Chains of the Sisterhood (Doyle-A)

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"Greed is not a financial issue. It's a heart issue." - Andy Stanley

Mission Began: 239207.06
Mission Complete: 239208.24

The Doyle had just returned from it's mission to find the Maquis criminals on Cart'hen III, and was enjoying a well deserved R&R as the ship restocked. After the difficult mission, there were the usual departures and arrivals, with the new officers of Lt. Cmdr Nemitor Atimen, Ens. Brandon Craig, Ens. Cassandra Ezi and Ens. Aurora transferring to the ship, and Lt. Cmdr Rune Jolara and Lt. Cmdr Udas transferring off of the ship. Several officers also used this time to catch up on news from home. Shockingly, only a week or so in, Lt. Cmdr Collim Kieran was attacked by an unknown assailant within the turbolift. While the crew of the Doyle were able to stabilize her, the wounds inflicted on her were grievous.

A few days after the attack, the awards ceremony took place on Deep Space 285, as the entire crew then serving on the USS Constitution-B before their transfer were awarded a ribbon for investigating the Prometheus Incident, and a few for the last mission. Several crew members were promoted, including Lt. Sabrina Holly to Lt. Cmdr. This ceremony was interrupted by a FNS broadcast of the massive natural disasters on the planet Bil III. Immediately, several departments begin to prepare for what they saw as a horrible disaster that no doubt Starfleet would be called to aid in. During this time, there had been many personnel shuffles, resulting in the promotion of Lt. Cmdr Sabrina Holly to First Officer of the Doyle, Lt. Aigle Phos to Chief Science Officer, and Mjr. Marcus Pearce to Chief of Security.

In the meantime, Makayla Riordan, having formerly been the bartender on the USS Ronin, was a slave of the Sisterhood of Chains, as well as two Gaffayn, who had their ears fused together, in a bunker located on Bila III. The disasters on Bila III were not natural, instead, they were being caused by the Sisterhood of Chains in order to enslave the entire populace. While the government, due to the presence of many collaborators, were unable to find out (both the satellite and defense grids had been sabotaged), a civilian hacker and a member of their internal security directorate were beginning to suspect this.

As the governor of the planet, Odette Mystere, reached Deep Space 285 to plead her case, the Doyle contacted the USS Ballard-A for assistance in potentially evacuating the planet or treating the massive amount of casualties. En route, Cpt. Shelther Faranster spoke with Adm. Blackford about the recent security breaches on Deep Space 285. Faranster recommended his medical officer Lt. Selene Faranfey for the position. Blackford promised to think about it.

Reaching the planet soon after, the Doyle discovered that several mysterious things were going on - first, there were a mass of technological signatures underground, generating a lot of heat to mask their signatures. Secondly, there was a ship in orbit that no one had warned them about that bore no resemblance to known profiles, Bilarian or otherwise, that was emitting a dampening field. Thirdly, there was an odd gravimetric resonance, that could put the ship in danger by lowering the shields. Quick thinking by Cassandra Ezi in engineering stopped this from lowering the shields.

Putting the newly promoted Lt. Cmdr Selene Faranfey in charge, the Captain, Lt. Cmdr Tal Tel-ar, Lt. Cmdr Ceciri Hakashri and Sgt. Karl Volkening boarded a shuttle to inspect the mysterious ship. In the meantime, an away team lead by Holly beamed down to the surface, with the new medical and engineering ensigns, supplemented by the Chief Science Officer, Aigle Phos, and the acting Chief of Security, Marcus Pearce, rescued a pregnant mother and began to investigate and possibly help with the evacuation, never knowing the one leading the evacuation was Novan, who planned to load them up to the mysterious ship, the Matriarch and then sell them in slavery.

About this time, the Governor, who had left the planet in the hands of her aide, Astra Ray, asked permission to return to the planet. While the acting Captain denied it, she was about to try anyway before the pilot took her hostage, revealing that he was being blackmailed by the Sisterhood of Chains. Meanwhile, the agent of the government discovered the true origin behind the recent disasters and used a fail-safe device to activate the defense grid in orbit, shooting two of the shuttles being sent down from the Matriarch. However, the fail-safe device also meant they targeted indiscriminately, and rotated to target the Doyle and Matriarch. In the meantime, due to the agent's actions, a jailbreak was taking place down below.

While the Doyle was able to shoot down the grid without taking severe damage, they were unable to help the governor of the planet, who freed herself. At the same time, the leader of the local chapter, Novan, taunted the away team led by Lt. Phos. Knocking Mjr. Marcus Pearce out, she was in turn stunned by Ens. Cassandra Ezi and beamed up to the ship.

While the detachment of the away team led by Cpt. Faranster was able to lower the dampening field, allowing the Doyle to scan it, a surprise ambush by the crew resulted in almost the entire party in the deflector control being injured, Faranster severely. The Doyle immediately beamed the team into sickbay. At the same time, the injured members from the ground away team also beamed into sickbay, causing the beds to become extremely overloaded. A small argument erupted between Lieutenants Danara and Bishop at the same time.

In the bunker, the escaped slaves met up and began to run to freedom together, as the government agent and the engineer met. While the agent terminated the sisterhood engineer, she was able to activate a number of systems, requiring the agent to sacrifice herself to prevent large scale destruction. The escaped slaves were also rescued shortly after the bunker was destroyed, although beamed directly to the Brig. The crew at this point moved to secure the Matriarch and interrogate Novan to find out exactly what was going on, although by now many of the pieces were falling into place.

Before the Doyle could secure the Matriarch, Valynteen, who had disguised herself as a slave, blew it up due to a energy feedback loop. And Novan committed suicide, rather than be interrogated. Thankfully, the away team was able to salvage some data off of the Matriarch. As they left, they knew a name, some previous operations, and some encrypted data.. but were left with the unsettling feeling they hadn't seen the last of this criminal syndicate.

Encountered Organizations or People

  • Sisterhood of Chains - A mysterious all female organization...
  • Gov. Odette Mystere - the planetary governor of Bil III
  • Klova Novan - Chapter leader of a mysterious "Sisterhood of Chains", who plans to sell the entire race into slavery.
  • Valynteen - Mysterious leader of the sister of chains.

Locations and Useful Information

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