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January 2015

NOTE: This chat took place on Sunday 8th Februsary 2015 and lasted for just over 2 hours. Unfortunately on this occasion it was not possible to capture the time stamps for the chat archives but things should be back to normal for next month. Thanks for your understanding.
Dial_:	I'll be back later
@Renos:	See you in a bit Dial, enjoy!
LtCmdr_Richards:	dump it into the holodeck. That'll work
Dickens:	Enjoy Dial
Have you heard about he rumored new actor to play the antagonist in the new Star Trek movie for 2016??
@Renos:	No, do tell
Erin:	Bryan J Cranston as I recall
@Renos:	Hi Thetis
Erin:	or whoever the guy from breaking bad is
Alana_Larson:	Hi Thetis
Thetis:	'morning
Erin:	Hello Thetis!
@Renos:	How are you?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
Dickens:	it seems taht it'll be Walter White
Thetis:	just popping in for a fe to see if i see any familiar faces
Dickens:	The lead actor of Breaking Bad
@Renos:	Well it's great to see you even if it is a short one! :D
LtCmdr_Richards:	Ed?!
Alana_Larson:	Hi Diego
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Hi
Diego:	Hi everyone!
@Renos:	Hi Diego, how's it going?
@Liam_Frost:	WHAAAAAAAAAAT!!!!!
Thetis:	hi Diego :)
Vie:	I think Liam just exploaded...
Dickens:	Also, it seems that for this new movie they plan to have a new president of the Federation, that will be a woman, a captain of a new Federation ship that will also be a woman
Diego:	I'm doing pretty good!  What about you?
Dickens:	Hello Thetis
@Renos:	I hope so Dickens, that would be awesome
Dickens:	Hi Diego!!
@Renos:	I'm doing well thanks!
Diego:	Hi Dickens!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	HELLO EVERYONE! Since I don't know all of you, i'm going to categorize you all under the name of "people". So, HI PEOPLE!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Some of them are giant sentient rocks.
LtCmdr_Richards:	I'm noy a person
LtCmdr_Richards:	i'm half a person :P
Diego:	Lol
Thetis:	that would be a great addition
cranston's an awesome actor
Dickens:	Richards,... in need of Caffeine?
Diego:	I'm excited!  This is my first fleet-wide chat! :)
Erin:	Oh I am
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Nice Diego
Dickens:	Really, Diego?
Thetis:	diego: really? for a fleet captain? I call BS
LtCmdr_Richards:	no, permanently confined to a hover chair (IC)
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Hahahaha
Diego:	No wait I'm an ensign
Thetis:	hmm
LtJG_AdamHaase:	This is only my third fleet-chat
Erin:	......awkward...
Diego:	wait a second
Thetis:	maybe a different Diego I'm thinking of
@Renos:	Yes a different one
Erin:	very different one
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Ha ha ha
Thetis:	shows how out of touch i am, heh
@Renos:	Diego, they're all thinking of a character called Diego Herrera
Diego:	Yeah haha. I just joined sb118 a month or 2 ago
Erin:	And his player, Ed
Diego:	Ohhhh
LtCmdr_Richards:	declares himself Admiral Fluffypants, Chief of happy times. Who wants a hug?
Erin:	I do I do!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Lol
@Liam_Frost:	Right here1
Diego:	I tried to change my name to Diego Beyett but it won't let me
@Renos:	Use underscore
It doesn't like spaces
LtJG_AdamHaase:	I'd like a hug --- but take a shower first, Admiral. You
Diego_Beyett:	There we go!
@Renos:	Nicely done
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	shrugs
LtJG_AdamHaase:	*Your fuzz might get everywhere
Diego_Beyett:	Sorry for the confusion everyone
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	also distributes everyone's personal tricobalt grenade.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	DOn't use them all in one place!
Quinn:	Sorry, I was away for a minute. I'm on board the Gemini.
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Ceciri: WHY DO I WANT A GRENADE?
Alana_Larson:	Hello Traenor
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	It kills holodecks dead.
@Renos:	Hi Traenor good to see you!
How are you doing?
Diego_Beyett:	Hello!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	issues Traenor one (1) tricobalt grenade
LtJG_AdamHaase: got me Ceciri, hand over the grenade
Traenor:	Hey all! First time attending the chat, most likely will lurk and see what badness everyone gets up to! ;)
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I already gave it to you.
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Really? Where'd I put it?
LtJG_AdamHaase:	looks around
Aidoann:	now I should be worried
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	If you want a second, you must wait 21:59:57 and pay 2300 refined dilithium.
Vie:	Traenor, your in good company - sounds like we have a lot of newcommers today
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Found it
My tribble swallowed it
Yes...explosive tribbles
Diego_Beyett:	Oh wow. Lol
Aidoann:	big uh oh there
LtJG_AdamHaase:	They purr to let you know that they are getting closer to exploding. And explosive purring bomb
@Renos:	Traenor this is just a good chance for people to hang out and get to know each other
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Although I don't think that my tribble ate it on purpose....
Erin:	I do love the Fleet Chat
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	also, on request, can issue an omega particle grenade.
LtJG_AdamHaase:	My tribble eats everything
LtCmdr_Richards:	poses a question: Name one of your characters flaws and one of their advantages
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	(for 1000 dil, 3200 ec, and 3 doffs.)
LtJG_AdamHaase:	It ate my comm badge last week
Aidoann:	I'm not sure Tribble's eat anything on purpose, they just eat stuff
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Bad tribble!
Anyone want a tribble?
This one's up for adoption!
Erin:	I feel like the Conny needs tribbles
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Have this one
Aidoann:	as far as omega particle grenades *Aidoann runs away at the sound of that one*
Erin:	to make up for our lack of families and children
Diego_Beyett:	Il lake it!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	hands over tribble to Erin
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I only have a crate of 3000!
Aidoann:	ROTFL no Conny doesn't need Tribbles
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Can i have one?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	And they're rather fragile..... *edges away*
Just remember not to detonate them.
Alana_Larson:	Hmmm.. for a character flaw I would have to go with mild claustrophobia, for an advantage I very good knowledge of history.
Thetis:	hmm.. character flaw for Thetis
LtJG_AdamHaase:	I won't detonate them. Just hang them on my christmas tree
Thetis:	she's pretty mouthy
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hands Haase one, takes his ec, dil and doffs.
Thetis:	hmms
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Wait, I guess I'll use it as the star
Erin:	Thetis as in the superpowered AI of an advanced warship?
LtJG_AdamHaase:	:D
Thetis:	looks over at Cmdr. Brice
Diego_Beyett:	Charact flaw: um.. Diego is nervous all the time. Advantage: I'll get back to you on that
LtJG_AdamHaase:	looks angry
Vie:	Hydrophobia... ..and tends to have lots of ideas for how to solve things - most of which are terrible.
Thetis:	erin: perhaps
@Renos:	My character is slow to trust but has a very big heart and will bend over backwards to help people
Thetis:	what makes you think that?
