at this rate 
Misharu: Oh, I personally liked the... 2 parter? in Season 4. 
Hannibal: Too many tribbles...not enough ammo...... 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Mike: I'm aware. I was trying to dig up more info on Captain Skyfire. And on your toons. History is weird like that. 
Rune: lol 
@Sal_Taybrim: I like a lot of DS9. But I find people tend to either really like it or really not like it 
Misharu: When Sisko and Odo are on Earth to brief Star Fleet about the changeling infiltrators? 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Tribbles: Trinity. 
Rune: never enough ammo for you Hannibal 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Stevens! How goes? 
Misharu: I liked that one. It was an interesting look into paranoia. 
Hannibal: LOL! True..... 
Mike: Funny to hear that 
Rich: Tribbinity 
billwest1953: Wam here 
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Vie: And back with Tea 
→ Flynn has joined 
@Sal_Taybrim: I'm totally stealing Tribbles Trinity when the time comes >.> 
Vie: Hey Flynn 
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@Quinn_Reynolds: :D 
Flynn: hello 
RAdmiral_Toni: Hi Flynn 
Vie: Can we have a fleet wide story with Evil Tribbles some time? 
Just for the fun of it? 
Hannibal: TRibbles are bad...almost as bad as Ceti eels..... 
@Sal_Taybrim: HAHAHA. Probably not - but HAHAHA 
Flynn: Haha, how about mirror universe tribbles? 
Misharu: "Homefront" and "Paradise Lost", those were the names of the episodes! 
RAdmiral_Toni: sounds good to me, Vie 
Vie: YES! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Tribbles withy beards? 
Rich: Ooo 
Misharu: Those two from DS9 I like. 
Rich: mirror universe tribbles 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Do they all have evil goatees? 
Rune: oh gods 
Vie: Tribbles with Eyepatches. 
Alucard_Vess: aren't tribbles just one big beard? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Misharu: those are great episodes 
Vie: Despite having no eyes. 
Flynn: they are bald and not at all cute 
@Sal_Taybrim: Vess: well, yes. They would be like extra shaggy tribbles 
Misharu: Those are probably my two favorite episodes from DS9 so far. 
Alucard_Vess: bald tribbles = gross 
Flynn: they have little tattoos 
@Sal_Taybrim: You know, the Highland cattle version of tribbles 
Hannibal: LOL@ Taybrim 
RAdmiral_Toni: could we have a baseball game using them? 
Rune: can't be bad without tattoos 
Raissa_Moonsong: ::making notes about Tribbles plotting galaxy domination:: 
Rich: This is how the world ends... not with a bang but a purr. 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: :: starts writing Highland Tribble to the toon of Highland Laddie :: 
Flynn: well if you have to pick a way to go :) 
Vie: Do Highland Tribbles wear kilts? 
Traenor: Y'know, I don't think the truth about Prometheus station has come out yet. Tribble infestation??? 
RAdmiral_Toni: would have to be a hairy end 
Vie: And if so, what do they have under them? 
Rich: The Klingons tried to warned us 
Flynn: The universe is doooomed!! Comfortably doomed... 
Rich: we should have listened 
@Sal_Taybrim: Traenor: Shh! That's highly classified! >.> 
Rune: no one ever listens to Klingons 
Hannibal: :: loading ammo...lots of ammo...:: 
Rich: xD 
Alucard_Vess: Nothing Vie, nothing 
Rich: Hannibal vs Tribbles 
Misharu: Well, would you listen to them? 
Rich: ::pictures hannibal shooting a bunch of them with his shotgun:: DIE FUZZ BALLS! 
Rune: flame throwers may be more effective 
Alucard_Vess: ::In Tigger voice:: The wonderful thing about Tribbles is... nothing 
← Mike has quit (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client) 
Hannibal: FLame throwers, plasma cannon, quantum airburst warheads..... 
Rune: lol 
Alucard_Vess: poison 
Ren_Rennyn: If the tribble has a goatee, you know it's evil. 
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Alucard_Vess: that's how they got them in TOS 
Vie: Tribble Kabob's anybody? 
Raissa_Moonsong: Hummm.... Mirror Universe Tribbles are carnivores. 
Misharu: Oh, no thanks. I'm vegetarian. 
@Sal_Taybrim: But Ren, how would we know it has a goatee as opposed to say - a stylin' mohawk? ;-) 
Hello Mary! 
