Challenger Marine Weaponry

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Weaponry and Equipment are the basic fundamentals of the Marine contingency aboard any vessel. Without them, the Marines would fail to accomplish the job they are set out to do and so, the equipment provided for Starfleet Marines surpasses any other in the Fleet. The equipment must be able to withstand veratile conditions including hard-ware, regular damage and changes in atmosphere conditions, if not gravitational.

Research is constantly being carried out into developing their equipment to be better, but until now Starfleet Marines are in safe hands.

The Exograph


Originally developed to be used in conjunction with the TR-116 Projection Rifle, the Exographic Targeting System has now been fully developed as a stand-alone utility. The ETS can be programmed to respond to the wearer's weapon; receiving and transmitting data back and forth. In the same method as a TAC Unit is used, the ETS is a frame with a monocle over one eye and moves a mouse trackball (mounted on both sides of the weapon, making it ambidextrous) located on the chosen weapon to use a zoom facility.

Unlike the TAC, however, it cannot display target information or show changes in structure.