Li_Qiuhui:	...hmm, I wonder how a tribble would manage in Animal Assisted Activities
@Renos:	Hi Eerie, how are you doing?
Aidoann:	welcome Li
Alana_Larson:	Hello Eerie
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	.. I'm not sure Ceciri has a flaw. I'm not sure she has an advantage.
Erin:	@ Thetis, oh... no reason... :D
Diego_Beyett:	Hi eerie
Alana_Larson:	Hello Sal
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Hello, Eerie, Sal
Eerie:	Hello good.
Diego_Beyett:	hey Sal!
Sal_Taybrim:	hey all!
@Renos:	Hi Sal, how are you?
Sal_Taybrim:	How goes?
Thetis:	better call… Sal?
Diego_Beyett:	Sal, the Columbia is still mad that you left them. I'm kidding, of course ;)
Sal_Taybrim:	I'm ok.  Trying to climb the summit of Mt. Laundryst
LtJG_AdamHaase:	I have trypophobia
I think that's how it's spelled
Sal_Taybrim:	I miss columbia!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	I miss dry ground
Erin:	Oh poor Brek
Sal_Taybrim:	I'm hoping maybe to get back there with my secondary after stuff gets settled.  I love the Columbia :D
Li_Qiuhui:	Ens. Li is an introvert she does better one on one than with groups, she is also very loyal
Diego_Beyett:	Ahh nice!
Aidoann:	Li is an interesting character
LtCmdr_Richards:	Richards is scared of command (And the bridge). On the other hand as an advantage, his confinement to his hoverchair has allowed him to expand his scientific knowledge
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Karynn's flaw is that she's terrible at anything engineering. But she's great with people.
Thetis:	thats why she married an engineer, huh? ;)
Diego_Beyett:	i have an advantage for Diego, he tends to know if something's not right before anyone else feels something strange
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Space - an endless void. These are the voyages of the Starship "Atlantis". The continuing mission, to explore the P'artha expanse, to seek out new ways to get the crew lost, and new temporal phenomenon, to boldly go where no starship would willingly take its crew. (Ominous music plays in background)
Diego_Beyett:	it's kind of like a "gut feeling" thing
oh hey karynn
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	So another question:
Aidoann:	not sure its a flaw but Aidoann seems to end up in the wrong place at the wrong time
Sal_Taybrim:	Anything is possible with temporal anomalies?
LtJG_AdamHaase:	YES
Li_Qiuhui:	@Aidoann thank you!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	If you were a captain, what would your ship be focusing on?
(Thetis is fairly obvious though, since we know. <_<)
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hey Diego
Diego_Beyett:	Tribbles
Alana_Larson:	Science!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Thetis - absolutely
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Exploration
Diego_Beyett:	The USS Tribble!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	lol
Aidoann:	all depends I've been on two very different ships that focus on two very different things
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Oh, you'd love a recent JP. Ethan teaching Karynn how to override a door lock
Sal_Taybrim:	Dark gritty storylines exploring the edges of enemy territories and uncovering dark plots that might spell the doom of the Federation if not stopped...
LtCmdr_Richards:	Science/Exploration/Diplomatic
Sal_Taybrim:	or Tribbles.  Take your pick
Vie:	Romulans?
Alana_Larson:	Hello Tarsii
Diego_Beyett:	exploration though
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Ceciri - science :)
Sal_Taybrim:	heya Tarsii
Aidoann:	Sal thats a good one
Thetis:	ok… exactly who in here knows me?
Li_Qiuhui:	@Ceciri SAR
Thetis:	go on… raise your hands… i won't beam you into space, I promise
Aidoann:	Romulans not so much as I write one lol but then again she hates her own people
Erin:	*cautiously raises hand*
@Liam_Frost:	Here
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I've read the relevant sims in Ronin, and the wiki page? Does that count?
@Liam_Frost:	*hands up
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	would probably actually focus on plots within the Federation
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hand up Thetis ;)
And I was *there* for that incident
IdrilMar:	ok, here I thought I was being sneaky
LtJG_AdamHaase:	How does a Romulan Frog protect itself? A "Croaking" device. :D
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	It was my now-IC-husband that was beamed
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Can we demote him to Ensign, 1st class?
Erin:	Oh Wilde, miss him
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Who?
Diego_Beyett:	how about cadet?
IdrilMar:	no, that was *not* Kayrnn's husband
Tarsii:	:)
hello everyone
IdrilMar:	Ethan Brice was hers
Erin:	Wrong one...
Dickens:	ceciri, you mean cadet 1st class?
IdrilMar:	Danny Wilde was mine
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	No, uh.. one secf.
Diego_Beyett:	^
LtJG_AdamHaase:	What was the name of Kathryn Janeway's fiance?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	It's from a FASA supplement
Adam: Marks.
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	LOL. No, Danny Wilde was and is definitely NOT Karynn’s husband
IdrilMar:	and in all fairness, Ethan only got beams to the end of a nacelle, not into space
Tarsii:	Hi larson, Sal, Eerie
@Renos:	Hi Tarsii
Eerie:	hello
Erin:	@IdrilMar, still yikes!
@Renos:	And Hi Mar
Tarsii:	Hi James
Hi Sergio :P
IdrilMar:	now that is a match… Kayrnn and Danny
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	He had quite the angry girlfriend waiting after his long walk back
IdrilMar:	Ethan and Idril might've worked
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hah!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Let's not get into relationships..... :/
Dickens:	Hi Tarsii!!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Bad doodoo
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I referenced her first "counseling" session with Danny recently
Dickens:	We better not, haase, leave them "alone"
@Liam_Frost:	Jess!
Tarsii:	Hi Jenn
@Liam_Frost:	I just noticed you were here!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	less said, better.
Eerie:	Tarsii  beat Eerie in chess. Rocks are in revolt!
LtJG_AdamHaase:	Joke
Bye all
Tarsii:	hahahaha... He distracted you...
Eerie:	lol
Jalana:	Steve!
@IdrilMar:	ok
I've got to go study
Erin:	We just played a great game of darts on the Conny
@IdrilMar:	have a test tomorrow
Diego_Beyett:	guys. Something just came up. I'll try to be back soon, but I have to go for now
LtCmdr_Richards:	Richards first counseling session - Was with a certain LtCmdr just prior to her departure from the Independence A :D
Sal_Taybrim:	peace!
Diego_Beyett:	it was nice chatting with you all!
@Renos:	Take care Diego, good talking to you
Dickens:	afk for a moment
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	have a good afternoon! (to b oth of you )
Aidoann:	that was fun to read
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello Rich
LtCmdr_Richards:	Hi Rich
Erin:	Rich!
LtCmdr_Richards:	waves
Rich:	Afternoon, fine people of the Chat!
Sal_Taybrim:	Hello Rich!
