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Chandni Kailashnath Sanjushree Kapoor is a PNPC, played by Jalana Rajel.

USS Constitution-B

Chandni Kailashnath Sanjushree Kapoor



  • Full Name: Chandni Kailashnath Sanjushree Kapoor
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 2364
  • Age: 36
  • Place of Birth: Earth, India
  • Gender: Female
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Telepathic status: none
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Religion: Hinduism based but rather spotty
  • Languages: Hindi, Standard, English, A few words in some Federation languages, but not enough to carry a conversation
  • Position: OPS Officer


  • Height: 1.69m
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Hair Style: Usually loose
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Distinctive features: Red dot on her forehad


Visual File Name Information
Kailashnath Penjal Hanila Kapoor Father
Sanjushree Roshan Neelah Kapoor, Khan before marriage Mother
Delran Rennan Ex Husband, Betazoid
Nishikanta Delran Chandni Kapoor & Vijanyendra Delran Chandni Kapoor Children, Half Betazoid, Identical twins, 16 years old


  • Food: She likes to experiment, but her go to are spicy Indian dishes.
  • Drinks: She prefers sparkling water over hot drinks, hasn't drunk alcohol since she got pregnant in the Academy.

Personal History

Despite the hundreds of years of development in cultures and religions, the Kapoor family has stayed a very traditional Indian family. Until Chandni came into their lives. The first and only child of the house Kapoor always seemed to be a little different. She did not see why she had to stay in the caste her father had inherited from his family and become a teacher. She also played rather with the boys, climbed on trees and jumped into rivers, instead of spending time with the other girls to learn to behave like a good little girl she was supposed to be.

Her best friend Ranjit told her of things her parents kept away from her. His father was an Officer with Starfleet and the stories Ranjit had heard from him caught Chandni's interest. Of course, she could see the uniformed people and see the shuttles and ships, but her parents cut her questions off. So Chandni and Ranjit dreamed together in secret about being on starships when they were adults. They also secretly studied together to be prepared for the big day.

When they were old enough Ranjit joined Starfleet and moved to San Fransisco to live on the Academy campus. Chandni wanted to follow Ranjit. She did not want to disappoint her parents, but she really wanted to follow her dream of the stars. So she wrote a letter to her parents, packed the most important things and the money she had saved up during the years and ran away.

She flew with the next shuttle transport to San Fransisco and visited Ranjit, who told Chandni of a friend, Karen, in the city where she could stay and apply herself. She absolved the tests but had a few subjects she was not good enough in, so she studied hard for the next year. Her parents had sent a letter after months of her leaving to let her know to not come back, which only made her study harder and the year (2383) after she finally got accepted.

During the first half-year, she met Delran. A Betazoid in her year. There was an immediate attraction and everything happened way too fast. Young and stupid as they were, Chandni realized at the end of the same year that she was pregnant. Delran tried to be a good guy and they married in January 2384. During her pregnancy, everything seemed to be alright between them, though studying turned out to become difficult, she kept shoving through. But when Delran got told that he was the proud father of twin boys he got cold feet and dumped Chandni.

Only with the help of Ranjit, Karen and her room-mate Chandni got through the next five years. They took turns in babysitting, taking care of them, or simply making sure they were okay. Delran, who still was in the same year felt awful about leaving her alone but he did not come back nor did he want to see the boys. It did not take much convincing to agree to a divorce.

After her Base training she focused on Operations and kept Science on the side to have an alternative. She did as much as she could to juggle her children and Academy and after a repeated final exam she finally earned her commission and was transferred into the Operations Department of the USS Apollo. As the Apollo returns to the docks and the crew is relocated, she received transfer orders to the USS Constitution-B.