Ch'n system

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Ch'n system
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Last Updated: 239502.23

The Ch'n system is home to one of the member races of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, who live on Ch'n Prime.


  • Location: Beta Quadrant, Afehirr Sector (coordinates B26-0005-1300)
  • Type: Single
  • Name of Primary: Ch'n
    • Spectral Class: Class B (blue-white)
    • Absolute Magnitude:
    • Number of Planets: 13
    • Number of Inhabited Planets: At least 1
    • Other:
    • I:
    • II: Ch'n Prime (Ch'n homeworld)
    • III:
    • IV:
    • V:
    • VI:
    • VII:
    • VIII:
    • IX:
    • X:
    • XI:
    • XII:
    • XIII:
  • Other:

System composition

The system is comprised of one, very hot star at the center. The only inhabited planet is the second planet, where the Ch'n people live. This planet is rocky and covered with deserts. One other rocky planet lies closer to the sun, while two others exist in the outer orbits of the system. Unlike most systems, the orbits of each planet seem quite varied from each other, due to potential gravity related issues from the same catastrophic event that created the Glimmer Belt within the Azeykal System.

Planetary information

There are a large number of other planets in the system, but none have developed life. Most are gas planets, including three gas giants, with a few rocky planets without atmospheres maintain strange orbits around the small, but hot star in the center of the system. No other planets are remotely survivable for life without considerable changes being made, which the Ch'n have chosen not to pursue on account of their private desires.

Exploratory charting

Because of the secretive nature of the members of the Erscyne Trade Alliance, there are no other races in the system at any time.