@Renos:	Hi Rich. :)
Alana_Larson:	Hi Rich
@Renos:	How are you?
Rich:	:D
Vie:	Hey Rich.
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Richards- I think I've counseled quite a few in the fleet
Erin:	*straightens bow tie and pours the champagne* yes we are classy people
Aidoann:	anyway I have to go get some stuff done
Rich:	I'm good. What's the topic of the moment?
@IdrilMar:	ttyl!
@Renos:	Good talking to you Aidoann
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	uhm.. that's a good question.
I think it's on counseling.
Erin:	and IC games
Rich:	Ah. Our poor counselors. Haven't had a break all shoreleave... :P
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	well, yes, giant plants taking over the ship will do that.
Sal_Taybrim:	Sal: does more counseling now than when he was actually a counselor...
Rich:	XD
@Renos:	LOL Sal
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Hey Rich!
Rich:	One of my favorite counselors is in the house I see. ::waves to Karynn Brice::
Sal_Taybrim:	Maybe the purple/red seems safer?  Still, I find this funny :)
Rich:	Hola, Emma!
Actually, Karynn was FO of the Indy at the time when I or rather Zhou 1.0 got to meet her
Erin:	well since Zayar's been in red there's been a hostage crisis and an asteroid attack....
Rich:	So maybe the red and the counseling go together
Erin:	Safer? Ehhhhhhh
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Aw thanks Rich
Li_Qiuhui:	It's always like that...people does everything to avoid seeing a counselor, and then pour their heart out to just about anyone else ;-)
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	and an upcoming example of the Barclay virus..
Sal_Taybrim:	I could see it.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Ceciri is totally not avoiding you.
She's just making sure to take the scenic route around your quarters.
but she's not avoiding you. <_<
Sal_Taybrim:	Now I just need to find a way to finagle Sal into a gold uniform so I can have all the colors in my career history!  >.>
Erin:	Zayar has mommy issues want to take that on?
Rich:	Question is... who counsels the counselors?
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Lol
Erin:	Other Counselors?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	the nearest tankard of ale.
or mead.. or <insert_alcohol_of_your_choice>
Sal_Taybrim:	Vitor Silveira and a bottle of whiskey.
Vie:	Sal - time travel to when gold was for command and discuise yourself?
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Other counselors, former counselors, and bartenders
Sal_Taybrim:	good plan!
Vie:	Or have an alternate universe where they never switched colours?
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	At least in Karynn’s experience
Li_Qiuhui:	Good question, professionally we should see somebody else
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	stares at this article until it reads well.
Erin:	FNS Article ceciri?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Yeah. I'm working on an editoral.
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	My favorite was going to the Captain who was a former counselor for advice
Erin:	Riley?
Rich:	Actually, Sal, I think you might be onto something with counseling and command... quite a number of COs started as counselors
@Liam_Frost:	not me
@Renos:	Reinard did the same Brice. When he was a counsellor, he used to go to his CO Diego Herrera (trained in counselling) for help
Erin:	Yeah Jaxx was... Vetri was
Rich:	Egan Manno (as Ventu)
Erin:	Blueheart
@Renos:	Reinard was a counsellor before a Captain also
Rich:	hahaha
and people thought it odd Troi became a commander
not at all it seems
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Lol - Reinard was who she went to!
Erin:	Rajie Blueheart was the best counselor
Sal_Taybrim:	Counseling and Diplomacy are good routes for command training 'in game'
Rich:	And actually Ezri Dax in the books too
Dickens:	Sorry, had to go afk
Rich:	Cpt. of the Aventine
Dickens:	seems that daughter has some fever
Sal_Taybrim:	I can't imagine Blueheart as a counselor.
Erin:	He was for a while
@Renos:	Hope she feels better soon Dickens
Erin:	then our XO
Oh Discovery I miss thee
Li_Qiuhui:	Sorry to hear that Dickens
Erin:	Hope she gets better Dickens!
Dickens:	Surely,.. Thanks for the wishes
I've just read the last lines, It seems that lately our counsellors are grabbing the captain's chairs
Eerie:	bye Dickens good to see you
Dickens:	Could they be using some mental tricks?!?!?
@Renos:	LOL!
Sal_Taybrim:	Much get-well mojo for her, Dickens.
Erin:	Reverse psychology?
Traenor:	Hehe, seems my character has to go talk to his captain about a career change...
Erin:	One of my characters was  a counselor though and he would have made the worst Captain ever
assuming he got that far...
Traenor:	Dunno why, sir, but suddenly I'm interested in being a counselor.
Dickens:	They're certainly needed. Raj has his hands full since we launched the Atlantis
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Karynn spent time in red and has her eye set on a Captain's chair eventually
Erin - who have you been?
Erin:	I don't think we've met, but Verana on the Discovery, Azin on the Tiger/Excalibur
and now Zayar Feraoun on the Conny
Vie:	Hey Captain
Alana_Larson:	Hello Toni
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
RAdmiral_Toni:	Hi everyone!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Then no - no overlap
@Renos:	Hi Toni
Jalana:	my future CO char won't have a counseling past.. though medical, which is close enough lol
Li_Qiuhui:	Back in a while, it's time for dinner here
Dickens:	Hello Toni!!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hi Toni
LtCmdr_Richards:	Hows the desk flying going Admiral (aka congrats on taking the promo IC :D)
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Hiya Krynn
or Karynn
Dickens:	Congratulations Rear Admiral Turner!!! :(
sorry, wrong button!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	going good so far, and thank you all for the congratulations
Vie:	We have outfitted her desk with a comprehensive VTOL system.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	we had a  good time, Richards
Rich:	Admirals always get the fancy stuff
Erin:	and the fancy paperwork with it
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Nugra and I were promoted together
Vie:	Well, more of a very STOL... kinda need to give it a running start to get the lawnmower motors going...
But it'll land just fine.
Rich:	fancy uniforms, fancy pips, fancy desks...
Erin:	yeah but also that ugly belt
@RAdmiral_Toni:	hey at the embassy we can do a lot of fancy stuff lol
Vie:	Its true, I think we all went for it with the outfits.
LtCmdr_Richards:	Duronis II -> The party place
@RAdmiral_Toni:	yeah, I adapted my Dress whites
Vie:	S'Kahh was in a Tux, with snappy cufflinks.
Sal_Taybrim:	every officer needs a snazzy pair of dress whites
LtCmdr_Richards:	Question: Where do you see your character being 5 years from now?
Erin:	White is an unflattering color in my experience
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Captain
Rich:	Yeah, have to admit they do make me think of that Patrick Stewart skit on SNL where the Enterprise was the Love Boat
But they've grown on me
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	5yrs?
Erin:	Hmmm, Zayar might not be my primary anymore
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Uh.. Commander at best, probably.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	I don't know,. maybe cleaning bathrooms? lol
Erin:	At the Starfleet retirement home?
Vie:	Possibly a second in command somewhere.
