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September 2014: Hannibal in a Dress

[18:00:08] <LtCmdr_James> Oh, just turned six! The Fleet Chat has now officially started!
[18:00:12] <LtCmdr_James> Welcome everyone!
[18:00:15] <Skyfire> Wait, Richards: What are you doing?
[18:00:24] *** The_Doctor is now known as LtCmdr_Richards
[18:00:45] <LtCmdr_Richards> So, topic for the day?
[18:00:49] <Liam_Frost> Let the chatting begin
[18:00:51] *** R_Mitchell is now known as Cmdr_R_Mitchell
[18:01:02] <Liam_Frost> There's a topic?
[18:01:08] <Skyfire> what's a topic?
[18:01:08] <LtCmdr_James> Hmm, topic. What's been up with you over the last month?
[18:01:21] *** Joins: Hannibal (
[18:01:24] <Skyfire> the last month? Wow. That's a bigg topic.
[18:01:27] *** Aidoann is now known as LtJG_Danara
[18:01:28] <LtCmdr_James> Iris!
[18:01:32] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Hi Hannibal
[18:01:43] <Hannibal> Hello all!!!!!!!
[18:01:44] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:01:51] <LtJG_Danara> hi
[18:01:54] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> hello
[18:02:19] <Hannibal> I thought I was sneakingin here early.....
[18:02:29] <LtCmdr_James> Nope, everything just started :p
[18:02:46] <LtCmdr_Richards> Richards is slowly having a merntal breakdown
[18:02:50] <Hannibal> Good...then I haven't missed anything...
[18:03:40] <Hannibal> No mental breakdowns...time on the phaser range will cure that.....
[18:03:48] *** [Offline]Shelther is now known as Shelther
[18:04:12] <Sal> In front of or behind a phaser?  >.>
[18:04:21] <LtCmdr_Richards> When one faces the no win scenario and loses, it takes more than a phaser range to sort things out
[18:04:24] *** Joins: Tarsii (
[18:04:28] <LtJG_Danara> hi Shel
[18:04:34] <LtCmdr_James> Hey Tarsii!
[18:04:49] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> hi Tarsil
[18:04:50] <Shelther> My first Officer told me I had to make an appearance
[18:04:57] <Sal> heya Tarsii
[18:04:58] <Tarsii> good afternoon people
[18:05:10] <Hannibal> Hello Tarsiii
[18:05:11] <LtCmdr_James> :P Hey Captain!
[18:05:14] <LtJG_Danara> and it begins :)
[18:05:16] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> I wish it worked when I said something like that lol
[18:05:16] <Shelther> LOL
[18:05:19] <Tarsii> hello James and Mitchell
[18:05:32] <Shelther> you never told me to
[18:06:00] <Hannibal> Everyone loses the no win scenario...knowing that, your goal is to stay alive as long as possible and take as many enemy with you as possible....
[18:06:27] <Liam_Frost> what if there is no enemy as such
[18:06:27] <LtJG_Danara> unless you cheat
[18:06:27] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> yup
[18:06:32] <Vie> I RETURN!
[18:06:34] <LtJG_Danara> or are Kirk
[18:06:38] <Hannibal> They want scorched earth,you light te matches.....
[18:06:50] <Hannibal> Hello Vie!!!!!!
[18:06:56] <Vie> IRIS!
[18:07:42] <Hannibal> @ Liam..there is always an enemy......
[18:07:45] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> I actually used Hannibal's concept during my kobyashi maru test
[18:07:51] <Liam_Frost> i disagree
[18:07:58] <Liam_Frost> I'm in thatright now
[18:08:02] <Liam_Frost> lol
[18:08:12] <Hannibal> How did you do Commander?
[18:08:52] <Hannibal> @ Liam...the enemy does not have to be physical.....
[18:09:31] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> oh i wasted multiple Jem'hedar fighters using an Akira and fighters before we died
[18:10:08] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> so got an Akira and a wing of fighters killed
[18:10:24] <Liam_Frost> so how do you take them with you?
[18:10:25] *** Joins: Silveira (
[18:10:29] <LtCmdr_James> Sil!
[18:10:32] <Sal> hey Sil
[18:10:32] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:10:39] <Liam_Frost> Sil!
[18:10:45] <Vie> Hey Silveira
[18:11:04] <Silveira> Good afternoon James, Sal,  Frost, Vie and everybody else
[18:11:16] <Hannibal> Commander you did quite well.....
[18:11:20] *** Joins: Dial_ (
[18:11:24] <Dial_> Hey hey
[18:11:25] <LtCmdr_James> Dial!
[18:11:38] <Hannibal> Afternoon Silveira, Dial...
[18:11:38] <Dial_> Hey James
[18:11:43] <LtJG_Danara> hi Dial
[18:11:43] <Silveira> Hannibal, welcome Diasl
[18:12:12] <LtCmdr_James> How are you Dial?
[18:12:17] <Dial_> good
[18:12:17] <Silveira> And Danara.
[18:14:01] *** Joins: Eerie (
[18:14:09] <Hannibal> Eerie!!!!!!!!!
[18:14:17] <LtCmdr_James> Eerie!
[18:14:18] <Silveira> Hi Eerie
[18:14:20] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:14:21] <Eerie> Hello all!!!!
[18:14:25] <Eerie> rough week
[18:14:27] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> ok I am back, I hope everyone is doing well today
[18:14:55] <Dial_> some days ago I got a mail by Tristan Wolf saying that SB118 currently has fewest players ever. But I couldn't find any page saying how many players we have. Can anyone help me?
[18:15:03] <Vie> (to the tune of Mr Sandman) Mr Stoneman, Welcome to the cha-ah-ah-ah-at.
[18:15:05] <Sal> Today is pretty good.  Yesterday was a bit of a wash *chuckle*
[18:15:29] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> you done with you convention
[18:15:31] *** Joins: EnsSabinaTiam (
[18:15:41] <LtCmdr_James> Hello Sabina!
[18:16:00] <EnsSabinaTiam> Hey James!
[18:16:05] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:16:07] <Eerie> hello Sabina
[18:16:29] <Sal> Dial: not sure...  I'd start with the Fleet Roster for an approximate count
[18:16:31] <Silveira> Good question Dial,why don't you try and count trough the crew rosters
[18:16:32] <LtJG_Danara> hi Sabina
[18:16:41] <Silveira> Hello Sabina
[18:16:42] <LtJG_Danara> yeah or ask Jaxx or someone
[18:16:54] *** LtJG_Danara is now known as Aidoann
[18:17:12] <Dial_> @Sal.. That only lists the characters
[18:17:18] <Dial_> some ppl got more than one
[18:17:26] *** Joins: FltCaptToni (
[18:17:27] <Dial_> I looked there already
[18:17:33] <Vie> Hello Toni.
[18:17:34] <LtCmdr_James> Toni!
[18:17:36] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:17:36] <Eerie> Captain Toni
[18:17:40] <Silveira> Hi Capt Toni
[18:17:41] <FltCaptToni> Hi all!
[18:17:48] *** LtCmdr_James sets mode: +o FltCaptToni
[18:17:51] <Sal> Some of those are secondaries.  But it's only a handful.
[18:17:52] <FltCaptToni> good sorry to be late
[18:18:05] <LtCmdr_James> No problem, how are you?
[18:18:27] <FltCaptToni> thanks for asking... I'm doing great! and YOu?
[18:18:37] <LtCmdr_James> Good, thanks!
[18:18:41] <Hannibal> Hello Captain!!!( bear hug)
[18:18:47] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Great to see you Captain Turner
[18:19:15] <FltCaptToni> thanks great to see so many here
[18:19:20] <FltCaptToni> :)
[18:19:41] <LtCmdr_James> Yea! It's really awesome seeing everyone!
[18:19:59] <FltCaptToni> ouch Hannibal you cut my breath off lol
[18:19:59] <Aidoann> :)
[18:20:01] *** Joins: AmbassadorVetri (
[18:20:02] <LtCmdr_Richards> it's fleet captain Turner . in the words of kermit - Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
[18:20:07] <LtCmdr_James> Alex!
[18:20:09] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[18:20:16] <Vie> Ambassador.
[18:20:16] *** LtCmdr_James sets mode: +o AmbassadorVetri
[18:20:21] <LtCmdr_Richards> and Alex, woot
[18:20:24] <Hannibal> Nice to have a full house, and I'm sure more will arrive...
[18:20:25] <AmbassadorVetri> Stressed, and not sure how long I'll be here :P
[18:20:28] <FltCaptToni> Alexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx~
[18:20:38] <Hannibal> Hannibal doesn't know his own strength.....
[18:20:51] <Vie> "Organs. Leaking."
[18:20:52] <FltCaptToni> So how is the Universe treating you all?
[18:21:05] <Hannibal> Good to see you Ambassador!!!!!!!!!!!!
[18:21:07] <AmbassadorVetri> A question I shall refrain from commenting on, I think
[18:21:18] <FltCaptToni> ol
[18:21:30] <AmbassadorVetri> Anyhoo... HI folks :)
[18:21:34] <LtCmdr_James> :D
[18:21:49] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> I just ordered TOS dvds all remastered and refalling in love with TOS
[18:21:51] <LtCmdr_James> Life on the embassy treating you well?
[18:21:56] <Sal> ohai
[18:22:10] <Hannibal> You will like them, Commander....
[18:22:10] <FltCaptToni> on the verge of gettting married and yu are refraining?
[18:22:36] <Shelther> ?
[18:22:36] <AmbassadorVetri> Given today's RL "fun", Toni, you bet I am
[18:23:03] <FltCaptToni> lol ouch Alex
[18:23:53] <AmbassadorVetri> Getting stuff sorted for the wedding would be a pleasant change... if I had more time.
