Charles Sampi

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Charles Sampi
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Charles Sampi

Charles Sampi is the chief medical officer of the USS Galaxy. He previously served as the chief medical officer aboard the USS Tiger-A.

A native of Earth's Australian continent, Charles Sampi spent much of his childhood in the Brisbane area before later attending the University of Sydney to study biology. His first major move away from Australia was when he began his medical studies at the Starfleet Medical Academy in 2382. Upon graduating with his medical degree in 2386, he spent a year at Starfleet Medical in San Francisco for his post-graduate training.

After his year at Starfleet Medical, Sampi was promoted to lieutenant junior grade and assigned in May 2387 to the USS Pioneer under the command of Captain Jodhani. There, he worked under the guidance of chief medical officer Dr. T'Jeros and met Lieutenant JG Lidia Ivanova.

He was next assigned to the USS Independence-A, originally as assistant chief medical officer, but with Tenzin Zhou's unexpected departure, Sampi found himself the new chief medical officer. After his time aboard the Independence and later the Tiger, Sampi began a surgical critical care fellowship on Medical Starbase 253. Upon the completion of his fellowship in 2392, he was assigned the prestigious position of chief medical officer aboard the Galaxy.

Stats & Service Record


Full Name Charles Sampi
Pronunciation Chah-rlz Samp-ee
Nickname Charlie
Species Human
Date of Birth 236201.12
Age 39
Place of Birth Brisbane, Australia, Earth
Gender Male


Post-Graduate Training 2387, Starfleet Medical
Doctor of Medicine 2386, Starfleet Medical Academy
BSc, Biology 2382, University of Sydney

Starfleet Career

Training Facility Starfleet Medical Academy, 2382-2386
Commissioned 2382
Current Rank Lt. Commander
Current Assignment USS Galaxy
  • Chief Medical Officer
Previous Assignments
USS Pioneer, 2387 - 2388
  • Medical Officer, 238705.19 - 238803.07
    • Lieutenant JG, promoted 2387
USS Independence-A, 2388
  • Assistant Chief Medical Officer, 238803.08 - 238803.28
    • Lieutenant, promoted 238803.08
  • Chief Medical Officer, 238803.29 - 238811.16
    • Lt. Commander, promoted 238807.21
USS Tiger-A, 2388 - 2389
  • Chief Medical Officer, 238811.17 - 238906.04
    • Lt. Commander
Medical Starbase 253, 2389 - 2392
  • Surgical Critical Care Fellowship, 238906.16 - 2392
    • Lt. Commander
USS Galaxy, 2392 - Present
  • Chief Medical Officer
    • Lt. Commander

Service Ribbons

Awards ServiceRibbons Ithassa 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons HobusHeroism 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons battleforbajor 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingBasic 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Peacekeeper 2011.jpg
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
  • Ithassa Region Campaign Medal, 2388
  • Hobus Heroism Ribbon, 2388
In recognition of the crew of the USS Independence-A and their service during the mission to Bilire VI.
  • Bajoran Campaign Ribbon, 2388
In recognition of the crew of the USS Independence-A and their service during the mission to retrieve a stole artifact from the Scarlet Brotherhood.
  • Lifesaving Ribbon, 2389
In recognition of Charles Sampi's efforts in the surgery to save Eyas Wulfantine's life
  • Peacekeeper Service Ribbon, 2389
In recognition of the crew of the USS Tiger-A and their efforts to provide assistance to the Tholians in the Ithassa Triangle.
  • Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon, 2392


  • Height: 185 cm (6'1")
  • Weight: 80 kilos (176 lbs)
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Skin Tone: Brown

Personal Life


  • Spouse: None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Terry Sampi (born 2334, 67)
    • Mother: Emma Sampi (born 2333, age 68)
  • Siblings: 1 brother and 1 sister
    • Andrew Sampi (older brother, born 2360, age 41)
    • Rebecca "Bec" Sampi (younger sister, born 2368, age 33): A university student.

Friends and Notable Colleagues

USS Pioneer

  • Lidia Ivanova: A human woman and chief of security of the USS Pioneer'
Sampi met Ivanova in May 2387 soon after they were both assigned to the Pioneer. A bit of a spitfire, Ivanova was the object of Sampi's affections early on, but those affections ultimately went nowhere.

