Challenger Torpedo Launchers

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  • Arrangement: Three fixed-focus torpedo launchers, one located just above the main deflector dish and another at the bow of the primary hull along with a third launcher within the main sail. These launchers are the second generation of automated, high-speed launchers originally developed and found on the New Orleans and Saber Class (and later seen aboard Excelsior Class Starships as part of their refit schedule) starships and each launcher is armed with 5 tubes per launcher, giving the Akira Class the ability to launch up to fifteen torpedoes in a single salvo. The third generation of this launcher has seen deployment aboard the Sovereign Class and Norway Class.
  • Type: Mark XXV photon torpedo, capable of pattern firing as well as independent launch. Independent targeting once launched from the ship, detonation on contact unless otherwise directed by the Chief Tactical Officer or TIC Weapons Officer.
  • Payload: The ship can carry a maximum of 375 torpedoes.
  • Range: Maximum effective range is 3,000,000 kilometers.
  • Primary purpose: Assault
  • Secondary purpose: Anti-spacecraft
  • Info from: [1]

SIM Quote(s)

  • NPC Ashlyn Willard
    • Willyard: Captain, all three fixed-focus torpedo launchers set for maximum effective range. Mark XXV photon torpedoes set for pattern firing and detonation on contact.