Challenger Commanding Officer's Office

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This office is rather spartan by Commanding Officer's status. The current occupant, Major Francis deMarc has recently transferred from Ship's Security to the Starfleet Marine Corps (SFMC) as the commander. As such, he hasn't had a lot of time to create a welcoming office. A personal computer sits on his desk, hardwired into the computer core. He also has comissioned a wall of monitors giving the current status of flight operations, the ship's readiness for combat, and complete logistical control of the Marines.

One object dominates the corner, a personal weapon's locker. His personal weapons are displayed for all to see behind a transparent aluminum wall that only he, the Captain and head of security have codes to unlock. A number of archaic firearms, both projectile and energy based, decorate the case. A number of bladed weapons also is displayed from swords and daggers to more exotic melee weapons. This is only the surface, as he is an avid collector of weaponry.