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Starfleet Rank Abbreviations

Rank Abbreviation
Ensign Ens.
Ensign 1st Class Ens1st
Lieutenant Junior Grade Lt. jg
Lieutenant Lt.
Lieutenant Commander LtCmdr
Commander Cmdr
Captain Cpt
Fleet Captain Flt.Cpt

Marines Rank Abbreviations

Rank Abbreviation
Commodore Comm
Vice Admiral VAdm
Rear Admiral RAdm
Admiral Adm
Captain Cpt.
Major Maj
Lieutenant Colonnel Lt. Col.
Colonnel Col.
Lieutenant General Lt.Gen
General Gen
1st Lieutenant 1st Lt.
2nd Lieutenant 2nd Lt.

Position Abbreviations

Positions are as follows as of March 7, 2009:

Position Abbreviation Character
Commanding Officer CO T'Pen
First Officer FO Turner
Second Officer 2nd XO Jaxx, Andrus
Chief Engineering Officer CEO Netal
Engineering Officer EO OPEN
Chief Tactical Officer CTO Petrov, Ivan
Tactical Officer TO OPEN
Chief of Security COS Brakur, Turc
Security Officer SO Boles
Chief Science Officer CSCO Ternok
Counseling & Science Advisor Advisor Aadi
Science Officer SCO OPEN
Chief Helmsman CHO Watson, Sam
Helm Officer HO NPC CPO Lef Cyons
Chief Medical Officer CMO Reid, Jerry
Medical Officer MO Parker, Brenna
Marine CO MCO/SFMC CO Frazier, Samal Ezra
Marine Officer SFMC Llewelyn, Iolo Madoc
FSNews FSNC Al'Drun,Buzz
Civilian Civ Yolanda Lovingood