Challenger-A Lounge

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This large lounge, located on decks 8 and 9 aft, serves as the social center for the starship and is often used for large gatherings and functions. It has a very relaxed and congenial air about it; the Ship's Lounge is the only place on the ship where rank means nothing - "sir" need not be uttered when a person of lower rank addresses an officer, and everyone enjoys equal footing. Opinions can be voiced in complete safety amongst fellow crewmates, offering a place where people can let loose after a long day. Large bay windows offer a stunning view out the aft of the ship, where the warp nacelles hang prominently amidst the stars.


The most notable accessory to the lounge is a modest-sized bar area, offering a wide selection of synthetic and alcoholic beverages, such as chech'tluth, Aldebaran whiskey, Saurian brandy, Tzartak aperitif, Tamarian Frost, C&E Warp Lager, Warnog, Antarean brandy, and countless others. The replicators, feeding off the memory of the new computers, have nearly twice the food and drink options of any ship-bound replicator system in Starfleet creating a more authentic replication.

Overall, the lounge is the most often used recreational area of the ship.