Misharu: ... Carnivorous tribbles. That would be frightening. 
Alucard_Vess: could you imagine having to shave enough tribbles for a kabob? 
maryfenelli: Hello 
Misharu: Hello! 
Traenor: Hey Mary! 
Ren_Rennyn: Hi Mary! 
RAdmiral_Toni: couldn't tribbles be veggies? 
@Sal_Taybrim: I imagine carnivorous tribbles sing the 'nom nom' song while eating things >.> 
RAdmiral_Toni: Hiya Mary 
Vie: Singing tribbles... 
Ren_Rennyn: Mirror Universe Tribbles love Klingons. 
Vie: The madness has come upon us all. 
Misharu: By things do you mean 'you'? Because they'd probably try to eat you. 
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@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Admiral! 
RAdmiral_Toni: Hi Admiral 
@Jalana: hiya Wolf 
Hannibal: They would try...and they would fail..... 
Flynn: Admiral on deck 
Alucard_Vess: throw them like Superballs, see if they bounce 
@Renos: Hi Wolf, how are you doing? 
Vie: Quick, hide the carnivorous tribbles, the Wolf is back. 
maryfenelli: Hello Admiral! 
Traenor: Hey Wolf! 
@FltAdmlWolf: Hi everyone :) 
Misharu: Hello admiral! 
Hannibal: Afternoon Admiral Wolf!!! 
:: hides amm and smiles...:: 
RAdmiral_Toni: What ya know good today, Admiral? 
Alucard_Vess: Hannibal, you have too much to hide 
@FltAdmlWolf: Oh, you know, the usual :P 
Raissa_Moonsong: trying to do two things at once. My brain hurts. 
Hannibal: LOL! TRue..... 
Alucard_Vess: ::pictures Hannibal trying to hide a torpedo behind his back:: 
RAdmiral_Toni: lol yeah, I know 
Hannibal: LOL@ Vess.... 
Tracey: So as I was saying...once we assisinate Admiral Wolf...:O Hiya Admiral :) 
@FltAdmlWolf: Yeah, yeah, give it your best shot! 
Alucard_Vess: " Nothing to see here! Just moving this torpedo over... there..." 
Misharu: ... Coup D'tat! 
Hannibal: Wait till Hannibal finishes his 
maryfenelli: Bad timing. I'm afraid I have to leave. I will be back later though. 
@Renos: LOL 
Rich: ::hides Wolf doppleganger/android:: 
RAdmiral_Toni: lol Tracy making points with the Admiral today? 
@Renos: Catch you later maryfenelli 
@Sal_Taybrim: peace Mary! 
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Misharu: ... I feel Rich maaaaaay be working for the Dominion. 
Tracey: Bye Mary 
@Sal_Taybrim: Heya Zinna! 
Misharu: You have a Changeling, don't you. 
Zinna: Hiiiiii! 
Ren_Rennyn: Hi Zinna! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Changelings? Nope... :innocent whistling:: 
Rich: Psh, androids are safer. Have a built in off switch 
Traenor: Hey Zinna! 
@Renos: Hi Zinna, how's things with you? 
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Tracey: Hi Zinna! 
How do you know Hannibal is a changeling? He's unarmed. 
Misharu: *Paranoia mode: Activate* 
RAdmiral_Toni: most likely, Andrew.... Drats 
Vie: Mmmm, Tea. 
Flynn: Ill help administer the tests, so you know, no need to test me 
Zinna: Ahhh okay 
Hannibal: I do....but they cheat..... 
Flynn: well in that case, something just came up 
for reals even 
Misharu: >: I 
Flynn: so i will talk to you all later lol 
@Jalana: hi Zinna 
@Renos: Later Flynn, take care 
Misharu: Flynn's a changeling. Lock them up! 
Hannibal: TAke care, Flynn..... 
Alucard_Vess: if you punch them, it's like hitting Stretch Armstrong... 
Zinna: Hi Jalana! 
Flynn: *shifts into an airlocck 
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Hannibal: Yeah...the they turn into a daggar then stab the snot out of you..... 
Misharu: ... So, I know the main changeling we see in DS9 is called 'the female changeling', but do they actually -have- sex/gender? 
Vie: No 
@Jalana: i assume it is more the way they display themselves 
Misharu: I thought not. 
