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Crew of the USS Astraeus

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Lt. Commander Carter Greyson


  • SD 239108.01 - Meeting Up: Lieutenant Commander Nia Calderan and Ensign Carter Greyson's first meeting.
  • SD 239109.20 - Off Duty: Carter meets up once more with Lt. Commander Nia Calderan, to discuss the mission and their last shore leave.
  • SD 239109.23 - Improvements: A conversation between Lt. Commander Core, Captain Egan Manno, and Ensign Carter Greyson concerning a transfer to engineering.
  • SD 239109.25 - Pushing Past The Fear: A conversation between Ensigns Carter Greyson and Raissa Moonsong concerning his decision to transfer to engineering and confessions of his feelings toward the counselor.
  • SD 239109.29 - Decisions and Commitments: Ensign Greyson by this time has spoken with his counselor, decided he doesn't belong behind a tactical console and takes Lt. Commander Core up on his offer for engineering retraining.
  • SD 239110.05 - First Day In Engineering?: Carter gets a chance to repair a blown console, though the confirmation to engineering is still in the air.
  • SD 239111.23 - Confessions: A conversation between Lieutenant JG Raissa Moonsong and Ensign Carter Greyson in which they proclaim their love for one another. Nominated for Top Sims Contest 239111.24
  • SD 239111.26 - Call Me If You Need Me: Carter tells Raissa Moonsong to call him if she needs to, and also confirms his enrollment in the engineering program.
  • SD 239112.07 - Those First Steps: Raissa Moonsong and Carter Greyson meet for their first dinner. Part I Part II


  • SD 239201.02 - My Eyes, Your Pilot: Carter Greyson attempts to fly the ship from engineering and gets a pop-quiz from Lt. Commander Tristam Core as part of his coursework.
  • SD 239204.18 - Teddy Bears' Picnic: Carter goes to a picnic with Alora DeVeau, Saavok, Saveron, and Raissa Moonsong in an attempt to have fun while also at the same time repairing a rift between himself and Counselor Moonsong. Part I Part II Part III Part IV
  • SD 239207.05 The Wounding: Carter Greyson and Raissa Moonsong break up, with Chythar being the healing hugs expert. Part I Part II


  • SD 239303.20: Hello & Goodbye -- Cadfael takes his leave of the party, Carter arrives to celebrate graduation from the engineering program and meets up once more with Sal Taybrim.
  • SD 239304.02: Engineer Starfleetian -- Fun on the holodeck turns into Carter's parody of Modern Major General by Gilbert & Sullivan.
  • SD 239307.30: I Hope So Too -- Greyson asks Sal Taybrim for medical leave so he can mourn the missing Gorkon in his own way.
  • SD 239312.07: Everything's Better With Pie -- A conversation between Carter & his captain Roshanara Rahman aboard the Syracuse which yields advice and a job promotion to assistant chief engineer. Part I Part II





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