USS Independence-A & USS Tiger-A

See also: Independence-A Medical Department and Tiger-A Medical Department

  • Tirzah: A Romulan girl and refugee.
Sampi first met Tirzah in DS17's arboretum, where he was able to convince the girl and her mother Naava to indulge themselves with some ice cream. He later helped Tirzah and Naava book passage on the Independence for their journey to Bilire VI. Unfortunately, the Romulan refugee colony there turned out to be less than ideal, and Tirzah's mother died of a disease that had devastated the colony. Tirzah stayed aboard the Independence under the care of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley until she eventually moved to New Orleans, Earth, with Belleau Dioron. Sampi and Tirzah promised to stay in touch as pen pals.
  • Eyas Wulfantine: The chief of security of the Independence and Sampi's long-term patient.
Afflicted with a mysterious disease that caused him to mutate into a hideous creature, Wulfantine had been diagnosed with a grim prognosis. Unless an alternative cure could be found, the young Pythron was to either die in a few months from his prescribed treatment or mutate permanently into a giant reptilian creature. He ultimately was able to recover from his condition through the use of Borg nanoprobes in a fashion similar to Danny Wilde's medical treatment.
Captured together along with Captain Riley, Sampi and Shryker survived the mental horror inflicted upon them by the Reapers. Since then, the two have grown closer to one another, with Sampi becoming a bit protective of the spirited young woman.
Although others are often intimidated by the mysterious Klingon/human augment, Sampi respects the man's experience and has sought his counsel on issues related to leadership and command, such as when Sampi had a clash with William Wittburn over the chain of command in sickbay.
Sampi finds the human officer from another universe intriguing, but he doubts anything will develop beyond his fanciful thoughts, whether because of professional boundaries or because he wouldn't know where to begin.
  • Velana: The assistant chief medical officer aboard the Tiger.
Sampi and Velana's relationship was confined to their professional interactions in sickbay for the most part. It was only when Sampi was preparing to leave the Tiger and Velana recently promoted to chief medical officer, that the Vulcan revealed how much she had appreciate Sampi's mentorship. Before they went their separate ways, she noted to the young physician that he reminded her in some ways of her father, whom she considered a "great healer."

USS Independence-A

In 2388, Sampi was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the USS Independence-A as assistant chief medical officer. He traveled from the Pioneer to Deep Space 17 in preparation for his new posting. Soon after, Tenzin Zhou, the chief medical officer of the Independence, transferred to the Starfleet division on Betazed, and Sampi was subsequently called upon to take Zhou's place.

Bilire VI

On his first mission aboard the Independence, Sampi was captured, along with Fleet Captain Riley and Lieutenant JG Shryker by the Reapers while the ship was visiting Bilire VI on a relief mission to aid a recently settled Romulan refugee colony. Fortunately, he and the other two officers were rescued by the Independence, although efforts to strengthen the relationship between the Romulan refugees and the Federation were mixed after mistrust between the Starfleet crew and the colonists ultimately erupted into a riot at the settlement's hospital in the midst of a plague outbreak. As the Independence returned to DS17, the young CMO faced his first departmental challenge when William Wittburn, one of the staff physicians, expressed a similar feeling of mistrust after Sampi wished to review a disciplinary incident further.

  • Noteworthy SIM
    • "Chain of Command" - SD 238807.22 (Doctors Sampi and Wittburn have an intense discussion about trust in sickbay)

Scarlet Brotherhood

While the Independence was docked at DS17, Sampi and the rest of the senior staff participated in a beach volleyball game that served as a team building exercise. Starfleet then ordered the Independence to track down thieves who stole an artifact from the Bajoran Central Archives. As the ship headed for the Aurona Sector, agents of the Scarlet Brotherhood sabotaged the ship's warp engines, attempted to assassinate Captain Sidney Riley, and briefly captured main sickbay. Eventually, it was discovered that these particular Brotherhood agents were actually from the Mirror Universe. Meanwhile, Sampi was tasked with informing the Independence's chief of security Eyas Wulfantine that the Pythron's underlying medical condition had deteriorated into a terminal illness.

After the Independence was transported to the Mirror Universe, it was soon attacked and boarded by the crew of a mirror USS Tiger while Captain Sidney Riley, the first officer, and several key senior staff members were on an away mission to retrieve a stolen shuttle. After Lt. Commander Tracey Townson fell ill, Sampi was left in charge of the Independence. Along with the assistance of Chief Engineer Lluneh Walker and several other remaining bridge officers, Sampi was able to neutralize the intruders and force the attacking ship to surrender.

Soon, the captain and the away teams were back aboard, but the Independence fell under attack again, this time by the mirror Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Captain Riley ultimately chose to activate the self-destruct sequence of the crippled Independence rather than let it fall into enemy hands. The crew were evacuated to the mirror USS Tiger and then were transported back to the prime universe thanks to the ingenuity of the engineering and science teams. Arriving back on DS17, Sampi and Doctor Velana worked diligently to ensure the survival of Lt.JG Alleran Tan, who had been gravely injured during the boarding raid of the Independence.