[18:23:57] <Hannibal> Hannibal is gonna be in trouble....
[18:24:06] <AmbassadorVetri> Hannibal is *always* in trouble
[18:24:20] <Hannibal> WEddings are's the prelims which are difficult.....
[18:24:28] <AmbassadorVetri> Actually, scratch that - Hannibal always *is* trouble
[18:24:37] <FltCaptToni> lol
[18:24:42] <FltCaptToni> so true
[18:24:53] <Hannibal> He can't help himself....he is not domesticated......
[18:25:08] <AmbassadorVetri> Oh, I'm sure we could housebreak him.
[18:25:15] <AmbassadorVetri> Given a large enough stick
[18:25:23] <AmbassadorVetri> :P
[18:25:39] <Hannibal> You would need a stick the size of a moon for him to even notice.....
[18:25:42] <FltCaptToni> is there a stick that big?
[18:25:52] <Hannibal> LOL!
[18:25:54] <Silveira> And I am back, had to change my keyboard batery
[18:25:55] <LtCmdr_James> :D
[18:26:01] <LtCmdr_James> WB Sil!
[18:26:12] <AmbassadorVetri> *waves at SIl*
[18:26:19] <Hannibal> WElcome back, Sil.....
[18:26:31] <Aidoann> Welcome back
[18:26:31] <Silveira> ::Waves at Ambassador Vetri
[18:26:39] <Vie> I think we need a stick large enough to be used as a leaver for planetary movement...
[18:26:59] <LtCmdr_James> Give me a long enough stick and a place for it to rest...
[18:27:04] <AmbassadorVetri> I have an alternate plan. Toss Hannibal and Nugra into a locked cage, then sit back with popcorn.
[18:27:08] <LtCmdr_James> Or I will kill one hostage very hour.
[18:27:27] <Aidoann> uh oh
[18:27:31] <Hannibal> T'Lea woul love that....
[18:27:40] <Eerie> hello Vetri
[18:27:41] <FltCaptToni> ouch James them's fighting words
[18:27:45] <LtCmdr_James> :D
[18:27:45] <Silveira> Then I bet on the ugly one
[18:27:48] <AmbassadorVetri> I actually recall someoen trying a tactic like that on Della and Toni. It neded... messily.
[18:27:59] <AmbassadorVetri> Hi, Eeria :)
[18:28:00] <Vie> Not sure which one I'd bet on...
[18:28:03] <AmbassadorVetri> *Eerie
[18:28:08] <Vie> Dose Iris have his Plasma Cannon?
[18:28:14] <Silveira> I always bet on the ugly one
[18:28:17] <FltCaptToni> Eerie!
[18:28:25] <Eerie> yes...?
[18:28:30] <FltCaptToni> hi
[18:28:33] <Silveira> Although the hard part here is to realize who is the ugly one
[18:28:33] <FltCaptToni> lol
[18:28:33] <FltCaptToni> '
[18:28:35] *** Joins: EnsignArjin (EnsignArji@94.6.ump.ljx)
[18:28:35] <Hannibal> I thought Hannibal had the only Plasma Cannon....
[18:28:41] <LtCmdr_James> Hello Arjin!
[18:28:41] <AmbassadorVetri>*which*...ugly... one...
[18:28:42] <Eerie> :)
[18:28:47] <EnsignArjin> hello all :)
[18:28:49] <Liam_Frost> and we're back
[18:28:50] <FltCaptToni> Hi Skyfire
[18:28:51] <Hannibal> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..............
[18:28:56] <Liam_Frost> hey everyone
[18:29:00] <Vie> Ambassador - don't worry, your not the only one.
[18:29:01] <AmbassadorVetri> hi :)
[18:29:15] <Silveira> Hi Frost
[18:29:21] <Silveira> And Arjin
[18:29:26] <AmbassadorVetri> That's not necessarily a good thing, Vie :)
[18:29:31] <FltCaptToni> Hi Arjin
[18:29:37] <EnsSabinaTiam> Hi Frost, Hi Arjin!
[18:29:43] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Hello Captain Frost
[18:29:56] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Join us today at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern (US) / 6pm GMT (UK) / 3am Monday UTC+11 (AUS)! (Always check your time zone for accuracy/DST if applicable!)
[18:29:56] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> To participate, simply head to our online chat room, at: — if you have problems connecting, use the instructions listed below the chat box.
[18:29:57] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> We’re also now hosting voice chat! Instructions are available here.
[18:29:57] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Our fleetwide chats are a space for all the members of the StarBase 118 group to get together and talk in real time about everything that’s happening within the group. Come by and see what goings-on are happening off your ship. Chats are always held on the second Sunday of every month, but you can head into the chat room at any time to see who el
[18:29:57] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> se is there.
[18:29:57] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> hope all is well
[18:30:03] <Hannibal> Hello Arjin, Frost...
[18:30:05] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> sorry
[18:30:12] <AmbassadorVetri> I did wonder...
[18:30:13] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> opps
[18:30:18] <Silveira> :D
[18:30:31] <Silveira> That was a long notice
[18:30:47] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[18:30:49] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> I am not sure how i did that
[18:30:56] <Hannibal> ...thinking of what to do on Trill before the wedding.......
[18:31:09] <AmbassadorVetri> But those of us here that noticed that notice would have realised that notice wasn't worth noticing. We're already here. after all.
[18:31:13] <Dial_> cool, so many of my (new) ship mates around :)
[18:31:25] <Vie> Oh that reminds me
[18:31:29] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Hey West, if Raj shows up, then all of the Atlantis' usual attendees will be here
[18:31:33] <Vie> I need to have a word with T'Lea before the wedding.
[18:31:33] <EnsSabinaTiam> Indeed, Dial!
[18:31:42] <Hannibal> New shipmates are always good......
[18:31:43] <AmbassadorVetri> Hannibal, do I need to arrange for you to be arrested the moment you land on the planet? Just to save time, you understand.
[18:31:50] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Raj is out of town
[18:32:02] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> right
[18:32:03] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> with a work conf for the nest week
[18:32:04] *** Quits: EnsignArjin (EnsignArji@94.6.ump.ljx) (Client Quit)
[18:32:12] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> so its just you and me then
[18:32:31] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> yeah I was hoping we might get one or two more
[18:32:33] <Hannibal> Now that would not be very nice, Ambassador.....
[18:32:35] <Dial_> and Arjin is gone :/
[18:32:41] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> I messaged Dickens but no answer  yet
[18:32:51] <Shelther> There is a lot of activity...
[18:32:59] <Sal> You got your doctor!  Someday I'll be able to switch primaries.
[18:33:01] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> he has family and guest in town lol
[18:33:07] <Aidoann> yep there is
[18:33:27] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> lol you should change your name to Sal/Forster lol
[18:33:48] <FltCaptToni> Sure is Shelther
[18:33:59] <AmbassadorVetri> It may not be nice, Hannibal, but it might be sensible. After all, if you disrupt proceedings, T'Lea may... want words.
[18:33:59] <Silveira> I like Wyn myself
[18:34:00] <Sal> Last time I tri9ed that the program told me 'no'  :(
[18:34:11] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> I forget that sal ='s foster lol
[18:34:20] <LtCmdr_James> :p
[18:34:23] <Dial_> lol.. latest JP starts with the following note "(( OOC - Disclaimer: This is a long post. ))"
[18:34:32] <Silveira> Computer said "No"
[18:34:34] <Shelther> I know
[18:34:41] <AmbassadorVetri> lol - seen a lot that could have used that disclaimer, Dial :)
[18:34:45] <FltCaptToni> lol
[18:34:46] <Sal> I think it's because the slash is a chat command
[18:34:52] <Hannibal> Oh Hannibal would never disrupt the wedding.....Kamela would do bad things to him....
[18:34:58] *** Sal is now known as Sal_Wyn
[18:35:01] <LtCmdr_James> Yea, anything / is a command
[18:35:05] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> use a underscore
[18:35:15] <Shelther> I could have started with (( OOC - Disclaimer, this post is to the moon and back... in length ))
[18:35:25] <Dial_> haha :D
[18:35:29] <Sal_Wyn> Define 'long post'  >.>
[18:35:34] <Vie> I'm kinda hoping I can talk T'Lea into deciding to hack S'Kahhs access to the Thunder's computer library - and switch the Trill and Betazoid wedding pages in the library computer for him.
[18:35:42] <AmbassadorVetri> My longest JP clocked in at @14,000 words
[18:35:52] <Sal_Wyn> I started on a game where 16 pages was a moderate post
[18:35:59] <Vie> He'll turn up in a robe, looking oddly at everybody else.  "What, your going to take those off when the wedding starts? I thought we used robes?"
[18:35:59] <AmbassadorVetri> Vie, that would be just plain evil. I likes it.
[18:36:01] <Shelther> 10 pages... I usually split by 6-7 but I didn't want to this time.
[18:36:03] <Dial_> wow, that'd kill me
[18:36:04] <Aidoann> Shel that would be a great disclaimer
[18:36:08] <Silveira> I never counted my word or pages
[18:36:15] <Dial_> I'm glad we have quite short sims usually
[18:36:16] <Hannibal> A 14,000 word post? Wow......
[18:36:24] <Shelther> hmmm
[18:36:35] <AmbassadorVetri> It was me, T'Lea and Adarnis (plus NPCs)
[18:36:42] <Dial_> cause I'm very bad at skim-reading
[18:36:50] <AmbassadorVetri> Just before I got the Aurora
[18:36:51] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> 16 pages I start skimming it :-(
[18:36:52] <Sal_Wyn> 14,000 is a lot.  That's 40+ pages
[18:37:02] <Dial_> I read sims en detail
[18:37:18] <AmbassadorVetri> No, not Adarnis! It was Tash.