Dickens:	Me,.. Still Commander,... probably :(
Or Ensign, who knows...
Erin:	Yeah I don't think Lieutenant Commander is an unreachable goal
Sal_Taybrim:	I see Sal as retired from Starfleet, in the Federation diplomatic corps.  IC he has a heart condition that will probably come into play at some time and OOC I'll end up retiring him at some point for a character I like better.
LtCmdr_Richards:	I thought Toni was always going to go out being accidentally shot in the back by a gung ho Parkewr during an intense firefight because he refuses to use the 'stun' setting
Erin:	Commander... ehhh
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I'm just waiting for RL to settle down a bit before I go for it
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Hi ya Admiral
Dickens:	Lt. Cmdr. is quite easy,... Commander it's a bit more difficult and to get to captain,... Well, I'll let the captains or above say about that
@FltAdmlWolf:	Hi :)
Eerie:	Admirals ::Eerie comes to attention.::
Erin:	Hello kali!
@Renos:	Hi Admiral Wolk and Kali
Alana_Larson:	Hello Kali
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
Vie:	Then again I might put him to one side to bring in a Dolphin-like character I keep mulling over.
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hey Kali and Admiral Wolf
Sal_Taybrim:	hello Kali
Dickens:	Hello Flt. Adm. Wolf! :: Standing and saluting::
@FltAdmlWolf:	waves.
Kali:	Hiya....trying this out on my phone so I apologize ahead of time for any typos or slowness.
Erin:	I'll probably end up switching Zayar out for this MSNPC I'm writing now, assume she survives that is
Rich:	Velcome, velcome!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Sadness. Zayar's pretty interesting.
Dickens:	Don't worry Kali. We understand
LtCmdr_Richards:	would stand to attention but decides to have his hoverchair play the Federation instead
Kali:	:)
@FltAdmlWolf:	HIya hiya
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol Richards
Erin:	Yeah my phone won't load this
Kali:	I got an app for irc
Alana_Larson:	There are so many people IRC and so few in teamspeak today.
Eerie:	::Eerie wasn't used to hiya hiya, but took it as a greeting.::
Erin:	Oh we have teamspeak?
Alana_Larson:	Yes
Dickens:	teamspeak?
Vie:	Larson - link me to the teamspeak page again - I'd not set it up on this new install yet.
Siris:	yes
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Meet my temporary FO... the Rock
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I don't even know what teamspeak is...
Eerie:	::Eerie nods::
Vie:	It's a voice chat system
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	er, ignore that.
Kali:	It's like this....only with voices!
Dickens:	I know him. We give him this nickname. I'm very fond of him!!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Ah
That's the one.
Alana_Larson:	You beat me to it Ceciri
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I'm on my phone in a busy room of people. I don’t think voices would go well
@Renos:	We have a Team Speak server we use, I've not been on it yet.
Dickens:	Do any of you use Teamspeak for STO?
@RAdmiral_Toni:	only trouble with voice is you have to speak and can't hear it here
@Renos:	Once I get my voice back I'll probably go on it for a chat though
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Occasionally, yes.
Erin:	Nope, I'm a pretty solitary player
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Mostly uh..
People listening ot me play horrible STO foundry missions
Sal_Taybrim:	I have a fiancee who is currently screaming at the TV because he can't beat the original Donkey Kong >.>
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	and going full SNARK AWAY
Kali:	Me either Karynn...I'm at the zoo with the kids. :)
Sal_Taybrim:	while entertaining, this is also highly distracting,
Dickens:	for me the part of create content it's inactive. it happens to any of you?
Rich:	THE ZOO! :D
Erin:	My fiancé is doing some sciencey thing
Vie:	I'll be on the voice chat in a few mins
Dickens:	I used to be making a mision to put it on the foundry, but I can't access it anymore...
Erin:	with vials and stuff
Rich:	I want to go to the zoo now. :(
Vie:	To grace you call with my dulcet tones.
Kali:	We don't come here for animals...we come here for the epic playground
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	For example, we found a mission where..
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Lol Kali
Rich:	But the monkeys! And the penguins!
Erin:	@Kali it's what it's really about
I always say Pekwins
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	there's a trans warp gate in atmosphere.. in Bajor.. about 10km over th ecity.
Erin:	the Afrikaans word is so close
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	This was a fun mission. :D
Kali:	Meh we have yearlong passes...we see them once a year.
Rich:	hahaha
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hey Hutch
Kali:	:)
Rich:	::penguin walking by:: Kali: Meh.
Kali:	Lol
Hutch:	Hey Elisa!
Rich:	instantly apparently that's the theme behind the new Jurassic Park movie! I'm excited
@RAdmiral_Toni:	how ya doing Captain Frost? you awake?
Kali:	Heya Sinda :)
@Renos:	Hey Hutch, how are you?
Erin:	@Rich Penguins?
Sal_Taybrim:	hey Hutch
LtCmdr_Richards:	"Jim, you do not ask the almighty for his ID!"
Hutch:	hello hello hello
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Hey Hutch
Kali:	Penguins at the zoo
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Hi Hutch. :)
Hutch:	and hello!
hey Emma :)
Rich:	(no people having gotten bored with the old dinos since the park's been open a while. so now it's just old hat, and kids on cell phones while t rex behind glass etc. so that's why they make a new dino)
@Liam_Frost:	yep, I'm around
Erin:	lol
Rich:	it's so meta it's awesome
@Liam_Frost:	just doing a couple different things at once
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol took you long enough LOL
Erin:	@Rich sounds interesting..
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Eerie did you round up the crew LOL
Rich:	Also, as anyone who's read the FNS stuff knows, I love worldbuilding, and the marketing team for Jurassic World have built a complete fake website for the park!
Ah, if only was similar, hahaha
Eerie:	working on simm. :) LOL doing an academy class also
LtCmdr_Richards:	I'm looking forward to the trained Raptors :D
@RAdmiral_Toni:	good man
Dickens:	Well, people, it's been nice, but I have to leave you
Rich:	@Richards :D
Erin:	Brb I have to go check something
Dickens:	Real life demands me
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Have a good afternoon
Rich:	bye, Dickens!
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	By Dickens
Eerie:	fyi Toni (Saturday) is my busy day.
Kali:	Trained raptors? I need a new pet...
LtCmdr_Richards:	byr Dickens, good to see you again :)
@RAdmiral_Toni:	take care Sergio
@Renos:	Take care Dickens
Eerie:	bye Dickens!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	but this is Sunday
day of rest
Eerie:	recovering from Saturday
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol
@FltAdmlWolf:	@Rich the devolution of into a glorified content mill and shop is quite disappointing :(
@RAdmiral_Toni:	excuses excuses
LtCmdr_Richards:	Agreed Admiral :(
Eerie:	I am on the Cannon/musket crew at Fort Pulask
Rich:	ha, if Mandy (Counselor Moonsong) were here, I suspect she'd take Chris Pratt over the raptors ;)
as a pet
Eerie:	Pulaski
Erin:	Oooooooookay, she's playing mad scientist in the dining room
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Wolf: I don't think I've used for anything.. period.. in the last few years
Vie:	Mad scientists are the best scientists.