Rich: Yeah 
and it also makes no sense that they look like Odo since the point about Odo looking like a lump of clay is that he doesn't know how to make his face better 
@Jalana: could just as well display themselves to be a dog or a targ i assume lol 
Rich: but maybe they're just making him feel better 
Misharu: xD 
Alucard_Vess: Unless they imprint off of the first Solid they encounter, like Odo and the scientist who experimented on him 
@Renos: lol Rich 
Rich: "oh my god, what is that face? Oh, it's odo... okay, quick guys, let's make him feel at home!" 
@Renos: xD 
Misharu: I like Rich's theory. 
@Jalana: yeah i mean we do see that changelings can do much better, since they impersonated starfleet personell 
so i assume it's like you say Rich 
Rune: Rich has issues 
Vie: I think it was so that people knew they were the same species as Odo - else somebody would have constantly had them reminding us. 
Misharu: They didn't want him to feel self concious. 
Hannibal: They got as close to human form as possible I guess..but that doesn't explain how they manage to replace General MArtok though... 
Rich: It'd have been ingenious if the female changeling took on Kira's form more and more by the end of it 
Tracey: My character still has nightmares about Changelings. They could be a soft, cuddly plush toy one moment and morph into a lethal weapon the next. 
RAdmiral_Toni: brb going AFK a few 
Rune: she should have then maybe we would have liked her 
Misharu: I imagine vets of the Dominion War might have mistrust of... anything. 
Rich: Yeah, if you think about it, Changelings are terrifying. Basically like the T-1000 
Misharu: Like, Paranoia ramped up to 11. 
Hannibal: During the war, Hannibal only met Vorta...and true, Hannibal trusts very little outside his weaponry.... 
Misharu: "Anyone and anything could be a Changeling!" 
Rich: I remember that episode where the Bashir changeling had killed the entire runabout crew. ick 
Traenor: Good point Rich. The whole series I wanted to see a changeling go all T-1000 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: I thought Rich had subscriptions? 
Anora: Anora isn't too found of them either. She remembers what it was like having them around Bajor during the Dominion War 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: (just kidding) 
Rich: (that's the R-rated version of DS9, hehe Traenor) 
Rune: I liked that Bashir 
Misharu: My character was born... after the dominion war, I think. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Changelings were great bad guys, but hard to bring into stories because they are ~so~ powerful 
Tracey: STAY AWAY FROM THAT TEDDY BEAR! I swore I saw it move 
Misharu: He's only 22 years old. 
→ LtJG_AdamHaase has joined 
Misharu: *23 
Hannibal: A baby...Hannibal has guns older than you.... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Haase! 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Hello! 
Misharu: Hey, he just got out of the Academy! 
Traenor: Hey Haase! 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Hi Traenor 
Hannibal: Afternoon AdamHaase!!!! 
@Renos: Hi Haase! 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Hi Hannibal 
Hello Renos
Vie: Hannibal has an IMI Desert Eagle doesn't he? - thats older than everybody I think? 
Anora: He was 2-4 during the war then, Misharu 
Rich: Dominion war began 19 years ago (2373) 
Misharu: Ah, I see. 
Rich: can't believe DS9 was so long ago 
Misharu: So he was simply too young to remember. 
Rich: :| 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: who just got out of the academy? 
Rune: sure make me feel even older 
Rich: :\ 
@Sal_Taybrim: Rich: I know. Makes me feel old. -.- 
Hannibal: That is correct....he also has a phaser built to the same frame... 
Misharu: My character, Skyfire. At least, when my ooc academy training is complete. 
He will have just exited. 
Rich: Next year, Enterprise will have ENDED a decade ago 
@Sal_Taybrim: Skyfire: we have several cadets joining us today. :D 
Rune: :-| 
Rich: :-| 
Vie: Is it bad that I instantly, out loud, said "Good"? 
@Sal_Taybrim: Rich: ::groan!:: 
Rich: hehehe 
Misharu: Haha. I haven't watched Enterprise yet. 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: A few names I did recognize. 
Hannibal: Hannibal was 17 when the Dominion War started... 
Rich: Rich, the Debbie Downer of the Fleet 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Aww, I liked Enterprise. At least, the end of it. 
Misharu: I heard it was good... until the end. 
Alucard_Vess: loved Enterprise 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Enterprise is okay 
The Last episode is great 
@Renos: I liked Enterprise - at least some of it 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Not the *last* episode, mind. 