[18:37:23] <FltCaptToni> :: chokes:: I'd be reading all day
[18:37:35] <Hannibal> I think the longest one I have ever written was abut 4,000 words....and that was awhile ago...
[18:37:48] <EnsSabinaTiam> I'd have to send like, an abridged version along with that lol
[18:37:54] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> lol
[18:37:57] <Shelther> One of the JPs with Jaxx I wrote had to be split four times because it crossed over 24,500 words....
[18:38:08] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> dang
[18:38:11] <AmbassadorVetri> I tried that once. Pasted a massive JP into Word and told it to summarise.
[18:38:12] <LtCmdr_James> ... I liked Darwin sims... 10 or 12 parts.
[18:38:14] <AmbassadorVetri> It died.
[18:38:18] <LtCmdr_James> For massive JPs
[18:38:46] <Shelther> We called it 'Two steps forward, One Step back.'
[18:38:55] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> my longest I think its a 4 parter
[18:39:03] <Sal_Wyn> The writing challenges cut off at 3000 words.  Though some people get words and characters mixed up.
[18:39:07] <Dial_> Sun, darling, I'll have to write a JP with you sooner or later.. wanna do a long JP once, too ;)
[18:39:19] <Shelther> LOL
[18:39:23] <LtCmdr_James> Long JPs are fun :)
[18:39:25] <AmbassadorVetri> That reminds me, Sal, I need to poke my challenge enry idea.
[18:39:28] <Shelther> I am going to be known for long JPs....
[18:39:29] <LtCmdr_James> JPs are fun :)
[18:39:31] <Dial_> especially for the writers
[18:39:34] *** Joins: Astrolux (
[18:39:43] <Sal_Wyn> yes, you do
[18:39:46] <Shelther> people will be like, Sun/Shel, I wanna do a marathon, write one with me?
[18:39:49] <FltCaptToni> Hi Astrolux
[18:39:54] <Hannibal> Our new Ensign has arrived!!!!!!!!!
[18:40:01] <Dial_> LOL
[18:40:01] <FltCaptToni> glad you could come
[18:40:03] <AmbassadorVetri> *waves at Astrolux*
[18:40:05] <Sal_Wyn> I need to decided whether I want to wrte for this challenge or just read and judge.  :|
[18:40:10] <Astrolux> Hey everyone!
[18:40:14] <Eerie> hello
[18:40:16] <Silveira> Hello Astroux
[18:40:16] <Sal_Wyn> ohai thar!
[18:40:22] <Dial_> Astrolux.. interesting name.. what species?
[18:40:22] <EnsSabinaTiam> Haha, @Shelther, any time you want a JP partner, just let me know! I love a good marathon
[18:40:25] <Dial_> and Hey
[18:40:27] <AmbassadorVetri> Eerie, check your PM thingy
[18:40:42] <Eerie> PM thingy?
[18:40:47] <Hannibal> I'm gonna write something for this challenge, but I'm torn....
[18:40:49] <Astrolux> Well, my character is Nigel Barrett (human). Astrolux is an alias I use quite often
[18:41:14] <FltCaptToni> Nigel I loved your first sim
[18:41:19] <Astrolux> A punk band, Strung out, uses an atom for their logo, and they call it the astrolux
[18:41:28] <FltCaptToni> you did great!
[18:41:30] <Dial_> €SabinaTiam.. maybe at some point of the mission, dial and Sabina can do a JP
[18:41:39] <Shelther> @Sabina - I'm in sickbay with Sun, so if you ever get injured... also Sun is kinda an adventure junkie... she went jousting just to see what it was like...
[18:41:40] <Dial_> *@SabinaTiam
[18:41:52] <Hannibal> Very good sim indeed....
[18:42:01] <Silveira> Jousting?
[18:42:15] <EnsSabinaTiam> Oh I think we can definitely come up with something then. Sabina needs little adventure!
[18:42:26] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Jousting sounds fun
[18:42:33] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> I might have to pull some really old sims out for inspiration on this writing challenge
[18:42:39] <Shelther> @Silveira - yeah, she was reading about king arthur and the knights of the round table, and tournaments
[18:42:50] <Dial_> Jousting seems an interesting hobby
[18:42:53] <Shelther> and thought it would be interesting
[18:43:02] <Dial_> lol
[18:43:03] <Silveira> ::shakes head:: How did it turn out?
[18:43:10] <Shelther> she didn't know there was supposed to be padding under the armor...
[18:43:18] <AmbassadorVetri> ...owie?
[18:43:19] <Shelther> got pretty bruised up
[18:43:21] <Silveira> Ouch...
[18:43:23] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> sounds painful
[18:43:26] <Hannibal> Not good.......
[18:43:27] <Dial_> wait until she reads about Khaless the Unforgettable
[18:43:34] <Shelther> but someone played doctor, and it was all good...
[18:43:40] <Sal_Wyn> Sounds like a medical officer's nightmare...
[18:43:54] <Shelther> she is a medical officer...
[18:43:59] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Wyn is great with the nightmars
[18:44:10] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> nightmares
[18:44:16] <Sal_Wyn> Wyn loves nightmares, otherwise he gets bored...  >.>
[18:44:17] <Hannibal> Our Medical Officer has some nerve.....
[18:44:27] <Sal_Wyn> And doctors make the ~worst~ patients
[18:44:32] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> speaking of that Wyn, Ian's arm needs a little TLC
[18:44:38] <Hannibal> Asking everyone for a physical.....grrrrrrr.......
[18:44:40] <Silveira> TLC?
[18:44:46] <LtCmdr_James> I think Borg make worse patients than Docotrs...
[18:44:49] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> Tender loving care
[18:44:55] <Sal_Wyn> Tender Loving Care
[18:44:56] <AmbassadorVetri> Counselors are evenworse. They know all the tricks, as well as how to dodge them
[18:45:13] <Sal_Wyn> I noticed!  We need to get inside.  I'm hoping Ren will rescue us >.>
[18:45:14] <Silveira> :D thanks got emlightening me
[18:45:14] <Hannibal> Why would anyone doctor a Borg?
[18:45:15] <Vie> Tongs Lashes and Cast... ..oh, nevermind.
[18:45:32] <Skyfire> oh, hi there! Wow, this channel got busy while I wasn't looking.
[18:45:37] <AmbassadorVetri> Don;t make me get the sprak bottle, Vie
[18:45:38] <Sal_Wyn> Sal needs, TLC, too, Sil.  The boozey kind.  *sagenod*
[18:45:38] <LtCmdr_James> @Hannibal: Boredom?
[18:45:44] <Liam_Frost> lol
[18:45:45] <Vie> Muhaha
[18:45:48] <Liam_Frost> it happens
[18:46:02] <Liam_Frost> things get busy here sometimes
[18:46:04] <Skyfire> Sal: Your letter to Moonsong helped set the ground work for a few JPs.
[18:46:18] <Sal_Wyn> Skyfire: Cool!  Good to hear
[18:46:19] <Hannibal> LEft up to Hannibal the only doctor a Borg would need is a forensic scientist.....
[18:46:29] <Silveira> Sal and Sil will get so loaded... :D
[18:46:36] <Sal_Wyn> I'm debating whether to write back to Skyfire while drunk or when sober...
[18:46:41] <Sal_Wyn> sweet
[18:46:49] <Sal_Wyn> Those two drunk sounds hilarious
[18:46:50] <Skyfire> Sal: I'll cc or forward the JPs once we get them posted.
[18:46:51] <Silveira> Drunk
[18:47:04] <Liam_Frost> drunk
[18:47:10] <AmbassadorVetri> That reminds me, Hannibal - nobody's accuse Gina of being Borg for a while. I kinda miss the smackdowns that result :P
[18:47:12] <Silveira> I alredy decided to have Sil visiting Fai afterwards
[18:47:25] *** Quits: Tarsii ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[18:47:26] <Skyfire> Sil, my old friend! :: hugs ::
[18:47:28] <Liam_Frost> Fun fact: Liam showed up to his first promotion catastrophically hungover
[18:47:31] <Hannibal> LOL!
[18:47:31] <Sal_Wyn> I sense... drama...
[18:47:35] <Astrolux> haha
[18:47:42] <Silveira> Doc Skyfire, good to see you
[18:47:45] <FltCaptToni> always drama
[18:47:47] <EnsSabinaTiam> xD
[18:47:53] <Shelther> drama is always fun
[18:47:56] <AmbassadorVetri> Fun Fact: Captian Rogers demolished a sushi resteraunt with nothing but a slice of squid.
[18:48:00] <Silveira> No drama, pure comedy
[18:48:10] <Hannibal> Hannibal would not do that to her...but you did implant a very bad idea.....
[18:48:20] <FltCaptToni> that's for sure them more drama the better
[18:48:44] <LtCmdr_James> Yep, Fun Fact: Rogers was the leading cause of Death on the Drake
[18:49:05] <Silveira> I think Vitor might go and see Fai and maybe barf on her and/or her quarters
[18:49:16] <Hannibal> LOL!
[18:49:19] <AmbassadorVetri> I still have fond memories of what 'Dora did to clone-Fi on that yacht :)
[18:49:29] <Sal_Wyn> *snerk*  Sil pulls a Scott...
[18:49:30] <Liam_Frost> The leading cause of shuttle crashes in the 118 fleet is Liam Frost
[18:49:36] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[18:49:37] <Silveira> Blame it on the beer
[18:49:42] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol how many has he crashed>
[18:50:03] <Silveira> and socializing
[18:50:05] <Liam_Frost> 4 in actual sims
[18:50:12] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol
[18:50:14] <Liam_Frost> and at least one implied in his hostory
[18:50:15] <Silveira> 4?
