Cayden Adyr

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Crew of the Andaris Task Force


Cayden Adyr


  • DoB: 236312.29
  • Weight: 135
  • Height: 5’6’’
  • Eye color: Grey
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Birthplace: Trill

PNPC of Kalianna Nicholotti

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Character Information

  • Full Name: Cayden (Kaze) Adyr
  • Race: Trill (Joined)
  • DoB: 236710.16
  • Age: 20
  • Gender: Female


  • Height: 5'6"
  • Weight: 135
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Grey
  • Skin: Tanned
  • Build: Athletic


  • Father: Loren Kaze
  • Mother: Jazlyn Kaze
  • Siblings: N/A

The Lives of Adyr

Rodan Adyr

Rodan Adyr, born Rodan Liyrn, was a renowned musician and widely recognized composer on Trill. Specializing in stringed instruments of all sorts, Rodan was responsible for some of the most monumental pieces of music since long before the age of information.

As the first host to the symbiont, Rodan did not have the benefit of knowledge that his successors would have, but he did provide a very strong start to a symbiont that would come to be highly sought after.

Eliza Adyr

Eliza Adyr, born Eliza Toran, was considered one of the great scientists of her time. Her work on molecular biology and nanotechnology advanced the Trill civilization and helped cure many of the common health issues of the day. She was a strong willed woman who was rarely wrong. If she didn't know the answer, she would find it before putting herself on the line.

With a love for discovery, Eliza provided the Adyr symbiont with a very unique host. This knowledge and the experiences gained from her life have come in handy many times over the years since.

Alaryc Adyr

Alaryc Adyr, born Alaryc Ilyan, was a lifetime Starfleet officer. He was one of the first Trill to climb through the ranks and become a Captain of his own ship. Unlike previous hosts, Alaryc chose to go a more military route, believing that Starfleet was doing good in the galaxy, and he wanted to help.

Alaryc was joined at the age of 20 with the Adyr symbiont. It was upon his completion of the program, and the subsequent joining of the two, that he decided to apply to Starfleet academy. His four years took him many places on Earth, but one of them was a list of potential future command officers. He lived up to the compliment, and excelled out in the field.

Because of the sensitive knowledge that Starship captains are privy to, a block was placed on the symbiont so that subsequent hosts do not have access to this information.

Jazra Adyr

Jazra Adyr, born Jazra Keyler, was the host that lived the shortest life. Approved for joining at 18, Jazra was not joined until three years later. Once joined, she applied for and was accepted to the University of Betazed in Medara shortly before the Dominion war began. Jazra began work on her psychology degree, excelling both in and out of the classroom. Having met a close group of friends, she could often be found with them. It was here that she met Andrus Jaxx before he joined Starfleet.

Jazra was with her peers the day that the Dominion invaded Betazed. Though she was not Betazoid, she stood and fought with them anyways. Beside her, she watched the people she knew and loved fall. The day was a bloody one, resulting in the fatal injury that would ultimately kill her. Having been unable to get away, she found herself in the hands of Jem'Hadar soldiers after regaining consciousness after the first battle.

The days that followed were a blur to her and the Adyr symbiont. Fading in and out of an awakened state, she was barely aware of her surroundings. On the third day of her captivity, she noticed changes around her. Shortly thereafter, she found herself in a medical center, where her remaining friends were on hand to say goodbye. Trill had sent a replacement host as soon as Jazra had been rescued by a mission that she would later find out was spearheaded by Jaxx. With wounds that would kill her, and a new host on hand, Jazra spoke her last words to her friends.

Cayden Adyr

Cayden Adyr, born Cayden Mezra, is the fifth host for the Adyr symbiont. She is a young trill with no specific career path. After having the experiences of the past lives, Adyr has decided that roaming the galaxy and learning about the many species around her is a good calling. She can often be found in Starfleet lounges, as she enjoys the familiarity of Starfleet coupled with the variety of people and stories that populate such areas.

When she received the symbiont on Betazed, she was only able to meet Jaxx in passing. After taking in the experiences, thoughts, and feelings of Adyr, it had always been a goal of hers to find him and really thank him for all he did to save her. They were, after all, friends, and so when she found out that he was on the Victory, she decided to find a way aboard.

Personal History

Chronological History

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