Rich: I liked Enterprise 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Riker and Deana. *sigh* 
Rich: I pretend the last episode isn't really the last one 
@Quinn_Reynolds: But the mini-arcs and stuff of the 4th season were cool. 
Alucard_Vess: yeah... that was bad, i'll admit 
Vie: The end series was a big improvement. And the Mirror Universe stuff was awsome. 
But the rest... ..bleh. 
@Sal_Taybrim: I liked Enterprise enough except for the last episode. 
@Renos: Wasn't so fond of the Suliban/time travel stuff, but like the expansion of the Vulcans and Andorians - also Denobulans rock 
LtJG_AdamHaase: The last episode was my favorite 
Hannibal: Enterprise had two redeeming qualities..... 
LtJG_AdamHaase: -_- 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Denobulans 4ever 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Denobulan smiles are creepy. 
Rune: the last episode sucked.. sorry not really sorry 
@Sal_Taybrim: But for my money they could have cut out the whole dumb Xindi conflict and made the whole show about Tellarites, Vulcans, Andorians, Romulans and Klingons 
Rich: Don't forget the tongue! 
@Renos: Yeah they are creepy but also kinda cool 
LtJG_AdamHaase: But to be honest - Voyager was my favorite 
@Renos: Puffy face 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Can't beat Captain Janeway.... 
Traenor: A decade without ST on the small screen. What a world we live in :\ 
Vie: Yeh, if they wanted a war.. ...the Romulan one was right there guys. 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Well - Captain Picard comes pretty close 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Renos: IMO, looked like a blowfish. 
Misharu: Voyager and TNG are my top two favorites. 
@Sal_Taybrim: We need more TV Trek! 
@Renos: Yeah ^^, 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Lol 
Rune: it's a sad world Traenor 
Rich: It'll happen 
@Renos: That was the idea I blieve 
Misharu: Voyager had the best captain and the best theme song, hands down. 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Are you guys looking forward to Star Trek: Beyond? Set to be released in 2016 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Maybe that Worf series will happen. ;) 
Misharu: Voyager's theme song is just... UGH I'm listening to it right now. 
Alucard_Vess: Seapking of Picard, I was born in the middle of TNG, makes me feel old... 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Love voyager's theme song 
Anora: I've been following the relaunched book series, they are really well done. But yeah, I'd love to have new trek on TV 
Vie: And now I feel old... 
Misharu: It's so gooooooood. 
Rune: Worf is really pushing for it 
Hannibal: There are several good ones they are working on: Renegades, Axanar.... 
Misharu: and yes, I hope the series Micheal Dorn wants to make is good. 
Rune: Axanar is freakin awesome 
Alucard_Vess: we need a new series, but not in the reboot universe 
Misharu: And that it'll actually happen. 
Zinna: With everyone saying they feel old...I feel so young...and youthful 
@Quinn_Reynolds: I was born before the original cast movies stopped being made. That makes me feel old. :( 
@Sal_Taybrim: Vess: Shush you. I was born when The Motion Picture was released. 
Rich: Hahaha, Erin 
@Sal_Taybrim: ;-) 
Traenor: Which is funny, since Dorn almost quit ST so many times b/c of the makeup time constraints... 
RAdmiral_Toni: Back 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Oops...forgot that I was being taken out to lunch. Talk to you all later 
Rich: :P 
@Renos: I think we need a new series - but not in the reboot universe too 
Hannibal: Axanar is what Enterprise should have been... 
Misharu: ...I'm the baby xD 
@Sal_Taybrim: bye Haase 
Anora: lol Vess, Manar was born 4 years before TNG started so don't feel so bad 
@Renos: Later Haase 
Misharu: I was born around the time DS9 was starting. 
LtJG_AdamHaase: And you are right, Hannibal. Axanar is amazing 
Alucard_Vess: wseren't they still making the TOS cast movies during the first few years of TNG? 
Rich: Yep 
LtJG_AdamHaase: Adios 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Aye. 1991 was STVI 
Zinna: Bye Haase! 
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Hannibal: Yes.... 
Misharu: Ah, yes. I was born the same year as Deep Space 9 began. 
Vie: Axannar - if they pull it off - might be what we need to rejuvinate interest from the guys who own the rights. 
Too many of you are younger than me... 
Traenor: So many kids in SB118 haha! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yes. They made them from '79-'91 not counting Generations 
Rune: I was alive for them all 
Misharu: As I said, I just graduated from college undergrad : P 
Zinna: I was born three years after ds9 started 
Hannibal: Axanar and Renegades look to have the best shot, but I hope Michael Dorns' series gets a shot too... 