[18:50:18] <Liam_Frost> to be fair
[18:50:37] <Liam_Frost> serveral of them involved crashing as an alternative to exploding
[18:50:37] <Hannibal> He crashes a lot of ships.....
[18:50:49] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> i think I've had 2 fighters shot out from under me, crashed another, crashed a Romulan scout twice, and 2 shuttles
[18:51:02] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> so I might be as bad as frost
[18:51:12] <Hannibal> Having to pick between the two, I would pick crashing....
[18:51:13] <Liam_Frost> sorry, three shuttles and one starship crashed into a prioceless piece of human history
[18:51:27] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> oh so you rammed Apollo 11 that time?
[18:51:27] <AmbassadorVetri> Della nearly crashed a Luna-class into Breen.
[18:51:31] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[18:51:33] <FltCaptToni> Frost are you Bad? Say it ain't so
[18:51:41] <Liam_Frost> lol
[18:51:45] <AmbassadorVetri> We sent a shuttle instead, though :)
[18:51:46] <Skyfire> I haven't crashed one!
[18:51:48] <Liam_Frost> i'm actually pretty good
[18:51:57] <Liam_Frost> a lesser pilot would have just exploded
[18:52:01] <Hannibal> Hannibal almost rammed a mercenary ship once witht he Thunder....
[18:52:07] <Liam_Frost> and Apollo 11 was the Q's fault
[18:52:08] <Sal_Wyn> That's 'cause they don't put doctors behind the wheel...
[18:52:36] <AmbassadorVetri> The there was the Avandar's maiden flight, witha  brand new helmsman... and he crashed it into a planet, killing half the crew and leaving the rest to die off oevr the next ten years.
[18:52:36] <Skyfire> Sal: Oh come off it, I've flown shuttles before...
[18:52:46] <AmbassadorVetri> Sa'cul never did live that oen down :P
[18:52:57] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> that was a fun mission back on the the Victory
[18:53:06] <Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West> I enjoyed it a lot
[18:53:12] <Sal_Wyn> Well, if CD's good at it, then the shuttles wouldn;t crash!
[18:53:18] <Silveira> I never got a chance to crash
[18:53:28] <AmbassadorVetri> Do alternate realities count in this tally?
[18:53:30] <Sal_Wyn> I also hope to never, ever play a mission that involves Q  *shudders*
[18:53:42] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> we once had a helmsman ram a sovereign into a space station and another ship on different missions
[18:53:56] <Aidoann> ouch
[18:53:59] <Hannibal> Now...that takes skill......
[18:54:03] <FltCaptToni> I don't have to crash anything, my crew is all to happy to do it before I can
[18:54:04] <Silveira> And am
[18:54:19] <Silveira> Aim sorry
[18:54:21] <Sal_Wyn> No, you finally got a chance to shoot
[18:54:29] <AmbassadorVetri> saving you the effort, Toni
[18:54:30] <Silveira> YES
[18:54:34] *** Joins: Moonsong (
[18:54:38] <Silveira> And killed an Iconian
[18:54:45] <FltCaptToni> true LOL
[18:54:51] <LtCmdr_James> Hello Moonsong!
[18:54:51] <Sal_Wyn> We need to ID that thing -.-
[18:54:59] <Moonsong> Killed an Icon? Like John Lennon?
[18:55:03] <Hannibal> ...and I thought the Thunder crew had a high body count.......
[18:55:04] <Sal_Wyn> Or wrangle it out of our Romulan friends
[18:55:11] <Silveira> We only know OOC it was Iconian
[18:55:16] <Sal_Wyn> Hello Moonsong!
[18:55:21] <Silveira> I call it "The Alien"
[18:55:21] <Astrolux> Hey Moonsong
[18:55:25] <Hannibal> Afternoon Moonsong!
[18:55:28] <Silveira> Hi Moonsong
[18:55:31] <Moonsong> Hello everyone. :)
[18:55:46] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> i think we did more damage to our own ship on the Discovery than multiple other ships in the fleet combined
[18:55:47] <Silveira> I shot the Alien, but didn't shoot the Romulans
[18:55:57] <Sal_Wyn> Kit calls it: "AUUUUUGH!" and everyone else calls it 'a tragedy'
[18:56:01] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> we were always having to fix things or put the ship into drydock
[18:56:07] <Sal_Wyn> But you swear it was in self defense, Sil?
[18:56:20] <Moonsong> ::puts out virtual cookies::
[18:56:21] <Silveira> ;) yeup
[18:56:23] <AmbassadorVetri> Have you got insurance, Mitchell?
[18:56:33] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol. not anymore
[18:56:38] <Hannibal> ...Hannibal shoots Aliens, Romulans.....woever shows up....
[18:56:40] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Tyr put it on his credit card
[18:56:41] <AmbassadorVetri> Understandable :P
[18:56:45] <Skyfire> Mmmm...romulans.
[18:57:02] <FltCaptToni> Ahhh Hannibal called me a gangster
[18:57:10] <Sal_Wyn> We love Romulan missions
[18:57:15] <Sal_Wyn> Don't we, James?
[18:57:20] <LtCmdr_James> We do :p-
[18:57:22] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Raj has been much, much more careful with the Atlantis. We haven't hit anything...yet
[18:57:24] <AmbassadorVetri> Toni, you comitted Grand Theft Battlecruiser!
[18:57:24] <Silveira> I am not so fond of them
[18:57:27] <Moonsong> ::wondering if putting out romulan and klingon shaped cookies was a bad idea::
[18:57:47] <Aidoann> lol uh oh is all I can say to that
[18:57:51] <Hannibal> Well.....CAptain Turner is no longer a gangster..she is a pirate now.....
[18:57:57] <Skyfire> Raissa! Glad you could make it, darlin.
[18:57:57] <AmbassadorVetri> true
[18:58:02] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> grand theft battlecruiser? Nice!
[18:58:09] <FltCaptToni> lol with the Jolly
[18:58:12] <Moonsong> ::waves to CD::
[18:58:12] <Astrolux> Moonsong, cookies are good, no matter what the shape
[18:58:20] <Silveira> Pirates of Duranis... Not much of a title there...
[18:58:22] <Sal_Wyn> The Atlantis keeps all it's violence and explosions contained *inside* the ship
[18:58:34] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol yeah
[18:58:36] <Skyfire> Mmmm...Cookie! You know, I think Gabi & Vaala would get along nicely together.
[18:58:36] <FltCaptToni> rRoger to prove it
[18:58:42] <Aidoann> and umm doesn't blow up the ship in the process?
[18:58:57] <AmbassadorVetri> There was (semi)serious discussion about creating the Jolly Roger service ribbon after that mission...
[18:59:03] <Moonsong> Neither of my girls back. However they will eat.
[18:59:15] <FltCaptToni> lol
[18:59:23] <Moonsong> bake even. gads.
[18:59:40] <Skyfire> Raissa: It's ok, I know spelling is a bit weird sometimes.
[18:59:56] <Moonsong> Jolly Roger Service Ribbon - for whenever stealing a ship is part of a mission.
[19:00:08] <Sal_Wyn> I like that idea!
[19:00:09] <Hannibal> Pirates of the Federation....hey...I like that......
[19:00:18] <AmbassadorVetri> Basically, Moonsong, yeah.
[19:00:27] <Moonsong> ::volunteers for Pirate mission::
[19:00:30] <Silveira> I stole a shuttle once... We all know how it ended...
[19:00:31] <Skyfire> Pirates of the Federation = Vitor Silveira.
[19:00:38] <Aidoann> :)
[19:00:41] <Skyfire> :: hides ::
[19:00:46] <AmbassadorVetri> The look on the captain's face, though... Priceless.
[19:00:51] <Silveira> Yeah, my repution precedes me
[19:00:57] <Moonsong> I love pirate.... movies.
[19:00:59] <Skyfire> Sil: I was there, dude.
[19:01:06] <Sal_Wyn> Vitor Silveira Sparrow?
[19:01:10] <Dial_> I gotta leave you now.. hope to see you all next time
[19:01:16] <Sal_Wyn> peace Dial!
[19:01:16] <Moonsong> Bye Dial
[19:01:18] <Aidoann> bye
[19:01:18] <Hannibal> Take care, dial!
[19:01:20] <AmbassadorVetri> That only means it didn;t have to travel far, Skyfire
[19:01:24] <Silveira> I think Vitor Sparrow Silveira is better
[19:01:24] <LtCmdr_James> Bye Dial!
[19:01:24] <EnsSabinaTiam> Bye, Dial! Sim with you soon!
[19:01:27] <AmbassadorVetri> bye Dial
[19:01:31] <Silveira> Bye Dial
[19:01:57] <Sal_Wyn> So the question is: Who is your crew?
[19:02:25] <Silveira> Easy, Iris... I mean Hannibal
[19:02:37] <Silveira> And Frost
[19:02:42] <Moonsong> ::signing up for Pirate Ship "Name to be Determined'::
[19:02:49] <Sal_Wyn> wtf is with the Iris thing?
[19:03:09] <Silveira> When Hannibal was on a chat once he couldn't log in
[19:03:22] <Silveira> It only let him name himself as Iris
[19:03:23] <AmbassadorVetri> The USS Plausible Deniabilty?
[19:03:30] <Shelther> LOL
[19:03:41] <Hannibal> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...I remember that day......
[19:03:45] <FltCaptToni> lol I hear that term alot
[19:03:48] <Skyfire> We're doomed.
