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Service Jacket: Starbase 118 Ops

Starbase 118

  • Rank: Ensign - Lieutenant JG
  • Duty Posts: Engineer, Engineering Student
  • Commanding Officer: Captain Sal Taybrim
  • Stardates: 239211.12 - 239307.30


  • 239211.12:
    • Transferred to Starbase 118 Ops for Distance Learning -- Engineering
    • Provisional Lieutenant Junior Grade status revoked: reverted to Ensign
  • 239303.20:
  • 239303.28: Engages musical mode on Anders' holoprogram Piracy on the High Stars with Pirates of Penzance music.
  • 239304.02: Fractured rib on holodeck due to corrupted holoprogram. Injury wrapped on site by Dr. Mirra Ezo.
  • 239304.28: Sustained second degree burns to both hands caused by overloading an EPS conduit.
  • 239305.30: Treatment for burned hands + learning of the disappearance of the Gorkon.
  • 239306.06: Antero Flynn extends an invitation to Carter to move into the newly obtained beach house.
  • 239306.11:
    • Received Captain's Commendation from Commander Sal Taybrim
    • Promoted to Lieutenant JG.
  • 239306.15: Accepts Antero's invitation to move in.
  • 239306.26: First appointment with T'Sai Reyes.
  • 239307.30: Files LoA for medical reasons.

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