USS Tiger-A

Unsure of which posting they were headed to next, Sampi and the rest of the crew were soon surprised by the arrival of a new Prometheus-class ship to take the place of the Independence: the USS Tiger-A.

Simulated Threats, Real Trauma

The crew's first task aboard the Tiger was to partake in a team building exercise involving a holodeck simulation of Camelot. Shortly into the program, however, it was discovered something was wrong with the holodeck safeties, and an outside emergency involving strange space slugs that threatened Eratis and DS17 put a hold to the exercise. Further complicating the matter was the arrival of a fleet of Romulan vessels. During the encounter, Sampi's long-term patient Lt. Wulfantine transformed once again into his mutant form, but suddenly it was revealed that the entire situation with the slugs and Romulans had been part of the original team building exercise on the holodeck. Unfortunately, Wulfantine's transformation and the injuries sustained by several other security staff had not been an illusion.

New Sheriff in Town

Sampi returned to sickbay in preparation for finding a new treatment for Wulfantine using Lt. Cmdr. Danny Wilde's own experience with Borg nanoprobes. However, upon setting foot back into the CMO's office, Sampi met the ship's latest arrival Dr. Grishols Mol, a senior physician and observer from Starfleet Medical. Mol had been sent to evaluate Sampi's fitness to be chief medical officer of the Tiger over the coming mission.

The Tiger medical staff worked with newly-assigned science officer Ensign T'Mynn as well as their DS17 medical colleagues and successfully reversed Wulfantine's condition. In recognition of Sampi's efforts, he was awarded the Lifesaving Ribbon by Fleet Captain Riley.

Arthropod Adventure

The actual maiden voyage of the Tiger took the ship to the mysterious Ithassa Triangle, a region of space infamous for strange happenings. While there, the ship investigated a distress call and assisted a severely damaged Tholian research station and an adrift FTU trading vessel, both of which were later discovered to have been attacked by what could only be described as significantly oversized insects that resembled Terran ants and were capable of surviving even in the vacuum of space.

Sampi was part of an away team led by Lt. Cmdr. Tracey Townson to the FTU trading vessel. While there, the ship was quickly overrun by the creatures, and Townson sustained injuries that rendered her unconscious. Abiding by Wilde's final orders to get to an escape pod, Sampi ensured that he and Townson got off the ship before it was destroyed, although he didn't know if the other members of the away team, Wilde and Sturm Kobyarz, made it off as well. In the tight quarters of the escape pod, Sampi watched over Townson and tried to tend to her injuries as best he could before the pod itself was attacked by one of the creatures that had managed to latch on. Fortunately, intervention by the Tiger eliminated the attacker and brought the pod's occupants safely back aboard the ship.

  • Noteworthy SIMs

There are always possibilities...

Sampi treated Townson's injuries while his ACMO, Velana, tended to the rescued Tholians through a daring surgery that impressed Mol. Following the successful treatment of the Tholians, Mol announced to Sampi that Starfleet Medical would be informed of his fitness to continue serving as the chief medical officer of the Tiger. However, the senior physician privately suggested to Sampi that he consider taking part in the surgical critical care fellowship offered at Medical Starbase 253, Mol's former domain. Sampi knew of the fellowship's prestige, and after some thought (and assurance that Mol would not be his boss), he accepted. Thus, Velana was subsequently promoted to chief medical officer of the Tiger.

Before Sampi left the Tiger, Townson, having noticed Sampi's particular attention to her in both the escape pod and later in sickbay, spontaneously kissed him following the ceremony where his impending departure had been announced. The two didn't see each other afterward until Sampi stopped by Townson's quarters the night before he was to leave. There, he revealed to her the long-standing crush for her he had harbored. Townson, much to Sampi's surprise, acknowledged that though they had opposite roles—one a soldier, the other a healer—she had come to see him in a different light as well. Though they both knew it was now too late to act upon their discovery of their mutual interest, Townson asked Sampi to watch over her for one final night, a request he happily obliged.

On SD 238906.16, he and Mol departed the Tiger aboard the USS Euphrates, a runabout that had incidentally just delivered to the Tiger Zhou Tai-Sheng, cousin of Sampi's former superior and predecessor.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
    • "Clever" - SD 238906.06 (Mol makes his final assessment and a surprising offer to Sampi.)
    • "A Private Affair" and "Goodbye and Good Luck" - SD 238906.09-10 (Townson has something to tell Sampi after the awards ceremony, and Velana asks Sampi for one last piece of advice.)
    • "Soldier & Healer" - SD 238906.12 (With his departure imminent, Sampi decides it's now or never to tell Townson about his feelings.)

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