[19:03:49] <Shelther> I think someone had to be messing with you
[19:03:49] <Silveira> Ence I still tease hima about that
[19:03:58] <Moonsong> ::hopping up and down brandishing a jar of leeches:: I wanna join! I can be the doctor!
[19:03:58] <Vie> Hannibal came into the chat room once, and it gave him a random name.  Which happened to be Iris.
[19:03:59] <Hannibal> @ Vetri...I like that name.......
[19:04:00] <Liam_Frost> The USS It's a Secret
[19:04:10] <Vie> USS YOU SAW NOTHING!
[19:04:14] <Hannibal> The USS redacted......
[19:04:19] <Moonsong> USS WTF
[19:04:21] <Silveira> USS ESSES
[19:04:25] <Liam_Frost> USS Nothing toSee Here
[19:04:34] <AmbassadorVetri> Best ship names I've ever seen are in the Culture novels
[19:04:41] <Hannibal> USS Ghost
[19:04:42] <Skyfire> USS Black Pearl
[19:04:47] <LtCmdr_James> USS ■■■■■■■■■■■■
[19:04:55] <Vie> USS DAMN JAMES.
[19:04:56] <FltCaptToni> USS Keep Your mouth shut'
[19:04:58] <Vie> I was about to do that.
[19:05:12] <Hannibal> USS No snitching
[19:05:16] <Vie> USS ███████████
[19:05:18] <FltCaptToni> lol
[19:05:23] <Liam_Frost> USS There Is No Ship
[19:05:24] <Silveira> Then you get to be the Surgeon Moonsong
[19:05:27] <Moonsong> USS Private Party
[19:05:28] <AmbassadorVetri> okay, I gotta disappear for a bit. cya all later!
[19:05:31] <Skyfire> USS Censored.
[19:05:32] <Moonsong> Yippee!!!!
[19:05:33] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Lol, except the USS Ranger, that is based off a real ship, I tend to pull ship names from Memory Beta or David Weber novels
[19:05:33] <LtCmdr_James> Bye Alex!
[19:05:36] <Sal_Wyn> bai
[19:05:41] *** Quits: AmbassadorVetri ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:05:43] <Skyfire> USS Classified?
[19:05:44] <FltCaptToni> take care Alex
[19:05:51] <Hannibal> Take care Vetri!!!!
[19:05:54] <Silveira> Bye Vetri
[19:05:56] <Hannibal> Already gone....
[19:06:11] <Silveira> Missed as well
[19:06:28] <Moonsong> USS Carebear
[19:06:33] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[19:06:44] <Moonsong> They won't think we're a threat until too late!
[19:07:04] <Shelther> lol
[19:07:14] <Silveira> USS Cuteness
[19:07:26] <Moonsong> SS Adorable
[19:07:28] <Shelther> @moonsong, I have a char that is nicknmaed Karebear
[19:07:28] <Silveira> I mean Cut Nose
[19:07:29] *** Quits: Dial_ ( (Ping timeout: 372 seconds)
[19:07:34] <Aidoann> lol oh dear
[19:07:35] <Moonsong> Lol
[19:07:41] <Skyfire> we're doomed.
[19:07:57] <Moonsong> SS WeeThang
[19:08:07] <FltCaptToni> we finally named our lounge on the ship.... Thunder Dome
[19:08:16] <LtCmdr_James> Woo!
[19:08:22] <Vie> To S'Kahh's confusion.
[19:08:22] <Moonsong> Run by Tina Turner?
[19:08:28] <Hannibal>!!!!!!!!
[19:08:46] <Silveira> We  have the Galatic Halo
[19:08:53] <FltCaptToni> lol  Moonsong
[19:08:54] <Moonsong> No comment
[19:09:23] <Hannibal> Bucket Of Blood was under consideration......
[19:10:19] <Moonsong> Hummmm.... bucket of blood = blood from dozens of species = multicolored blood = Rainbow Stains!
[19:10:23] <Silveira> I assume you guys "don't need another hero" in the Thunder?
[19:10:25] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[19:10:37] <Moonsong> Lol Silveira!
[19:10:53] <Skyfire> Sil: You've got your hands full being on the Columbia, my friend. Why do you think they need another hero in an embassy?
[19:11:00] <FltCaptToni> lol with Hannibal around we always need help
[19:11:10] <Silveira> Rainbow stains are as cute as tribles excrement
[19:11:19] <Silveira> I am no Hero Doc ;)
[19:11:33] <Moonsong> Tribbles poop rainbows? I thought it was sparkles.
[19:11:33] <LtCmdr_James> Yea, he abandoned the crew to flirt.
[19:11:39] <Silveira> I am a mere mortal
[19:11:49] <Hannibal> I am as innocent as a newbrn lamb........
[19:11:55] <Silveira> That wasn't exactly how it happened James
[19:12:10] <Silveira> Sil left confinement to flirt
[19:12:11] <Sal_Wyn> IIRC He was already relieved of duty before the flirting began
[19:12:19] <LtCmdr_James> Fair point
[19:12:19] <FltCaptToni> Innocent? Now that IS scary
[19:12:37] <Hannibal> Why does no one ever believe that?
[19:12:39] <Moonsong> ::making notes for the Federation News Network gossip column:: Sil is a flirt? Interesting.
[19:12:42] <Silveira> Last time Sil was innocent he was demoted
[19:12:53] <Sal_Wyn> that trial made a laughingstock of justice.
[19:13:10] <Skyfire> Because Sil was innocent of 4 things and guilty of 1.
[19:13:17] <Skyfire> That's why nobody believes it.
[19:13:29] *** Joins: Doc_ (
[19:13:29] <Silveira> Sil is already taken, I know it is a shook Moonsong
[19:13:30] <LtCmdr_James> Yea, I would have thought 1:4
[19:13:35] <Sal_Wyn> Oh, Sil IS a flirt, though
[19:13:44] <Hannibal> Hannibal is guilty of being innocent....
[19:13:44] <Moonsong> Noted.
[19:13:47] <LtCmdr_James> Hey Doc!
[19:13:52] <Silveira> Hi Doc
[19:14:04] <FltCaptToni> lol Hannibal
[19:14:04] <Skyfire> Wha? Oh, hi.
[19:14:07] *** Quits: EnsSabinaTiam ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:14:12] <Moonsong> Hi Doc
[19:14:40] <Silveira> Now that is a bit exagerated Sal
[19:14:59] <Sal_Wyn> oh?
[19:15:08] <Silveira> Isn't it ;)
[19:15:15] <Doc_> Hey everyone,  good afternoon, I hope you are enjoying the day.
[19:15:21] <FltCaptToni> Toni doesn't flirt
[19:15:36] <Silveira> Much like his diplomatic skills wich are very diplomatic :D
[19:15:47] <Moonsong> ::offers virtual cookies shaped like romulans and klingons:: Just bite off the heads..
[19:15:52] <Silveira> We are, and you Doc?
[19:16:33] <Hannibal> ...tosses Romulan cookie in the air, blows its head off with a phaser....
[19:16:34] <Doc_> Hi Toni. It is always a pleasure to talk to you.
[19:16:45] <Moonsong> snicker
[19:16:46] <FltCaptToni> hi Doc
[19:16:50] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> nice shot hannibal
[19:16:52] <Silveira> Now that is a waste of cookie Iris
[19:17:08] <Moonsong> I worked hard on those cookies....
[19:17:36] <Silveira> ::stealing one of each.:: They look... Nice
[19:17:41] <Astrolux> ::Eats cookie, dips it in coffee::
[19:17:42] <Moonsong> ::as I watch the fleet chat, in the background I'm listening to Space Balls::
[19:17:46] <Hannibal> throws two Romulan cookies up in the air and shoots them while guzzling Klingon bloodwine....
[19:17:54] <FltCaptToni> ::scratches head trying to figure out which Doc I talk to?::
[19:18:14] <Doc_> Hello, Capt. Frost, Thank you for allowing me to have served under you command.  I smoothly sorry, I had to go through with the transfer.
[19:18:23] <Hannibal> How many Docs we have in her today?
[19:18:30] <Moonsong> Not me. Toni. I'm a shrink and I'm crazy.
[19:18:46] <Silveira> Wyn, Skyfire and Doc by my count
[19:18:56] <Doc_> Doc, Jerry Reid, long time no see.
[19:19:04] <FltCaptToni> Toni is a doc too
[19:19:09] <LtCmdr_James> It's Doc Reid I think :p
[19:19:13] <Moonsong> Technically I'm a doctor. A Mental one. So there! :P
[19:19:18] <FltCaptToni> Jerry nice to see you
[19:19:19] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol
[19:19:28] <Hannibal> That's whatI was thinking...technically we have five...
[19:19:34] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> this place is starting to feel lil one giant sick bay
[19:19:42] <Silveira> Too many Docs
[19:19:47] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> hannibal, will you destroy something please?
[19:19:47] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[19:19:52] <LtCmdr_James> No!
[19:19:53] <Silveira> :D
[19:19:54] <Skyfire> Moonsong: you're also helping both my toons get over their crazy...
[19:19:54] <Shelther> sorry Silveira
[19:19:57] <FltCaptToni> not enough for this crowd
[19:20:04] <Shelther> Shelther isn't a doctor, just his ssiter.
[19:20:08] <Shelther> sister even
[19:20:08] <Doc_> Toni was my mentor, and an excellent one at that.  She taught me a lot about doctoring
[19:20:09] <LtCmdr_Richards> Thankfully Richards isn't a profewssor, though he does hold two degrees
[19:20:11] <Moonsong> ::looks up at the sign:: Federation Rest Home for the Terminally Insane.
[19:20:12] <LtCmdr_James> I may be a FO now, but I have an Engineer's heart.