Eerie:	get to play with "big" cannons
@RAdmiral_Toni:	hey Toni~
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	it is depressing.
@Renos:	Hi Toni_Lupo, how are you?
Erin:	It's my fault though, I asked if she could take her work home with her
Rich:	@Wolf yeah... hmmm... who knows. Maybe they'll surprise next year for the 50th? probably not, but keep your expectations low! :D
LtCmdr_Richards:	Thank the maker for and MA/MB :)
Toni_Lupo:	Hello everyone. I'm fine, thanks.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
Erin:	there are some cool articles though, keeps me current
@RAdmiral_Toni:	:)
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I like DITL a lot
@FltAdmlWolf:	Could have been so much more, especially with Star Trek online, the new movies, the comics, etc. -- seems like Star Trek is making a bit of a comeback with all the talk about media franchises. But it seems like they've pawned off to a consultant or like two or three people at most.
Erin:	Oh what I wouldn't give for that contract
No more water adverts and political campaigns!
Rich:	I remember back in the 90s or whatever was an MSN exclusive. And it was actually advertised. That's how popular Trek was I guess at the time, that it could be billed as a feature and reason to join over AOL. And then Paramount/Viacom went crazy in the late 90s trying to purge all the fanwebsites.
@Renos:	Yeah Wolf, it's pretty disappointing. I wish they would make more of an effort as it should be better
Rich:	did that affect starbase118, Wolf?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Rich: They were /really/ good at it too.
I've got a few requests into what is left tring to track down someething on the wiki and aaargh repsonse time negative.
@FltAdmlWolf:	I do remember it, but we kept a low profile and never heard anything.
LtCmdr_Richards:	I remember the great purge. I wont name the fleet due to 'reasons' but it got hit hard
Erin:	I wasn't around then
Sal_Taybrim:	I remember the purge, too.  I remember sites getting 'creative' with their naming to escape
I'm actually still shocked when I see people make references to canon character IC
For years that was taboo.
@FltAdmlWolf:	Yeah, we were very careful about avoiding canon characters entirely.
Rich:	hahaha, oh man. you know there was some boardroom where a bunch of old guys were like... "what is this internet thing? and why aren't we making money from it?"
@FltAdmlWolf:	And keep in mind we did not have a wiki or a forum at that time. Our site was super, super simple.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	That explains why I was told not to make IC canon references.
Rich:	I'm actually surprised how low profile sb118 has been over its history in comparison to some other groups
at least what's documented out there
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Yeah it is always shocking to me when a canon character is mentioned.
@FltAdmlWolf:	Yeah, we hold on to that to avoid any potential trouble and because it's a slippery slope. One person says their character was best buddies with Data and suddenly everyone is related to the crew of the Enterprise in some way or another.
Erin:	It's done pretty well though
Vie:	Note to self, do not Cosplay Zombie Spock.
Rich:	XD
Siris:	:)
Erin:	132 active characters
not bad
Rich:	ahhh, poor Spock was just looking for brains...
Toni_Lupo:	That made me cringe...
Erin:	I never watched Spock's Brain for that reason
Sal_Taybrim:	Brains are delicious and nutritious.  Highly logical as a food source...
@FltAdmlWolf:	@Rich Our structure was a big part of that. The fact that we didn't allow people to start their own ships after joining meant that we did not have an army of newbies out there saying "Join my new ship in StarBase 118" at every single mildly related site.
Erin:	I hate zombies...
Rich:	THAT would have made the episode a lot more interesting Erin
no Spock zombie unfortunately
@FltAdmlWolf:	It hindered our publicity, but also created a very, very stable environment.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	We don't have to worry about using the species?
Rich:	just a pretty sexist story instead
Sal_Taybrim:	No, just a Spock-o-bot and, yes, a shockingly immature sexist story.
Eerie:	hard to write with Cat on my shoulder.
Sal_Taybrim:	It's laughable
Rich:	Indeed
Erin:	Turnabout Intruder was also surprisingly sexist
Sal_Taybrim:	yes
Eerie:	yes
Erin:	No racism, no prejudice but hey!
Sal_Taybrim:	that one always irritated me, even as a kid
LtCmdr_Richards:	I take some canon references as a given that don't need mentioning such as, most Engineering/Ops cadets at San Francisco would have had one class under o'Brien. We can't mention it but take it as a given
Erin:	And then of course we can't pass it off as her being delusional because Gene said there was actual sexism
Rich:	@Wolf, ah yes. I have to say I'm impressed with that. So many other group histories read kind of the same after a while it's pretty funny. "Our group was founded after our founder got upset and broke away from this other group."
LtCmdr_Richards:	realizes that the reference to REDACTED should be redacted from the log post
Erin:	@Rich yup!
LtCmdr_Richards:	Oh Bravo Fleet - that was a bad ending to a good community :9
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I mean, I'm super happy NO ONE says "<character name> is a modern day Will Riker."
Rich:	XD
@FltAdmlWolf:	@Richards are they no longer around?
Erin:	Oh it's still alive
Rich:	NO NAMES, Richards! hahahaha
Traenor:	@Rich it really was a Wild West then.  Groups poaching ships from other groups, trying to mop up smallers sims... it was intense.
@FltAdmlWolf:	@Rich: Indeed :)
LtCmdr_Richards:	I think trhey are on life support
Eerie:	All I have been using a new word processor called Jarte it is quite good. Free and no spacing issues when copied in Gmail
@FltAdmlWolf:	One of those very groups that's still around today claims to be as old or older than we are, but was founded by a very troublesome member who left a good four years after our start!
Sal_Taybrim:	I always played on a stable sim with a strict hierarchy.  I miss it, but sometimes thing end quietly for good reasons.
Erin:	@LtCmdr_Richards from what a friend told me they've reformed
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Hey we aren't sexist... I enjoy being the token Rear Admiral
Erin:	LOL
@RAdmiral_Toni:	just kidding
LtCmdr_Richards:	They never really recovered from the political fall out that caued the group split.. That was a very messy skype convo :(
Erin:	@FltAdmlWolf UCIP?
Kali:	The group I used to command for is long dead.
All that's left is a site that reflects a quick decline years ago.
Erin:	I guess my first group is too, though I never really checked up on them
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	I've got to go. Family dinner time. See y'all later.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Not many have the structure we have to hold things together
Vie:	I think the group I first joined way back in the early 2000's was reformed as a forum based sim fairly recently.
Erin:	It was a messy split so I came here
Kali:	By Karynn
Erin:	Yes Toni! Very united, very cohesive
Kali:	Bye even...
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	bye
Rich:	Bye Elisa!
Erin:	Bye!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	forum based sims..
