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Characters Guild

Characters Guild

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Are you tired of the character you're playing? Maybe you didn't realize the flaws in the character you created in the Academy and want a fresh start? This tutorial will walk you through the simple process of creating a new character, and answer your frequently asked questions about the process.

Before starting this tutorial, you may also want to read the Player Types tutorial for a quick refresher.

Can I keep my rank?

By far the most common question about changing characters is whether you can keep your current rank, and the answer is unequivocally: Yes.

Keep in mind that you hold In Character ranks for each of your characters, as well as Out Of Character rank – which stays with you during your time in the fleet and can only be affected by taking an unannounced leave of absence, not staying in good standing if you take an announced leave of absence, or by OOC disciplinary proceedings. Generally, your characters can hold a rank equal to, or lesser, than the rank you hold OOC. So if you've attained the OOC rank of Lieutenant, then your characters can be Ensigns, Lieutenants JG, or Lieutenants – as well as any enlisted rank, or civilian status.

So if you decide to change characters, you can start your new character either at your current rank, or at any rank below.

Same ship, or new ship?

There are a few different types of ways you can change your character, which will affect how simple or difficult the process is. The simplest way to change your character is to remain on your current ship, and we'll talk more about that below.

There are two other ways to change characters:

  • Transfer to a new ship: When moving to a new ship, it's quite simple to change characters in the process – you simply provide your new captain with the new character's information. You are required to use our transfer form. Please read it carefully.
  • Create a secondary character: If you wish to keep your current character, on your current ship, but you also want to play another character on a new ship, you can do that by creating a secondary character. You are required to use our secondary character form. Please read it carefully.

Same ship, new character

Assuming you wish to remain on your current ship, and simply want to stop playing your current character and start a new character, the process is rather simple. The primary consideration, before you get started, is whether or not you're changing your duty post. Because duty post positions are limited on each ship, it's not always possible for you to transfer into a new duty post on your current ship. So if you wish to change duty posts, you should reach out to your ship's Commanding Officer and talk to him or her about whether it's a possibility. He or she will talk you through whether it's possible.

If you're wanting to stay in the same duty post, read through the resources here in the Characters Guild area (there are links in the menu to the right), and start a new character page on the wiki. Then reach out to your ship's Commanding Officer and let them know you'd like to change characters. Ask them to review your character profile and provide any necessary feedback. Then, once you've confirmed that your new character is ready to play, you can work with your CO to determine the best way to remove the old character from the plot and bring in the new character.

Same writer ID

Your writer ID stays the same from the first day you join the group, so be sure to keep using it in your sims and signature going forward. This is an important part of how the fleet tracks your participation.

Characters Guild