Chalan Fuliar

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FNS Portrait

Chalan Fuliar (Chal-ANN Fu-lee-arh) is a Bajoran journalist currently employed by the Federation News Service. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from Ashalla University and a Masters in Political Science from the University of Regulus III. Prior to becoming a journalist, Chalan was the press secretary for Federation Councillor Krim Aldos, the first Bajoran to hold the position following Bajor's admittance to the Federation. After leaving Councillor Krim's service, he became a regular contributor with press outlet Bajor Now and made several appearances on FNS political segment Illuminating the City of Light. He began writing for the Federation News Service in 2392. He is currently unmarried and lives in Paris, Earth with his pet Cavalier Spaniel- Sulan- and regularly attends temple services.

In 2390 during an appearance on the aforementioned ICoL Chalan attracted criticism from conservative elements of Bajoran society when he espoused the belief that Bajor should pursue closer relations with the Cardassian Union. Despite persistent demands, he refused to apologise for his comments stating his beliefs are his own and that people are welcome to disagree with them if they so wish- but that he would not retract them. In 2391, he appeared on Bajor Now's list of the '100 Most Influence Bajorans in the Federation', coming in at #72.