[19:20:13] <Vie> S'Kahh is VERY much not a doctor.
[19:20:19] <LtCmdr_James> I keep it in a jar...
[19:20:28] <Hannibal> ...picks up plasma cannon, targets an unoffending bulkhead, pulls the trigger.....
[19:20:34] <FltCaptToni> thanks Jerry
[19:20:37] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> better check the fluid in that jar James
[19:20:48] <Sal_Wyn> Wyn's a doctor.  Sal's just grumpy.
[19:20:54] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> ah! the smell of burned plasma. Much better. Thank you hannibal
[19:20:59] * Vie arrests Hannibal, and his gun, putting them in separate cells.
[19:21:02] <Silveira> Sal's won't be grumpy very long
[19:21:13] <Moonsong> ::cradles my jar of leeches and sings softly to them:: Soft leeches... warm leeches... little balls of slime....
[19:21:16] <Sal_Wyn> true!  the magic of beer!
[19:21:22] <Sal_Wyn> maybe Sal will hit on someone
[19:21:39] *** Quits: Eerie ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:21:44] <Silveira> I hope he does, Sil can be the best wing man
[19:21:54] <Sal_Wyn> the question is who
[19:22:02] <Hannibal> ...uses Bowie knife to short out the door panel, retrieving his cannon and now hunting Vie....
[19:22:10] <Vie> Slippery leaches, squirmy leeches, slurp slurp slurp.
[19:22:11] <Liam_Frost> Liam is a pretty good wingman
[19:22:17] <Silveira> I say Karynn :D
[19:22:27] <LtCmdr_James> James has no wings, so he is pretty terrible.
[19:22:29] <Moonsong> Happy leeches.... sleepy leeches.... squish, squish, squish....
[19:22:38] <LtCmdr_Richards> State you'll be in end of this mission - no chance mon capitain
[19:22:40] <Sal_Wyn> uhm...married!
[19:22:48] <Silveira> Exactly :D
[19:22:50] <Hannibal> ...targets leeches with cannon......
[19:22:57] <Aidoann> lol
[19:22:58] <Silveira> Sil is such a ...
[19:22:59] <Moonsong> Don't you dare!!!
[19:23:25] <Silveira> Then again there is also that Engineer
[19:23:33] <Silveira> Ben's PNPC
[19:23:36] <Hannibal> But...they are leeches....
[19:23:37] <Skyfire> wait, Sil is a leech?
[19:23:42] <LtCmdr_James> Why not?
[19:23:46] <Moonsong> Yes, but they are MY leeches!
[19:23:50] <Silveira> No Sil's a bit of a bastard
[19:23:56] <LtCmdr_James> Yep
[19:23:58] <FltCaptToni> what ever you do, don't drink the yellow liquid in that beaker
[19:24:09] <Vie> Ew
[19:24:17] <Hannibal> Vile, evil, bloodsucking creatures..and you keep them...why?
[19:24:20] <Silveira> What beaker? ::Drinks from the beaker.::
[19:24:25] <Vie> Because they are useful?
[19:24:31] <Liam_Frost> that sounds like a dare to me
[19:24:36] <FltCaptToni> Ewww Sil
[19:24:36] <Moonsong> Isn't it obvious? To suck your blood.
[19:24:58] <Liam_Frost> seems pretty obvious, right?
[19:25:01] <Hannibal> Vampire leeches....raises cannon again.......
[19:25:19] <Moonsong> Touch my babies and I swear you'll regret it!
[19:25:24] <Vie> Hannibal as a vampire...
[19:25:25] <Sal_Wyn> Vampire werekitties...
[19:25:27] <FltCaptToni> lol
[19:25:32] <Doc_> Capt. Liam Frost , my last Capt. Was a very good command officer, and he had a lot of good officers under his command., excerpts few, he might say, I am one of them., Let's let it o at that.
[19:25:44] <Silveira> Vampire tribbles
[19:25:58] <Vie> I have to come up with a way of doing a Holodeck episode mission.
[19:26:12] <FltCaptToni> never  saw and tribble fly
[19:26:19] <Hannibal> Vampire tribbles.....grrrrrr....
[19:26:38] <Moonsong> ::cuddling jar of her leech babies:: You woke them up you.... you .... mean person!
[19:26:50] <Vie> Thinking some sort of device you have over your ear that feeds you information your character would know - so that you can RP them better in a holonovel.  Somehow malfunctioning so that it ends up overiding the wearer's own memory.
[19:27:16] <Shelther> interesting
[19:27:27] <Shelther> I like psychological missions
[19:27:27] <LtCmdr_James> Hmm
[19:27:32] <Hannibal> LOL@ Moonsong......
[19:27:33] <Silveira> @Sal: I have the perfect target for Sal to hit on
[19:27:39] <Moonsong> :D
[19:27:43] <Shelther> We have a pretty interesting one coming up on the Conny
[19:27:47] <Sal_Wyn> Oh really...
[19:27:51] *** Joins: McCleran (
[19:27:55] <Doc_> Hey, Hannibal, it has been a long time since I saw you on the USA Challenger-A.  Times sure has changed since then.
[19:27:58] <LtCmdr_James> Hello McCleran!
[19:28:01] <LtCmdr_James> How are you?
[19:28:04] <Shelther> Hey McCleran
[19:28:07] <Moonsong> Welcome McCleran
[19:28:14] <Hannibal> It has indeed, Doc!
[19:28:14] <McCleran> Hi :)
[19:28:15] <Vie> Welcome to our little chat.
[19:28:15] <Silveira> Yes Sal:
[19:28:19] <Skyfire> Hello!
[19:28:20] <Sal_Wyn> Hello McCleran
[19:28:26] <Moonsong> Have a virtual cookie before Hannible blows them all up.
[19:28:32] <Silveira> Hello McCleran
[19:28:33] *** Joins: Ren (
[19:28:34] <Sal_Wyn> Yeah, no.
[19:28:39] <LtCmdr_James> Hey Ren!
[19:28:39] <Silveira> Hi Ren
[19:28:42] <Hannibal> Welcome McCleran!!!
[19:28:48] <Shelther> oooo... brownies... brownies and milk...
[19:28:48] <LtCmdr_Richards> So, thanks to a massive foul up at Starfleet intelligence, the crew of the Gemini have broken the prime directive... leaving us in an ethics vs law situation
[19:28:49] <Sal_Wyn> Whoo Ren!
[19:28:53] <Sal_Wyn> helo!
[19:28:55] <Silveira> OK hao about Chelsea?
[19:28:56] <Sal_Wyn> two l's
[19:28:59] <Moonsong> Hello Ren. Have a virtual cookie before Hannibal blows them up.
[19:29:00] <Ren> Hello! Glad you're all still here!!
[19:29:13] <Skyfire> Uh-oh...
[19:29:24] <Doc_> Remember, the "meatball securities"  Times were so much more simple.
[19:29:24] <Silveira>,_Chelsea
[19:29:25] <FltCaptToni> well, all, as bad as I hate to, I must bid you a fond goodbye. I have sims to write and dogs to feed. See you all next month same time same channel
[19:29:33] <FltCaptToni> byee!
[19:29:35] <Moonsong> Bye Toni.
[19:29:36] <LtCmdr_James> See you around Toni!
[19:29:38] <LtCmdr_James> Bye!
[19:29:41] <Shelther> same trek time, same trek channel?
[19:29:44] <Vie> See you later Captain
[19:29:47] <Sal_Wyn> bye!
[19:29:48] <Silveira> Bye Capt Turner, see you next month
[19:29:49] <Ren> Hi Toni, Bye Toni :)
[19:29:51] *** Quits: FltCaptToni ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:29:58] <Hannibal> Since becoming First Officer, my opportunities for destruction have been limited....
[19:30:06] <Hannibal> Rats..Toni left.....
[19:30:08] <Skyfire> Is it over?
[19:30:28] <Hannibal> Is what over?
[19:30:30] <Moonsong> That's no excuse to blow up my cookies and leeches.
[19:30:33] <Shelther> well... you also have your own paperwork to contend with... as well as that of the other officers...
[19:30:59] <Doc_> Sorry Hannibal, should have read "meatball surgeries?"  My machine is still haunted.
[19:31:06] <Silveira> It's the price of responsiility Hannibal
[19:31:16] <Silveira> responsibility
[19:31:26] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Ren
[19:31:27] <Moonsong> Responsa-silly
[19:31:28] <Sal_Wyn> Responsibility is overrated
[19:31:29] <McCleran> I'm tryin to keep it simple Shel...."ain't broke"  "ain't broke"  "ain't broke"...
[19:31:53] <Hannibal> True, it may be the price of responsibility, but it makes me seek other targets ....
[19:32:10] <Silveira> I am always here if you need me Iris :D
[19:32:27] <Hannibal> @ Doc....things were simpler then.....
[19:33:20] <Aidoann> hi McCleran
[19:33:45] <Hannibal> How does everyone feel about the blockbuster?
[19:33:55] <Moonsong> Which one?
[19:33:58] <McCleran> Hi Aidoann :)
[19:34:09] <Vie> We have a blockbuster?
[19:34:10] <Silveira> This years? I don't know about it
[19:34:14] <Doc_> Comer. Richards, This is not really the place to discuss this, NO matter how right or wrong the situation, or whether I agree or disagree with it.  Capt. Frost, was not at fault, as much as the crew who pushed him into having to make decisions.
[19:34:17] <McCleran> o.O
[19:34:18] <Sal_Wyn> I don't think so
[19:34:24] <Hannibal> The one we have not had yet...
[19:34:49] <Moonsong> ::lost and wandering aimlessly::
[19:35:04] <Hannibal> I gues whatI'm trying to say is does everyone miss not having one....
