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Counselor's Office

Counselor's Office

The Counselor's office is near the Medical section located on Deck 4. It consists of a private office, with standard furnishings (decorated to the Counselor's preference), personal viewscreen, a computer display, and replicator. An individual therapy room furnished with chairs and couch for one on one sessions, as well as a large, group therapy room, consisting of several couches and chairs, are located adjacent to the Counselor's office.

In the event of a crewmember suffering a psychotic episode, and needing to be isolated from the crew, the ill crewman is kept in Sickbay, in the isolation unit, or in the intensive care units, as determined by bed availability.

Counselor Services

General Overview: The Akira Class design has been maximized for tactical and scientific usage. However, it is realized that the stress of operating at 99% efficiency on a ship that is built for deep-space exploration can be dangerous, so there are some recreational facilities on the Akira Class.

Recreational Systems

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