Challenger Non-Playing Player Character Listing

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PNPCs by T'Pen
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
ChallengerBuzz tn.jpg Civilian
Buzz Al'Drun Corrospondant
and Historian
ChallengerGeoTho tn.jpg Lt.JG
GeoTho Engineer
ChallengerKoket tn.jpg Lieutenant
Ko Ket Captain's Assistant

PNPCs by Toni Turner
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
LandoPerry tn.jpg Commander
Lando Perry DS24
ChallengerPulzer tn.jpg Lieutenant
Kim Pulzer DS24 Engineer

PNPCs by Andrus Jaxx
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
RJAadi tn.jpg Lt. Commander 04-LtCmdr-Gold.png R.J. Aadi Engineering Officer
ChallengerBrikk tn.jpg 1st Lieutenant
Brikk Wallace SFMC Intel Officer
IsabellaTorres tn.jpg Commander
Isabella Torres DS24 First Officer
Hamilton tn.jpg Major
Thaddeus Hamilton SFMC Batallion CO - DS24

PNPCs by Ternok
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
Rellek tn.jpg Civilian00-Blank-White.png Rellek Child

PNPCs by Brenna Parker
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
Walker.jpg Starfleet MarineM01-2Lt-Green.png Mathew "Matty" Walker USS Challenger Marine
Starfleet MarineM01-2Lt-Green.png Danar, Devlin Kyle USS Challenger Marine
Briar2.jpg Crewman 1st ClassE3-Crew1st-Teal.png Briar Nestaren USS Challenger Nurse
Satish2.jpg Ensign01-Ens-Gold.png Satish Janzar USS Challenger Engineer

PNPCs by Iolo Madoc Llewelyn
Picture Rank Character Name Current Post
T'Larsm.jpg Lieutenant (jg)02-LtJG-Teal.png T'Lar USS Challenger Counselor

PNPCs by Elina Kincade
Picture Rank Character Name Species Current Post
Annalise hameldon3.jpg Civilian Annaëlle Hameldon Human PNPC (Kincade)

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