Sal_Taybrim:	peace Karynn!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	bye Karynn
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Speakign as a veteran of them, you have to be really on the ball with them.
You let those start dragging it's game over.
Vie:	So, we are an advertisement for the effectiveness of Bureaucracy...
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	(Also, lol drama.)
Vie: I feel slightly dirty...
Traenor:	The first ever sim I did was IRC based.  Complete madness.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	is used to doing RP over IRC.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	(like D&D style)
Jalana:	same here Traenor
@RAdmiral_Toni:	why Vie?
Erin:	I think our hierarchy is pretty streamlined
@Renos:	I commanded a ship elsewhere once but as soon as it became clear they were expecting Captains to poach members from other groups and would move your crew at the drop of a hat, leaving you to run a ship with 5 players- CO/FO included I wavted them goodbye. They would give anyone a ship and effectively only wanted an army of recruiters. It was a disa
Erin:	Oh I hated IRC
Jalana:	IRC star trek RP .. with weekly meetings for missions .. what a chaos
Vie:	We are an advertisement for the effectiveness of Bureaucracy Toni.
Jalana:	the RP where i was CO before is still there, the ship is gone and the RP is slowly dying though
Sal_Taybrim:	I did White Wolf RP over chat.  My Star trek RP was writing intensive over e-mail.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Jalana: The trick is to have meetings not often.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	has done ST RP over IRC.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I am not proud of my characters from there.
Erin:	Even once a week was chaos
Jalana:	yeah well for me it was not often enough actually.. i did not like to have to wait for a week until we could go on
Rich:	Maybe Vie more an advertisement for "bringing order to chaos" ;)
Sal_Taybrim:	The biggest problem with a writing intensive sim is when your player population hits the age where everyone gets married and has kids, no one has time to write 6000+ word posts 2-3 times a week
Jalana:	and there was barely any character development because in an 2-hour mission you cannot really do that
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol Vie...  true Rich
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	yeah, which is why you don't do a mission a session
Vie:	True
Jalana:	Cerciri: don't tell that to me i was only a member not the organizers
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	You strech them out, so that for example you spend two months doing one mission
Erin:	Ah but then things are 'slow'
Traenor:	@Jalana so true.  They were totally action-oriented.  Got repetitive after awhile.
Sal_Taybrim:	I have dreams of finding the best writing intensive sim cropping up again when I am of retirement age with the rest of my crazy geek buddies.
Jalana:	yeah.. and to be honest... to have to wait for a week to just continue with the mission sounds awful lol
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	That gives pacing, and allows for nonsense like a full armor uprated galaxy class with a squadron of pregrine transforming macross fighters with micro quantum torpedos.
Super effective against fleets.
Sal_Taybrim:	o.O
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Jalana: Yeah, it's a slow burn.
Jalana:	i am the type to binge watch shows instead of watching them when they come out becuase the break in between throw me out of the mood
Kali:	No worse than waiting for the next episode for a week.
Skyfire:	Am I late?
Alana_Larson:	Hi Sky
@RAdmiral_Toni:	hi skyfire
Jalana:	we are all still here, so it cannot be too late :)
Sal_Taybrim:	we're still here!
hola skyfire!
Rich:	Dr. Skyfire! You're up early. ;)
@Renos:	Only a little but we're going strong! Good to see you. How's it going?
Skyfire:	It started 13 min ago, apparently.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	This is what happens when you cross Gundam, Super Robot Wars, Star Trek, and shake widely.
Skyfire:	Rich: I didn't sleep.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	*wildly
Rich:	Oh, Kat...
Erin:	Kat! hey!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	wb
Skyfire:	Rich: It happens. I'm an insomniac; and it was bound to happen sooner rather than later.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	(Actually, the funniest thing from that was that our Starbase was Starbase Groom Lake.)
Rich:	Is it just me or do you feel like night time hours fly by compared to day time hours?
Li_Qiuhui:	Back
Sal_Taybrim:	wb
Siris:	wb
Skyfire:	Renos: still feeling kinda swamped with Embassy sims. No idea how I'm going to write my Victory ones re: the underwater training
Sal_Taybrim:	Embassy sims?
Are you guys combined?
@RAdmiral_Toni:	turn off the sims from the Embassy Sky
Traenor:	Well folks, my first visit to the chats was a blast!  Thanks so much for a good time. See ya around!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	or just leave the group
Vie:	Catch you next time Traenor
Jalana:	bye Jason :) take care
Erin:	bye!
Toni_Lupo:	Bye
Hutch:	by Jason!
Vie:	now has ME3 falshbacks.
Vie:	flashbacks.
@Renos:	By Jason
@RAdmiral_Toni:	bye Jason
Rich:	Later Mr. Traenor
Sal_Taybrim:	peace Max!
Kali:	I've gotta run too. The kids want to go see an animal....*gasp*
Skyfire:	Toni: Will do, next time I get back to my group settings.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	have fun (Arg. x2)
@Renos:	Take care Kali, see you later
Sal_Taybrim:	peace Kali
Toni_Lupo:	It's so quiet on Embassy now that you left.
Rich:	YAY!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	ok good that will help you a lot
Rich:	Tigers! Tigers! Tigers! ...or wombats
Jalana:	bye Kali! have fun
@RAdmiral_Toni:	by Kali]
Skyfire:	Toni_L: I can't help that. I'll probably cc you & Richards, and anyone else who wants to join in our underwater training simulation practice.
Silveira:	Good afternoon all
@Renos:	Hi Silveira
Sal_Taybrim:	I'm caught up on Ops and debating bringing in a pNPC to liven things up.  I'm stuck on Apollo, waffling whether to wait for others to post or to write some drivel.
Erin:	Silveira!
Toni_Lupo:	Of course, Skyfire. Count on me.
Sal_Taybrim:	Heya Sil!  How goes?
Siris:	Hello
@RAdmiral_Toni:	You could put it on digest too, Sky
Toni_Lupo:	Hello.
Silveira:	Hi Sal/Fai, Renos, Erin, Siris, Tony and Admiral Tony
@RAdmiral_Toni:	whatever suits you best
Hutch:	Sal - drivel is always good
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Hi sil
Good to see you here
Silveira:	and all the rest
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
Skyfire:	AdmlToni: Yeah, probably would be a good thing to do until the mission ends.
Sal_Taybrim:	I like drivel in that it sorts out my pNPCs.
Skyfire:	Sil! :: hugs!! and hugs Lt. Cmdr. Taybrim also because hugs. ::
Silveira:	So what did I miss? I am sorry for being late
@RAdmiral_Toni:	yeah it does help
Skyfire:	Silviera: You're not late. I got here 7 mins before you
Sal_Taybrim:	w00t!  I do like hugs
Silveira:	Doc Skyfire ::Taps his back::
Hutch:	I need to bring some NPCs to the Apollo, too. Not simmed for any yet
Skyfire:	Taybrim: After the recent stuffs that's been happening w/ you, I believe you like hugs yes.