[19:35:05] <Skyfire> :: hugs Moonsong. ::
[19:35:07] <Vie> Hum, for the blockbuster?  Hum... ..killer tribbles.
[19:35:15] <LtCmdr_James> That sounds fun
[19:35:26] <Skyfire> uh-oh
[19:35:26] <Sal_Wyn> methinks we have a private messaging error  *hugs moonsong*
[19:35:27] <Silveira> I do, it was fun the one I wrote on
[19:35:36] <McCleran> ya know, every time I ask when I don't get what's happening I wind up regretting it...
[19:35:37] <Hannibal> hmmmmmmmm.the great Vampire Tribble Hunt......
[19:35:41] <Moonsong> Thanks Skyfire. Tribbles that poop rainbows and sparkles... got it.
[19:35:45] <Sal_Wyn> I'm debating: watch LotR and bake pies or watch WoK and write posts.  Hmm
[19:35:47] <Aidoann> I know McCleran
[19:36:01] <Silveira> WoK and bake pies
[19:36:04] *** Quits: Lt_Cmdr_Ian_West ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:36:18] <Hannibal> SAw WoK last night after college football....
[19:36:23] <Vie> Oooo, a Federation tribble hunt would be fun - having to exterminate them as a biological threat.
[19:36:33] <Doc_> Sorry, Cmdr.Liam. Richards, my machine is haunted, but I think you were in charge of the project, and the project was a cluster F--k, as we say in the Marines
[19:36:47] <Sal_Wyn> I have been playing LEGO LotR and I have the hankering to watch the whole thing again >.<
[19:37:07] <Moonsong> oooo more fun that regulan blood worms and keeps my leech babies off Hannibal's cannon crosshairs.
[19:37:18] <Astrolux> lotr <3
[19:37:21] <Skyfire> uh-oh
[19:37:29] <Silveira> Don't talk Lego, I have the damn movie music in my head still
[19:37:35] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[19:37:45] <Astrolux> I have all the lego lord of the ring sets...they around setup around my house
[19:37:55] <Astrolux> they are setup around my house*
[19:37:57] <Moonsong> I just have Spaceballs. "They've gone to plaid!"
[19:37:58] <Silveira> My boy watched the Lego movie for the seventh or eight time
[19:37:58] <Sal_Wyn> Everything is awesome...
[19:38:12] <Hannibal> Og there are still thee Moonsong...just on the " get to later" list.....
[19:38:12] <Silveira> NOOOOOO
[19:38:35] <Sal_Wyn> The Lego games do NOT use that song.  Well, except for the one based on the movie
[19:38:49] <Sal_Wyn> then you have to play minigames to the song.  -.-
[19:38:51] <Moonsong> Nonononono..... you're such a meany. Hannibal. I'm gonna tell!
[19:38:59] <Silveira> I am so making Sal hit on the ugliest females
[19:39:13] <Sal_Wyn> >.>
[19:39:14] <Vie> Hannibal in a dress and really bad makeup...
[19:39:25] <Sal_Wyn> Beauty is only skin deep
[19:39:25] <Hannibal> Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...........................
[19:39:26] <Moonsong> heheheheheheh!
[19:39:27] <Shelther> back, had to go get brownies, and feed my kids, and Sherlock wanted some attention
[19:39:27] <LtCmdr_James> Yep. That sounds like the apex
[19:39:31] <Moonsong> Yes!!!
[19:39:41] <Vie> Rossh would probably make an even worse female though - makeup on fur.  Uhg.
[19:39:58] <Hannibal> Hannibal removes dresses....he does not wear them...........
[19:40:14] <Moonsong> You just haven't the right one
[19:40:22] <Sal_Wyn> do kilts count?
[19:40:29] <Vie> No
[19:40:37] <Silveira> ::Still passed out after seeing Hannibal in a dress::
[19:40:43] <Hannibal> Hannibal has never worn a kilt....
[19:40:55] <Hannibal> LOL@ Silveira.....
[19:40:56] <Moonsong> I think I nice chiffon..... a little lace.... Hannibal is so.... you....
[19:40:57] <Vie> Actually a Kilt would probably work.
[19:41:04] <McCleran> o.O  See....if I asked now, the regret would be epic...whole orders of magnitude off the scale... ;)
[19:41:25] <Silveira> ::Openning slightly the eyes.:: OK betting on Hannibal... He's the Ugly one
[19:41:49] <Silveira> And tight skirts don't really favour you
[19:41:51] <Hannibal> LOL!
[19:42:04] <Silveira> Neither those stiletos
[19:42:12] <Moonsong> Awww.... hims not ugly. Hannibal has... potential....yeah... that it... potential.... the right makeup.....
[19:42:24] <Hannibal> @ Mc might as well ask the question....
[19:42:33] <Vie> Fishnets... ..not sure about the fishnets.
[19:42:39] <Hannibal> No dresses...and no kilt.......
[19:42:44] <Silveira> ::Passes out again::
[19:42:49] <Vie> Muhahaha!
[19:42:53] <Hannibal> No lace........
[19:43:06] <Sal_Wyn> Ok, on our ship it is shoreleave: Sal and Silveira are getting drunk and we're brainstorming ways to make this an epically bad night of picking up dates
[19:43:22] <Sal_Wyn> that's what you missed
[19:43:25] <Silveira> We don't need much brain storm
[19:43:28] <Vie> James: "I'm back to imagining Hannibal in a dress, it's actually a relief."
[19:43:38] <Hannibal> Where are you on shore leave?
[19:43:41] <Moonsong> No... not stilletto... Platform shoes... he needs the support...
[19:43:47] <Hannibal> LOL!
[19:43:54] <Sal_Wyn> Clogs
[19:43:59] <Sal_Wyn> for the hippy inside
[19:43:59] <Vie> Yes
[19:44:03] <Vie> Clogs!
[19:44:10] <Hannibal> You people are awful!!!!!!!
[19:44:13] <Moonsong> Red ones.... shiny leather....
[19:44:15] <Silveira> I thought he was naked by now, that's why I passed out from laughing this last time
[19:44:25] <Shelther> I think I am going to space out for this conversation... (and sim... my character... in space)
[19:44:26] <Moonsong> Tight weave fishnets would work....
[19:44:42] <Vie> My face hurts from smiling....
[19:44:48] <LtCmdr_James> I don't think I'll be able to post the log for this chat on the wiki...
[19:44:53] <Moonsong> And the garter belt. Must have proper garters...
[19:45:03] <Aidoann> :) Shel
[19:45:18] <Hannibal> Hannibal in a dress...smoking a cigar...carrying a plasma cannon......
[19:45:22] <Vie> Nah, I think we ha....
[19:45:24] <Vie> Oh god
[19:45:25] <McCleran> *slams forehead into table* shuddap girl SHUDDAP..not asking
[19:45:26] <Sal_Wyn> that would make a good pinup!
[19:45:29] <Vie> He's EMBRACING IT
[19:45:33] <Shelther> could be worse... we could have that conversation about what an Antosian and Betazoid wedding would be like...
[19:45:39] <Silveira> Anyway, Sil get's to play wing man for Sal and he starts to pick up on everybody
[19:45:39] * Vie dives for cover.
[19:45:46] <LtCmdr_James> ... What have we done.
[19:46:14] <Moonsong> Oh yes.... shiny red leather holster... If you must carry a gun there is no reason not to be fashionable... and it's match the clogs...
[19:46:15] <Hannibal> Come on now....go ahead...ask.......
[19:46:18] <Vie> Ok, I think we've picked on our favourate former marine enough now.
[19:46:42] <Vie> Let's stop before he puts on the makeup...
[19:46:45] <Moonsong> I haven't..... it's my first time. I've got years to catch up on....
[19:46:48] <LtCmdr_James> Umm... So... Yea... Changing the subject.
[19:46:54] <LtCmdr_James> Umm...
[19:46:56] <Sal_Wyn> Oooh, my fiancee is handily putting all the dishes away.  I think this is a clear sign: pies must be made.
[19:46:57] <Hannibal> You guys are terrible...putting Hannibal in a dress.....
[19:47:03] <Vie> Yes.
[19:47:04] <Vie> Yes we are.
[19:47:08] <Moonsong> Have a cookie, James
[19:47:16] <Silveira> Then Sil drops Sal at the holodeck, were they are having a Dinosaur holodeck program and goes after Fai
[19:47:17] * LtCmdr_James ::takes cookie::
[19:47:21] <LtCmdr_James> Thanks...
[19:47:28] <Hannibal> ....Hannibal shoots the cookie in mid-air....
[19:47:52] <Moonsong> And there he goes, shooting things again. He's such a grumpy pants.,
[19:47:53] <McCleran> ..............damn.   Nice shot.... o.O
[19:47:59] <Sal_Wyn> Methinks Commander Livingston is chomping at the bit to get onto the awards ceremony
[19:48:21] <Silveira> Me thinks also, one more reason to have Sil and Sal walk in drunk
[19:48:42] <Doc_> It was a few crewmembers, I believe they were friends, and that is what chased me away.  I should have stayed, and defended my Captain, and my ship. But since it only a storyline, I said it wasn't worth it , placed the blame where it belongs, and said good-bye,   internal politics Don't belong on a ship
[19:48:47] <Sal_Wyn> we should pick up Karynn on the way.  No one has answered her tags yet
[19:48:56] <Moonsong> I'm still on my first mission and the counselor is currently freaking out.
[19:49:01] <Silveira> I told you to hit on her ;)
[19:49:05] <Vie> Ladies and gentlemen, drinks will now be served to help block the memories of that last discussion.
