Challenger-A Sickbay

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One large Sickbay facility, located on Deck 7, serves as the primary care facility on Sovereign-class starships. Equipped with six standard and one advanced bio-bed, Sickbay is also home to the Chief Medical Officer's office and a small lab used for routine analysis of patients. The room itself is considered to be general-purpose, often the location of regular crew physicals, appointments, and various medical emergencies, it can effectively handle the majority of situations that a starship crew will face.

Surrounding Sickbay are more specialized areas, including two intensive-care wards, various medical laboratory, a nursery, three surgical suites, a null-grav therapy ward, a morgue, a biohazard isolation unit, and a dental care office. Also pursuant to new Medical Protocols, all Medical Facilities are equipped with holo-emitters for the usage of the Emergency Medical Holograph System.