Challenger Holosuites

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These are smaller versions of standard Federation Holodecks, designed for individual usage (the two Holodecks themselves are to be used by groups or individual officers; enlisted crewmen and cadets are not allowed to use the Holodecks under normal circumstances). They do everything that their larger siblings do, only these Holosuites can't handle as many variables and are less detailed. They are equivalent to the Holodecks on an Intrepid class Starship. There are eight Holosuites on an Akira Class, all of them located on deck 2 of the Bridge Conn tower.

The crew can find all sorts of recreational activities during their off time in the holodecks - anything from Racquetball to interacting with the characters from the pages of their favorite book.

Submitted by Toni Turner April 23, 2006