Erin:	me too! I have all of these ideas but I haven't gotten around to it
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	article done.
Time to work on ceciri's wiki page..
I might even start working on the Walton today!
Skyfire:	Erin: You said you were thinking about making a thing for our part 3?
Silviera: I've missed you, buddy!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Vie looking forward to Rossh's dip in the deep blue sea?
Skyfire:	uh-ohez. wet cat.
Erin:	Oh Right @Renos you still in for Nicu and Azin JP?
Toni_Lupo:	Nooo, let the kitty live.
@Renos:	Yes Erin I am
Li_Qiuhui:	Ah, Erin, I sent you some info on Eleni Kostas, got it? :)
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Oh we take care of our resident Cat
Sal_Taybrim:	NPCs are good. I still need to sort mine.  Problematically for Wyn they were all medical and now I'm in diplomatic.  Ugh.
Erin:	@Li_Qiuhui already on the wiki :)
Rich:	@Ceciri, feel free to create a new journalist character for attribution if you don't want it to be necessarily by Ceciri herself
Erin:	@Renos will send you a starter and then @Skyfire we can work on part 3
Toni_Lupo:	Oh, you just plan to dip him a little, Admiral?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I have one, yeah.
Li_Qiuhui:	Wow, you're fast, thanks!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	I just need to get an image for him <_<
Vie:	Sorry, missed your post there toni
Sal_Taybrim:	I sent most of them away on the winds to go live happy little lives on peaceful planets where they can raise fat, happy babies and suchlike.
@Renos:	Erin that sounds great
Vie:	And yeh.. ...its gonna be interesting
Skyfire:	Erin: I'm not in any rush. Take your time -- I'm still watching Skyfire's abilities evolve.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol ok vie not a problem was just teasing you a bit
Hutch:	ha! good plan
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Speaking of Skyfire, he's getting to the point where he can almost (but not always) determine sources of emotional distress.
Erin:	@Skyfire good for him!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	brb need to check on dinner
Sal_Taybrim:	Sky: nice!
Silveira:	Be right back
Sal_Taybrim:	Sal's determined to buy his new CO a drink.  This is a good plan.  We like this plan.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	aargh.
I need to find an image for a 45 year old bajoran reporter.
must.. think.. of face..
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Don't worry, Sky's got new flavor variants for Stew Surprise!
Rich:	probably someone that doesn't look like Brian Williams (too soon? :P )
Erin:	too soon :P
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Rich: I'm seriously resisting the urge to get Walter Cronkite. :P
But there's nothing stopping me from using SOMEONE ELSE from 1 PM central time!
Sal_Taybrim:	Sky: Yum!  Party on your ship!
Erin:	no party on the Constituion alas
Well we might be having one right?
As Zogi's penance?
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	well, he might get out today so we cna drop 28d to 8d. <_<
Skyfire:	Taybrim: No party. The day Taybrim & Skyfire see each other again will be cause for celebration. :-)
Sal_Taybrim:	w00t!
I have a very large starbase
you can bring your whole ship!  >.>
Erin:	but then everyone's gonna want to bring their whole ship
Skyfire:	I wish. Doubt Cassie would let us go that far. Or Kells. (My CO has split personality syndrome.)
Erin:	hell of a plus one
@RAdmiral_Toni:	okay back
Sal_Taybrim:	wb
@RAdmiral_Toni:	thank you
@Renos:	wb Toni
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	wb
Toni_Lupo:	Welcome back.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Thanks Renos
Thanks Toni
Eerie:	I feel a nap calling me.
Toni_Lupo:	I'm needed elswhere, have fun and see you sooner or later.
Sal_Taybrim:	peace guys!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	ok take care Toni
tc Sal
hey Tracey
Erin:	Hi Tracey
Tracey:	Hi all :)
Sal_Taybrim:	hi Tracey
how goes?
LtCmdr_Richards:	grats on the FO position Tracey :D
Vie:	Memory overflowed
Eerie:	Bye everyone. Morpheus awaits
@RAdmiral_Toni:	wb vie
Vie:	had to restart
Chatzilla that is
Sal_Taybrim:	wb
Erin:	Bye Eerie!
Tracey:	Thanks :) All is going good! thanx
@Renos:	Bye Eerie
Tracey:	how's everyone doing?
@Renos:	Okay thanks, how about you?
Sal_Taybrim:	pretty good, pretty quiet
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Pretty quiet? You must be not simming enough.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	I've been watching too much Top Chef... I can tell because I've started making up my own recipes
Erin:	I'm huddled in my living room, afraid of what my fiancé is doing in the dinning room
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol
Sal_Taybrim:	@Sky - No, I'm not simming much.  Mostly Ops.
Erin:	She's now yelling in French and I can hear bubbling
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	.. uhoh?
Sal_Taybrim:	danger?
@RAdmiral_Toni:	lol
Erin:	I'm not going in to find out
@RAdmiral_Toni:	chicken?
Erin:	she'll yell in English if she needs me
@RAdmiral_Toni:	well I have my windows open.. sun is shining and its around 67 degrees outside...
Erin:	Oooh perfect weather
@RAdmiral_Toni:	yup
Erin:	we have snow, lots and lots of snow
Tracey:	windows closed here! -22c and drpping :(
Erin:	Canada?
Tracey:	yep
@RAdmiral_Toni:	we hardly ever get snow. :(
Quinn:	Alright, guys, I'm outta here. Happy simming!
Rich:	Bye Emma!
Erin:	Bye Quinn
Tracey:	la belle province
@RAdmiral_Toni:	when we have snow it's a event
Sal_Taybrim:	Same here.  -17C
Erin:	Ah Quebec!
My fiancé is from Quebec
Vie:	Snows here once every... ..4 years?
Rich:	MANDY!
Sal_Taybrim:	It was warm enough yesterday to melt some of the snow... now it's freezing into ice.  -.-
@RAdmiral_Toni:	bye Emma.. hi Moonsong
Raissa_Moonsong:	WHAT!?!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	hello
Rich:	::Waves:: :D
Sal_Taybrim:	heya Moonsong
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Different Quinn. :)
Raissa_Moonsong:	I was making memes....
Skyfire:	I must've missed something. Oh, hi Mandy!
Raissa_Moonsong:	I was making Quinn memes....
Skyfire:	Taybrim: Does that mean you're doing it wrong or doing it right?
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Haha. Oh lord.
Raissa_Moonsong:	::evil cackle::
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Mandy's quite a talented artist, btw. She made a toon of Skyfire.
Erin:	@Raissa Moonsong those on the forums are really funny!
Rich:	Have you seen it yet, Emma?
Sal_Taybrim:	Skyfire: bored, mostly.  Hence why the main focus of today is laundry.
@Quinn_Reynolds:	I hadn't!
Sal_Taybrim:	Toons?!  I like toons!
