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Cassie Egan (alternate)

For the prime universe character, see Cassandra Egan Manno.
Cassie Egan

Cassie Egan is a 41-year-old human who lives in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War.


Cassandra Egan completed her initial Starfleet training at the beginning of the Dominion War. When hostilities escalated, to the point that Sol was evacuated, she had not yet been graduated and, as with many other cadets, was given a battlefield commission to acting ensign. She turned her initial interests in starship systems design to the development and refinement of weapons systems given the exigencies of the war. Since her commissioning in 2375, she has served aboard several warships, often working mid-battle on the tactical systems and always without the technological or personnel support she needs.

She considers the opportunity to serve aboard the Ronin and improve its already impressive capabilities as one of the great challenges of her unexpected career. Nevertheless, the facts of her life have left her rather nihilistic, and though she always gives her best in the heat of the moment, she doesn't have much faith in the rebellion and has accepted her own death time and again.

Additional info

Like her prime counterpart, Egan is written by Tony, the writer for Aron Kells.

USS Ronin-A (alternate) Crew Manifest
Commanding Ofc.
First Officer
Chief Engineer
Evan Delano
Chief Ops Ofc.
Ivani Gupta
Tactical R&D
Cassie Egan
Science Officer
Bio Specialist
A.C. Kells
Hanar Tuk
Chief of Sec/Tac
Taeval Traianus
Chief Medical Ofc.
Raissa Moonsong
Solok Dara
Med Tech Engineer
Tristam Core
R. Shandres
Tasnim Shandres
Alora DeVeau
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