[19:49:13] <Doc_> Bye Toni, I sure miss you as my Captain
[19:49:18] * LtCmdr_James ::Takes 5::
[19:49:19] <Moonsong> Vie, you're such a party pooper.
[19:49:19] <Silveira> But after a few beers, a lot of them
[19:49:21] <McCleran> LIES....they won't work...
[19:49:29] <Sal_Wyn> That does not mean I have to hit on her!
[19:49:30] <LtCmdr_James> THEY MIGHT!
[19:49:42] <Hannibal> Oh yeah...butthey will......
[19:49:49] <Silveira> Fine... We will go after someone else for Sal to hit on
[19:49:50] <Shelther> @Vie isn't there a medicine on the wiki for wiping memories?
[19:49:57] <Vie> Probably
[19:50:10] <Hannibal> It's called Romulan ale......
[19:50:22] <Silveira> Bit it would be funny
[19:50:24] <Shelther> I vaguely remember it when I looked through, but forget it's name, and it's not romulan ale :P
[19:50:30] <Silveira> But, sorry
[19:50:39] <Moonsong> ::takes out sketch pad to design high fashion trousseau for certain ungrateful grumpy starfleet officers with no sense of humor or style and to make them nervous::
[19:50:57] <Sal_Wyn> Tatash?  Once you go Gorn you never go back?
[19:51:14] <McCleran> Check please....
[19:51:22] <Silveira> Now that is a good idea
[19:51:22] <Sal_Wyn> hahaha!
[19:51:26] <Vie> I dunno, I've gone back...
[19:51:33] <Silveira> I thought I saw him metion something
[19:51:34] <Sal_Wyn> 'cept you rememebr?  The Grn's going after the kitty
[19:51:36] <Silveira> mention
[19:51:44] <Vie> (Has just gone from a Gorn captain to a Human one again.)
[19:51:48] <Sal_Wyn> Scales and fur fly on the Columbia!
[19:51:49] <Silveira> Wasn't the Green Bean
[19:51:52] <Silveira> ?
[19:51:58] <Sal_Wyn> which one?
[19:52:03] <Moonsong> "Dear Sal, remember me? Amber from the lower decks? You gave me your number, but Joe's autoworks say you don't work there."
[19:52:11] <Silveira> Parker
[19:52:15] <Hannibal> ...notes he may have to raid the Garuda and remove Moonsongs' drawings....
[19:52:19] <Sal_Wyn> noclue
[19:52:25] <Sal_Wyn> Moonsong: LOL!
[19:52:26] <Doc_> Hannibal, hat's wronged with a kilt, I was born a Scotch man, but believe me you don't want to know what a Scotsman wears under it, and Tucson't trousers.
[19:52:26] <Silveira> It was Parker
[19:52:59] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Sky, you still around?
[19:53:04] <Moonsong> Doc_  ... does it include a blue ribbon?
[19:53:09] <Hannibal> I think I have a feeling I know what they wear...
[19:53:16] <Sal_Wyn> If it doesn't it should
[19:53:32] <Skyfire> yeah, still here
[19:53:42] <Hannibal> Braveheart gave away the secret a long time ago.....
[19:53:46] <Silveira> But Sal is drunk and with Sil, also drunk as his wing man I think he can hit on anybody
[19:53:53] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Can you take a look at my wiki page for me?
[19:54:02] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> I've been playing with that code you taught me
[19:54:04] <Doc_> Sorry. And it ain't trousers
[19:54:07] *** Quits: LtCmdr_Richards ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:54:11] <Liam_Frost> Liam will be drunk pretty soon
[19:54:15] <Moonsong> Hehehehehehe
[19:54:18] <Liam_Frost> though an ineffective wingman
[19:54:37] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> lol
[19:54:48] <Skyfire> Looks good, Rode. Looks very good. Like many of us on the fleet, you seem to be using the style of your station's posting.
[19:54:56] <Doc_> If you want to ser my pistol, I would have to kill he
[19:55:16] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> thanks, that was the pip style i was going for
[19:55:29] <Cmdr_R_Mitchell> Now i just have to go back and adjust the dates as I did them out of my records
[19:55:45] <Silveira> Dinner time. Bye everybody, see you next month
[19:56:00] <Hannibal> Take care Silveira!!!!!
[19:56:02] <Vie> See you later
[19:56:07] <Skyfire> Bye-bye
[19:56:13] <Moonsong> Bye Sil. Keep it clean.
[19:56:14] <LtCmdr_James> Bye!
[19:56:17] <McCleran> Take care :)
[19:56:27] <Hannibal> Clean is no fun...
[19:57:04] <Vie> Relatively clean
[19:57:06] <Silveira> Clean as a whistle :D  @Sal: I might pull you a surprise up my sleeve
[19:57:08] <Vie> PG13
[19:57:14] <Silveira> PG21
[19:57:16] <Silveira> :D
[19:57:25] <Silveira> Now I am off... Really
[19:57:25] <Vie> Offscreen, sure.
[19:57:30] <Moonsong> heh
[19:57:36] <Skyfire> Lies.
[19:57:43] <Doc_> Bye everyone got to run. Though I am in limbo at this time
[19:57:43] <Sal_Wyn> Bye Sil, I'll be interested to see what you have up your sleeve!
[19:57:44] *** Quits: Silveira ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[19:58:00] <Hannibal> Come see us,Doc.....
[19:58:07] <LtCmdr_James> Se you Doc!
[19:58:09] <Moonsong> Bye Doc
[19:58:15] <Sal_Wyn> I should head out, too.  There are pies to bake and movies to watch!  Peace all!
[19:58:17] <Vie> Catch you later Doc.
[19:58:26] <Moonsong> Bye Sal
[19:58:28] <Skyfire> Sal: when shoudl we rescheduel for?
[19:58:36] <Sal_Wyn> Tonight?
[19:58:43] <Sal_Wyn> Either that or Wednesday night
[19:59:48] *** Cmdr_R_Mitchell is now known as R_Mitchell
[20:01:01] <Moonsong> I'm gonna have to head out. Have cats to bathe.
[20:01:10] <LtCmdr_James> See you Moonsong!
[20:01:14] <Skyfire> awww....bye, Moonsong!
[20:01:14] <Sal_Wyn> I'll be on tonight, shoot me a message if you are free :)
[20:01:17] <Moonsong> Bye all. Was fun chatting.
[20:01:21] *** Quits: Sal_Wyn ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:01:43] <Hannibal> You gonna bathe a cat, Moonsong?
[20:01:47] <Skyfire> darn it, didn't get to ask when would be good.
[20:01:52] <Doc_> Where ate you at at Hannibal, I might take you up on that offer, since I put in a transfer, and am currently in limbo st the moment.Surveys Mr. Cmdr.Liam James
[20:01:53] <Moonsong> Two cats.
[20:01:58] <Skyfire> I havee to visit my parents tonight, so might be a bit hard.
[20:02:37] <Moonsong> Cat, water and soap. I'm a bada**.
[20:02:40] <Hannibal> You are a very brave woman , Moonbeam......
[20:02:43] <Moonsong> ::wavies::
[20:02:54] *** Quits: Moonsong ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:03:22] <Shelther> I think my son needs to get better at plants vs zombies garden warfare... he doesn't like it when his char dies....
[20:03:29] <LtCmdr_James> Lol
[20:03:41] <Hannibal> I gotta get rolling to catcha plane in a couple hours.....
[20:03:49] <Shelther> and the player that kills him, usually just dances on his corpse...
[20:03:54] <Vie> Oh? Going anywhere nice?
[20:04:06] <Hannibal> Las Vegas.....
[20:04:18] <Vie> What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.
[20:04:24] <LtCmdr_James> Oh dear
[20:04:30] <Vie> Have fun! Catch you next time Hannibal.
[20:04:39] <LtCmdr_James> Is the daylight city gonna set you soul
[20:04:42] <Hannibal> Pretty much, except that this is not going to be a pleasure trip, but it's all good...
[20:04:53] <LtCmdr_James> gonna set your soul on fire?
[20:04:58] <Doc_> Sorry  Cmdr.James, my machine thinks all Cmdrs are LIAM. It should have replied Good bye Cmdr.James
[20:04:58] <LtCmdr_James> See you Hannibal
[20:05:07] <Shelther> have fun
[20:05:08] <Hannibal> Yall take care!!!!!!!!
[20:05:12] <LtCmdr_James> Lol, no problem Doc :) See you!
[20:05:12] *** Parts: Hannibal ( ()
[20:05:27] <Vie> Us? Take care?
[20:05:40] <Vie> Have you seen how many Kerbals James has killed to date?
[20:05:41] <Doc_> Bye Hannibal, see us round in the stars
[20:06:08] <Shelther> I think he's been too busy in the wiki to kill kerbals lately
[20:06:08] <LtCmdr_James> Oh come on! It's only... Yea.. way to many kerbals.
[20:06:23] <Vie> I think he's Automated the process...
[20:06:29] <LtCmdr_James> Lol, yea the wiki has kept me distracted :p
[20:06:34] <LtCmdr_James> Hence the automation
[20:08:09] <Skyfire> James: I made the Excal history all pretty
[20:09:02] *** Quits: Doc_ ( (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
[20:09:43] *** Joins: Doc_ (
[20:09:55] *** Quits: Doc_ ( (Client Quit)
[20:10:02] *** Joins: Doc_ (
[20:10:03] *** Quits: Doc_ ( (Client Quit)
[20:10:32] <R_Mitchell> well i gotta run, got a grad school assignment to finish
[20:10:43] <Skyfire> okeydoke
[20:10:50] <LtCmdr_James> Bye!
[20:10:54] <R_Mitchell> bye everyone

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