Charlotte McQueen

Charlotte (Charlie) McQueen is a Betazoid-Human child who stowed away aboard the USS Eagle while docked at SB281 in the Aavaro Wilds.

USS Eagle
Charlotte McQueen.png
Charlotte (Charlie) McQueen
Position None
Rank Civilian
Species Betazoid / Human
Gender Female
DOB 238405.22
Age 16
Writer ID E239510KD0


  • Full Name: Charlotte Marie McQueen
  • Race: Terran
  • Date of Birth: 238405.22
  • Place of Birth: Unknown
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 151 cm (4' 11.5")
  • Weight: 44 kg.
  • Hair Color: Brunette
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown


  • Parents
    • Father: Edwin McQueen (deceased)
    • Mother: Lenore McQueen (deceased)
  • Siblings: None

Chronological History


Charlie spent her childhood aboard her parents' vessel Athena, where she learned from a very young age to repair the older systems. She learned her shapes and colors by identifying various components and arithmetic by calculating for and adjusting power flow to the diverse support systems throughout the ship.

Coming aboard the Eagle

When She was ten years old, there was a fire on the Athena that claimed the lives of both her mother and father. She had been off the ship at the time, running an errand on Lightside Station for her mother. Afraid of being taken away, Charlie hid in the labyrinthine passages of the station until about two years later, when she caught a lift to a nearby Federation starbase (281). While on the station, she saw two men looking around. Presuming they were looking for her, she blended in with a group of school kids on a field trip to the station.

Charlie discovered the men were not actually looking for her, but by then, she'd been swept along through an airlock onto the USS Eagle. One of the children in the group (Katya Pavlova) noticed Charlie wasn't part of the group, and asked what she was doing there. She took Charlie back to her quarters, gave her some clean clothes and some food, but Charlie didn't want to get herself or anyone else in trouble, so thanked Katya and attempted to to sneak back off the ship. Her efforts were thwarted at the Deck 3 auxiliary airlock when she was apprehended by Eagle security personnel, questioned, and escorted from the ship.

Shortly after the Eagle had left the spacedock, the security team was doing a full sweep led by Cmdr. Pavlova. The COS herself found Charlie hiding in a cabinet in the Junior Lounge. The girl was taken to the security office where Blaidd Vescori was assigned the task of keeping an eye on her until the test of the new warp engines had been completed.

During the test of the new engines, the Eagle encountered some technical difficulties followed by a potentially hostile alien species. Vescori brought Charlie along to sickbay to set up a auxiliary communications relay, but was called away shortly afterward. Charlie was left in the charge of Dr. Foster and Counselor Mika.

Mika (or "Mr. Hal" as Charlie calls him) after talking with Charlie a bit, offered to talk to Captain Oddas about finding a way for her to stay on the Eagle. Charlie was incredibly grateful for this kind offer, and vowed to make it up to him some day - just not with cookies, as she "sucks at cooking."

After the immediate crisis of the mission had died down, it was deemed best that Charlie be entered into the Starfleet Child Services system. Lt Drex had an errand to tend to on SB281, so she offered to escort Charlie to the SCC office there. En route, the two began talking and quickly bonded. In an uncharacteristic moment of snap decision making, Kayla contacted Captain Oddas to obtain permission to apply for guardianship of Charlie. Oddas assented, and the



Katya Pavlova

"You don't smell great."

Katya and I met when I found myself stuck in a group of school kids, one of them noticed I wasn't part of the group, and helped me out. I kinda panicked when I found out Katya's mom was the Chief of Security on the Eagle. I didn't wanna get Katya in trouble, so I tried to sneak off the ship, but got caught.


Hal Mika

"I will believe you, Charlie; I’m the counselor; it’s my job."

Mr. Hal was in sickbay helping out during some crazy stuff that was going on. I told him that I didn't want to bounce around in the child services system, and he offered to talk to Captain Oddas about finding a way I could stay on the Eagle. I knew there probably wasn't a ton he could do, but the fact he offered makes me pretty sure he's a good guy. I promised him one day I'd make it up to him, just not with cookies because I suck at cooking.


Kayla Drex
Foster Mom

We found each other in a really big universe.

Kayla was going to SB281 to run an errand anyway (she had to buy a dress for a wedding - she got a really pretty one), so she offered to take me to the Child Services office there after they figured I couldn't stay on the Eagle. We got to talking on the shuttle ride though. She actually messaged her Captain to get permission to bring me back as her ward ... or foster kid ... or whatever. Point is: she wanted me to come live with her. Nobody's ever done something like that for me but my mom and dad. Of course I said I wanted to, and Kayla's apparently got a bunch of people that like her, cuz the lady at the Child Services office actually approved it! Kayla's great, and I couldn't be happier that she's my foster mom.

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