@Sal_Taybrim: And TNG was 87-94 
Misharu: So, make of that what you willl. 
Alucard_Vess: I don't count Generations, they were just guest stars 
Rich: What was your first Trek, Zinna? 
Alucard_Vess: 87? I thought it was older... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Nope 
Alucard_Vess: crud, I'm actually older than TNG... 
@Sal_Taybrim: Star Trek TNG and the original Ninja Turtles were contemporaries. 
Rich: xD 
Rune: nope started year I graduated :P 
Alucard_Vess: 85... 
Zinna: Hmmm well I actually got into trek through TOS, creating cartoons but I actually think TNG was when I first started watching 
I think i was around 14-15 when I started watching it 
@Sal_Taybrim: Which is why they had Ninja Turtle Star Trek action figures 
And I am not ashamed to admit I own them. 
Anora: Haha me too Sal 
Rune: September 28, 1987 was the first episode of TNG 
Vie: Wait wait 
@Quinn_Reynolds: Next Generation: BBC2 6pm. That's how I got hooked. 
Anora: I also have a bunch of the old Xmen/TNG crossover comics lol 
Rich: began 18 years of continuous Star Trek! 
Vie: Ninja Turtle Startrek Action figures? 
Rich: I remember the Star Trek XMen crossover 
Hannibal: Wish someone would do a BSG/ ST crossover..... 
Alucard_Vess: still better than those Star Trek Dr. Who crossovers... 
comic books I mean 
@Sal_Taybrim: Vie: Yes. type it into Google and you'll get the images 
Anora: Vie: 
Hannibal: USS Thunder-A vs Cylon Basestar.... 
Misharu: I just looked it up... yes. TMNT/Star Trek crossover action figures were a thing. 
Ren_Rennyn: They're coming out with Star Trek/Green Lantern comics 
Rune: a BSG/ST ... I'm already here 
Zinna: I skimmed through the star trek/dr who crossover comics 
RAdmiral_Toni: lol I thought you were kidding, Vie 
Alucard_Vess: awww, now that'll ruin two things I like... 
Anora: I'm terrified of them, Ren. I can't decide if they'll be good or not 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: :: raises eyebrows. :: Zinna: We aren't supposed to cross the fandoms. Skyfire accidentally became the 14th doctor as a joke. 
@Jalana: TNG started 1990 in germany.. I was 11 and came home from school, saw the first episodes, and ever since i was hooked and ran home from school to not miss it, homework had to wait until after lol 
Hannibal: Have you written one, Rune? 
Traenor: How about Firefly/ST? Shiny! 
Rich: Mr Spock nerve pinching wolverine: 
Vie: Welp 
That exists 
Rune: not yet 
Ren_Rennyn: Anora, they will be good and terrible at the same time! 
Vie: No no, the Ninja Turtles action figures... 
Misharu: Oh, I forgot one of the other things Voyager had the best of any series... 
Hannibal: That might make an interesting mission... 
Misharu: Voyager had the best CMO. 
Tracey: It wouls be an awesome mission visiting a planet where some of the indigenous lifeforms are superheros 
Zinna: Skyfire, to be honest I've never been a dr who fan haha 
Alucard_Vess: he can nerve pinch Wolverine all he wants, that's Marvel 
Vie: There was also a TOS Manga. 
@Jalana: my FO has just written a sim where his daughter checks his doctor who holoprogram and meets a Sontaran ... gotta love cross overs 
Zinna: Yes I've seen some of the TOS manga 
Vie: With an origin story for the Borg, and Mecha suits. 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Zinna: Me either, though the primary reason for doing it was as an april fools thing; it came out about the same time as my timeslip debut of that joke. 
→ Mirra_Ezo has joined 
Zinna: That's a cool april fools joke. 
Tracey: I SIMMed Elsa from Frozen :) 
@Sal_Taybrim: Hello Mirra! 
LtCmdr_Skyfire: Zinna: Did you see the card associated with that? 
@Renos: Hi Mirra, how are you? 
Anora: It was kinda great, Tracey 
Traenor: Hey Mirra! 
Mirra_Ezo: Hello! 
Anora: I also really enjoyed all the sim titles you had that were song/fairy-tale related 
Mpeba: Hey Mirra! 
Hannibal: Hello Mirra!!! 
