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Jalana Rajel's Graphic Projects

Typography Ship Posters

The current ships of the fleet were used for these posters, utilizing their own ship descriptions to fill the shapes.

Vector Face CO Posters

The current Commanding Officers.

Vector Face Officers

After the CO Poster project was completed players requested their own characters made in the same fashion. If you would like a poster like these for yourself please contact Jalana Rajel.

Alternative Ship Logos

Another fun project, with the goal to simplify the logos of the current ships, making them more uniform and less complex, as well as constructing them without copyrighted materials from all over the net.

Calendar 2397

A random idea, to make a calendar for the year we play in. It's a representation of a calendar our characters may have ICly, but for us to look at!

Catch Phrase Patches

Constitution Letterman Jackets


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