@RAdmiral_Toni:	we had enough snow three years ago to cover the ground.. it was gone the next day
Rich:	Quinn taking names
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Did you get a chance to listen to the MP3s yet?
@Quinn_Reynolds:	I've been prepping for a tabletop over... something internet-based... for most of today. *Looks*
Raissa_Moonsong:	not yet. haven't had a chance for much.
Skyfire:	Listening to music tends to take my mind off of how boring laundry actually is
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Hah. Nice. I like 'em. :D
Erin:	Ah three blind Cardassians, what key is that in?
Rich:	To quote Mandy, "This is what happens after that second glass of wine"
Raissa_Moonsong:	I abuse everyone equally. With no mercy. with lots of wine attached.
@Quinn_Reynolds:	D(ead) Major
Raissa_Moonsong:	heheh
Rich:	Which ever one the state calls upon, Erin. Duh
Tracey:	I swear at people in F major
Sal_Taybrim:	Sky: yes, the website is really good!
@Quinn_Reynolds:	hah.
Hutch:	Tracey - nice :)
Raissa_Moonsong:	Rich :P
Sal_Taybrim:	also: I usually intersperse laundry with the 'stupid videogame of the week' (This week: Marvel: Ultimate Legends) Today thought I'm interspersing it with the fleet chat.
uhm... yeah...  ;-)
Rich:	hmmm, now I realize we never really heard any Cardassian music did we in 7 years of DS9... missed opportunities
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: Glad you liked them. You're one of the few groupies I've obtained since I mentioned said music.
Sal_Taybrim:	I'm guessing it is very dissonant
Sky: sweet! :D
Raissa_Moonsong:	I was always a groupie, Sky.
@Quinn_Reynolds:	I'm a little bit obsessed with Prison Architect at the moment.
Skyfire:	I'm also a bit of a video recorder -- posted some of my dad's music vids last night. can dig that up if you want me to.
Rich:	hahaha Prison Architect
they should make a Prison Architect Jr. where it's about baby proofing a house, right? :)
Sal_Taybrim:	Prison Architect.  My fiancee bought that one on steam.
Vie:	I love that game
Sal_Taybrim:	I kept making alcatraz jokes >.<
Erin:	Prison Architect sounds... interesting
I mostly do single player RPGs
@Quinn_Reynolds:	I found myself cursing the screen last night.
Silveira:	And I am back...
@Quinn_Reynolds:	"Why are you rioting?! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT FROM ME?"
@RAdmiral_Toni:	wb sil
Erin:	FREEDOM!!!!!!!
Skyfire:	Silvera: :: HUGS! :: cuz, hugs.
@Quinn_Reynolds:	Pretty much, Erin!
Sal_Taybrim:	I play RPGs, and certain action games.  And a lot of classic games.  We're trying to get all the classic games set up
Erin:	Always want whatcha can't have
@Quinn_Reynolds:	They all made a break for the main gate when the firemen came out to put out all the fires they'd started.
Sal_Taybrim:	wb Sil!
Erin:	LOL
@Quinn_Reynolds:	And then surrended when the armed guys deployed. Hah.
Erin:	didn't try to shiv them?
or shank them whatever
Skyfire:	AdmlToni: How are we doing for officers for the training class tomorrow, btw?
Silveira:	::Gives Skyfire a Gibs slap:: Jus because a slap is a
@Quinn_Reynolds:	It was a case of shiv vs shotgun. So they didn't.
Raissa_Moonsong:	hummm....
@Quinn_Reynolds:	(This time)
Sal_Taybrim:	never bring a shiv to a shotgun fight?
Silveira:	A slap is always welcome ;)
Raissa_Moonsong:	::looking for pictures to abuse::
Silveira:	How far classics Sal?
Skyfire:	oh, forgot Toni left. D'oh.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Admiral, back when I was on the Challenger, Captain T'Pen was trying to get a cartoon book made with one of our missions. Did anything ever come of that? Or did you know about it?
Skyfire:	:: blinks, scrolls up. :: or not.
Silveira:	The games I mean, I was stuck with the scroll up there...
Skyfire:	Ah, T'pen. A mystery for me if ever there was one.
@FltAdmlWolf:	@Toni: I don't recall hearing about that.
Sal_Taybrim:	The collection (ready?): Atari 2600, Atari 7800, Atari XE, NES (2!), SNES, N64 (2!), Gamecube, Wii, WiiU, Sega Genesis+32Bit, PSone, PS2, PS3, PS4, XBox, Xbox360.
Erin:	@Skyfire, she was on the Tiger briefly
Sal_Taybrim:	I had half, my fiancee had half with only one overlap: The NES.
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Oh okay, seemed like a fun idea, but when I left to go to the Resolution, I didn't hear anymore about it
Skyfire:	Erin: not a surprise; but in terms of her times as CO I've still been sifting through archives.
er, lists.
Silveira:	No old PC games?
Sal_Taybrim:	Currently the system of choice is the Atari2600.  Which is prompting much colorful swearing
Erin:	Old PC to me is like 2003
Sal_Taybrim:	ATM no.  He's trying to get an emulator PC set up
but he's stymied with switching units and cords
and getting things fixed
Silveira:	That is very new to me Erin, old for me is something from the 80s for the Spectrum imulator, or early 90s for the PC
Tracey:	OK all! My movie has finished downloading and I will burn it now. This normally takes quite a bit of cpu space, so I'm outta here. Take care everyone!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	Have fun!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	is down to three thigns:
Sal_Taybrim:	peace Tracey
@Renos:	Take care Tracey
Skyfire:	@Taybrim: speaking of getting things fixed, I got this laptop back and am playing SWTOR while tabbing for chat things.
Erin:	bye Tracey
Skyfire:	bye, Tracey!
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	a sim, page update, Walton project, Constitution project..
Cmdr_Karynn_Brice:	Hi! I'm back
@RAdmiral_Toni:	If I remember right, there was a Yahoo group made to discuss it, but  well when I left command the Resolution I dropped out of it
Sal_Taybrim:	Sky: nice :)
Silveira:	Karynn welcome back
Erin:	ah SWTOR
@RAdmiral_Toni:	bye tracey
Raissa_Moonsong:	bak
Sal_Taybrim:	That's on my list of 'games I should play'
@RAdmiral_Toni:	wb Moonsong
Silveira:	Not much gamming for me, my PC is giving his last breath
And the laptop isn't up to be filled by my games
@RAdmiral_Toni:	Vie must really be having trouble
Erin:	I prefer desktops
Vie:	Damn you KSP
@RAdmiral_Toni:	wb vie
Vie:	Thanks Admiral
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	.. oh, right there was something holding the Walton thing
I need to write up a draft for the intelligence thing.
Skyfire:	Ceciri: I'm taking a break from all my history projects I'm working on -- my brain may melt.
[LtJG]CeciriAriadust:	adds that to my queue.
Jalana:	Toni: I'm really happy you like it :)

Chat Team