RAdmiral_Toni: hiya Mirra 
Alucard_Vess: let it go... 
Vie: I did once have Rossh doing a Steampunk holonovel. With a dutch supervillian taking over london with a Zeppelin full of combat automatons... 
That was fun. 
Mirra_Ezo: Doing well! How is everyone ? 
Tracey: Trek visits Cheers! 
@Sal_Taybrim: Good! How are you? 
Vie: Trek & X-Files. 
@Sal_Taybrim: If Trek visited cheers, Morn would have a field day :chuckle: 
Zinna: Skyfire, Just looked it up on the wiki! Neat! 
RAdmiral_Toni: We had a mission of Steampunk, Vie 
Vie: I know, I missed it thanks to issues. 
RAdmiral_Toni: ouch.. was fun dressing like them 
Alucard_Vess: you had a steampunk mission and didn't invite me? I love steampunk! 
@Renos: Yeah a steampunk mission sounds aweseome 
Misharu: That does sound great. 
Hannibal: It was fun...... 
RAdmiral_Toni: you could have come Vess... anyone could have 
you should'da seen our weapons 
Anora: I'm sad I missed that now :( 
Hannibal: The Away Tem had some great weaponry..... 
Anora: The Atlantis had a mission where we all turned into fairy-tale characters cause the holodeck went crazy 
Vie: Well, we can always do another one at some point in the future. 
Mirra_Ezo: That sounds amazing 
@Sal_Taybrim: I remember that mission. That was a crazy mission. 
ⓘ FltAdmlWolf set mode +o RAdmiral_Toni 
Hannibal: ALl Hannibal did was take out a Cardassian warship.... 
Vie: Valentino was up for doing a Superhero one I seem to remember. 
@FltAdmlWolf: I have to head out. Just wanted to pop in and say hi! Have a nice day all :) 
Anora: lol he would be 
Alucard_Vess: by Admiral 
Anora: Bye Wolf! 
Vie: Catch you later Wolf. 
@Sal_Taybrim: Peace Admiral! 
@Renos: Take care Wolf :) 
Mirra_Ezo: Bye Admiral! 
Rich: later! 
← FltAdmlWolf has quit (Quit: Disconnecting.) 
Hannibal: Have a good one, Admiral! 
@Jalana: I made it! wrote and sent my sim... during fleet chat - where is my ribbon for that miracle? 
@Sal_Taybrim: ::Pins a gold star onto Jalana:: 
@Jalana: yay 
Anora: lol 
Traenor: We're not convinced that you're not a writing robot at the best of times, Jalana. This does not help the argument... 
Anora: There should at least be a Service Ribbon for that 
Hannibal: Jalana: You have done what others have failed to do.... 
@Jalana: lol Traenor 
@Sal_Taybrim: I totally need to post for Wyn today. I will do that after I get cat food so my feline overlords don't shove their faces into my keyboard while typing 
@RAdmiral_Toni: lol Anora 
@Jalana: Feline overlords have a thing for that, i heard Sal 
@Sal_Taybrim: Yeah, and we ran out of wet food last night. There was much piteous lamenting 
@Jalana: whoops 
Rich: Jalana not only wrote a sim, she also photoshopped three new ensigns at the same time! 
Hannibal: I need to write a sime for Hannibal today, since Drayke is sitting outside his office waiting for him.... 
@Jalana: LOL Rich 
Alucard_Vess: my cat hates wet food 
@Sal_Taybrim: I mean, there's a big container of dry food left, but they are starving, I tell you. Starving! 
Alucard_Vess: she's wierd 
and that reminds me I need to get a sim out too... 
@Jalana: i thrive on being weird 
@Sal_Taybrim: some don't like it. Out younger cat is very picky about it. 
Anora: You are a machine Jalana! 
@RAdmiral_Toni: Jess did you get my request for Cain and Waltas? 
Alucard_Vess: Athena will literally starve herself rather than ead wet food 
@RAdmiral_Toni: She does terrific work 
Alucard_Vess: *eat 
Tracey: Hah Hannibal. You have Drake waiting for you! I have to arrest Ariana for licking donuts while on shif 
Anora: Thanks again for my signature banner, btw! 
@Jalana: Toni: OMG yes i did.. it came during my exam to i pushed it in the back corner and forgot. I'll get on it right away! 
@RAdmiral_Toni: no hurry 
just wonder if you had it